Onsen in JAPAN 温泉: TATTOOS at Onsens in JAPAN #3: Japan Travel Guide

Onsen in JAPAN 温泉: TATTOOS at Onsens in JAPAN #3: Japan Travel Guide

Hi, it is YUKA.
I shared about onsens in japan in the previous videos.
If you haven’t watched them, make sure to watch!!!
OK, let’s jump into today’s topic Tattoos Actually, I’ve got many questions about tattoos
in Japan. I know there are many who’s got tattoos and
they have questions like I’ve heard that I can’t take onsens because
I’ve got tattoos. Is it true??? What is wrong with my tattoos??? Everyone
has got tattoos. Tattoos represents me!!! Cannot see this?
Yes, I get that. And actually many Japanese people get that
point. Let me get straight.
The fact about tattoos in Japan is still harsh. I mean the circumstances about tattoos in
japan is totally different from yours. Although getting tattoos is gradually not
so special among young generation, still it’s not accepted that you enter onsen if you have
visible tattoos. Actually, it’s not only onsen, also you can’t
enter pools. Some beach areas ban to enter if you have tattoos if you want to go into
the beach area, you need to cover them up. Well, the reason why we can’t accept tattoos
is that it means YAKUZA in the mind of the most people.
We all know you have nothing to do with Japanese gangster at all, though
So, do you mean I can’t take onsen because of my tattoos???
No, basically, you cannot. But there are some ways you can take onsens
even if you’ve got tattoos. I tell you how. The one way you can do is to cover up your
tattoos If you have small tattoos, you can cover up
with waterproof bandages. But, I can’t fully guarantee this works or
not. Because A few friends of mine were asked to leave even though they covered their tattoos
with bandages.Other friends said it was OK. So, I think it should be OK at most of the
time. If you have tattoos that it’s impossible to
cover up, try ryokan that have their own private onsen bathes. You can rent it out for an hour
or two with extra fee. Or you can book the room, which has private onsen bath.
These private onsen bathes are so nice for couples and families who want to soak and
relax together. So far so good???
Are you ready for Onsen now??? NoNoNo
Don’t forget to check manners and etiquette before jumping into onsen! OK? I’ll share
with you in the next video! OK, until then, if you have any questions
about onsens or ryokan, leave a comment below. Or if you have other questions, leave a comment
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Well, thank you for watching and I’ll see you soon here at Experience Japan with YUKA.

73 thoughts on “Onsen in JAPAN 温泉: TATTOOS at Onsens in JAPAN #3: Japan Travel Guide

  1. Most informative!
    Cool wigs!!!
    The waterproof bandage is news to me. I would think that it wouldn't be allowed due to health reasons, perhaps? 
    I use the private onsen, cost more but it's worth it to me!
    Thank you for posting this series of  videos!!!

  2. Hello, do you actually know onsen where they allow tattoos? I know there is some of them, but I don't actually know which ones.
    Your videos are really helpful, thank you!

  3. Hi Yuka, great video as always.  My experience with tattoos (I have two) and Onsen has been very mixed.  I was asked to leave a public Onsen in Odaiba, they were very nice about it but it was still hazukashii 🙂  On the other hand I have visited many Onsen hotels in Hokkaido and used their general Onsen without any issues.  I have to say I still felt very conscious about my tattoos (both on my arms and a little large), but I have not been asked to leave.  I guess if you have paid for a room they don't mind so much.  I have also tried the private Onsen in a room which was amazing but a little expensive…takai!!!! 🙂

    One further thought, in some Onsen hotels you can rent a private Onsen by the hour which is also amazing.

  4. Hi Yuka, I'll be visiting Osaka on 30/01/15 till 02/02/15. I heard that people with tattoos are not allowed entry into Spa World, is it true?

  5. So i cant go and swim when its hot outside in pools or in the sea just cuz i got tattoos? Thats fucking stupid why should it bother some one ? Yea iam a 19 yers old swedish guy and i got tattoos and they telling me i cant swim or something cuz of My tattoos, this is one of the dumbest rule i ever seen in a country

  6. Hola Yuka, yo tengo tatoos, y pienso viajar a Japón, es preferible que los cubra? O puedo mostrarlos? Gracias

  7. Hi Yuka, what about visible tattoos in public places? When I visit Japan for the first time, I'm not too interested in going to an Onsen, but I have tattoos that cover both of my arms – is it acceptable to have these on show in places like city streets, shopping centres, trains etc? For example if I am in Japan in the summer, I will want to wear a t-shirt to keep cool so they will be visible.

  8. I have an oni, koi, dragon and a bunch of different flowers, how would i be looked upon? (im american) i really want to visit japan, but i am worry now about visiting…

  9. I just found this channel and already see the importance of its existence, we need more born japanese vloggers on youtube. Keep em' coming, I'm more than curious to learn from your perspective. 🙂 

  10. You said that going to "some" beaches with a tattoo is no no. Does that mean that on some other beaches it's ok? Or did I just misunderstand you? 😀

  11. So it is fine if you cover them with your swimsuit right ? I have one at the bottom of my back but you cannot see it when i wear a one peice swimsuit.

  12. Japans stereotype against tattoos is ridiculous do to that it's all against even seeing them. If they are offensive it makes sense however if they're just art it doesn't make sense. Since japan realizes that some white girl isn't a part of the yakuza and that it's now 2015 this law should be re evaluated.

  13. so there is no problem with piercings in ears,lip,eyebrow ect???
    btw hope you don't mind me saying you are very beautiful 

  14. Hi Yuka, I'd like to know if I have a bracelet kind of tattoo on my arm, can I wear something to hide it ? It's not that big, it's like wearing a watch or a bracelet. Also, my friend has 9 tattoos all over her body but small ones. Do you think it's possible to hide them with foundation ?

  15. good vid. subscripted.  i have a big 'catholic cross' tattoo on my upper right shoulder.  can see part of it if i wear t-shirt.  is this looking bad there if walking the roads in kyoto/osaka ?

  16. Hi Yuka! I was just wondering, if tattoos are not allowed in Onsen, and if your hair should not touch the water, then what about pubic hairs? Are people supposed to shave? This may sound like a stupid question, but I am really curious since you Japanese people seem to value hygiene so much.

  17. When a friend of mine wanted to enter Odaiba Onsen with her butterfly tattoo on the hand, crew allowed her go in, even without covering it. It't not a big tatto thought, maybe that's why.

  18. I don't have a tattoo so this doesn't effect me but do Yakuzas have white or black people in their organisation as if not why would Onsen owners think white or black people are in the Yakuza if they have tattoo's?

  19. Yuka you're so cheerful and I love watching and learning new stuff about Japan by watching your channel. I'll be coming to Kyoto for a year starting in October (if everything goes well!!) and i'd be so glad to meet you :3 I hope we'll have the chance. Keep doing some awesome videos! Bye, Alice

  20. i cannot go to public onsen. i have 7 tattoos. i always get private. i pay more, but it is worth it. love to you, Yuka san.
    arigatou gozaimashita.

  21. thats not fair =( i´m not japanese so i cant be a jakuza…i pretty much love everything about japan, but thats just annoying. Thank you for your videos!!

  22. I feel sad now, I have 5 tattoos inspired from anime and I can't cover them due to the fact I have a big back piece :'(

  23. In Japan, tattoo means Korean mafia.
    Korean mafia do a lot of violent crimes these 100 years.
    That's a serious social problem now.
    Lots of Korean mafia put tattoos.
    So now the tattoo means Korean mafia.
    Japan prohibited them to enter spa to exclude gangs.
    However, Japan is trying to change the rules now
    to accept travelers.

  24. hey, im going to tokyo in december and i really want to go to an onsen a few times, but my chest and arm is coverd in a tattoos (holy cross with knight) is there no place i could enter? i dont want to rent a private one

  25. I have an incredibly simple tattoo that is just an outline on my arm. Do you think I could get away with covering it with waterproof makeup?

  26. and it dont matters which tattoo you have? you dont get in onsen with a tattoo? i have on my left feet a sakura tree with a butterfly. 🙁 its a kawaii tattoo i think.

  27. I just watched this video and it made me very sad. I have a very large arm tattoo (my whole arm"sleeve tattoo"). My wife is from Hong Kong so, when I went over to Hong Kong, I was looked at in a strange way a lot of the time as the tattoos very there mean Triad/gangster as well.

    I do understand the cultural significance of it though. I know a little about Japans history of Tattoos and how they are seen and even now, some tattoo studio are being shut down in and around Osaka. Very sad news.

    When I come to Japan, I will respect its traditions.

    Thank you for the wonderful video.

  28. Very helpful information ~ I do wonder with piercings and tattoos when relating to finding a job in Japan ? Do you have to always cover them up when working or something ? 🙂

  29. Thank you For your videos. I am coming to Japan for the first time on 4 March, and am looking forward to my trip. I have been watching several of your videos and hope they will help me to fit in.

  30. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! My name is Miguel. I am from Portland, Oregon. I enjoyed this video greatly. very informative.

  31. Thank You! We will be sure to check and see if we can reserve a private bath at a ryokan to enjoy the experience. I commented about the tattoo issue in video #1, but you answered my question. We didnt have enough time to explore options when we were in japan last time.:)

  32. There is a Japanese site called "Tattoo Spot." This lists different pools, Gyms, and Onsen that allows tattoos.

  33. Yuka! i love your informative youtube videos! im am so interested in Japan and you are helping me learn fun things! Im from California and i wonder if you have made a video about Geisha. youre English is EXCELLENT too!

  34. I think people need to be respectful when going to any other country… if you have a tattoo… respect Japanese culture and show respect for yourself by not making it an issue. I have tattoos.. My tattoos represent my religion and my family, that to me means more to me than going to an onsen or a pool. I would never even try, because I don't want to make it an issue. I would never want to make anyone uncomfortable.

  35. Hi Yuka! I have quite a few visible tattoos when I wear short sleeve shirts, how to Japanese people treat tattoos on the street? Is there a chance I could be refused entry from other places, not just Onsen, gyms and pools? Thanks!

  36. I love your videos i am learning so much, I thought it was myth about tattos and Yakuzas in japan. Glad you did a video about this. i have a lot of tattoos I didn't know about the Osen tattoo rule – I think we will just get a room with a privet bath my husband is conservative with his body and i Have a few tattoos. I have some on my wrist should i just plan on covering them up while i am out and about in Japan in general?

  37. Hello there! By any chance, do you know any tattoo-friendly onsens in Tokyo or Osaka? It would really help my friends and I if you do! Thank you very much~

  38. Hi Yuka! I am from The Philippines and will be travelling to Japan by next week. I've watched several of your videos and they're very informative. Thank you so much for sharing us lots of information. 😀

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