Music City Ink: Elimination Tattoo – Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 1)

Music City Ink: Elimination Tattoo – Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 1)

– We made it to Nashville. This city has some
amazing musicians in it. Hopefully there are
some amazing tattooers as well. – Hey, guys.
– Hey, Rose. – Welcome to Nashville Ink.
Nice to meet you. – Hi.– My name is Rose, and I’ve
been tattooing eight years.
My specialty is
photorealism–smooth shading,
perfect line work.
I’m the real deal.
People say I’m a hard-ass.Well, I run a business.Do what you’re supposed to do or the distance
to the door is very short. – What got you into tattooing? – I’ve been doing
art my whole life. Kind of pushed it aside when I
went to the military in Israel. Came to the United States
after I finished the military. I had to leave all my family and everybody I know behind
and start all over again. – And look at you now.
You know, this is your shop. – I am actually living
the American dream. This is it. – That’s amazing. – It’s incredible what you’ve
been through, and we have two amazing artists ready
to go head to head with you, and they’re gonna
be here any minute.– My name’s Cavan Infante,
and I’ve been
tattooing for about ten years.I do a mix of different styles
but it’s very influenced by
comic books and graphic
design–really strong shapes,
bold outlines, solid colors.I’m a big fan
of unserious tattoos. It has meaning, but not a lot. – The shop is–
– Ooh. – Oh.
– Yo. What up? What’s your name?
– Rose. – That’s fantastic.
What a dainty flower you are. – I have thorns,
so, you know… – Oh, oh, goodness.
– Be careful. – Are you gonna be doing some
sweet, like, flash from, like, the Eisenhower administration? – Cavan, tell us
a little bit about yourself. – I am a graphic
designer and tattooer. I do more original work. I just think there’s so many
people out there doing the same thing and just,
like, tired old designs. If I see another ’40s pinup,
I’m gonna vomit. – A lot of the youngsters,
they’re cocky, and they have a lot to learn. – You guys are both
pretty confident right now. You know we have
a third competitor coming in.– I’m Tai Orton,and I’ve been
tattooing for 11 years.
The tattoos I do the most ofare realism
and illustrative work.
What sets me apart from other
artists is my versatility.
I can do pretty much
every style you can imagine. – Oh!
– Oh, hey. – What’s this? We got another
nobody. This is tight. – Awesome.
A room full of dicks. – Why don’t you tell us
a little bit about yourself? – I started tattooing
originally when I was 16 or 17. – Oh, wow. – And I ended up steering
away from it because I was kind of a shy, reserved person,
but I had cancer when I was 21, and so I went
through the chemo process. That kind of pushed me away
from my first set of plans, and ended up back into tattooing. I’m really glad it ended
up working out the way it did. – I mean, it’s amazing
that you’ve gone through such a hardship at such a young age,
and here you are today, you know, competing against
two other awesome artists. – Yeah.
I’m really excited to be here. – You guys could not be
more mismatched if you tried, so I hope you can
all get on the same level, because this is how the
competition is gonna work… – There’s going to be
two elimination tattoos, and one artist is
gonna be eliminated each round. – Whoever wins
the final round will move on to face off against one of us Angels in a head-to-head
competition. – Nice.
– Whoa. – No. – If you guys can beat one
of us, you will automatically win a spot on “Ink
Master” season ten. – Yes!
– Hell yeah. – Hell yeah.
– Yes! – You guys ready for your
first elimination tattoo? – Bring it.
– Hell yeah. – You’re gonna have two hours to tattoo any style,
any subject. The only thing is,
your tattoo has to incorporate the belly button. – Oh, [bleep]. – It’s a very squishy location. Makes it a little bit tricky
to have really nice precision, and that is something that
we are gonna be looking at. – For these tattoos,
we’re going to be judging you on style, shading, outline,
and your overall application. – Your canvases are all female,
they’re all completely open, and they’ve all
been randomly assigned. One of you will be eliminated
from this competition today. – You up for it, old man? – Yes, I am.
– All right.♪ ♪– All right. You guys have two hours to
tattoo any style, any subject, but you must incorporate
the belly button…[dramatic music]And your time starts now. – All right. – Belly button
tattoos are a bitch.The person is going
to be breathing, so now you’re
tattooing a moving target,
and it’s extremely painful. – If you hit a bad
spot, just breathe it out. – Okay. – Like you’re
birthing a baby tattoo.– I don’t want to see a very
awkward hole in the middle
of the tattoo where your
belly button is; I want to see
the art actually work
around it and integrate it. – How’s that? Brutal?
– Nope. – Well, we’ll talk
again in an hour and a half, and then you’ll be
ready to hit me in the mouth.[rock music]♪ ♪– Ooh. What made you
think of this subject matter? – This is the Creation.
We start from the belly button. – Very clever.– With this tattoo,
I want to show that even
on the stomach, I can do fine
line work and smooth shading.It’s a big risk.My canvas has to sit still.Besides being a full-time
tattoo artist, I farm, and I take care of animals.
What do you say? – Hello.
– Good boy. Being in the military gave me
the ability to actually manage a lot of things at once
and not fold under pressure. – How do you feel
about your time? – It’s a pretty big piece for
two hours, but I’m the fastest tattoo artist that I know. – Oh. Ooh! – You’re going more
of the graphic route. Is that kind of your style?
– Yes.I’m doing a lower human jawwith a nuclear
explosion behind it.I’m choosing this style
I want to do different
and innovative things and not
the basic, safe options that
I’ve seen a thousand times.I’m gonna be
on this competition thing.
It’s just supposed
to be three local artists. – I really hope
you get to do something that you usually do instead of just, like, the, “I found
this picture on Pinterest. Can you do this for me?”– Nashville is a smaller town.I am a little under-recognized.I want to compete to find outif I can really hold my
own on a more global scale–
or intergalactic scale–or
in the universe scale. – Good luck.
– Yeah. Will do. Later. – Man,
not only is it a tough spot; you’re choosing a hard
color to pack in there, huh? – Yeah.
– Light blue is not easy. – No. I love that color
so much, it’s just– I can’t resist it. – You guys have one hour left.
One hour.♪ ♪– How’s it going here? – I’m doing good. I don’t
know about my friend here. – I went through a weight
loss journey, so you get me in a couple of spots that’s like,
“Mm-hmm!”– I’m doing a mandala.This is a large piece
in a super painful area.I’m gonna grasp this
opportunity by the balls
and pull this out for a win. I feel like the timing
is perfect for going into this competition,
but I feel like it’s gonna help me alleviate a little
bit of my introversion. – This is your
chance to shed that skin and do something so out of your realm. – Because of my shy
disposition, I’ve missed out on a lot of opportunities
to accelerate my career.This is a real big shot
for me.
– Oh… Oh, [bleep].
– You’re doing real good. You got this.
I’m really thinking that she’s
not gonna make it through,
and that means I’m going home. – Mm.
– You got this. – Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it.
Stop tattooing! – Here you go.
Check it out. – Oh, wow.
It’s cool. I love it. – That looks really good. – Awesome.
– Ready to check this out? – That looks amazing. – Tulip’s tattoo
is just a Michelangelo rip-off.The smoothest shading
and the cleanest lines aren’t
gonna save it from
being a boring piece.
I’m definitely making
it to the next round. Cool. – Awesome. – We have a big
decision ahead of us. – This isn’t
gonna be an easy one. – Cavan talked a big game,and then didn’t
deliver it all.
– The design is
not made for a woman.
His color choice is wrong.There’s not a single thing I can say about
this tattoo that I like. – He’s not the only
one at fault here. When I look at Tai’s tattoo,there isn’t one straight
line in that entire tattoo.
– There are so many areas
where lines cross each other,
where she’s just shaded
completely out of the lines,
but I’m happy with it,
’cause it fits her. It does look beautiful,
and unfortunately, the same can’t really
be said for Rose’s tattoo.It looks like a belt to me.– The problem is Rose’s tattoo
was one of the cleanest today,
but he shouldn’t
have gone so dark.It’s all black on dark gray.There’s zero
contrast in that tattoo.
– I have no idea which
way we’re leaning right now. – For the average eye,
I think that Tai’s tattoo would be the crowd favorite. – I can’t let sloppiness
to that degree slide. – [sighs] I know. – The tattoo that you
did was not flattering. – You chose these hands that looked so bad, and the whole
thing relies on them. – It’s complementing the area
[inaudible], okay? – It’s not complementing
the area. It ran horizontally. – All right, guys.
Ready to do this? – There’s a lot on the line. We have to make tough decisions in order to find out
which one of you is the best. – We have decided
that the winner of today’s elimination tattoo is… Rose. – Thank you. – Those lines are very crispy.The shading that you
put in there was very smooth.
Hands are very difficult to
render, but you pulled it off. – Thank you. – Cavan, Tai,
one of you will be eliminated. – I feel like I did better than
Tai on line work execution. I think she had a bigger
tattoo, although I’m not sure if that is valued
in itself like an end goal. – I feel like the quality
of the tattoo overall was good. Hindsight, maybe less lines
would have been advantageous, but I feel like I
worked with the situation. – But there ain’t one clean,straight line
in that entire tattoo.
When you’re doing a mandala,
it is a perfect geometrical design, so you have
to make sure your lines are clean.– Cavan, the colors
that you chose
to use for this
design do not work well.
There’s no real variation
between her skin and the
bright colors that you used.– If any of you guys
get past today, clean that
[bleep] up. – The decision was unanimous. The artist that
will be eliminated is…

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