Negative Space – Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Return of the Masters

Negative Space – Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Return of the Masters

– Okay, artists,
you have six hours to create a negative
space tattoo. And your time
starts… now. – Okay, so just stand
right there. – Let’s go, guys. Good luck.– This elimination round,it’s negative space tattoos,
and we’re testing composition. – Like that spot?
– Up just a hair.– What I want to see out
of this challenge is just
a really clear, definitive use
of the negative space
to really define
what your image is. – That is good.– A lot of times
we see artists
over-think the challenge,
and they just end uptrying to go overboard.– And I’ll, like, marker
a little bit more this way.– Thinking clearly about
what the challenge is
and finding the most simple,
bold way to hit the challenge
is the smartest way
to play this game.[energetic music]♪ ♪– Steve thinks that he gave me
a hard skull pick,but I talked my canvas
into moving that tattoo
from her ditch to her forearm.I am so confident
on this tattoo. – All this you can line, because those are just solid
chunks of black. – Yeah. Yeah.
– You know what I mean? Keep that edge really clean. – Cool.I’m ready to step upand show I’m as good as the
top guns of this competition.♪ ♪– Damn, dude. Smooth.– After winning tattoo
of the day, finally,
I’m feeling super confident,
super comfortable. This is a new
feeling for me. – You’re [bleep]
showing off, dude? It’s not good
to show off, man. – In this? In “Ink Master,”
I think it’s good to show off. I think I actually
found my groove, 100%. – Looks good, dude. – [chuckles]♪ ♪– I’m stressed
about this thing. Just because of how
dry the skin is, I go over, like, three times,
and it’s like a smooth shade. – Yeah, it’s, like, soaking
it up a lot or what? – A long time ago I got burned. – How long ago was that? – 19 years ago. Because of that, this leg
gets way drier than this leg. – Yeah, that’s what he was
describing to me, so. – I mean, this leg’s
pretty [bleep] dry. You have snakeskin
on that [bleep] leg. – I know how to do
perfect linework, and even with
a one-pass line this thing’s
looking overworked. Fine, I need to talk to him
for one second.I’m trying everything.
I’m slowing down the machine.
I’m switching needles.Everything in this
tattoo is going wrong. He’s got the driest skin
in the [bleep] world. – I understand that.
So you need to ease up. Because those tree trunks
are really deep in there. – Yeah, yeah.
– So, be gentle. A lot of ointment. A lot. – Roger. – You and I have been going
at our teams pretty hard, and these guys have been kind
of sitting on the sidelines. Just for sheer numbers,
I’ve got to go at them. I don’t give
a [bleep] about them. Now it’s down
to everything counts. Everybody that goes
home means something. Everybody that stays
means something. It’s time to get them
in the fight. – Yeah. My team’s been swinging
this whole competition, you know? Giant target. – Well, you come out
with so-called the strongest players,
and one that said he could beat anybody in the house that
doesn’t need a coach still. Just by proxy, the rest of
your team’s gonna pay a price. You can’t get to him,
you get to everybody below him. That’s war.– I got handed
the “I love you” ASL symbol
in a mountain scene,
and I’m struggling. – You’ve got to finish
this thing. – I’m trying to get through it.
It’s just [bleep] so much little [bleep] in
this little spot. My piece doesn’t flow the
same way everyone else’s does.I’m questioning
everything I’ve done.
And I’m losing it.
Ink is everywhere.
There’s streaks on my face.
It’s a [bleep] day. The mental game is the worst
[bleep] part of this thing. – Two hours remaining, guys.
Two hours left.[suspenseful music]– Jeremy’s is chaotic. He’s got the ship’s wheel
and the anchor in negative. Then he’s got the tentacles
going all over the place. I asked him to put everything
inside the octopus and he didn’t. – Steve thinks my design
is too busy. – Because if you
over-detail it, it’s gonna be out of control.– He thinks I should’ve gone
simpler with this,
but it’s important for me
to show the judges
what a Jeremy Brown
tattoo really looks like. Hey, what about little
highlights on these little bolts? – You really want to
[bleep] that up? [laughing] – As usual, Jeremy’s, like,
all over the place.The design looks crazy,
and Steve is pissed right now.
I mean,
he’s just not listening. Why not just do the anchor? – I don’t know. He liked it.– On the other hand,
with my tattoo,
I’m taking Steve’s
advice on this:tattooing something
simple, clean,
and just hitting
the challenge. – So, basically, pull off that
line, you know what I mean? And that’s the best way
to do it. – Am I tripping,
or is that composition? – No. – He took two elements and he composed them together, but it’s not [bleep] like,
has great composition. It’s just wolf and wolf.
And Jeremy’s is– – I think there’s bad
composition on both of them. Jeremy should’ve left that
thing completely negative and not tattooed it. – This is your final
hour. One hour to go.♪ ♪– Do you think I can get
another snake here in negative?– All of a sudden,
Anthony’s worried
that I don’t have enough
negative space in my tattoo.It’s definitely a huge
risk right now
to listen to my coach.My only concern, she’s
gonna have just this random grey shading, because
I have to make the shading dark enough that
the snake will hold. The house that I grew up in was
incredibly unhealthy for me.Art was always my outlet.Any time I found myself
in a situation,
or flooded with certain
emotions or something,
I was really
dependent on it.
It was like a Band-Aid
for life. So, in this competition,
I need to trust in my natural artistic
abilities.♪ ♪– Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it. Machines down. Time is up. No more ink. – All right, you want
to check it out? – Yeah. – You can tell from a distance
what it is, and all of that. – Yeah. Oh, that’s awesome. – It’s clean. – You like it?
– Yeah, I do. – I like it, too, man. – Oh, yeah, look at that.
Oh, man.– I’m not feeling too good
about this tattoo.
This guy came in
with rough skin.
He’s leaving with rough skin.I might be in the bottom,
but at least my composition hits the challenge. Whoo.Jeremy’s tattoo? Two negatives
don’t make a positive.
That thing looks like [bleep].

100 thoughts on “Negative Space – Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Return of the Masters

  1. I have a seething passion for that wolf tattoo, like I want it, that’s what I’ve imagined for the last year. Daymn

  2. While dry skin fucked him up I feel like if you're a good artist that won't make you have a bad tattoo, he spent to much time worrying about how he couldn't control it

  3. I actually loved the Nautical piece. It'll bleed into the negative space fairly naturally, versus the others which will end up blurry, it'll look almost like its engulfed in water which is really cool. The space allows for more legibility as the time goes forward whereas the others which were so tight leading to blurriness in the future as the tattoo ages. Also, dry skin guy wasn't at fault. Everyone has ashy legs at some point, and shaving the skin doesn't help against it, which they had to do. Hopefully he left with a tattoo he loved and the creams they use to heal the tattoo help against the troubled skin as well.

  4. Imagine how the canvases feel when they see the episode and see all these tattoo artist talking shit about their tattoo 💀😭

  5. Hey dumbass, if you rubbed your non-existing brains as much as rubbed your mouth about people, then you just might get an IQ. No promises though.

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  7. If his skin was drier on one leg than the other… then why did you do it on that leg to begin with??? It’s a negative space tattoo not a scar challenge or something of that nature

  8. yo i took a peek at deanna smith's instagram. i'd allow her to tattoo whatever the fk she wants on me x)

  9. As much as I'd Love to binge watch this show, the fact that the judges comment on the designs WHILE the artists are busy. What the heck are they supposed to lazer that shit then and there to alter designs? That's messed up.

  10. It's so fukin crazy cuz everyone is in the same career why doesn't everyone come together it's so fukin stuoid

  11. "Two negatives don't make a positive, that thing looks like shit!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Plot twist: two negatives actually DO make a positive!

  12. The simplest and sickest negative tattoo I've seen is a universe tat done with a negative stars and planet with a blackout background. Sick slick and definitely negative. Might want a little white on linings on the stars to make it glow

  13. The next competition should’ve been customer service so they’d be tested on how not to judge their clients

    Can't help it if I curse back to u just nagging mama boi

  15. Tattooing isn't just about tattooing. You need to learn about different skin types and how to properly tattoo over it?? Like?? Why u on ink master if u don't know how to tattoo over dry skin AND making the canvas uncomfortable about it

  16. I got the ditch of my arm tattooed 4 hours and my skin was super soft so he was terrified that it maybe wouldn’t hold my artist adapts and don’t talk shit about the client they are just making it to where people aren’t going to want to come to their shop for real. Assholes. Ps. Three years later my tattoo still looks like it was just done and I’m not joking lol and him going over it many times was worth it. Now my spine piece him going over that I love him to death but I cussed him all to hell lol and he was nice enough to tell me to shut the fuck up snd grow some balls like I did on my whole arm and fingers lol. Love him just joking around and having fun makes the process better and great memories.

  17. to everyone saying they’re being mean to the guy with the dry skin, he didn’t mention he had burnt his leg once and it dries up quicker because if he had then the tattoo artist would’ve highly suggested to tattoo elsewhere to pull off a cleaner tattoo and to not tattoo on damaged skin

  18. Me: woah that octopus tattoo looks super cool
    Judges and other artists: too busy shouldn't have tattooed it doesnt look good.
    Me: …oh yeah that tattoo sucks

  19. Imagine you get the ink, then you get hit by a truck coming out and they burn you to ashes. Where did that ink go now? Back to ashes.

  20. Honestly I feel like the guy talking shit at the end did the worst. His was super light and I wouldn’t be surprised if the tattoo faded not long after. The others stood out quite well due to the outlines they had.

  21. The guy with dry skin literally can’t help it. And he’s probably already self conscious and they just laugh at him. The tattoo artist needs to be professional and understanding and needs to learn how to work with it instead of making him uncomfortable and laughing at him

  22. you’re probably not a super qualified tattoo artist if you can’t work with someone’s skin without ridiculing them. yikes.

  23. I feel bad for a lot of the canvases on this show. The artists always seem to make fun of them and talk shit for mostly no reason.

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