My Mom’s Lover Returned To Destroy Our Family

My Mom’s Lover Returned To Destroy Our Family

Hi, everyone. My name is Lisa and I’m 18 years old. Recently I brought home a man who destroyed
our family and broke my heart. But as it turned out, I’m not the one to blame. My family is pretty rich because my dad works
a lot. He’s a businessman and my mom’s a college
teacher. They built a strong family, and I thought
that nothing could ruin their relationship. But several events over the past month have
shown that if one person alters a small detail from a perfectly working mechanism, everything
will explode. It all started one day when I decided to skip
school and come home early. When I walked into the house, I was immediately
frightened because a complete stranger was standing in our kitchen. When he saw me, he started to smile nervously,
and tried to be friendly. He said he was a student, and that my mom
was tutoring him. We introduced ourselves, his name was George. I talked to him for a while and he seemed
pretty nice to me. Soon my mother came down, and she obviously
did not expect to see me at home. I was surprised too, because I didn’t know
my mom was tutoring anyone. She said that she started recently.” Then George left, and mom asked me to keep
quiet about her tutoring because dad was pretty jealous and he would be against her extra
work. At that time, it sounded logical. Anyway, George started showing up at our house
more often. And I was actually happy about it. Because, he was attractive, and he was smart. But most importantly, he was older, so he
looked cooler in my eyes. I enjoyed the few minutes that we were able
to talk sometimes. As you might understand, I began to fall in
love with him. But I didn’t have the courage to tell him. At first I decided to share my feelings with
my mother. But when I told her how I felt, she got scared
and worried. I didn’t know what was wrong, because I was
old enough to have a relationship. But my mom told me to stay away from him,
and she said he wasn’t the man I needed. I don’t know, maybe something happened between
them, and she thought he was a bad guy. But what could I do? I was totally in love with him. I thought about him all the time. And the fact that my mother forbade me to
communicate with him only tempted me even more. I used to dream that he was a bully that everyone
thought was bad, but deep down, he was a good man. Like in the cool movies, you know. But I wasn’t the heroine of the film, and
I wasn`t brave enough to tell him about my feelings. I found his Instagram profile and just stared
at his photos without daring to write to him. Oh, my God, his profile was beautiful. He had a bunch of pictures from all these
cool places he’d been all over the world. He’s got a really cool car. Ooh, maybe one day he’d give me a ride… Yes, as you can see, I was just crazy about
him. But one day I finally worked up my courage
and asked him out. I was walking up to our house, and I saw George
coming out of it. He was clearly upset about something, and
he just walked right past me. I was confused, but my mom explained to me
that she wasn’t going to tutor him anymore and that this was the last time he’d be coming
to our house. At that moment, I realized that I might be
seeing him for the last time in my life. But I didn’t want to miss my chance with him! I finally got up the courage, and decided
that this day, I was going to end this. So I ran out of the house, and I tried my
best to catch up with him. Thank God he didn’t go too far. Now I realize how stupid I looked in his eyes. The girl who was short of breath trying to
say that she wants to have coffee with him… This was terrible. But George thought for a moment, then smiled,
and said “Of course!” Wow! He just said a few words and I was over the
moon. Then we went to go get coffee together, and
we talked a lot about different things. Finally, his classes with my mom were not
distracting him and we could talk for more than a couple of minutes. When we were about to say goodbye, he asked
for my phone number. That meant he liked me! Oh, at that moment the butterflies in my stomach
just went crazy. It was this amazing feeling that warmed my
whole entire body from the inside. It’s hard to describe, but I was just so happy. That’s how we started dating. And I have to say, it was just awesome! He was always trying to please me, and he
always knew how to do it. We met literally every day, and went around
to all the cool places in the city. We went to the movies, to parks, on rides,
to cafes, everywhere! One day he somehow managed to pull some strings
and we were allowed on the roof of a very tall building. We sat there almost until the morning and
just watched the stars. It was incredible! He was just the perfect boyfriend. I never thought someone could be so interested
in me. So our relationship developed pretty quickly
and soon George said that he wanted to get to know my parents better. Maybe he’d come over for dinner and meet my
dad. I thought, why not? Only I was worried about one little thing. Mom said I shouldn’t date George and I didn’t
listen to her. So she definitely wouldn’t agree to dinner,
and we’d probably have a fight. I just needed to get George home so my mom
could see that he was actually a great guy, and that she was wrong about him. Then I decided to tell my parents that I wanted
to introduce them to my boyfriend, but I didn’t say anything more about him. They’d find out at dinner and it would kinda
be a surprise. And this day finally came. Mom made an amazing dinner, and we were all
waiting for my boyfriend. Finally, the car drove up to our house and
the doorbell rang. It was George. He came into the house with flowers and greeted
everyone. My mother was very surprised, or rather, not
surprised, but scared. She was clearly unhappy that I brought him
home. She quickly took me into the kitchen and began
to scold me. She said he shouldn’t be here, and that I
had made a big mistake. I assured my mom that she needed to get to
know George, and that everything would be okay. But it didn’t work on her. So as soon as we sat down at the table, there
was an awkward silence. I literally heard every fork hit the plate. For some reason, my mom looked at George with
fear. Dad finally broke the silence and asked how
we met. George told him everything. My father was surprised when he found out
that his wife was doing tutoring and my mother was a little ashamed when George revealed
this fact. But then George added, “Wives can hide more
than that from their husbands.” After this sentence I realized that something
was happening and I didn’t understand what it was. After that, George raised his glass and took
the floor. And then I understood what kind of game he
was playing. He revealed my mother’s other secret: It turns
out he wasn’t her student, he was her lover, and he was tired of her promising to divorce
her husband and start a family with him, so he came to ruin it by himself. These words swept like thunder through our
house. My father looked at my mom questioningly,
but she was already crying, so everything was clear. He realized that mom had been cheating on
him. For a second there was a wild tension in the
room and I knew it would end badly. Then dad became furious. As soon as he got up from the table, George
ran to the door. Dad ran after him and then I heard the sound
of cars leaving. All this time, I couldn’t even move. I thought it was just a nightmare. All of George’s words were true. They only made up the tutoring as a cover
because I caught them at our house. It seems that my mother broke up with him,
and George started dating me so that one day he could come to our house and reveal this
secret. But the story isn’t over yet. He ran away, and my dad chased after him. I’ve never seen my dad so angry and I was
afraid that something bad would happen. A few hours later, dad was still missing. All this time, my mother was crying, and I
didn’t even think to try to calm her down. Because, in reality, it was all her fault. She was cheating on her husband. And me and dad were just victims of her lies. Mom admitted that she started a relationship
with George because she didn’t get enough attention from my dad. He was at work all the time, and my mother
was all alone. But as it turns out, George only wanted money
from our family. And as soon as he realized that he wasn’t
getting anything from my mom, they broke up. And then I took the first step toward him,
and he figured out how he could get back at us. I was sitting in silence with my mom. Suddenly the phone rang and it was the police. They said dad was at the police station. So then my mother and I pulled ourselves together
and went to the station. He was sitting there covered in bruises and
scratches. We wanted to take him home, but it wasn’t
that simple. It turns out that my dad was chasing George
in his car. Not only were they committing numerous traffic
violations, but they got into an accident and got out of their cars and started fighting. Yeah, dad was just furious. And now, in addition to a bunch of fines,
he was facing having a criminal record for causing bodily harm. Although I believe that George deserved even
more than that. I can’t imagine how my dad feels right now. His daughter brought home a guy who was his
wife’s lover. And now he has to go through so many difficulties. Court, divorce, division of property… My dad didn’t deserve this. And George… I loved him. Or rather I thought I did… It seems he already had a lot of experience
in seducing women, so I just didn’t stand a chance. There’s everything wrong with this story. Mom, who decided to cheat on dad, me, who
couldn’t see this simple deception, and George, who decided that he had the right to destroy
our family. Now I think about how to put together the
pieces of our broken family, and my broken heart. I guess I’ll just have to live with it. Thanks for watching, guys. Do you think our family still has a chance
to stay together? Or is the right decision to break up? Write what you think in the comments. And be sure to share this video with your

100 thoughts on “My Mom’s Lover Returned To Destroy Our Family

  1. Thanks for watching, guys. Do you think our family still has a chance to stay together? Or is the right decision to break up? Write what you think in the comments. And be sure to share this video with your friends!

  2. You know what I've been thinking and if the mom felt lonely because the dad went to work then why would she need a lover who only wants money.

    Like cmon lady get your facts right

  3. Her mom was getting dick down… mom loved it soo much she have to cut him off… because her dad is not doing it right way

  4. Errr, I don’t understand why everyone is still angry at the mum when she was the one who broke up with the guy in the first place. And although it was true that she promised the guy that she was gonna divorce with her husband, how come she didn’t do it at all? She could have easily done it and ran away with the guy but she didn’t because she knew that if that were to happen, her family were to never be the same again.

    Ok, I’m gone. Bye.
    Pls no hate…because I didn’t give any and I’m not planning to either

  5. 8:45 Get him NARUTO!!!!!

    Your mom broke the family Wdym????

    He didn't destroy it because he's her boyfriend, meaning that she cheated on your dad, so basically your mom did

    Just saying.

  6. This A-hole sure had balls doing that. Now he got the horns from the dad. I say right on, good for him.

  7. I know what’s next

    “I had a baby with my mom and I regret”
    “I 50 and my mom was 16”
    “I married my dad”
    “I got married to my phone”
    “I killed someone and I really realy really regret”
    “was 5 and married to a 97 year old”
    “ I stuck French fry my butt and it won’t go out”
    “I lost my head and legs, and I will die soon.”
    “Tommorow I die”
    “I slept on a building.”

  8. The dad should have payed more attention to the mom.. then he got in a fight with George and is facing a lot of things. It's his fault for being a terrible husband

  9. So many arffares are started because one half of the couple felt "ignored" this has to be the most pathetic excuse for cheating ever. 😡😡😡
    The dad was at work making money so that the mum could screw around. 😡😡😡
    I really hope that the dad doesn't get charged and comes to his senses and tells the mum to leave so that he can find someone who would love him like he deserves.💜💛💜

  10. 5:02 "He was always trying to please me and he always knew how to do it.

    Thats what she said, both literally and figuratively

  11. My mom is cheating on my dad and he knows but he’s to broken to say anything to her and he doesn’t want tu hurt my little brother more than my mother already has 💔

  12. Can anyone woman please explain to me how "I'm not getting enough attention" leads to "I'll cheat and this will end up better" almost every time?
    I'm having trouble with that logic jump.

  13. Damn… Her dad was royally fucked back, front, and sideways… That is some ultimate level fuckage… 🙁 🙁 🙁

  14. If the bitch is enjoying the fruits of her husband's work and she's not contributing in bringing home money, the excuse of being "left alone" is the worse she can come up with.

  15. Goerge is a boss! He's an evil master mind! I mean the mother is the bad guy here and she used him. Sure she says it was he who only wanted money but that is only her side of the story.

  16. 😥 sad that the circumstances ended as they did. But while I understand that There's blame for the mother to take For cheating in the 1st place? This George character deserves far far worse sincerely hoping that news of what he did Got out To the public, That way at the very least this sycophant won't be able to try the same thing again anytime soon.

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