My First Tattoo in Korea: Hongdae Playground

My First Tattoo in Korea: Hongdae Playground

Hi everyone, welcome back to joanday we are in seongsu today because we’re gonna get salad and what are we doing today? Ashley: Joan’s getting her first tattoo! My first tattoo! But first we’re gonna go get salad at J: Where?
A: The Farm
J: The Farm and then I’m gonna take you guys along with me. I’m kind of nervous, but she told me that it’s not gonna hurt. So hopefully I’ll be okay. You’ll be fine. You are a trooper. You’re a dok-han-nyun (strong like poison) Before we go though, we saw this mirror and we’re like, let’s do an outfit of the day. A lot of people asked for your outfit of the day in my videos too. So You guys can find her video, her vlog for her details, but what are you wearing today? I Am Gia flannel shirt, -mhmm my Supreme shoulder bag, -eyyy and then A: my black, cropped jeans. And then vans.
J: your vans And I’m wearing a grey Crop top from Brandy Melville, and this overall is from Zara -So cute -And my A Cold Wall bag. But look we’re twinning! Look it, we’re twinning! J: And then my silver flats, I’ve been obsessed with them.
A: I know.
J: Alright, let’s go. Right outside Exit 1. Yay, look at all this yellow. So The Farm is somewhere near here. Trying to eat healthy. So we’re gonna get both of these salads. J: This is the chadol salad
A: looks so good A: I love this wooden plate!
J: I know! Look at this detail, you guys! While we wait for the salmon, let us try the chadol She immediately reaches for all the greens and this is like the first thing that I grab. We’re so compatible, Ashley. Let me try this. J: I just did the ‘mmmm~!’ shot. Now, Ashley, and that’s her friend Danielle. Hi!
D: Hiii We’re gonna go get cash because we have to pay in cash for our tattoo. I’m gonna get one right here guys! Walking over, but the smell of bread here! We might pick something up. Ashley said that this is really popular. I really wanna have an iced americano to go, or should i save it for the cafe later? Oh yeah, we’re gonna go to a cafe. J: Let’s go, let’s go to a cafe. ‘Kay.
A: Okay Sorry, sorry! Next time! In front of the.. Tattoo place! Here it is! Oh my gosh, I haven’t been here in like three years. J: I wonder if he’s there right now though.
A: I feel good. You feel good? -Yeah Yeah, me too. Gonna get one right here. I’m gonna get one right here. D: So what number tattoo is this?
J: For you? A: Five.
J: Huh? Fifth?! Gotta take off my bracelets! Which one should I go for? You like that one? I kind of like the slanted ones. I think I’m gonna go for it this size. Yeah. Thanks mom. A: It’s not too small?
J: Mm mm I like it. Yeah, no this is perfect.
A: It’s cute. Here’s the final look, guys! Ashley’s turn. Watch her vlog to find out what she gets. So mine was a hundred thousand won. So about a hundred dollars, and I’m gonna take one of the Playground stickers! Here it is! Ah, I can’t believe I finally got it! We’re now walking over to Gentle Monster because she has not been to the new, J: new exhibition. And then we’re gonna go to a cafe, maybe?
A: Mm-hm.
J: Yeah! I was here in my previous vlog. So you guys can check out that vlog right here for My first impressions, I’m not gonna be vlogging it because I was literally just here. We’re going to Wisteria +. Wow~! How adorable! Hello~! Let’s go on up! This is definitely not flame. Yeah I’ll just tell you that this menu is so soft. We got the coconut bingsoo, Danielle ordered the sweet potato latte, and Ashley got the americano. Ooooo, I’m so excited for this. Dinner time, we’re gonna go to a very healthy restaurant Something gom, something that has to do with a bear Goodbye, pretty cafe It’s actually right across the street How perfect. So we’re gonna go to Namul Meongneun Gom. The bear that eats veggies. Very healthy, Korean restaurant in Hongdae. And look it, it’s a hanok What to get, what to get. I want yukgaejang, but I’m wearing white I always want yukgaejang. But – I’m gonna get bibimbap because I love bibimbap -Ooo I want bibimbap Like right here… Thank you I love their banchan. So good This is actually my favorite banchan on here, this is mine. The egg? Oooo. I like the hongnamguk ooo the kum is good Okay, we’re gonna go to ader error, yeah Is it this way? -This way Yeah, because she wants to kind of see it because it was recommended to her and then Maybe walk around a little bit before heading home -Gotta digest. -Yes Ashley and I filmed a video today so stay tuned for that So, it’s gonna be so funny I’m not even gonna say what we filmed. You guys just have to guess, keep guessing guys The one for her channel is hilarious Yeah that’s all I’m gonna say we’re looking for ader error and what I couldn’t find in my previous hongdae vlog is the door to black pink house It’s locked. :(( you look cute there I’m so happy for their comeback! By the time this vlog is up. I think it’s gonna be they’re gonna be back J: Alright guys, I’m back home. Ashley is actually here
A: Hi
J: too she’s just chillin because It’s been a long day. We walked around a lot. I shopped, got our tattoos and J: Was a productive one because we also got filming done
A: Yess J: but before she leaves, she’s just kind of enjoy the AC and chill a little bit
A: Watch you unbox Yes Watch me unbox so I had this box from iHerb I ordered a few things so I might as well just open it in front of you guys I have been obsessed with Song of Style’s raw bar recipe So I like ordering all the organic ingredients here but I didn’t order too many today, so three Brazilian nuts Maple syrup because I really like pancakes Dates for the raw bar Dish soap and hand soap. So here’s everything I ordered from iHerb. I hope you guys enjoyed watching Here’s the shout out of the day. For those of you guys who translated and transcribed this vlog right here subscribe to Ashley’s channel she uploads vlogs and she is going to start uploading more like Lifestyle tips and a day in her life videos, right? -Yeah -Right? So subscribe to her I’ll link her channel up there and in the description box But yeah, thank you for watching have a Joan day Have a Joan day! Bye!

100 thoughts on “My First Tattoo in Korea: Hongdae Playground

  1. I've been wanting to get a tattoo too but I'm not sure of what. I'm coming to korea around winter so I'm planning on getting it there.

  2. I love your vlogs! It also helps me on where to go on our next Korea trip which is on Aug! I am surely going to see the BlackPink’s house (or door maybe 😂)

  3. cute little tattoo!!! omg sooo expensive though but it’s probably because he’s so well recognized and booked! and i need to go to that cafe.. it looked amazing

  4. Ohh I saw this litte tulip on playground tatto's instagram site, but I had no idea it was you Joan . so cute

  5. Hello ! I'm a new subscriber here and I love it ! I starded warch your video because I'm going to Seoul in a week and I wanted to prepare myself for the trip. You give me a good sense of the city and wath to do there and now I'm more and more excited to see all of that in real life ! So thank you very much and I will enjoy your content from now on !

    Kisses from Belgium <3

  6. omg! i follow the artists on Ig! I LOVE UR TATTOO DESIGN! its so cute and simple <3 i hope I get one done too!

  7. You should go back to blackpink house. They have a pop up store there. Please bring us thereee 😗🖤💖

  8. I went there last month! Didn't get one for myself though, my other friends got a few tattoos. It's a nice chill studio. 😛

  9. oh gosh It was really 100$ for a tattoo that small?? I have one that’s like the size of my palm and it was a 100$ too

  10. Oh my goddd a HUNDRED dollars for this???? I have one about this size in my hand and it cost me like 20 dollars I’m shocked 😂😂😂😂 (and it was rattled by a reputable artist)

  11. Joan, I have a question. I’m thinking of getting a tattoo when I study abroad in South Korea. Do you know if the tattoo artist has some knowledge of English?

  12. Wow thats really expensive . I‘m from Germany and here you pay for this size of tattoo 30€ that’s ~ 35$

  13. At first I thought the price of that tattoo was way too expensive for something that tiny but then I remembered how tattooing outside of cosmetic purposes is illegal and there's likely an added cost for compensation (I dunno a more specific term for it but I hope ya get what I mean) as he is committing a crime. Plus I'm a bit ignorant on tattoo pricing, so yeah.

  14. I'm surprised they didn't bandage your tattoo up. When my sister got her's (also simple line work tattoo). They told her to keep it bandaged for 48hours to keep it moist and to help avoid scabbing.

  15. Can anyone give me the location of black pink house cuz I will travel to Korea next month so I might get the chance to go to see their house 💕

  16. I’m so disappointed , I flew over to Korea to get a tattoo done here , despite it was expensive , I thought it was worth it but the tattoo didn’t turned out nice , it was so hard to communicate because he couldn’t understand English. I even printed the tattoo I wanted but it turned out so differently ! 🙁

  17. 100 usd for a small tattoo? I'm planning to have one too, but the price….
    also, not covered when it's newly done? (idk much abt tattoos)

  18. omg im actually going hongdae playground when i got korea in december! after seeing your video im even more excited now

  19. I just got my tattoo by Playground Tattoo 5 days ago too and its starting to scab. Care to share your tat's healing process?

  20. Can someone tell me the KakaoTalk for playground tattoo? I added the Instagram but you can only contact via KakaoTalk

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