My Complete Hair Timeline! 2005-2018!

My Complete Hair Timeline! 2005-2018!

Hey everybody it is Qcknd and today, I’m gonna bring you a video that I’ve been playing around with in my head for a really long time like wanting to do it and I took the time to like get everything together anyway today I’m going to bring you my complete hair timeline from When I was a kid until now *Uh is this my scene phase?* So I have done kind of like a crazy job Documenting my life. I know it’s a lot easier now like kids have cell phones like right away I’m going to start when I was like 15 well 14 and go until Now so this is gonna be my complete hair timeline if you want to make a video like this on your channel Please tag me I just went like this is my external hard drive from like middle school Like I went through every picture of myself ever and just like put it in a slideshow So that’s what I’m gonna do now if you wanted to make this video on your channel That was the easiest way I found to do it, but this is kind of like Photo heavy, so I’m just gonna get started so definitely stay tuned if you want to see my complete hair timeline from youth until now So this first picture I think I had just dyed my hair black And this is like the very first picture of like me not having natural hair It looks like my bangs are a little grown out to my lip a little bit, and I’ve got that Shamrock necklace on for some reason. Yeah, if this is me in my McDonald’s uniform and with like a massive, bun I got my job McDonald’s when I was 14 so this is the beginning So right away I started you know getting into punk music and shaved the back of my head kind of like that It’s definitely not like the cute way that people are shaving their heads now It’s kind of like above my ear a couple inches and just like Massive my mom actually did not know that I this I like always had my McDonald’s uniform on So I would just wear my McDonald’s hat with my hair down And she just had no idea This kind of starts the period ha Tinkerbell shirt where I started to like dye just my roots I don’t know why I just thought that that was really dope and That’s the beginning of that Here I am in McDonald’s bathroom like Looks like I’m starting to get into my own a little Sassy little bra strap showing I would wear my hair in these like little pigtails You kind of see that like the back of my head is still shaved that blonde Was I don’t know what I was doing Look at that cellphone! You know just hanging out Touching up my roots the only thing I was doing um Then this kind of marks me getting into like fun cool colors looks like I’m like majorly missed the spot right there I was using Manic Panic like getting my hands on this Manic Panic I feel like was the hardest thing ever um just because I’m 14 and working McDonald’s I guess and not being able to go to the mall there was no like online ordering Manic Panic It was kind of just like you knew someone who gave it to you. Here I am at the Teen Center I got that dress from the dollar store I remember with those roots! um I don’t know the mood moody Then I started dyeing my hair blue on top once it was blond it was kind of just like an open canvas It was kind of like whatever Manic Panic honestly I got my hands on looks like I had blue this month and acne Real bad um style icon honestly So this marks me Shaving my head I think this is one of the first pictures of me with a mohawk like I said I still had that like back shaved too And I was letting that grow out for like what like two months and then shaved my whole head It looks like my hair is all one color here, so Somewhere in between I must done away with like just dyeing my roots Someone must have told me that I was doing that and I stopped doing it sassy So then I guess I dyed my hair blue And it looks like I’m my mohawk is like freshly shaved there a little drama with the mohawk I remember I asked someone to do it and they like didn’t have time so just like my other friend did it and I remember jealousy erupted over ownership of the shave Here’s me with Mohawk again kind of looks like I have bangs in those pictures, so like a Chelsea hawk. That’s pretty dope Um and then I guess I gave myself some highlights looks like some pink and some purple and that Mohawk is just so off center Um then I guess I went natural it looks like I’m like letting my sideburns grow out a little bit so they can curl in that was kind of a style I Have a camo vest on um then some fire fiery stuff So that necklace I used to wear because I had watched I Think Rocky Horror Picture Show a hundred times in a row and then that’s the like duality mask Ring from Rocky Horror Picture Show Um then it looks like I colored the sides And then dyed the top black and then like left my little sideburns black too I don’t know look at that camera a Testament of the time Then this is just the black hair. I guess I shaved again and got the pink out I was doing something cool with my makeup You know just being me those tuxedo shirts were the shit. That’s a Dead Kennedys Leopard print vest well and all the patches and stuff were sewn on but I Remember I gave myself attics pocket with like a patch that I had sewn only on the three corners um Look at all those freckles, I think it was around this time that I was kind of Wearing my mohawk parted to like one side or the other I stopped like putting it up at this point It looks like it’s like really thick So putting it up seemed like it was really hard I was using glue and hairspray to put it up and I were just like lean to the side and just do it I Don’t know how easy that was it wasn’t. Now I could probably now I feel like I could do it a lot easier back then what did you have, glue and hairspray? So I was wearing it down and kind of just letting it grow out and do whatever Looks like I gave myself some blue highlights in the front still with the Rocky Horror Picture Show necklace and some eyeliner. Um looks like it’s green and blue there So then I like got this hat I think I found it, and I was just wearing my Mohawk kind of Parted down the middle. It was like as ugly as you can assume But I think I was just like getting over it at this point I’m in high school my like high school ID I remember from this year is me with that mohawk and that striped shirt Then from there. I dyed, just the Mohawk blond should have dyed my whole head This is like the Mohawk growing out like I said my friend gave it to me so Obviously, it’s just like not well done. A ton of different lengths in the hair I was not getting my hair professionally cut at all not at this point So I just dyed the top red and I can tell you -do I have a double nose ring?- I can tell you this: I was going through like this huge Kurt Cobain face And this is like a hundred percent an homage to Kurt Cobain Yeah, so I only dyed the top blond, I mean red While I was growing out my mohawk. I think I was like feeling really self-conscious like feeling really ugly but Should have dyed the whole thing read, but I didn’t. Here I am wearing a Doors shirt and Like I said like I was so obsessed like cringe. I don’t know, showing you these pictures, I was so obsessed with Kurt Cobain That’s why I dyed my hair red This is like a Kurt Cobain tapestry I had Here I am with him again Here’s my little brother He’s so incredibly small there. He’s in a crib. I can’t believe it. I don’t know here’s that like stoner Kurt Cobain look thing grungy I gotta be in high school at this point so then I dyed my hair blonde. I remember I wanted to be a teacher in High school, I don’t know why and I was like volunteering after school With like this second grade class or some shit like that, and they made me dye my hair blonde They wouldn’t let me have it red. So I believe the whole thing is blonde at this point thank God. Got a labyrinth shirt on this also marks the beginning of my scene phase so kind of phasing out Punk like I said a little drama with the Mohawk and Kind of coming into my own with like scene, now I’m scene. This makeup look is like black eyeliner with pink eyeliner Uck, I love it. This was my myspace photo forever. I was like yeah lean over the fucking washing machine Wasn’t long though until I did this That shirt is so good I believe I got kicked out of my after-school program for doing this But whatever like it took me ten minutes to realize I didn’t want to be a teacher Blonde throughout looks like I haven’t had braces yet Little choker action, so like still like confused if I’m scene or punk like no one… Do I not have access to the Internet? Scene to clarify look at that bow! You can see that I definitely have a mullet here because I’m cutting my own hair And just like I guess having aco mplex about having a mohawk for so long This is the Chiodos This is a I think this is the third gen iPod My nails still look the same to this day Okay so after this blonde thing I dyed most of my hair brunette But gave myself highlights like left some of the blonde pieces out when I went through this brunette phase This is definitely me like still being scene not really understanding what’s going on in my life I guess but didn’t want to be blonde anymore Oh, and I got a back tattoo, so I have to be at least 16 in this photo Pretty dope This is like me still with this scene phase these striped hoodies from H&M were like that scene that scene shit Oh You’ve already know it! Do you see my midriff? I also have like one of those corduroy stoner purses, so I have no idea I guess I’m like still riding out that Kurt Cobain feeling So this is the summer after this blonde that’s like brown blonde I just went all blonde I wanted to get all that Brown out and then it just turned into this you can still see my haircut It’s like growing out the Mohawk. I have not seeked professional help yet Um and I think like that striped tank top from American Eagle was still like all my scene shit I’m wearing moccasins in the summer And I still that corduroy bag. Oh, yeah, this is some scene time scene time freckle time, Mohawk time Okay, so this hair dye This is gonna be a huge like common theme for the rest of the video if you’ve ever seen this lady So remember her I guess So I dyed my hair this red this box red and my hair was all sorts of different colors So it turned out like this and this marks me getting a real haircut, so grown out Mohawk, real haircut from a salon Circa Survive was getting their hair cut in my hometown So I found like the girl who was cutting like Circa Survive’s hair, and I was getting my hair cut by her too she said you should let me color your hair and Now I know why she said that So this is my scene hair cut my first official one that I didn’t give myself I remember not liking it and feeling like it was so so short I’m not crying here. These are just like myspace pics So you can see my hair it’s like kind of doing healthy little healthy here I have to be like at least 17 in this photo looks like I just shaved my arms Um and then it wasn’t long what is that like fucking two weeks later? You can see in this photo that I dyed the top of it dark brown and then the underneath is still that like box red I’m wearing an addict’s shirt, so I’m I punk again. I don’t know. so This marked me being a telemarketer, and I was putting my hair in these pigtails. I’m wearing like an academy is shirt, so seen So I got a job as a telemarketer When I was 17 and a lot of the girls who I worked with were like super normal So I think this like triggered a little reinsurgence of normalcy her I’m holding a Razor phone You’re I’m holding. I don’t know what a samsung phone Lots of cellphones I worked there for a while. It was pretty cool Look like a mess um oh, and then I went on this camping trip I remember and I was like a total brat the whole time so If you went on that camping trip with me… I’m so sorry It looks like I’m also working at McDonald’s too, that haircut look really cute up but I think I felt really self-conscious about it down and Then I got extensions You are not going through your scene phase if you don’t have black clip-in extensions So super self-conscious about that haircut extensions I remember I went to somebody’s home salon and she cut them for me I love it. Here I am just like wearing this dress from forever 21 crunchy extensions on the bottom This is my junior prom picture This is a real Polaroid this isn’t a filter for my myspace My grandma used to take only Polaroids. I still have the stoner corduroy bag jeez but here’s my extensions with my hair Um I was really feeling that look nailing it I think My tongue I got my tongue pierced that year, I guess Um and then I let all that hair kind of grow out, I think I’m wearing a The Used hoodie and I think I just like got over the extensions because I wouldn’t sleep with them in and I’d have to wake up early. I don’t know So this is just like I don’t know coming into my own definitely like weird scene letting that haircut grow out And then it was prom so by then my hair was a little bit longer Promin’ it And this is this marks the end of my high school year literally no one took pictures of me at my graduation mom So here I am in Texas just letting my hair grow out. I really couldn’t afford to do anything to it, so While I was in Texas it just grew and grew and grew I didn’t try to cut it or anything That’s just what it looked like the whole time me and Alejandro forever When I got back from Texas. I dyed my hair that box red again. I go to the store. I know one hair dye it’s the Box red You can see my new growth is like taking to the red and the hair color I had from like my last year of high school and Texas is still at the bottom giving me this like weird backwards accidental ombre which is fine So it looked kind of cool close up But the bottom of my hair was definitely like Yucky muddy black brown, but look. I don’t notice. I guess I don’t know better Then here’s a close-up of it kind of looks cool I’m just like after scene phase. I’m just like whatever it looks cool. Um got my job back at McDonald’s This is my first day of Community College back in Pennsylvania My hair does this if I don’t brush it, so Looks like I’m trying my best here. It still looks red on top Um back at McDonald’s. It looks like I must have dyed my hair all one color Maybe that bottom color like really made me feel weird or whatever. Here I’m at HamU Looks like I may have gave myself like slide bangs I’m starting to get a little freaky here, and then my hair was just really long. I think at this point I was cutting it myself I hadn’t had a professional haircut, I think since my scene haircut so yeah I was definitely cutting my own bangs like my ex was cutting my bangs or my grandmom like literally anyone with scissors was qualified to Cut my bangs my hair looks like nice and piecey and stuff But it’s just from like me looking up a picture of noodles from the gorillas and just cutting my hair And that was my reference photo. I’m not kidding um here’s some freaky shit and Then back to that red always back to that red that I am the sole Purchaser of that red color if it’s if it if they stopped making it, I don’t know what I’ll do back to the red looking I think this year I became vegan and Looking really thin Just that red Still kind of gummy at the bottom It’s the red girl. I know that I think my ex gave me that haircut with just like house scissors I Was cutting my bangs myself Looking real trim Um and then this was when I dyed my hair ketchup red, so this is actually an accident this like red color Was fading out really quickly And I knew how it worked because I’d dyed my hair that color an infinite amount of times at this point in my life so I Went and I got nuclear red from crash bang boom on South Street in Philadelphia and Dyed my hair with it Look at that conch pin And it was a happy accident. I ended up with this color hair and like really liked it Had no idea how to put on false eyelashes, but liked the hair color Um so I kept it, and it was really cool. I’m still cutting my hair at this point but I’m keeping the ketchup red and I really really liked it. I was just letting my hair grow really long with just like nothing really going on and then I got a proper haircut by the same girl who did the Circa Survive hair a couple of years ago. Walked in there, and I was like do you remember me? She was probably like… maybe? so I got a proper haircut and Then kind of stuck with that I was in Community College of Philadelphia at this point so I think I was like trying to look all right and Then I got the little side shave that people get you can kind of see my exposed ear there It’s grown out a little bit. I don’t know exactly where like some photos between here and now are but Looks like I got my nose repierced Wearing some septum bling I must have just got my tax return or something Because I’m looking fresh. There’s more of that like side Shave a little grown out here It is a little more grown out, grown out More grown out. I kind of like this hair, How my hair kind of looks here. It’s not really styled I don’t really know how to style it but Here it is grown out a little worn. I’m in West Philly Microdermal so I had ketchup hair for a while probably from like age 21 to like I don’t know 24 right 23 It felt like a long time it felt like a lifetime of ketchup hair but then I got a job at a coffee shop where they required me to have natural color hair So this was actually the last day of my red hair it’s really really sad you can see it’s like a little faded I never let it get faded ever it’s a little faded in this pic. Um and wouldn’t you know it? box red So here I am I guess like eating some noodles and I remember I painted my nails red and wore this red jacket in like solidarity and all my piercings are out except for my Microdermal to get ready for the job at the coffee shop no unnatural hair no piercings, but I was broke I just got fired from Like laid off. I guess From the swan boats because it was just like out of season, and I just need to take a job so Happy whatever uh There’s that box red. You know kind of coming into my own wearing different patterns and stuff that I couldn’t wear with the red hair Looking like that still cutting my bangs myself Just you know Living it up this pictures in Richmond And then I think I had been working at the coffee shop long enough to afford a real haircut So I think I got a real haircut at this point And then I got my hair professionally colored I brought in a picture of Drew Barrymore, so this is like ombre, and I think it was like the year of ombre So I’m like I look miserable, but like still cool. Here’s another picture. I guess at the ombre, but my hair is Curly wavy so you can’t really tell and looks like I started Dating Jon. I’m in his room so after all of this Um I You know got into beauty school the day before beauty school I cut my hair and dyed it natural brown I Had it done at Ulta, so I didn’t do it, but I was just like hey All this hair all this going on I don’t have enough time to do my hair Cut it all off. So the night before beauty school. I started pushing my bangs over to the side I had this little brown little haircut I Brought in a picture of like Aubrey Plaza. I was like I want to look like her So this is my first day of beauty school you know bright starry eyed Just just me against the world um so at beauty school I started to get my hair cut at beauty school most People kind of do they kind of get sucked into that but people who have no idea what they’re doing are cutting your hair It’s awesome look the only haircut. We knew how to do was my fucking haircut So I started to like grow my bangs out and push them to the side and give myself this like Big push like comb-over, but I was like really into it And then letting my bangs grow out and my bob grow out a little bit. I would like curl the bottom I was like into that for a little bit Um I kind of love this like yeah it was a beauty school haircut, but look at all that texture Then I was able to part it down the middle once my bangs grew out This was like the first time in my whole life I’d never had bangs, so I was like really feeling it, and then I got fired from the coffee shop Which was actually kind of cool because like two days later I had my hair done by Josie. It was the first time I had ever met her She gave me this cool like rose gold highlights super pretty I just like she gave me a real haircut and not a beauty school haircut no diss, and it was just like great Living my best life in this little pic And that was super fun you can’t even tell that I’m sad about being fired because I don’t think I am After the rose gold faded out I put on some green Manic Panic. I actually did like a Manic Panic review on YouTube, so this is like that what’s left over of that You ever see a picture of yourself from a while ago, and you’re like what happened looking great there So that is the green just put right on top of the rose gold I did that myself still in beauty school letting that haircut grow out You know putting on the green myself -that shirt- and then Josie gave me another haircut a little shorter a little more like bratty little bitchy haircut That’s what it looked like in the back like a ton of texture and stuff really cute probably like the shortest I had been But we loved it it had like this big piece in the front it was cool So I let my hair grow out for like a year. I guess. I’m working in my back tattoo in this photo and Then Josie brought up my highlights, and it was like year Pulp Riot came out So Josie bought like every color pulp riot, and I was her model. It was a lot of fun Just these like jewel tones and stuff were super pretty, but really hard to keep up They faded out pretty quickly, but still it’s like super fun. Looks like I have job at the salon the Nice picture of me Like I look alright. I don’t look tired from beauty school or whatever Then Josie did this pastel series on me. That was a lot of fun You can see my highlights are kind of grown out. I have like a major root, but that’s like what I was going for the pastels were super pretty but Really like only lasted one Or two shampoos, then you can see they like really faded But I really got into this faded like white look and kind of chased that feeling and went silver so going silver was probably the most damaging thing to my hair because it requires so many constant touch-ups and Toning to keep it from turning yellow and murky and just like so much outside influence can like harm your hair So I tried being silver for a while I think this is like Guy Tang silver, but the silver it just like fades to like yellow, or green right away and Canceling yellow and green just does damage your hair So it was a hard run what lipstick is that by the way very cute So sassy silver. You know just doing my own thing and then I was invited to be a model for another Pulp Riot class like an official pulp ride class they came to Philadelphia and In order for like I could go to the class for free if I was a model so I was like sure I don’t care So I had to go blonde for like a weekend. That was weird And then this are these are the photos from the pulp riot class our inspiration was like blushes like Simple not like crazy loud, so I had that for a little while I really like the way it faded out I faded to like this really nice like white Stormy like purple Valentine’s Day like I don’t know I I was like calling it like blush. I was really into it This is like the look. I did for a tattoo convention like stuff like that super cute at this point I was touching it up myself at home, and I was using Joico colors They’re just really pretty really soft, but these colors fade right away Here I am just like kind of would like straight purple on there, just like really nice light lavender I think this is one of my favorite hair colors I’ve ever had this or this just like super super pretty Just like what a nice girl So this was the end of like this purple hair color like it would fade out right away And I really didn’t like how murky It kind of looked like especially on top. You can see that like yellow blonde so I went silver like completely silver I Love silver. It’s so versatile like you don’t have to change your wardrobe It looks natural so you can kind of like blend in and public you’re not just like wow I got blue hair the silver is kind of just like beautiful and trendy and Everyone told me it was the hardest hair color to have so like I just had to have it I don’t know why I’m like that um So the blonde had like that blonde placement had grown all the way out And now I have this like nice Rudy look this haircut grew out really nicely I hadn’t had a haircut since then So this was the like lime crime color it photographed really nicely, but it wasn’t really wearable in real life, so like that looks really nice and healthy but I don’t know So then this silver is like silver for my salon. I got hired at Barnet fair I think it’s my first day, and I was just like super stoked This is the most beautiful silver picture. I’ve ever taken There’s no filter on this the rainbow in the corner is a rainbow catcher in my window This is a real photo of the most beautiful silver I ever had This is titanium. I think in shades, which is just like so beautiful, but it lasts literally like one shampoo so that’s the only photo I brought this exact photo to Kay like 10 times, and she was like stop it So that faded out and then Josie gave me this like shaggy like beginners mullet But I really really liked I got this over the summer. It was like the first time when I was like Oh like I’m pretty and polished, and then I was like. I want to wake up and just go leave so she gave me this like Bed Head took out a lot of weight and a lot of texture to my hair and That’s the last haircut, I got um She did just like trim My dead ends like between here And then so there was that And then I got the blue hair and Kaylyn did this she kind of bullied me into it She was like hey like when you have gray hair you look really washed out. You just look like I don’t know like pale and sick and all this stuff and like I Know that like she was being really nice you want someone to tell you what you don’t realize So I was like yeah You know I do feel like I have to wear a ton of makeup With the gray hair and whatever so she was like let’s like bump it up And I got this blue and it’s kind of true like I have no makeup on in this photo I kind of like didn’t really know what we were getting into she brought my highlights up and My hair is blue. She highlighted it with darker blue pieces. You can’t really tell, but it’s in there It’s giving it like a lot of dimension and like I said I have no makeup on in this photo And I just like look more alive I think then we’ll know this the best photo on earth so between these two The blue is just kind of to bring back my energy. I think it worked I let the blue, I had the blue touched up one other time and Then I let it fade out I let it fade out to this and then that’s where I am today So that is my complete hair timeline I Am going to my hair cut and colored really soon. I was supposed to get it done today and just like timing didn’t work out because when you work in a salon It’s kind of like clients first and then like the people who work there so This will be the last time. I guess I’ll have this like green greeny hair It seems like every time my hair fades. It fades to like this color green which I feel like makes my skin look murky, and whatever I have to wear more makeup But I’m really excited so this has been my complete hair timeline video I know it’s gonna be long. I hope it went by fast But yeah, let me let me know what you think if you make your own definitely tag like shout yourself out in the comments so we can all watch your video and Let me know Did you have these phases? Were you like this? Did you document your whole life? What is going on with me, but yeah? Thank you give this video a thumbs up if you were into it and It is your first time here subscribe. I have tons of hair videos and reflecting on used to be Punk videos I don’t know, but yeah, thank you guys so much until next time bye

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  23. I love this. Im so happy you made this video, your hair transformations are rad. Someday I'll do a video like this, but my only "crazy" hair has been in the last year. Cant wait to see what you do next 💕

  24. I went through so many hair colour as well. Ketchup or "Rihanna" red was a big colour for me (before she even had the red) and then a bit more pink. I was really into it but it's a lot to maintain and take care of. I also did all my hair colour changes myself in my room mostly late at night or alone. Ha! Now I've settled with my brown.

  25. i love your hair so much ahhh, I have a bright red liberty spike mohawk and today when i was at a salon with my friend they asked me to be a hair model for a catalog they're making it's a pretty big norwegian/swedish chain called cutters so that's pretty exciting :)))))

  26. i love the mega long ketchup hair and the pulp riot hair! you'd look amazing with a darker red too – like a burgundy kinda colour.

  27. "still confused if I'm like scene or punk.. do not have access to the internet" is the most accurate description of my vibe in high school. you perf amanda.

  28. Girl, don't worry. It was you and me keeping that red in stock. If I did a hair timeline every second photo would be a new bright red lol!

  29. Lol. I buy that exact red.

    I jump from jet black to red red. That red takes really well to my hair. Except this last time I tried 🙁 too Stained from the black

  30. i want a youtube channel just to make videos like this. I have an interesting hair journey i always want to share, but no one to share it with.

  31. I absolutely love this and i wish i saved this many pics from my teen years to reminisce haha. I did figure out the login to my old myspace and photobucket tho and i unlocked the scene phase memories.

  32. Can someone just explain to me what the difference between Punk and Scene is? I always thought "scene" just referred to punk, emo, grunge all together

  33. I loved my Chelsea in 2003, but I also felt very insecure growing it out. It grows out very awkwardly. A friend also did mine.

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