Paul Gilbert: “Blues Vs Metal” (sub ITA)

when I was still on shredding ’cause I was listening to Yngwie Malmsteen
and also listening to other classical music so like when also the keyboard, you know, sort of… that sort of things some beautiful harpsichord and piano
music from Bach and Mozart and I really like that but you know I play
the guitar and started really missing that deal it, to make a note United 5 with my
vibrato there’s so much meaning and it’s something that the guitar can do and the keyboard or harpsichord can’t do that. So, you know, in the blues style there’s that style. And also just the melodies. I love in the blues there’s a lot more to me
there’s a lot more freedom for melodies, because you
can play the minor third you can bend it up and you get strict to get all these human jazzy
like… you get the flat… you can work it in so it works. and
things like that the notes are more interesting. in
metal you know when you have a… most heavy metal is is based on that kind of chord progression. Natural Minor… of course there are great
things in that style but harmonically
is kinda limiting. This is for me I played for a long time you know
I just sort of run out of ideas like I can’t change those notes, there’s no other options. And blues are so many you know I can go there’s a lot more… I can say a lot
more blues has more words to me and actually it’s funny because sometimes heavy metal people think oh blues so simple. to me it’s much more sophisticated. It really is connected the Jazz and even if you do play
simple blues the the bending and the pitches you
know there’s so much of an argue of how much you bend. you know how much you go up there is an art so that I love that art may be the main thing is
just the the larger of improvising and actually playing the
blues really helps my metal improvising. if I improvise on a metal song, it’s so much more melodic now because it’s really trained by ears to
listen to the intervals I know when I’m playing the root and
I know when I’m playing the minor third and know when I’m playing the major six or the ninth. I’m just more familiar with the intervals and what they sound like. I can sing them better were with metal I just was taking a scale
going up and down and it’s sort of this… pursued a pattern you know and anything to play melodically
two-year-old but really that comes from a Blues playing whatever style you play I think the blues will
help make it better

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