My Tattoos

My Tattoos

Oh look at, look at the blonde hair. Hello, hi! Tattoos. I’ve always loved tattoos,
I always wanted tattoos. I have 12 tattoos, and it’s the nighttime. It’s dark out. Okay, I think I’m gonna go
in order of when I got them. The first tattoo I ever
got was a lightning bolt on like the bottom of my right ankle. Right when I turned 18. I got it for a couple of reasons. Because of Harry Potter, obviously, I mean come on. Electricity. At the time, I was in Billy Elliot and Electricity was one of
the main songs of the show, and then finally I just
really like lightning bolts. I think they’re very powerful symbols and I wanted to remind myself to be more powerful and to be strong. I got this tattoo in New York City and it was the first tattoo I ever got. I went by myself. There was these big, big guys. They all just like look over at me and then there’s little
Tessa, who just came from Billy Elliot rehearsal
with her little pigtails in. This guy looks at me and
goes how old are you? Oh I’m 18, no you’re not. Yes I am, no you’re not. So he starts tattooing me and to distract myself, I start singing. (sings) You know. All of these big guys
came from all the work they were doing to peek in and they were all laughing at me. One guy was like on the floor
he was laughing so hard. So next is here, on my left wrist. I got it with my sister. Me, Kelsey, we have it in the same place. I drew half the heart
and she drew half of it and we got it tattooed
and it’s a little heart. It’s just to remind each
other that we love each other. I couldn’t ask for a better,
more loving and caring sister. Also, I didn’t know this when I got it. This tattoo is right on the line, the vein that connects to your heart. So next I got a little heart. It’s just kind of there to
remind me to love myself. Just to fill my life
and my heart with love and to just fill other
people’s lives with love. And at the time I was having a lot of difficulty loving myself. I was just in a really
dark place at the time and I was going through a lot and I, it really did help me. It really did help me through
and I would look at it and I would be like it’s gonna be okay, like I can get through this. Like I, I am worth loving. Number four was the words lumos. That is my favorite Harry Potter spell. If you know me, you know that I say lumos whenever I am feeling
down or I’m feeling lost or I feel like I need light in my life. So I have light on me at all times. This was my first real, okay, I’m now committed to having a Harry Potter tattoo. At that point, I was just totally 100% okay with it because I knew that Harry Potter was going to
be a part of my life always. Also this lumos tattoo I got done by my favorite tattoo artist here in LA. His name is Frankie and he does the best tattoos, he’s the coolest guy. Talk about like nerdy
stuff like Star Wars. I’ll put his information down
in the description box below, so if you’re in LA, and you want a good tattoo, go see Frankie. All of my tattoos were done
by him from this point on. The next tattoo that I got is
another sort of family tattoo. I got it with my sister and my mom. We all got the same tattoo. This was my mom’s first tattoo and it was really funny going with her. We all got joy and it
has to do with my pop pop and when he passed away,
it’s sort of a reminder that he is still alive in our hearts. So the next tattoo that
I got was a starfish. Yay! Mainly it was because of you guys. I really started to get
into YouTube at that point. It just blew my mind how you guys responded to my videos and how you guys like would call yourself my starfish and how you just brought so much happiness and purpose into my life. So, I got the starfish for that reason and also for Billy
Elliot, spastic starfish. Represent. The next tattoo that I
got was on my left side. I got birds and okay,
this is really funny. I had this tattoo before
I even heard Divergent and then the reason that I started reading Divergent is
because people told me oh, you have the same tattoo as her. So that’s later why I
ended up reading Divergent. But I didn’t get this
tattoo because of Divergent, but she got it for the same reason, which is really weird. ‘Cause each bird represents
a member of my family. And the birds are coming out of the joy. So the bird that’s
flying is me, so the joy and love from my family supports me and helps me fly. The next one I got is on the same ankle. The heart below the joy, and it’s kind of goes along with what I just said. I wanted to just kind of
represent the love from my family, so that’s why I put the heart there. The heart over here, that’s
like the love of my family and then I have the heart on my right side that’s like loving myself. You need to love yourself and you need to let others love you as well. Lots of love, lots of love. So the next tattoo I got
on my right ankle again. This time I got a little bow. This was really to represent
the bows and bowties that I sell on my Etsy shop. This whole Etsy shop
was a way that I could support myself and live in Los Angeles. I wanted to have it tattooed on me to remind myself that I can do anything if I set my mind to it, and to represent that I have the power to create things. That I have the power to bring creations to life from my mind. That’s pretty awesome. And the bow is blue because of Dr. Who. The next tattoo that I got was three stars from the Harry Potter books. This is such a beautiful,
minimalistic, Harry Potter tattoo. This tattoo represents
more than Harry Potter. It represents books and
to never stop reading because reading is a beautiful escape to a messed up reality. So my last two tattoos I literally got like ten days ago. They’re both Harry Potter tattoos. I just had this idea for this tattoo and I was like I need this. I need this on me, it’s so perfect. So what I got is this little
potion bottle of Felix Felicis and if you know Harry Potter, you know that means liquid luck. And in this crazy business that I am in, being in the entertainment industry, being an actress, being in Hollywood, you need to have a little bit of luck. So, now I have it with me at all times. It looks so cool. I just couldn’t stop staring
at it when I first got it. I was like oh this is so perfect! Oh my gosh! And the other sort of little
tattoo that I got just to fill in that little area is another little Harry Potter star. I just wanted to put it right in there. But now I really, really like how that sort of whole section looks. Those are all my tattoos. Those are all the ones that I have, but every single tattoo that I have I love, I have a connection with, I have a story behind. They are special to me. Every time I look at them,
it reminds me of my life and the different things that
happened to me in my life and that’s why I like them. So I hope you like this video. Totally taking a snap right now. Follow me on Snapchat. Starfish starfish, starfish. If you like this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe. Leave a comment if you have any tattoos, and the stories behind your tattoos. Also tweet me a picture of
your tattoos @tessanetting. Ooh I love seeing pictures of tattoos. Or, if you don’t have any tattoos and you maybe want to
get one in the future leave a comment with what tattoo you want. And, if you like what
I’m doing on my channel and you want to help me do more, please consider signing up
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there for you to choose from like, for five dollars, I will send you an MP3 recording of a cover
song that you guys choose. Shoutout to Natalie for
sending me this package. Natalie, I’m so excited to open it! Natalie spoils me a lot,
but I also love her so much. She is my favorite person. (giggling) Guys, look! It’s so perfect, it’s so pretty! Oh my gosh I want to put it in my room. Where should I put it? Natalie, I love this! I love it so much! Did you make this? This is insane, it’s so crafty! Guys, this is so motherf***ing crafty. I love you very much Natalie,
thank you, I love you! Okay, love you guys, bye!

100 thoughts on “My Tattoos

  1. I've wanted to get a tattoo of a compass on my right shoulder blade to represent all the turning points in my life and choices I've had to make that made me who I am. And I promised my bestfriend we would get sun and moon tattoos she will have the sun and I will have the moon because we are pretty much polar opposites but she is the closest friend and ours is the one friendship I've had my whole life. My husband wants to get nerdy tattoos with me but I don't know if he could go through with it..

  2. so the first tattoo i'm getting is the deathly hallows logo but instead of the wand down the middle it will be a wand that transforms into a sliver snake at the end its a way to show and be proud of my fandom and also my house pride, but its also a reminder to be strong and fight when times are tough. so yeah a deathly hallows with a sliver snake and the sliver outline with a green color lol

  3. 6:37
    Did anyone else notice that there is SEVEN tattoos on that leg!

    The magic and lucky Harry Potter number

  4. Imma get a tattoo when I’m 18! I am obviously gonna do a lighting bolt bc like HARRY POTTAH and it’s just gonna be like just black like yeah…

  5. I would definitely want always somewhere, I’m not sure but when I’m of age to get a tattoo I’m getting one and I’m making my sisters get one too 😂

  6. 2:49 “ Harry Potter was going to be a part of my life, always “
    “ After all this time? Always “ OMG the feels

  7. I don't have a Tattoo but I want one of DatAdam (That was a German Band and i loved them), and i want a Tattoo of Harry Potter but i don't know yet which one. (Sorry for my bad english I'm from germany)

  8. I know the stars are Harry Potter related, but i have never seen them and would like to know where they stand for

  9. I know this sound a little like stupid but when I turn 18 I want a tattoo that says “Aaron Burr, sir” because like ya know why not😂

  10. I love all your texts, Harry Potter dreams, I wish you can be with me, because you're a very nice person, and I really think we would be a great friendship Bond together, love your channel and love you Dempsey made them for us.backpack backpack

  11. Currently, I am planning to eather get a snake or a deathly Hallows sign on the back of my neck right behind my hair. In the same spot, either right under or over, I want a dauntless symbol.

  12. I can legally get tattoos in 2 years and 3 months😂 Ill probably get an eagle with a ravenclaw scarf lol or the deathly Hallows

  13. I would want the ravenclaw. Crest cause y not. I mean I am a ravenclaw after all

    (Where r are all the ravenclaws at ? )

  14. I thought u were gonna have a Harry Potter scar tattoo somewhere , Also I would like the Harry Potter scar on my leg

  15. I’m not old enough, but when I am, I’m gonna get one of the Dark Mark. Not cuz of my Slytherin ness(which is part of it), but also because it shows a kinda cuz Draco Malfoy, an ex-death eater, who was dark all his life, saw what it really was like and then turned away from it, like turning fromthe darkness.

    If not that, I’d get the deathly hallows cuz the cloak shows safety and sanctuary, the Stone shows hope, and the wand shows power.

  16. I have 2 tattoos one is of the Tazmanian Devil, to remind me it's ok to be a little out there at times and have fun. My second tattoo is of Jiminy Cricket to remind me even though I don't have a lot of close friends the ones I do have are what made me who I am today. A proud less introverted Ravenclaw 😛

  17. I would like a wolf tattoo. But would also consider a HP tattoo, any suggestions on what I could think of getting?

  18. I plan on getting the Gryffindor crest and me and two of my friends are going to get phoenixes as well

  19. 😂😂 i dont have tattoos but once, I literally wrote ‘I must not tell lies’ in the exact same place Harry had it with a Sharpie. 😂😂 then I realised that it was kinda dark so I rubbed it out.

  20. When I'm 18 I'm gonna get the dark mark tattoo 😈 and a snake I mean duh I am a Slytherin

  21. i'm thinking about getting a tattoo on a scar that i have.when i was younger, like 11 years old, I broke my shoulder. In the time that it was broken untill it was fully recovered happened a lot. I got bullied, i saw my family in a different way, i felt lost for a really long time and it just wasn't really a good time for me (remind you, a broken shoulder could tke 5 years untill it's recovered). The scar isn't looking perfect and that's the reason why i want it tattood. The scar kinda looks like an arrow. So i wanted to get an arrow tatood on top of it surrounded by my favourite quote "the end is always happy. If it isn't, then it's not the end." this quote helped me a lot during this period of time and now i'm 16. I'm changing my life and i finnally have a good friend base. I'm curious if people agree with this decision or if they think it's weird. And do people tattoo their scars? If people say it's impossible to tattoo a scar, just so you know, never tell me that something is impossible. Whenever someone says something is impossible, then i want to be the first person to try XD

  22. I really want to get my Star sign/ Zodiac sign on my wrist or get the constellation of Taurus ( which is my zodiac sign )

  23. You think you know someone and then they hit you with a masterpiece like this love you 😌😌😌😌😌😙😙😙😗😗😆😆

  24. I would love to see an updated version of this! I love tattoos so much and would love to see all your tattos.

  25. I have 18 tattoos, I am getting tattoo once every year, I would like as much tattoos as I am old. I like the idea that my body is a canvas and tattoos tells my story <3 love your channel <3

  26. Do you have an updated version? I know I’ve seen more tattoos on your wrist. I just got my first tattoo and it’s the three stars! ✨

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