My First Primark Haul

My First Primark Haul

Hello friends, I am here today with an important message from Tyler’s parent’s basement. And that is that I have never been to Primark before. (Sophisticated Music) I feel like some of you might not even know what Primark is. That’s okay, we’re kind of on the same page. In my lifetime, I’ve watched a lot of haul videos and a lot of Zoella videos. And one of Zoella’s favorite place to do haul videos from is Primark. But what is this magical land? I know what ASOS is. TopShop, you know TopShop’s made it across the pond. I have an idea of, like, what it must sell, right, she gets clothes and home goods. So to me, it’s kind of like the Marketplace part of Ikea Forever 21 Plus a little bit of H&M Plus a little of, like, the Urban Outfitters gifts in the corner, like the cute trinkets And they all come together, they have, like a little bit of a store–storgy–a store orgy And uh, then they poop out a baby, it’s called Primark. I’ve lived, for the better part of the last six years, like 99% of the time in California So I know that, eventually sometime in that time. Primark started popping up on the East Coast Still never seen one, until this trip, when we came to Philly, to visit Tyler’s family for the holidays You can buy stuff online from Primark But it seems like part of the fun of Primark is going ‘Cause she says that, like, different Primarks are better than other ones Kind of like, how like, different H&Ms, depending on where you are, have a different selection of stuff I’m gonna go to Primark for the very first time I’m gonna do a haul of my own I, honestly, I never thought that this day would come We are on our way to see Primark for the very first time. There’s Tyler. How long until we get there? About five minutes. Oh wow. How you feelin’? Feel, um, excited. I’ve got some…something going on in the bowels. Whether that be butterflies or a little bit of gas Good thing that we’re just in this car with each other and no one else Oh my Lord! Lots of Dick’s Sporting Goods. But THIS is Primark! Prime real estate for the primest of prime spots It’s a very large and impressive storefront, it looks very modern. It–it’s like a glass box on the outside. I think it’s gonna be crowded today I think it’s gonna be crowded today too, but it doesn’t matter because I will persevere FREE WIFI! Holy crap! When you walk in they have like a homegoods section And it’s a lot of like, blankets, pillows Tropic! ‘Cos you’re hot. What? Babe, it was made for you! I like this whole, IKEA market place element like these things… I mean we’ve been standing in this, in this part for like 20 minutes They’re leaning heavily on the memory foam The mannequins were just like, a little creepy Because they would hide them in corners There are a lot of things happening around here, a lot of different departments and it’s kind of like, it’s kinda like Target where you can easily like, transition from one department to the next without knowing that you’ve done that so I ended up in the little girls section for a while just from the haul videos I’ve seen, I definitely understood there were different departments I don’t think I guessed how many departments, like the floor plan was very open and very large. (singing) The hills are aliiiiiiiive! We’ve gotten to the point where, bags are exciting for Safiya, It’s a bag! It’s not a bag! There was a lot of stuff that I picked up being like, “this is a good deal” Like “I want this flannel, like I want this back pack” Harry Potter uh, harry potter uh Like “I want this shiny backpack” Like “I want this mesh hat” And then I stepped back I was like “oh do I just want this because I think it’s a good deal or do I actually want this?” This is a story about a boy named Tyler (singing) Early morning And then I was like “nooo I think I’m just going for it cause I think it’s a good deal” The thing is, we gotta be careful cause this stuff will add up! I mean there’s a lot of stuff, and a lot of places and a lot of people. so you kind of like “rummage” but when you find something good you have a sense of accomplishment I think I did an Okay job, of restraining myself, not a great job, an okay job. Ok, so I just checked out and um, I’m pretty pleased with my haul. but I’m gonna go meet Tyler in the food court because, he gave up a little while ago, I saw him eating chinese food. And I said, goodbye, to PRIMARK! No? So… now to the most exciting part of it all, My haul. My very first Primark haul. So the first thing I got is this, that I refused to leave behind, And I honestly probably should’ve left it behind because it was kind of a bitch, to fit it in our suitcase, This memory foam pillow. I’m getting this, I don’t care if we have to ship it home. The tag says 12 dollars, but it was on sale for 10 (dollars) and um, it is bamboo memory foam… That seems like a nice kind Let’s get it out of this case, because I’ve been waiting to open this thing up, I haven’t even opened it up, felt it or anything Oh my god! It feels so nice, I’m gonna get make up all over it just by putting my face on it it feels so nice, on my body OHHHHHHH YEAHAHAH… YEAHAHAHA You know what this pillow is gonna be perfect for? Putting between your legs… while sleeping OHHH YEAH, I mean I wouldn’t say that this is gonna be better for cuddling than Tyler, but sometimes Tyler’s face gets scratchy when he forgets to shave… That’s item #1. So the next thing I got was a little bit of a “mayyybe I should get this, maybe I shouldn’t get this”. I got this plain black, zip up sweat shirt. I got it because it was 9 bucks, and I thought that it’s like a basic that I would totally use, and kind of like “schlep” around the house in but also you could like put it over like a cute tight dress, and make the tight dress less like going out-ish and more like day time-ish soI have to do this with a lot of my sweatshirts I often times just grab the ends of my arm holes and kind of just like stretch out the arms just kind of like by holding them I do know specifically that my wing span is almost identical to that of the Turkey vulture. And it’s a soft jacket and I liked it, so I got it. So the next thing I got was this black and gold glittery camisole tank top type situation just from double checking my receipt I’m pretty sure that this thing was on sale for like three dollars Something about it made me feel like I was gonna go out. Which is a funny joke because I don’t do anything besides hang out with my boyfriend and my cat, but that’s okay. But it was on sale, and it was kind of a festive feeling and it was sparkly So I was like “Let’s go for it.” “Let’s do this.” So this is what the black and gold cami looks like on. Another reason I liked it is because the straps are kind of far apart from each other so you don’t have that weird thing sometimes where like if your straps are further in you can see your bra strap. Or you can kind of get this little like armpit moment. You guys know this armpit moment. So I really like how far apart the straps are in the fact that it covers this area specfically. I feel like I’ll probably wear it with like black, high-waisted jeans and like some combat boots. You know just kinda stomp around A stomp around top for three dollars ain’t a bad deal to me. So the next thing is one of the more expensive things that I bought. I got this top. This top kind of like checks all the boxes for me. I’m like “Yup.” Cold shoulder, black, rips, and texture to it. And it was fourteen bucks. This is the black, cold shoulder top on. I just love a good cold shoulder. I love shoulders! I think shoulder pads are kinda hot. And, most of my arm hair is consecrated on the lower arm. So, this way you just get to see my, kind of fuzzy shoulders. There’s no way I could approach the entire display of chokers without coming away with a choker. Whenever there are like little motifs around, I almost always go for moons and stars. I like the kind of like celestial vibe. Ooh, I forgot to cut this, huh? You’re not gonna get this out. Let me in! Alright, that’s on. I think the moon is actually a little bit longer than I anticipated. The moon’s kinda hitting me below my boobs. But, I do love that kind of like layered effect. To me, the layered choker is very like Tudor England. Here’s my necklace, here’s my cross, and here’s my smelling salts. You know you got everything you need right here. I got three things from the Hosiery section. So I’ll just show them all to you guys right now. The first thing is these three pairs of Weather Sensor Finish Opaque Tights It’s says they keep you warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm. I don’t know if that’s true. Because that seems like magic. It just seemed like a good idea to stock up. For those days where I just really don’t wanna shave my legs. The next thing I got were these three pairs of Cushioned Sole Shoe Liners Which I think just means “socks”? It says USA sizes 6 – 10. Of which I am a 9 and a half 10 So I am at the upper end of the range. You know what they say about long feet? “Long socks.” But they look kind of long, so I feel like I’ll be able to fit the old gals in there. And then the last Hosiery thing I got are these HP (Harry Potter) socks! Harry Potter Cosy Socks! My motto is that you never have too much Harry Potter merchandise. And I will single-handedly prove that motto correct. I think I forgot to say the tights are $6, the socks are $4, and the Harry Potter socks are $3.50. So this is the most expensive thing that I got. It was sixteen bucks, and it is this poly
euro thing skirt It’s like a pleather material So it has that kind of like fabric-y inside, but sort of like leather-ish outside And there are pockets! I like this kind of got a little bit like a badass look, but it’s also got kind of got like a business casual look at the same time. It is a little bit slippery, but I think it’s kind of fun, and uh just gotta have to- suck in a little bit, and you know, hope for the best. My second to last thing that I got are these Cheetah-Head Lights They were $3, and I couldn’t say no to a cat. I decided to get these, I don’t know where I’m putting them yet. I just like them a lot. So, it is battery operated, and not something you plug into an outlet. But they do a little on and off switch. So you just become drunk with power! You’re just having a good time, huh? So the very last thing I got- because I didn’t want to go through the Primark beauty section, and not get anything at all. Is this little Flawless Finish Concealer Brush from PS. Look it’s a tool for those Artis brushes that look like toothbrushes that you put on your face. I actually have a different do for the Artis brushes. That’s a little bit larger than this. So I got the really small one. This was $3.50. I can’t say I’ve ever used a real Artis brush, so I don’t know exactly what it feels like. This one. It feels a little firm. But I think that’s kind of the point. It feels like it could be good for crevices. Alright, so that’s my haul. And my journey. I do know what Primark is now. And I’m very glad that I do. I feel like I’ll be able to watch Primark hauls with like a new sense of belonging. It’s definitely a little more of an outing. It takes some effort to like look through and shop there. So I see why people do hauls of it. ‘Cause It’s almost like “Look at my booty…” And “booty” I mean like “loot”. But I think the effort was worth it, and I really like the socks that I’m now wearing on my hands. ‘Cause I just wanted you guys to see them. My hands are getting warm though. Thank you guys so much for watching! If you like that video make sure to SMASH that like button! And if you wanna see more videos like this make sure to SMASH that subscribe button! And also make sure to SMASH that little bell icon… in the middle to turn on push notifications so you get a notification every time I post. Here are my social media handles. And make sure to check out my Nextbeat. I do a lot of Q and A’s, and daily vloging on there. And I’m just gonna keep smacking my hands together ‘ cause then it makes the Harry Potter scar unite into one. And it’s kind of like a weird exercise. And I’m just gonna do it. 🎵I’m singing a song all day long🎵 🎵And HAAAAAGGG!🎵(Hog-) 🎵WOOOOOOOORTS! (-worts)🎵

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  1. happy friday bbs! next video coming at u soon – my top 10 favorite lipsticks ❤ look out for it on monday! 🙂 <3

  2. Just started binging your videos, had no idea Tyler's fam is from Philly. I'm lookin' out for you guys every time I visit during the holidays now.

  3. The comment section is describing a very messy and loud place and that's the place i would feel at home
    would visit the United States just for the "messy and loud and cheap" experience

  4. I love how her "Primark" look like a gorgeous shop where here in Ireland our penneys is a hell hole😂😂😂😂

  5. Binging Safiya and went to Primark yesterday in London. When you come to London seriously go to the Primark there!!! Four floors and like a block of just Primark.

  6. In my town we have like no shops so we always go to the city on the train or bus just to go to primark 😂😂😂

  7. First time USA have less stores than Portugal (Portugal is a country with just 10 million people), here exists a Primark in almost every city

  8. Go to Primark in Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon and you will NOT like it so much! I'm not sure if it's different in the US, but in the UK, Primarks are an ORDEAL, there are kids screaming and running around, clothes left all over the floor, mothers with buggies pushing them into you and blocking up whole walkways whilst they stand and talk to each other, passive shop assistants who hate their job and want the day to be over as quick as possible, HUGE queues to pay, and if you're looking for a specific type of jean, they usually won't have it in the size or colour you want.
    The sizing is off too… A while back, I bought a pair of black jeggings in a 12 and high waisted skinny jeans in a 10 (UK sizing), which my bf picked up for me after work. The jeggings were too short in the leg, had hardly any stretch and were a nightmare to put on. The jeans were way stretchier, a proper length, and fitted like a dream! I did not get these mixed up. Jeggings had no stretch. Jeans did. Lower size fitted! Larger size didn't!Weird!


  10. Yall need to stop talking so much trash damn ya it's messy everywhere if you go in at prime time and nobody is gonna hire 50 ppl to stand next to a hanger to pick up stuff every 3 seconds damn I worked there and honestly the fact that this offends me is ridiculous get a grip if you don't want it to be messy clean up after yourself and if your wearing makeup and you get a top and ruin it tell someone it's not that hard to clean your own mess and I swear if one of you say yea but rants their job out so now it's our job to treat you like a child and clean your mess not only do we have to deal with ppl not knowing where the changing room is but restocking and re-folding your mess and God forbid you break a box you just hide it in the tables if you really want it to be clean don't mess it up that simple love

  11. There are Primark in every single town in England, It's like the English Starbucks

    Also there's always free WiFi and cheap prices

    I love Primark

  12. Fun fact, Primark is actually called Penneys in Ireland. Primark is originally from Ireland and when it first opened in the UK, they could not use the name Penneys because there was another store called Penneys, so they changed to Primark, but they still use the name Penneys in Ireland.

  13. "I don't do anything besides hang out with my boyfriend and cat." ME. I don't think I've ever identified with a sentence more in my life.

  14. fun fack Primark is pennys in ireland because it started and cork and when it was going international pennys was already trademarked so eles wear its Primark.

  15. Factory workers making clothes destined for fashion chain Primark work up to 12 hours a day for £3.50 an hour.

  16. For most of us in the UK it's called primarni lol, cheapest place to buy last seasons crap, especially for kids who love skinny jeans lol

  17. Me: Prepares for a shop that looks like it got caught in military crossfire.
    Me: Huh, Primark in the US looks so nice to the ones in the UK!

  18. In Belgium it has the reputation that only the poorer people shop there and it also has the reputation of that he clothes are made in sweatshops where people almost do slave labour…..

  19. Primark is so dangerous. I went in for a pair of leggings yesterday and came out with some jeans, mascara, perfume, two pairs of bicycle shorts, some Halloween latex for fake cuts and socks. Obviously, I forgot the leggings.

  20. I love primark but sadly I just can buy things from there when I travel in Europe, they don't have a shop in the place I live.

  21. Lads primark was created from Ireland and was originally called Penney's, (it still is here) but because of copyright reasons they had to change it

  22. When Primark opened in my city they had a whole crowd control thing installed in front of it because it was like one of the first Primarks in Germany or the east side of germany/europe (can't remember) and people came from everywhere. So. The Hype is real I guess?
    It was like when the Apple store opened (same reason as Primark) or a new Iphone comes out.
    It is kind of bizarre tbh.

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