this is my family and this is my extended family I’m Todd ray I was in the music business making a great deal of money really most people’s dream but it wasn’t happy so I decided to give it all up and do something different something very folks today you will witness the strangest creatures on earth the living wonders of the world and the most amazing people on the planet they’re all inside what you thought was a myth you will see with your own eyes welcome to the freakshow come on in oh my god I can’t believe you’re here thank you wow totally love oh wow you really are giant hey Phoenix come down sign don’t want you to meet my son this is Phoenix hey this is Larry you’ve seen what i wrote the world records and all that and this is creature one in the air newsy I’m getting stared at but I’m staring right now yes my father her name’s Knowle my culture pinky hey KP huh oh my gosh so how far are you some PT wow wow I would George have have a seat junge Graham Sumner grab you nice cold drink can you give me some miracle girl okay wow so good to meet you you know when we first talked and I told you the name of my place edit and it’s freak show you one of the concerns you had was the word freak yeah cuz uh you know I myself has a lot of fried on Camus of his enormous positive life right and I’ve been doing it all my life and I never look at myself it’s different because as you see here this hype i have is a different guy not some thai just that’s already that’s right so how can I through the same of God feel that’s why we say freak is a positive work because not it’s like a redefinition of the word I think that’s why we’re trying to bring it where we trying to bring it back but we’re trying to celebrate the differences I don’t know if you know much about the history of giants in the sideshow back in the days I mean they literally were like royalty they’re like this right here this is Jack Earl he always wore the big he was a big cuddler here’s Johan Peterson the Viking giant from Iceland same height as you there I mean here’s chain the Chinese giant so to the people that was like it was a mysterious person from a foreign land and a giant pitch cards are photos about the size of a postcard and they would sell you this photo as a memory of the show people like me we collect these photos museums put them up with pride I look at them all the time I’ve studied PT Barnum in his whole life so to have our own real giant it is a dream come true well George us I mean that’s where we’re at yes one thing you miss it at all present yeah yeah John a true living giant and that you know that’s that’s why you’re so important so let’s do it we’ll go over there and check it out what I get the one question what kind of car you have i’m driving a smart car mark are now i got Lincoln you’ll hear you’ll be happy so George you sit up front out here and Daniel I’ll Drive ya sighs feedback there’s a party girl that’s as far as that was going all right oh oh oh squeeze in George well here we go to the freakshow what you see the two-headed snakes

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