okay guys I went a little bit overboard hey guys my new citizen welcome like shadow are you guys liking this fat summer two videos for a week I really hope so because I’m really enjoying it and I’m super pumped to make two videos per week doing three months before you guys to compensate my lack of good content at least I think it wasn’t that good but today a level of excitement is like because today I’m gonna try some temporary tattoos oh my oh my I’ve already tried before when you were younger you would eat those chips and you could put some bad tattoos here these are really cool designs and I don’t want to wait more oh my god we have to oh my god gonna cut out I’m gonna start cutting out my god I think this is a good thing for you to try temporary touches to know if you wanna do on that spot I think it’s good for you to try the spot that you’re thinking you know might be thinking of putting a tattoo right here it might not be good but that’s why I’m temporary exists for you to try and maybe in the future do so I’m going to cut all of these and I’m gonna pick them out and grab some water to put these on my body yeah and yes this was the only scissor I could find in my house so I chose some and I’m gonna apply it on this arm I’ve imagined my art filled with little details I’m going to start by applying this little one verse about you take this and then you apply it on the place of your body that you want and then you need to put water for 30 seconds basically said where am I gonna put this I’m gonna put this money right here okay 30 seconds oh my god site signing oh oh oh oh oh my god yeah uh-huh look what’s so cool oh my god I like it now it’s time I don’t know if you guys can see this and I’m gonna place it right here I think I’m more of a minimal tattoo guy guys can you see this you’ll love this one let’s go to the next one oh my god this one is kind of bad oh oh oh my god I’m gonna do something crazy guys I’m gonna do off camera and I will be back okay okay guys I went a little bit overboard this is bad guys you shouldn’t buy temporary times because you know what I’m completely in love with this one I would totally do this look at this one I might do this one this one is like Pedro salvas this one is beautiful i love this one this one and the nipple one so you should probably not buy this because you will want to make more tattoos and I’m kind of I kind of regret this video but it’s fine it’s fine oh this will disappear boy you guys guys I’ve real picture enjoyed this video if you did don’t forget the tons this video up and if you want to see me trying something or testing or even sing something leave it on there in the comments and maybe I will do it subscribe to this channel to the Fed supper for three months to meters per week went 11-1 solo video and I’ll see you guys next video k bye


  1. OMG Adota já esse look xD Adorei jonasssss ♥♥ Eu tb comprei umas bem grandes mas não sei onde por xD Beijinhossss (eu vou à vidyou!!!!!!!)

  2. Olá Jonas, gostei imenso do vídeo (as always). Onde é que compraste as tatuagens? São muito giras!! Beijinhos ❤

  3. ADORO DE MORTE OS TEUS VÍDEOS, DÃO-ME IMENSA GRAÇA ACREDITA!! Só te peço uma coisa, põe legendas em Português por favor!! Beijinhos, continua assim! #snapfam ❤❤❤❤

  4. tão lindo tão lindo tão lindoooo ! adoro-te beijinhos enormes continua cm os bons vídeos , ainda esperando o dia de te conhecer #snapfam 😍💕

  5. Por favor torna essas tatuagens definitivas, ficam te todas tão bem, principalmente a que puseste no meio do peito. O nosso abraço esta marcado, estou a contar os dias, love u 💙💙

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