NEVER Do These 10 Things in JAPAN!

NEVER Do These 10 Things in JAPAN!

Hello, everyone, hello hello and welcome to the newest episode of The Uwaga Pies today we’re gonna do something a little different We’re not going to go out and do something. We’re going to talk to you umh I’m here with a Ryo. Hi. My name is Ro and I work here at Social Media Yeah Ryo works with us because besides doing youtube videos we also have a company in Japan Ryo is our resource of credibility today because he’s japanese and today we will be talking about things that are Unacceptable to do in Japan things that would be rude Things that you things that are “dame” and we wrote up a list of 10 things and this one is the most surprising to me and the one that I disagree with the most blowing your nose You should not blow your nose in public because it is Rude it is offensive, It is like is it like farting in public? Yeah, it might be even worse is the noise, and yeah, how its kind of dirty honestly? I think they prefer you to have the snot on your face and back on a tissue or something like that, it’s more acceptable to be Pulling it in I think yeah, you can sniffle. All you want but don’t take the tissue out just don’t take the tissue out and blow your nose then you’re just in the territory of *Disgusting* yeah, when a lot of japanese people wear the mask so I guess when their nose is runny You can’t see it or something and they I don’t to me For example if I something even remotely spicy my nose starts running, and there’s a lot of allergens in Japan So my nose is always running, so it’s a very inconvenient place to not be able to pull your nose “Dame desu” Talking on the phone on the train. You should not in Japan talk on the phone in the train Actually yeah, this is just common etiquette in Japan I don’t know about the other countries, but in Japan if you talk on your phone Then you just be seeing by everyone like what what is what are they doing? Are you serious right now kind of if you get our phone? And you’re like who is this I need to find out who this and and they tell you who they are and it’s like I’m sorry *chuckles* I’m on the… i’m on the train, ok we’ll call you back later Off of that point you’re also supposed to be generally pretty quiet on the train Uh if there’s someone loud on the train having a loud conversation, it’s basically a foreigner Just whisper do it quietly be considerate the train is a common space for everyone very silent common space, like a library almost Yeah, it’s very creepy alike 9:00 in the morning when there’s millions of people passing through shibuya station, and you don’t hear anything Just feet steps *creepy noise intensifies* backpacks in a crowded train To all the backpackers out there, you are a nuisance to Japanese society Because Japan’s really crowded. Yeah.
when you have it on your back you like hit people there’s even science with it now you are supposed to move it to the side to be aware of its location so you’re not like oh Maybe the sales in backpacks in Japan are so low and they want to keep it that way just in case ,think so? Yeah, I think they have the It’s a marketing scheme for the yeah For the purse, purses my next point again has to do with trains trains are a very big social place So there’s a lot of rules and apply to them yeah no eating on the train They just like to clean I don’t know I mean I don’t know this point is probably the thing that I understand the most because if someone’s eating like What do you say very smelly food on the train and at 9:00 a.m.. In the morning when you’re going to work -still maybe hungover- Hungover like there’s a lot of like required drinking for when people are hungover yeah, tired everyone’s going trough something and you don’t want to smell this kind of food and take your hour trip of train smelling like a nasty cheeseburger omelet or something *chuckles* millions of people are using these trains So if everyone wants to eat a little bit It just get really messy real fast and you’ll see that the trains are in pristine condition So you don’t want to don’t don’t be going to mess that up? how about drinking on a train like drinking water if it’s not crowded then you can drink and Do whatever you want except for the last three points we made so far. Yeah a less crowded train has more Flexibility, but avoid those, if anyone invites you over to their house, we’re getting a point number five Take off your shoes Every Japanese house has an area called a “Genkan” It’s called a genkan it’s like the intro to your house, and yeah that’s where you take off your clothes actually yeah your jacket and Japanese depending on the foreplay when I saw a first American movie There’s a bunch of people in the house with shoes I thought I thought they were inside like some kind of outside place like a live like that somewhere with a I know what you mean now when I watch American movies or I go home, and I see people in shoes I’m like what are you people doing it doesn’t make sense. I don’t know why people wear shoes at home. it’s like your clean Sacred space, why would you just do it? I know everyone’s house is also carpeted in America Yeah, that’s true like how dirty are those carpets I’ve been breaking the rules on this one, but no finger pointing point number six no finger pointing in Japan Sorry i thought you were pointing at me *both laugh* I Think you can do this right like you wanna show something you go like, I’d like that one, please Oh you do with the palm and never the finger. Yeah and your is “dame” that’s build up its and definite no no yeah Is there a reason behind other than it just looks bad I think it might be in a way like you blaming someone You’re like talking bad about someone. It’s like a negative connotation to hold like Yeah, I think it’s over the years. It’s just become negative We brought props for the next point suppose you’re eating with Chopsticks, then you had this scenario Kasia I can’t seem to pick this up Do you think you can help me? sure That’s a bad thing to do yeah, Do not do that and also you can’t pass right? You can’t pass like this This well if I want Ryo to taste these marvelous chocolates I would do this Give it to him, the reason is that they use these kind of things in funerals, chopsticks and as for the Two people holding up some food they actually do that with bones which they don’t want image at The dinner table when you want to rest your chopsticks do not stand them in the right? That’s also done at funerals?. Yeah, that is also done. You stick it in rice in you just leave it it’s Like a kind of a traditional way of having a funeral and So don’t stick your chopsticks like this if you want them to rest , just lay them down like this like that like this on your hand that’s really convenient our next point might seem kind of obvious but It’s a lot more extreme in Japan having dyed hair or facial hair Is basically not going to allow you to have a job in Japan something connected to delinquency So you can’t really add it to this you can’t really have piercings On your you know eyebrows, but even on your years. It’s kind of seen as a negative thing Yeah, girls. Can have like one piercing guys none, right? Yeah. Yeah, this goes to an extreme level We’re not just talking about pink hair blue hair we’re talking about any unnaturally colored hair for Japanese people that includes blonde yep, and light Shades of Brown yep, any brunette like It’s actually really weird cuz I went to a job interview and they accepted me once and they wanted to work Inside so it’s not on the outside public and they said okay, but next day tomorrow Like make it black and send us a photo Yes, I had my friend which my friend had that too She works in an agency and the client says they don’t want her handling the account unless she has black hair Really extreme and also you’re supposed to have short hair Depending on like if it’s an office job. You’re a male just have short hair females are supposed to have well-kept hair my hair would probably be a mess in a japanese office yours too It’s a good thing we’re for in here And facial hair facial hair has to be either really well cut some offices no facial hair right? Yeah, they have told also to shave your face When at home and you have some trash you can’t just take it out whenever Japan had very strict trash rules and trash days established. Yeah, if you want to take out general burnable trash It’s on certain Days like twice a week the rest like plastics recyclables it’s once a week – I personally am a big fan of it because I think it kind of makes you realize how much trash you’re throwing out because you have to keep it in your house for a while and stuff, and I used to live in the states so I would trash everything that humongous like combos like trash bin it doesn’t work here you to be aware of Your trash days and bring it out on the right bring it out at the right time too if you bring it out too early Your neighbors we get upset with you. Yeah, I think is associated with foreigners. They don’t bring out the trash on the wrong days Yeah, they don’t be that foreigner. You don’t know so just prove them wrong You know we have three bonus points for you – three oh We have three bonus points for your first one don’t make a lot of noises in your apartment this might seem obvious But apartments in Japan have really thin walls so if your air bein being here any things you’re going to get away with Partying you probably won’t even get away with having a phone call at night because they won’t get really thin that’s one of the best points and Japanese renting the thin walls my first apartment, I knew everything that my neighbor was doing like i knew exactly what time he came home when he was cooking dinner I knew everything it was so thin and Like the same all the way around like all throughout the apartment. You know yeah, everyone knows what you’re doing Yeah, I mean of course. They’re well yeah, basically that’s just it if you only have ten thousand yen, which is equivalent to a hundred dollars you don’t go to a Family-Owned business or restaurant and pay with that hundred dollars they might not have change yeah This is something that doesn’t seem so obvious because basically any other store will have change Yeah, if you’re in a super small family-owned be considerate of your change. It’s not like a 7-Eleven or yeah Yeah in poland. It’s like you can’t even Be i mean like big stores won’t change or change your hundreds. What’s it? Which is like 25 dollars *realises* and the last and final point if you have a tattoo a lot of places still don’t want you in their onsen or on them just tied with the yakuza yeah they used to let this people in and then yakuza comes in and everyone’s too afraid like people in the town people live in normal homes they can’t go in the palace so they have to make it all banned, or yeah, everything’s okay Yes, so the one way to ban yakuza is to ban tattoos yeah, I think it’s a general way to make them which is inconvenient for Foreigners where a lot of countries are pretty okay with tattoos in Japan not so much I mean a tip is you just go in Hiding it the maximum ability you can and then at midnight you go in secretly to the bath Nobody would dare that that’s what you should do. I mean I’ve seen Japanese people do it too yeah. I mean it’s for the yakuza. That’s not for foreigners so That’s all for today Thank you very much for watching make sure to leave a thumbs up subscribe press the notification bow leave a comment Let us know what you’d like to see next we plan on doing a 10 things That are surprisingly okay to do. Thank you,See you next time Bye Bye

100 thoughts on “NEVER Do These 10 Things in JAPAN!

  1. I wish many Latino immigrants and less educated blacks would get a fucking clue about talking excessively loud in confined public places like trains, buses, restaurants, bars etc. I live in NYC and the volume some people would raise their voices to levels that has to be seen to be believed.

  2. Shoes off in house is a big thing in most Asian households, SHOES ARE DIRTY WHY WOULD YOU!!!
    It's just gross :

  3. All of that rulez..uhm i guess beeing in japan must be a pain in the ass..get a headache because you can't sneeze in public… Don't have a different Hair colour or a piercing…i guess People who want to live in japan pretty much must submit him/herself to all of that Rulez..i don't think anyone would be happy with that cruel rules. Japan needs to lighten is my body so i do whatever i wanna do with it. Geez. I guess it is also a no go to eat with a fork right??geez..

  4. I wonder whether we really point finger at something in sri lanka.😞( ceylon)( mom had once told me not to)
    most of us do that with the face and facial expressions like raising the chin towards something a bit away from western culture this gesture means 'looking down upon at ' I guess: )

  5. I hate when people don't blow their nose! The sniffling drives me nuts. And you know they'll have mucus running down their throat

  6. * my first christmas in Japan, i went out of the window and shouted "merry Christmas" Japanese then went out and shouted at me, OROSAI na firipin jin.

    Second , i threw our trash outside without segregating, police men then came and asked us to take all the trash outside and segregate before throwing,

  7. Sorry, this has nothing to do with the video, but was I the only one that rewinded that hair flip at 9:53 in slow motion because it was just so fabulous? 🤣

  8. nope i can't and won't do anything they say if i'm on one of there shitty trains and i get a call i'm taking it if they don't like it then fuck them and if i need to fart i will make sure everyone hears it

  9. nope i won't take off my shoes again they are stupid and i'm going to be me it's rude for them to ask me to take anything off unless one of those japan bitches want's to suck my cock. what if i'm on the train really horny and i need to rub one out

  10. Well, so I basically learned that Germany is like Japan… hmm that’s explaines what happens during ww II 😬🤣🤣

  11. Blowing your nose is public is rude in the US too. I love how she's like "I disagree with this one" like just go to the bathroom and blow your nose there, it's not hard.

  12. He could do with a hair cut, why is her face furniture taking up half her face.

    John Lennon used a quarter of that. He did fine.

  13. Although you would not want to eat on the morning commute train, I think you are totally fine to eat food on shinkansen and other long distance trains though, where you seat in your own space. Train stations sell food to go and I have seen Japanese buy it there and take and eat on the train.

  14. Well, in my country Liberia you shouldn't blow your nose in the public either. It shocked me when I came to America. They do a lot of annoying things in America. Another example, play loud music as though everybody wants to hear what you are listening to.

  15. Ok for people saying that in anime they hair are colored
    Literally all of anime characters that have a colored hair are natural color

  16. that whole genkan thing is always presented as so weird and here i am, a polish-irish person, completely unphased by the concept of taking off your goddamn shoes and jackets in the hallway by the front door. it's normal for heavens sake, it's the weird shit americans do with wearing their shoes indoors that's the weird thing

  17. Tattoos. For some reason, when I was in Kyoto studying, I was told that it was only Yakuza who were tattooed and the Japanese believe anyone with tattoos was associated with or directly a member of a crime syndicate. I was also not permitted to be in public baths as a result. Nonetheless, I found myself to have considerably more in common with the Japanese than I do my own country. I also wore long sleeves in June, despite the Kyoto summer heat. I want to live there. 🙂 I'm not Yakuza, just a nice guy that got tattooed in the military. Am I right about this? I realize this is a two year old video. In my business I deal with wonderful Japanese people every day. Guess I should have waited for number 10. LOL. I wrote this out on number 3.

  18. I must be almost Japanese!   I hate people who faff about on their phones on the train and if they have a "trendy" beard or tattoos that's even worse!

  19. I’m Japanese biracial: You can totally quietly blow your nose! You can eat candy and small snacks that don’t smell or make a mess on the train.

    And with the hair color stuff, it’s invasive and ridiculous but true. Soon to be college graduates dye their hair jet black for their job interviews and wear identical looking black suits. Almost like a funeral to their youth. Lol! I naturally have red hair and like the guy said, they told me to dye my hair and look less Caucasian if I want to work at their “international hotel” even though I speak Japanese and other languages fluently. They said “we thought you were Japanese over the phone” Sometimes they won’t rent houses to foreigners and in my case foreign looking people.
    The anime hair I think is rooted more in fantasy, a reaction to the strict hair color ideologies and how they look up to Caucasian features. They think light hair and big eyes, talk noses are pretty…from afar. Very frustrating and self contradicting racism.

  20. Oh I like to go to Japan: clean buses, trains, no talks on the phone there, clean floors, recycling, suuuuper.

  21. Well on fortunate Ly girl spit girl use the f word and are proud to be a bich not when I when I was in highschool 1979

  22. I think that is when you have to make sure to make weird noises so it sounds like odd things are happening in the apartment. Like an african safari or scuba diving.

  23. What about tipping? Dumb question, but it's just something I've heard not to do in places, but didn't know what to do.

  24. I didn’t know about facial hair. I’m not looking to work in Japan, but I’m epically bearded. Am I rude for just being bearded in Japan? (My wife is Japanese, I believe she thinks I don’t have a chin, she’s never seen it).

  25. Was on a 12 hour flight from Japan back to the US and this guy kept sniffling like really, really heavily during the WHOLE flight. I was like, "dude, just frickin blow your nose!", you are driving me crazy! Now I guess I understand why he just kept inhaling his own snot for 12 hours straight. But yeah, really gross when just a couple good nose blows would have cured that sh*t.

  26. AH japan a country where everyone is unhappy, boring, rate of suicide skyrockets.

    Yes they are polite , reserve but its just a image, a facade. Why all the snowflakes dont go there, so many safe spaces and trigger warning. gender equality etc.

    ask them, japaneses would like to be more happy, opened and not living for your work 12 hrous a day 6 days a week. wake up- work, eat , sleep what a like. Earth would be so productiveif everyone acted like them but the world would be cold, grey, ugly.

  27. The thing with the shoes when I was younger you took your shoes off at the door and hung your jacket behind the door and had a jacket and shoe closet by the door
    And I live in America

  28. Ewwww is blowing nose in public normal in any country? I live in central asia, and even here like japan doing such thing makes you look dirty and uneducated…

  29. Yeah but who the fuck wears their shoes to other people's houses? Carpets? Other people's spaces? Why would you wear your shoes inside?

  30. I just came back from Tokyo and I can honestly say I did some of these aka backpack, eating on train, & facetime friend in public.

  31. Wow this is so much bullshit – yes there is a certain small amount of truth to most of these stigmas but everyone does all of these EXCEPT : no shoes in the home & no talking on phone on trains is legit & a really good idea

  32. To be fair re: colored hair, it wasn't until recently that we in America started accepting it. I grew up in the 80's and I remember anyone with unnaturally dyed hair, any sort of piercings besides your ears, tattoos, etc, were usually considered "punks' and probably irresponsible. The past 15-20 years or so is when these things started becoming more socially acceptable. Admittedly, I was still kind of surprised when I started working at a school, and found one of the teachers regularly dyed her hair to go with the holidays (green for St. Patrick's, pink at Easter, bright red around Christmas, etc).

  33. 是否计划去日本旅行?
    此外,日本政府还允许在福岛务农,要求"吃吧,加油"。 在污染土地旁建造的大米果真安全吗? 污水排放处的水产品是否安全?
    日本政府总是主张要低于标准值。 但是没有进行准确的调查,山岳和山林的标准值是数十倍。
    슘的安全标准值为0。 通过食物被爆的话会更长时间。 它会给你带来白血病或甲状腺癌,畸形儿分娩等问题。
    绝对不要去日本旅行。 你和你的子女可能会受到伤害.

  34. Are you planning a trip to Japan?
    Throw away the plan.
    Traveling to Japan can threaten your health and life.
    Eight years ago, the Fukushima nuclear power plant was hit by the massive earthquake in Japan.
    And so there's a lot of radiation out there, and there's a lot of pollution in the neighborhood.
    Also, polluted water is released into the sea and rivers through underground water.
    In addition, the Japanese government allows farming in Fukushima, saying, "Let's eat and cheer for it." Is it safe to build rice right next to the contaminated land? Are the fisheries products safe where the contaminated water is released?
    More importantly, the rice and nearby fisheries products are spreading throughout Japan, deceiving the country of origin.
    Wherever you go in the city, you will be eating food contaminated with radiation at convenience stores and restaurants there.
    Furthermore, the Japanese government is secretly leaving contaminated land in daycare centers and elementary schools.
    The Japanese government always insists that it is below the standard. But there's not been an accurate survey, and mountains and forests are dozens of times the standard.
    The safety threshold for cesium is 0. When exposed through food, it lasts longer. It will cause you to have leukemia, thyroid cancer, birth of a deformed baby, etc.
    Never travel to Japan. The damage can be done to you and your children.

  35. Haben Sie vor, nach Japan zu reisen?
    Bitte verlassen Sie den Plan.
    Reisen nach Japan können Ihre Gesundheit und Ihr Leben bedrohen.
    Vor acht Jahren ereignete sich der Unfall im Kernkraftwerk Fukushima aufgrund des Erdbebens in gleicher Weise.
    Es verbreitet sich sehr viel Radioaktivität und ist überall in der Nähe voller Schadstoffe.
    Und durch das Grundwasser wird auch das Meer und die Flüsse verschmutzt.
    Darüber hinaus erlaubt die japanische Regierung den Bau der Landwirtschaft in Fukushima, indem sie sagt: "Füßen wir und jubeln wir". Ist der Reis, den man direkt neben dem kontaminierten Boden baut, wirklich sicher? Sind Fischereierzeugnisse dort, wo sie dekontaminiert sind, wirklich sicher?
    Noch wichtiger ist, dass der Reis und die Aquakultur in der Nähe sich in ganz Japan ausbreitet, wo das Ursprungsland getäuscht wird.
    Egal in welcher Stadt Sie auch hingehen, Sie werden in den Geschäften und Restaurants radioaktiv belastete Lebensmittel essen.
    Darüber hinaus lässt die japanische Regierung das kontaminierte Material heimlich in Kinderheimen und Grundschulen zurück.
    Die japanische Regierung behauptet immer, sie sei unter dem Referenzwert. Aber es gibt keine genaue Untersuchung, und in den Bergen und Wäldern gibt es Dutzende Male.
    Der Sicherheitsstandard für Cesium ist Null. Es dauert länger, wenn es durch das Essen ausgestoßen wird. Es wird Ihnen Probleme mit Leukämie, Schilddrüsenkrebs, Missbildungen usw. bereiten.
    Reisen Sie niemals nach Japan. Der Schaden kann für Sie und Ihre Kinder sein.

  36. Well, is rude to blow your nose in public in Brazil as well. Completelly different culture, I know, but we find it very nasty and we will probably make a face if you do it

  37. Thanks Youtube recommendations but affirming to not eat in trains and not talking about shinkansen and limited express trains…

  38. Not everyone where’s shoes inside in the US. I actually only know of one family that does so and it’s because they have the money to afford a housekeeper. I think for most of us in the United States it is usually common to remove your shoes at the door way as to not track dirt into the house. If you don’t ask if you should take your shoes off and you just walk through someone’s house with your shoes on it is almost considered rude. It’s really up to preference though and I believe it varies through out the Sates.

  39. I would love to wear no shoes in the house but everytime I am wearing no shoes in the house, my mom gets upset because my feet will get dirty Dx

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