hello now i am in the city of Plymouth in county Devon, ​​England okay so today in this park it’s really exciting besides fair, there is a motorbike exhibition now I want to check the motorcycle displays and for bikers, you must see this vlog besides the motor display here there are also bands and parades so you must follow along so this motorbike exhibition event is one of the biggest motorcycle event because here we can also see the types of motorcycles with various brands so we can also compare between specs, display… and the latest motorcycle prices it was exciting we can ask directly to sales like the spare parts, specs we can even sit on the motorcycle and feel the comfort level of the seats among all the motorbikes here I’m interested in this one because it’s Japanese style this type is Z 900 RS the fun of coming to events like this we can also share with the community so that we know the positives and negatives of several motors with a certain brand almost 12,000 pounds in this motorcycle event, besides of the motorbike theres also motorcycle which is already owned by Harley Davidson users so here we can share minus the pluses and if anyone is interested in an upgrade or modification we can exchange opinions among fellow Harley users OK, after attending the motor show now it’s time for the festival of Ink at the Tatto Convention in the wadebridge area I am now at the Tatto Convention and the shows are about some tattoo artists, body spray, body painting too and here is also a stunt show, and several other events so for those who are interested continue to follow well on the front of this event there is a vintage car display that has been given an air brush so it looks very interesting and unique motor modifications while tickets enter into this Tattoo convention subject to 15 pounds apart from the tattoo artist here there is also the art of body painting and we can see the results of her work on the body of these models in this building there are already tattoo artists from Cornwall and surrounding areas and in these little cubics for those who are interested in tattoos we can immediately ask the price, and consult about the difficulty level of the picture/image and what color selection and gradation you want for those who are curious how the price range in Tattoo here? well its clear range above 100 pounds and above, depending on the size medium size I see a range of 250-350 pounds and people can spend all day in this place if… choose complicated or large images okay so the event is pretty exciting and now I want to watch the stunt man show in the stuntman show here there are 2 players, one riding a mountain bike and the other riding a motorcycle they demonstrate skill on the ramp and perform extreme movements which are quite dangerous in addition to the tattoo exhibition here there is also a paint room here we can draw as much as we like or paint.. on the wall that has been provided okay that was… my trips to tattoo shows and motorcycle shows in the area of ​​Devon and Cornwall in England keep watching my journey in my next vlog which also interesting, bye!


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