Newly bleached hair, spontaneous tattoo and a destroyed ankle

Newly bleached hair, spontaneous tattoo and a destroyed ankle

Okay Guys welcome to the new video This whole thing is pretty spontaneous I’ve just got a new appointment at my hairdresser’s salon because I look like that… my roots are growing out like crazy and I’m turning yellow again that’s why I messaged Eileene if she could fix it she was like “of course no problem we will fit you into the schedule” so now I’ve got the last appointment for today but I’ve got some classes this morning and I thought I could take you with me as well it’s kinda boring but if I had to get through this, you need to as well okay I’ve just got ready I’m wearing a hat because I haven’t washed my hair this morning I’ve washed them yesterday and I haven’t styled them yet because this makes it easier for my hairdresser and I haven’t washed them so I could keep my natural oils that protect my scalp from the bleach its will help to reduce the burning on my scalp I’m turning really red but it just looks painful you will see it now ive got approximately 25 minutes to grab some breakfast, print out some stuff before I need to get to my university okay, I just had some breakfast… I haven’t printed out my stuff.. ill do this when I’m at my university okay ive just parket my car…. and there is some driving by and im still so uncomfortable sitting here my lecture starts in less than an hour I haven’t done anything… I should have read a book but guess who didn’t and there is the next car driving by ive got good and bad news the good ones are… that it doesn’t matter if I read the book the bad ones are… that the lecture got canceled this means I could have stayed home for more than 4 hours I just could have slept in if I would have known that that my lecture got canceled I don’t know what I should do now pick up please ‘telling my friend what an idiot am I and asking if I could stay at her place until my second lecture starts yeah… I just hate myself for waking up this early but now I’m here and I can’t change it and I’m sitting in an empty room because I hate vlogging in public but I was such a brain and forgot that this is all glass this means everyone whos waking by on this side and on this side or who is sitting there can see me great job sometimes I don’t get the logic of some people the whole entire parking lot is empty there is empty and there too right there is my car and right there just parked someone back in the care so if you really want to study and want to do nothing at all just study IMUK it’s really great okay I hope this works I had to switch to my phone because I have forgotten to charge my camera battery just hate it sorry, Sarah, I know you’re at the gym but I needed your mirror just look at my outfit love those shoes I’m on my way back to my university just watched some Netflix at my friend’s place and waited until the other roommates got back from the gym I really need to get some stuff done that why im heading back to the university because otherwise, I would do anything just hoping I haven’t got a parking ticket no ticket off to a new start my motivation is low as fuck but the time will pass anyway and I’m so excited to get my hair bleached again I’m so done today is just not the best day for me haven’t found a parking spot on the way, I needed to such for a gas station unless I would have been run out of fule and now I’m running late just love it just done blow drying my hair and I’m back to the full-on white hair Eileenes brother just showed up and we’re had the crazy idea to tattoo me so let’s see how this turns out okay hey guys its the next day now I wanted to film my moms and my friend’s reaction to the new tattoo because none of them had known that I would get a new one the only one who know was Eileen, her brother, and my brother because it was this spontaneous long story short … I was on my way back to the car which was kinda trapped in the parking garage I was staying in and while I was searching for an entrance I managed to trip over the sidewalk and torn my ligament in my ankle so my dad and my brother had to pick me up and had to get my car out of the parking garage and drive me to the hospital sooo…. yeah… it was kinda crazy ive got home at around 3am now I’m editing the video the reaction video will be up on my Instagram I guess so everyone could see it because my mom hasn’t seen it and my friends haven’t seen it too well let’s see how they are going to react I’m editing the video now the link so my hairdresser and the tattoo artist is in the description down below and I guess this is the end of the video

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  1. I could watch the video again and again and again I really enjoy it , love your look so bad it makes you look so strong and perfect , ich liebe dich ❤️

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