My Rose Tattoo Rework

My Rose Tattoo Rework

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  1. I actually really liked your rose before and wasn't sure why you didn't like it but now i've seen it reworked it looks a million times better! She did a great job.

  2. I have a tattoo that I need to re-work, but have avoided because I'd rather get new, awesome tattoos. Your experience has given me hope! 🤩

  3. Yeah I also have a rose on my shoulder in the same place and you're right! The second the leaf was filled in near my chest it was the spiciest part of the entire thing! I could've slept through the rest of it. Makes me hesitant to get a chest piece to be honest 😂

  4. Looks so amazing! It's so strange to see you with it at this angle now! It'll take some getting used to because I've watched you for a few years now with your old one. haha. But it's obviously an amazing change – such a glow up!

  5. YAS GAL 🔥 it's so satisfying to see it given new life and I'm so glad for you that you're now happy with it!
    Edit: just on the note of spicey, I got just above my elbow done last week and that was a full five spice curry, o boi.

  6. Your tattoo artist is a maricle worker. Before it didn't look bad, per se, but my breath was taken away when you came back. It looks so amazing.

  7. Congrats on the rework! It's amazing. Now, you can live your best life. <3 And Emma's work is incredible.

  8. Looks amazing! I had a question. Why do you guys have to wear something over your new tattoos? Does it have something to do with the climate? Where I live in the US they tell us it's better for it to get air to heal.

  9. I want a really cool unique sleeve then I'm going to finish it with a rose like 99% of the tattooed population… Smh. rework looks great though

  10. I had a small tattoo rework on my leg. I had just the outline of my cat and honestly, it wasn't exactly how I wanted it and I didn't show it off much at all. 2 years later I was finally able to get the money to go to a studio and get it finished and I love it so much! I love showing it off as much as possible and it is extremely cute! Just like my 11 year old furbaby 💕

  11. I need my rose on my lower arm reworked too!! Any tips on how to go about it?? The original tattoo was flash so maybe its open territory but some artists don't want to touch me!! Xxx

  12. The tattoo looks so much better now! I mean there are roses that are yellow(or cremé beige) and red in one, in fact my mom has two bushes like this in her garden, but it just wasn't done right. Usually the red is on the tips of the petals and not that perfectly symmetrical over the whole flower.

  13. Ahhh your videos always make me super tempted to get some circular designs on my shoulders like you have, I think it just looks stunning the way they kinda echo the lines of your silhouette. Some cool-looking planets, maybe…

  14. That glow up tho ❤️makes me remember how happy I was when my first tattoo of a dragonfly had to be reworked, happy for our Lauren love you ❤️❤️

  15. Question: how do you approach a tattoo artist about getting a rework done and would you recommend contacting the original artist asking if it's ok? I'm thinking about getting a rework done and I have an artist in mind but I don't want to sound rude to the original artist, and I don't know the best way to approach the artist I want to change it. I know a lot of artists won't do reworks, and I'm just trying to go about it the best way!

  16. She did an amazing job! Looks great and I'm glad you have a fresh tattoo you're happy to have on your body now.c:

  17. Looks awesome!! I have a question though, for cover ups in particular, is it possible to get partial laser removal of a tattoo to fade it (or full removal I guess) and then get tattooed back over the top of it?

  18. Hi! First of all, what an amazing rework!

    Second of all, I’m 16 and I don’t have any tattoos YET. I love planning my future tattoos, I’m obsessed with tattoos. BUT, I have a ton of questions and I love your channel. I’m wondering if there’s a way to contact you and see what you have to say. You seem like such a smart and down to earth person and if you wanted to help me out I would be sooo happy.

    Love, Hilma.

  19. So I have a 10+ year old tattoo that I'd like reworked but I'm kind of afraid to even approach an artist about it. about 5 years ago every shop I went into and asked they all said "Sorry, I don't touch other people's work". so some tips would be nice.

  20. Would you consider doing an updated version of your "wha t my tattoos cost" video? As your tattoos seem to keep getting better I would love to know if and how the prices vary 🤔 love your videos ♥️

  21. My artist told me he could rework a 21 year old tattoo I have. I recently put new work around it and Of Course that made it look really bad! I did not want to cover it because of the sentimental value it holds. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a reworked tattoo before. I didn’t have much hope in the idea….lol
    Now I cannot wait. Thanks for this video!!

  22. I got a tiny little minimal shooting star in 2002 at age 22. I liked it when I first got it, it was all in pastel colors and looked very delicate and pretty. Fast forward to March 2018, I am 37 now and this tattoo was just sad at that point. It was faded and crappy and everytime I looked at it, I felt bad about it. So I went in to get it '"touched up" but I came out with a complete reworking and WOW, it is absolutely beautiful now! It is no longer minimal, it had bright vivid colors and I am in love. I had no idea I could actually have something like this on my body, it's beyond what I expected. I let the tattoo artist do her thing, I told her I trusted her because so many of my friends have tattoos by her and they are all amazing. She picked the colors based on my skin tone and now it looks like the star is actually shooting through a night sky. I'm going back in my birthday to get the rocking horse fly from Alice in wonderland with lilacs and daisies on my ankle, so excited!

  23. It turned out so so well! Eeeek I’m so excited for you! When I had my big bat reworked it turned it from something I hated…almost embarrassed me everytime I had my feet out – to a piece I want to show off everyday! The leaves just finished your rose off so well! 🤗😩❤️👌🏻

  24. Hey! I am planning to get a tattoo soon and i was wondering if the tattoo I'm getting is considered copied??
    I want to get a certain ilustration of a comic that i like tattoed on my leg and welp as i looked through tumblr and shit i found tons of people with the same tattoo (help???)

  25. your colour sleeve is so stunning and coming together so well! mother potato setting the bar highhhh😏👌

  26. I'm assuming it's probably different with different artists, but are other artists okay with reworking a tattoo done by someone else? I have a watercolor tattoo that has some splashes I may want reworking in the future.

  27. It’s a mouldy cabbage no more! It’s so beautiful and stands out so much 😱 Can’t wait to see what future glow ups you decided to do! 💕

  28. Wow, that rework looks absolutely amazing! I honestly didn’t even know reworking tattoos was a thing, I only ever knew about cover ups and touch ups.
    I might even consider getting my own tattoo reworked now because I’m super insecure about it since someone told me that they think it’s really badly done. Never saw anything majorly wrong with it until that day but I’m not extremely experienced with tattoos so there’s that…
    Do you have any advice that you could share about how to choose and approach a tattoo studio/tattoo artist about reworking a tattoo they didn’t do themselves? That would be extremely helpful!

  29. Woow congratz on that! I 😁😕just got the rose on my neck reworked and I agere that a cover up is NOT always the only way to go ✌️

  30. Hey, do you have a video about tattoo reworks? Where you talk about them more? What you would suggest, advice or pros and cons. Anything? Because I'm considering getting something like that done for my first tattoo. I love it, but I want it improved because I was a bit foolish when I got it.

  31. Love the new rose! Looks awesome! Would love a video about tattoo reworks! Really need one of mine done, it isn't a bad tattoo but was done when I was younger (4 years ago) and doesn't have anywhere near enough outline to keep the tattoo looking good, it's already starting to look faded. Plus the artist who did it originally was a massive creep towards me afterwards! So a vid about what makes a good rework and rework artist would be fab <3

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