‘Patriotic Elimination Tattoo’ Highlight 🇺🇸 Turf War (Season 13)

‘Patriotic Elimination Tattoo’ Highlight 🇺🇸 Turf War (Season 13)

Dave Navarro:
All right artists. This is your last chance
to avoid elimination. You have six hours
to do a patriotic tattoo. And your time starts now. Jake Parsons:
Yeah. Lou:
Let’s go. Jake Parsons:
Let’s do it [Lou 00:00:15]. Oliver Peck:
For the face off, the bottom ranked artists all
have to do patriotic tattoos, but other than that,
whatever style, whatever imagery,
it’s wide open. Jason Elliott:
Bam. Nychelle Elise:
We need this to come out. Arlene Salinas:
Perfect. Oliver Peck:
Knowing that you’re in the bottom
is definitely a blow. These artists have
to shake that off, and just do what they do.
If you can’t adapt, you’re probably not going
to make it very far. Emac:
Team East side. Speaker 1:
That’s right. Jimmy:
I think their going to kill this. Speaker 2:
I think so too. Jimmy:
Yeah. Speaker 2:
I think they’re prepared, and they got their team
behind them. Speaker 3:
Get it, get it, get it, get it. (Beep) on. Jake Parsons:
All right. Speaker 3:
Jake is number one. Jake Parsons:
Nothing says America like a bald (beep)
Eagle. Jake Parsons:
Bold will hold mother (beep). Jake Parsons:
I’ve been tattooing a long time, 14 years.
I’ve had a lot of people tell me that you’ll never amount
to anything. I can do everything
that you say I can’t. I’m good at what I do,
that’s why I’m (beep) here. Jake Parsons:
Woo! Speaker 3:
Jake is far too good to be sitting here
right now. Speaker 4:
Yeah. Speaker 3:
He’s going to blow everything out of the water. Speaker 5:
Careful with those lines, don’t make them too deep. Arlene Salinas:
I’m kind of over the team thing at this point. I’ve been tattooing
for 12 years, I don’t need anybody
micromanaging me. You know, it’s like
telling the adult in the room what to do.
Bitch, I know what to do. Speaker 5:
Just make sure that lines there where it needs to be. And then if you got
to shade over it, you got to shade over it. Arlene Salinas:
I don’t like to pull the line all the way up, because I know I’m just
going to fill the block. Speaker 5:
Listen, you don’t have too. Arlene Salinas:
We know you’re (beep) good. We get it.
Keep wearing the same (beep) size hat. Don’t get (beep)
big headed. Speaker 6:
You bit off a big one today. Patrick Flynn:
I’m going to show everyone who their (beep) with. Patrick Flynn:
I love doing patriotic tattoos. I’m going to come out
with a big bold Patrick (beep) Flynn tattoo. And I’m going
to secure that spot, because I know
I’m a better artist than half the people
in this room. Dave Navarro:
Four hours to go. Four more hours to go guys. Nychelle Elise:
I’ve never tattooed a bell before, or anything that was supposed
to have reflective surface, and a wood grain
at the same time. Speaker 7:
How you going to change up the metals
and the woods on the top? Nychelle Elise:
Emulating wood is easy. It’s getting something
to look- Speaker 7:
Round. Nychelle Elise:
… shiny at round, is hard. Nychelle Elise:
I have a chance to redeem myself. If they think
I’m going to back down because I don’t have
the most experience, they have another thing coming. Jason Elliott:
We have over half the South Team in the bottom now.
It’s embarrassing. Jason Elliott:
I went to the bottom, but not because
I did a bad tattoo. I just went
a little safe on it. Jason Elliott:
I did come into this competition running my mouth a lot. And it doesn’t mean
I’m going to stop, but this tattoo it has
to match the level of shit that I’ve been talking. Speaker 4:
How big is that tattoo? Speaker 3:
That’s huge. Speaker 4:
My God. More to judge, more to (beep) up. Speaker 8:
I see things going south from here man. Speaker 4:
I’m God damn tickled pink. Dave Navarro:
Two more hours. Two more hours. Jimmy:
Just give her some space. She needs a minute. All right.
We’re good with that right? Speaker 10:
Yeah. K Lenore:
They’re my bouncers. K Lenore:
Am I nervous about anything
in this competition? Jimmy:
She just needs a little bit
of space to her. Speaker 9:
All right. Speaker 11:
All right. K Lenore:
Yeah, I’m nervous about all of it. Jimmy:
Come on. Come one. Let’s go over here. K Lenore:
Especially nervous of just like (beep)
up a tattoo big time. Jimmy:
I got you girl. K Lenore:
Yeah you do. Thanks [Jimmy 00:03:39]. K Lenore:
I do mostly black work. It’s what I love to do.
But in the last tattoo, I decide to do it in color,
I don’t know why. Jimmy:
Looks good. K Lenore:
Okay. Don’t tell me it does,
if it doesn’t. Jimmy:
I won’t. Daddy does not lie. Emac:
I went with an American traditional tattoo,
because it’s patriotic. Jimmy:
You see anything that can use cleaning up?
And you feel confident in it that you can hit it without
causing trauma, then do it. Emac:
I am a team player, and Jimmy quarterbacked. He gave me a play,
and I ran with it. Emac:
Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Jimmy:
Makes the dreamwork, that’s right. Emac:
Yeah. Emac:
I started tattooing to keep me out of trouble. When you come from
where I come from, not a lot of people get here.
I’m not going home. Not today. Emac:
You got a Emac attack. Speaker 1:
Emac attack, you know it, you feeling it,
you doing it. Dave Navarro:
Five, four, three, two, one. Time is up, machines down.
No more ink. Jason Elliott:
Oh, I just got done. Speaker 12:
Damn dude, that’s awesome. Nychelle Elise:
Woo man. Speaker 7:
You killed it. Nychelle Elise:
Yeah. Speaker 13:
That’s bad ass. Jake Parsons:
Good enough to keep me from the bottom? Speaker 4:
Oh I would imagine that’s good enough
to shoot you up to the top. Nychelle Elise:
The second you think you know what’s happening on Ink Master,
you don’t know anything at all.

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  1. I'm gonna miss Oliver Peck. I mean seriously who didn't do stupid shit back in the day. But people are gonna hold it over your head 30 yrs later? WTF

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