yeah yeah I can’t get you outta my no
said I think about you all the time yeah but imagine do you think it super run
around in my hey I can’t get you out our mind all said I think about you welcome noti gang welcome noti gang
nation welcome to my channel if you’re new to my channel welcome as well I hope
you all having a great day I have a gift card for you all if you know you’re not
an OT game go ahead your Dean this call if you find me watching today’s video
for me watch throughout the end because you will find it now I’m gonna tell you
a EVPs that you can do right now currently right now I’m patch 1.07 also
you can get free tattoos as you can see in and begin on the intro I’m trying to
show you you go from having some tattoos already because your you bought some
before and you can go from switching that whole entire tattoo around to
whatever you like for free now you might want to remake your tattoo because you
probably messed up the first time who knows but you can go every start right
now and let’s go so first thing you want to do like I said even though you knew
please subscribe please click that bail click the light on today’s video for me
be loyal and you watching today’s video anyway if you help y’all any shape or
form please let me know in the comments below as well I really appreciate it and
everything so all the support means a lot from every single one of y’all and I
will let you know that myself so go ahead go to the tattoo shop remember if
you have tattoos before on your player it will disappear if you do this glitch
alright it will disappear and if you knew and you got no tattoos you’re good
all right you can better start off fresh from scratch alright but if you have
some tattoos already remembered it will disappear one even right now if you so
you don’t want that to go away I advise you not to do it so pick any tattoo you
want on your player as you can see that I’m picking the most expensive most
expensive tattoos you can actually get in a tattoo shop make sure you get more
than one and I’m gonna tell you why later on in the video so you want to go
ahead stack up at least a good minimum of three
hmm I say minimum two to four of the same tattoo that you just selected so I
got the you see I got a sleeve right I got basically forward I’m playing like
to each on each side of my arm I might do it in different way like this see as
you see here I put two in the same spot in each location I turned it all right
so next arm you want to do do the same thing make sure you overlap it look so
basically duplicating it in the same area in same spot you have the first one
because when you join somebody neighborhood and when you go back to the
tattoo shop all the tattoos will not merge over so you say you have only one
tattoo in that spot and you try to do this glitch that tattoo has a good 50%
to 70% chance to hit that’s a good rate but you don’t want to take that chance
you want to get everything at once why are you already making it and creating
your tattoos so go ahead stack it up overlap it duplicate it in the same spot
so I can make sure and go through when you do this glitch so you can be
successful and be happy and be go to go to the park with your fresh tattoos for
free because to Kay now leave a like on today’s video if to case is tripping
right now look at this I have to go to the store all right and go buy $20 worth
of vc to buy this tattoo right bro no you crazy
why do that if I can get it for free right look at that cause you will not
pay for it I won’t pay for it so let’s go ahead and do this glitch so what you
wanna do is go ahead join a friend or random that’s inside a neighborhood and
go today profile and join their game when you join a game of course it will
take you out the tattoo shop do not worry it will take you straight to the
neighborhood – whoever player that you chose to join from so when you go there
you have the loading screen and you’ll load from there it will show you the
menus there’s your fake blood just like that that’s like no you hit the glitch
and you go to it so let me know in the comment section below
hashtag note again I will look at every single body comments I will look
everybody everything all right so let me know down below also drop a light cuz I
also see this well let’s go ahead get 300 lights on today’s video for me just
because you got some free tattoos in the current patch 1.07 it’s a lot of updates
into this game and what you want to do anyone stay tuned for I got plenty of
those shooting badges you get old badges match style very fast in one day hitting
99 overall very quickly and go ahead so my rep in the park I can tell you how to
do that as well so stay tuned for that subscribe click
the bell I want you to experience a journey anyway with me roll the 30k is
on the way so appreciate everybody for the support so we came back to the
tattoo shop once you want to do go ahead and select no you don’t want to go to
you don’t want to place no tattoos alright that’s the whole purpose of the
glitz you don’t want want to do that so click no go over here and go select the
tab select the to Kate tattoo even though you don’t want it I know you
don’t want it I know it’s ugly it’s not gonna be
showing all right you’re not gonna be seeing at all this go ahead select the
2k logo tattoo and boom as you can see there they do got the tattoos but only
put one I showed you I put one or two right there on my arm and that’s empty
so that’s the only spot where I need to put three yet everything else switched
over everything merged over everything I got everything so put the 2k logo
somewhere like in the thigh area and of it short so that’s never gonna be seen
right you don’t even gonna rip eating a rip 2k 1 we have to cake with a tattoo
anybody nobody alright so let’s see here 2k logo is for free and I got all the
tattoos on my player that I just merged over for free that was 70 some thousand
BC go ahead confirm that bad boy and purchase that because you got some free
tattoos for 0 V see now your math and go back there and start screaming why you
can’t take it I don’t know why – okay guys we’re
like we can’t tell you that so hey let me know in the comments below if you
enjoyed this glaze please leave a like on today’s video subscribe you new click
the notification bear you want to miss on none of my future videos thank you
for watching today’s video gift card giveaway I got plenty more so stay tuned
for that you dig we green up we green down


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