[PART 1] Repaint! Xerneas Legendary Pokemon Custom OOAK DOll

안녕! ((Annyeong!)) Welcome to Dollightful! It would seem that Pokemon fever continues. I’ve got a big project for you guys today- literally! We’re tackling one of the three legendary aura trio: Xerneas, the Life Pokémon! I get powerful, spiritual “Tree of Life” vibes from Xerneas’s design and story arc in the games and movie. Reminds me of the Forest God from Princess Mononoke actually? Both are from Japanese creators, so I can only assume there must be a creature like that in Japanese mythology. What about the other two legendaries, Yveltal and Zygarde you ask? Well, I’ve teamed up with fellow doll artists and Pokémon lovers alike, DollMotion and TheDollFairy; to bring you the complete set of Generation 6 XYZ legendary trio! But for now, let’s make Xerneas. In my earliest sketches, I imagined reconstructing most if not all of the doll from scratch. I sketched a few outfit concepts, but decided clothing masks too many of the dolls signature design elements. Because I did plan on focusing primarily on body modifications, I figured an outfit wasn’t too important anyway. I briefly considered a centaur-like design using Avia Trotter as a base, but I really want this doll to tower over my Eevee dolls so I decided to use the 17-inch Frightfully Tall Ghouls line Frankie Stein doll’s base. You can see from these sketches I intended for her to have a smaller head, more proportional than the usual exaggerated doll forms I work with. One of my goals of 2018 is to sculpt my own ball-jointed doll from scratch, so I was getting a little carried away… I reeled myself back in a bit to just heavily modifying and already beautifully designed 17-inch Monster High doll instead. This discrepancy of changing my mind on the head size caused problems towards the end of the project, but we’ll get to that later. Bring on the doll! These tall dolls really are impressive. If you’ve never seen one from this line, they’re not just scaled up, but also have more complicated joints, allowing for a beautiful range of posing. Time to get started! First, I’m going to take off the head like I do with the smaller dolls. This… might have been a mistake, but hey, live and learn. It took longer for the thicker head to get squishy. When it finally did, I tried my best to tug it off. The neck peg came clean out of the neck without breaking somehow. I hear stories from lots of other customizers talking about how easily the neck peg breaks or comes off on these big dolls, and I suppose I’m no exception. It’ll be fiiiine. Next up, I’m going to cut around Frankie’s hair line with a box cutter. I tried pulling out all the plugs, but those things are really stubborn! Good enough..! This separated head piece will become a key component in Xerneas’s design. It gives us access to inset eyes, creates the base for her horns and hair, and also acts as the removable casing for the electronic component! In other words, I’ve pinned a lot of hopes and dreams onto this chunk of plastic. So yes, you heard right. Inset eyes this time! Moonlight Jewel did it recently on her beautiful valentine doll, and of course, I love Mia’s daydreams dolls. I think we all consider her the master of inset eyes… I mark new eye shapes onto the doll first because I won’t be following the mold. I want Xerneas’s eyes to be set further apart and tilted. Using a sharp new blade, go slowly and make repetitive cuts, as opposed to cutting through in one go. And, of course, be careful! Mia’s daydream, give me strength! (>人

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