100 thoughts on “‘My Beautiful, Smart, 20-Year-Old Daughter Is Obsessed About Becoming A Famous Viral Star,’ Woman…

  1. My goodness 😟 not only is she smart, but she's beautiful. So sad she's out here tryna be a lil cardi b 😒 seriously, she shines being her but she too obsessed with fame 💩

  2. all anyone sees on the internet is famous+successful celebs, that ppl just think that they could do what those internet famous ppl do (good or bad) to get to their stage….like no, you can’t just get there like that, some ppl worked years for it+some got lucky (like memes etc) uno??!

  3. How you gon rap about the streets. Girl you choosing to stay in the streets instead of bettering yourself. Backward logic

  4. She is a little bit too old for her mommy to be interfering in her life like that. Sure, she may be obnoxious or annoying but she is also not fifteen, soo…

  5. I was thinking a instagram model not a rapper she sucks rapping and why she sounds like cardi lol omg she has a face tat its over fail sound cloud rapper

  6. its here environment obviously! Her mother.. talking the same way. be smart people. be a good example to your children. they are poisoning us with this filth. Read!!!

  7. Not everyone belongs in college , she’s one of them. She should follow her dream as a rapper and then if she fails
    Flip burgers. Why does everyone think cute girls deserve more than ugly ones?

  8. theres literally nothing wrong w wanting to be a rapper. nothing even wrong w a face tattoo. its when u only do it to try and be hard. stay in school, get a good job and keep writing and making music. dont make music just to be a cool. if ur gonna get a face tattoo dont get something that is purely just to try and be cool.

  9. Paid 4 year scholarship. Come on girl WTF. Should have stayed in school. Had a full free ride. should have stuck it out and stayed in school.

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