Hi there and welcome back to the Attitude YouTube channel! Today you will finally be able to see the entire shop so now we are going to follow Synøve, and you will see the entire tattoo shop! Here you can see our entrance and the wonderful reception This is where Dina and I sit and work It is where we handle all of your booking requests fixing and organizing… here you can see our very cool graffiti wall what´s it called? made by @miknog ok, so when you have arrived at the studio and checked in at the reception, you walk through these holy doors here you can sit and chill while waiting for your tattoo artist, while they are making a design for example in front of the fireplace… in our backyard, we have a pretty large area where we can barbeque, chill even more, if the weather is good… ok, so let’s check out the artists on the first floor! and here we meet “Madde”, our apprentice right away! look how wonderfully satisfied you can look when working at Attitude this is Madeleines station… and here we have an open space for when we get lots of new and exciting guest artists so right now it looks a bit boring, but it will be better! as you can see, Julie is a bit unhappy because we turned down the music… but if we play music, what will happen? will it be removed? here is Julie, obviously… having fun… with a coverup… and in this corner we have, if you didn’t recognize from the painting on the wall…, Kim Hey My name is Kim I work at Attitude and make tattoos I like working with colors… as you might see… this is the color blue… it is very beautiful… let´s go to the second floor can we turn it up now? all right, since we have Norway’s biggest studio, we have 3 floors… not many shops have that so lets go up to the second floor here you can make designs like Piotr is doing right now so here you can quite privately sit and draw, make designs, have consultations, or whatever here you can sit and chill and you have this nice view over the reception and here we have several different computers some even have their own computer, if they can afford it… here you can make designs, have consultations or… be on facebook I´m not… ok a little bit actually… Kenn is chillin printer copy machine stencil machine garbage, hidden… everything you need to make stencils for the tattoos you are making here are some closed doors, I wonder what’s hiding behind them what? is it Miriam? what? it is such good lighting in hear! this is actually Linda’s room, it is quite messy, but she is not working at the moment, as you all know… so now it´s Miriams makeup room and here we have the chillest, why do I keep saying chillest? OK, most relaxing area to take a break between clients we have playstation, TV Monster fridge and everything you need to enjoy yourself as a tattoo artist, you can easily get a bad back from sitting like this a massage chair, or a massage thingy, maybe not a chair… here you can sit and unwind and loosen up your back loosen up some knots… I haven’t dared to start it though… Ok, let’s go to the third floor don’t film me just because I am going pooping good looking people also poop So cringe, who am I? so here we have the remaining 6 artists Frank in the corner, as you may recognize our celebrity do you get embarrassed? Yes! you know you are a celebrity when you put your name on the wall, isn’t that what people say? In this corner, Kenn is enjoying himself with a fireplace, tarantula, how many tattoo artists do you know, that has a fireplace in their station? that’s Kenn let’s see what Esteban is doing… slow tattoo porn… so when you got the stencil on, you can go here and see if you like the placement maybe a little bit higher up? they fix! and when you´re done… ok, that was embarrassing, but ok, we take photos here… here Miriam and Piotr have their stations can you smell that? let’s check out Jonathan’s station, he has a private room if you need a toilet, we have two! not one, but two! what? the lights don’t work? Yes, they do! Light sensor! ok, here we have our storage it is a bit messy now… have a little peek a fast peek finished, ok… all right, that was it… let’s run downstairs I will show you the way out


  1. Linda your shop is awesome. also I love how the receptionists spontaneously start to speak English lol. i gotta make my way over there to get my first tattoo.

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