My Back Piece is FINISHED!!! Tattoo Talk Tuesday!

My Back Piece is FINISHED!!! Tattoo Talk Tuesday!

Hey everybody it’s Qcknd! and today I’m so happy to bring you this episode of Tattoo Talk Tuesday! If it is your very first time joining us, Tattoo Talk Tuesday is our weekly interactive talkshow where I take user submitted tattoo questions and lend my experience as a tattoo collector to you guys. via this…talkshow? Talkshow. Today I am so happy to tell you that yesterday was the final final session on my back tattoo If you are just tuning in for this final episode I don’t blame you because I am so excited to tell you guys that my back piece is FINISHED! Finished, finished! Obviously down the line some stuff is going to be added to my back. But, much further down my back closer to my butt! Because my tattoo doesn’t really go down to my butt like that But, I’d love to tell you all about my experience yesterday and, of course, show you some pics! So, yesterday I went to New York City, I get tattooed at Rose Tattoo by Mark Cross and I went there not necessarily knowing if it was my final session or not but I went there still pretty excited. I got a couple comments on some of my pictures recently that was like “Hey, what’s up with your back tattoo? Is it finished?” And that was just due to some scheduling stuff on my end, and then Mark’s end It’s kind of hard, I only have like one day a week that I can kind of play around? And even then I am a stylist apprentice And monday’s, the salon I work at, does classes So it’s usually really hard, it only gives me like a six hour window to travel to New York, get tattooed, come home from New York, get to Philly, go to the class. It’s pretty stressful! And it’s pretty hard to get two busy people to find six hours out of the month for worlds to collide. The first time I actually just bought the wrong bus tickets. And I felt…so…stupid! But, regardless; After a little bit of back and forth, we took a month between, maybe two months before we finished the back tattoo and that is honestly, the Curse of The Back Tattoo Waiting two months between sessions can really be a total killer of your back tattoo So if you are watching these videos for advice because you’re planning your full back tattoo, my best advice to you is to schedule your appointment Pull your calendar out, look at it, schedule it. My back tattoo started April 1st, and it was finished October 3rd So, in that time we definitely did like every six weeks and I think this was five sessions total I actually don’t know, I have to look on my YouTube to see How many, like, how many of these videos I’ve made but I think this is the 5th one, so I think I had five sessions total With one being lining, two being shading, and three being color And, I’m sorry, there’s like, I like, kissed my cat earlier so there’s just hair on my face And, I would say in between there, I mean you guys followed this journey along with me The lining, obviously, was really really difficult But there were times in between, which little variables made tattooing, getting tattooed pretty hard There was one time where I just had some weird food that didn’t agree with me and I had a headache and it made me feel really weak And I would say if you’re planning a back tattoo It is very very consuming, like it’s a very very physical thing Your back is the entirety of your fucking body, it is so central to your body But you’ll find that your back tattoo heals really quickly! Like as much as I wanted to like loaf around the house ALL WEEK, “My back is TATTOOED!” Honestly around like the third day, I was like, “Oh, it’s done.” Is anyone still paying attention to me? Cause it’s healed. That is because, I mean, I have a video all about this, about like pain locations on your body Where they are relative to, where they are on your body And I always always say the more central your tattoo is, the more it hurts but the faster it heals So, healing this tattoo has been a pleasure throughout And even yesterday, when I got to Rose Tattoo, Mark said that all the color from our previous session healed really well There wasn’t any fallout, he didn’t have to go over anything with like, any previous color he didn’t have to touch-up including the black I was talking to their shop receptionist, shop hand, and he said There’s definitely been like, a guy who had to get all of his black redone And I asked, “Is that like, because of lifestyle? Is that because of diet?” And there’s just some people, who, y’know have a lot of fallout, or don’t take care of their tattoos Or maybe it’s just genetics, who knows? But for me, I, everything worked out really well, you guys know I’m pretty meticulous with how I heal So, I think all of those efforts really do yield reward And that was, I didn’t have to sit through any more shading, any more black shading Well that’s not true, So, I got to Rose and we probably like bullshitted for like 45 minutes, I haven’t seen Mark in a while And then we got to tattooing Mark pulled out about four or five colors, this was really unique to just this session There was a lot of little detailing that Mark applied to this tattoo and he had painted this tattoo before, but the painting is a lot different than the tattoo I ended up with which is really exciting for me. So There was a lot of detailing and little things that I felt him figuring out as he went along and that’s really exciting to me. I can see that being a little Um a little overwhelming to some people because some people want to see what they’re getting and then they want to get it. I was talking again to the, um, shop hand about this and he put it really interestingly like Like I wish I would have said this, the way he said it made so much sense And he said, “Y’know if you’re an art director and you want to direct and control every aspect of your tattoo then it really confines the tattoo into one thing.” But he said, “If you’re open, with your tattoo you’re going to get the best tattoo possible.” And I think that is really, really cool. Y’know, if you allow as much artistic direction from the artist as possible I think you’re going to recieve something better overall That’s what he said, I felt really comfortable about that cause I always just go “Yeah Mark.” So I felt him, and this was really interesting, He was dipping the tattoo machine in the ink And then without, y’know, stepping on the pedal turning it on I felt him taking ink and almost painting like a paintbrush Little lines, looking at it, wiping it off, painting it again, looking at it, wiping it off And then turning on the machine, and then applying that line, physically tattooing that line. And I thought that was so interesting that he was looking at it, and then, trying out little things with the ink Wiping it off, and then deciding what to do and I thought that planning was so awesome. And they were even like, “Do you want us to take down the painting, so you can look at it?” And he was like, “No, like, it’s okay.” And Little Ethan wanted to come inside Thanks for knocking on the door, baby (I love you) And I thought that was cool, y’know, he didn’t like hold up a mirror for me and be like “Do you like this line?” He just took his own artistic approach on it, because honestly his piece Ethan, alright, you can’t just come in here That was something really unique to this experience, and not other sessions because this was THE final session And the final detailing, and all the final lines And, I mean, I’m not gonna lie. This session hurt, y’know, it probably hurt a lot Not the most. I think the lining hurt the most. But this was actually my longest session, other than the lining as well Halfway through it, Mark was like “We’ll finish today if we keep going,” And I was like, “Yeah, let’s do it. Like let’s finish today.” I couldn’t believe that That was something that that was, I don’t know, something really really good here And I think that gave me a little extra boost of energy to keep going and get through the tattoo. Yesterday, Mark also added a couple new lines to the tattoo. The tattoo, y’know, has the girl with the hair and Mark said, “If we added more hair to the other side of the tattoo it would frame it a lot better.” So he took out the liner, he stenciled some hair from the existing side and just put that stencil down here And created like one piece, to better frame the tattoo And I totally agree It goes into my shark tattoo a little bit But, I really like the way it came out and I’m glad he did it (You’re such a diva, alright are you comfortable like that?) But obviously, with the addition of the new pieces of hair We had to line them, and shade them, and color them in all over again But honestly, like when we were so close to the finish line, I was just like “Do it.” Um, yesterday Mark also said he wanted to add some “power moves” to the tattoo And I was like, practically dead, so I was like “Yeah, do it.” And he added a beauty mark, um, to the girl with the liner And then he added some like, speckles to the skull to like really give it, like a good look And he also cracked open the skull, and has a little, like, red coming out of the skull Which is really cool, it’s really different from the original painting Which has like a different girl, and it has a very, a lot more of a softer feel And my tattoo I feel like has a ton, like a fucking ton, of elements But I don’t think it’s too crowded, I don’t think it’s too loud. I mean it’s a full, full back tattoo So, I feel like with that “the eye”, or the person viewing it, wants that like full impression They want like, they want to look at it and be captivated by a lot of different elements; at least that’s how I feel. Like, I love a full back tattoo that like, I don’t want to sound cheesy but like tells a story And not even a story of, like, the person who owns it But it just has a lot of different elements that kind of captivate a feeling And although my tattoo isn’t that comprehensive, it’s still like has the girl and she has the beauty mark And then it has the monster and he has so many different elements And now he has a big fat lip which I’m into And then the skull, and it’s cracked, and it’s speckled and it has like different teeth And, I already have a Mark Cross skull right here, and I actually really like this um, Glow of yellow that it has I was thinking about that like how, how cool is that, it’s just kinda like Why is that there? But, I always really liked that, so it’s cool that the skull on my back Is different than the skull on my forearm And the rose on back is different than the rose on my forearm Which is all cool, I mean it could be exactly the same, and I don’t think it would really bother me Because I feel like it would really bring, um, It would bring all the pieces together. It is a very very vivid tattoo So yesterday Mark and I took a picture of the tattoo, Mark has like a really cool setup for finished tattoos at his shop And, the thing about the picture we took yesterday is a lot of the more subtle shades Like, especially in the girl’s face There’s shades that are like very subtle, and there’s like washes of grey That are coming out really really dark in the picture just because they are mixed with like Blood and my skin is really sensitive so my skin is looking super red, in the photo So Mark took the photo, and gave it to me But he said he wants me to come back to get a finished photo just while everything is really cooled out Like, I know that my skin gets really really red And it could have been a mix of anything, like me being nervous for the photo my skin would get really red Like my chest tends to get really red So, I’ll show you the photo today, and I’ll post that picture on Instagram later if you want Give this video a thumbs up if you want to see the close up picture on Instagram That way you can zoom in on it I want to get thumbs up on this video, so we’ll see how that works out, and then I’ll post it So, I’m really excited to see it healed obviously on my own body, I want to see it healed I have taken off the bandages and washed it so I’m hoping now some of those colors have cooled out and aren’t as red as the photo But I think, Mark isn’t going to post it on his own Instagram until I come back for a healed photo Which, should be fine. Any excuse to go to New York and see Mark anyway Sleeping last night was fine, I’ve been trying to sleep on my back because somebody told me Sleeping on your face gives you wrinkles, so I’m like, I’ll sleep on my back And I actually woke up on my back, so I think just sleeping on it was fine, I just kinda dropped dead And yesterday at class I actually had my haircut for the class and having my hair cut yesterday didn’t bother me Like laying back in the shampoo bowl was fine So, without further ado; I’ll show you guys the back tattoo as much as I can But definitely give this video a thumbs up and you’ll see the picture on my Instagram I have sweatpants on. So this is actually the new shirt Mark gave me. If you were interested in the shirt I’m sure he has them on his website I love them so I grabbed one Let’s see Make sure my boobs are in Sorry, I still have hair on my lip from kissing Ethan Yeah, I’m healing my normal method, so I’ll leave my healing video down below if you want to check that out And I’ll leave, um, all of the other videos From this series linked down below as well Let me know if you have any questions about back tattoos, and maybe I can create some sort of video Where I have all of the progress in one, but today I just wanted to talk about the final session And honestly, like I said When he said the words, “We’re gonna finish today,” I trucked through this thing com-plet-ly So, Yeah, any sort of dialogue like that gets me going But, let me know how you feel. Give this video a thumbs up for that picture on the Instagram You can follow my on Instagram at Quietcoolkid And, thank you guys so so much for all the support! I checked my Instagram yesterday and there were so many positive messages on there for me, And I love you guys so much for supporting me through this, honestly, all of the hard sessions I would look on here and you guys had such nice things to say, and And everyone has been so supportive of the overall look which is super cool! I was a little worried, that, the message behind the tattoo Kinda wouldn’t translate, so all of you guys have been really really cool about the whole thing and I love you guys so so much [Long car honk] I can’t believe I can’t believe this is one of the most popular series on the channel and it’s because of you guys I love you guys so much! And, it’s not the end! It’s not the end! I think below, where the tattoo points, I’d love to get two little images down there as well and just bring everything together I love when tattoos are like, kind of on the butt. I love that! I love you guys too! Subscribe if this is your first time ever on this channel, my back tattoo may be finished but the tattoo discussion is every single week Leave your comments down below; any questions, any submissions for Tattoo Talk Tuesday Type a little something in that comment box, and I’ll be sure to check it out I love you guys so much, bye! {Previous Video} Hey everybody it’s qcknd, welcome back to Tattoo Talk Tuesday I just woke up, kind of

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