More Maintenance Than Planned! Repair Man Could Be Child’s Dad ( Full Episode) | Paternity Court

More Maintenance Than Planned! Repair Man Could Be Child’s Dad ( Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Johnson/Davis v. Johnson.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Johnson and Ms. Davis. You are here in court today
to finally find out if the defendant
is your biological father. (AUDIENCE REACTS) You both claim,
at your mother’s funeral, a different man
approached you and announced he
instead is your father AUDIENCE: Wow. Mr. Johnson, you admit you
always had doubts about your
children’s paternity but say you’re here today
to answer 25 years’
worth of their questions. Yes, Your Honor. Waiting outside the courtroom
is yet another man who believes Mr. Johnson
could be his father. He’s also taken a DNA test
and will meet him shortly. Ms. Johnson, explain to the
court what happened
at your mother’s funeral. Um, well. At the time,
I haven’t seen my mother
in four years. I was at work and that’s how
I found out that my mother
had passed away. Now, on the day of the
funeral, when I had walked in, this guy had walked
in behind me and put his hands
around me and asked me, “How is my beautiful
little girl doing?” AUDIENCE: Wow. When here at this time, I had thought that the
defendant, Roger Johnson,
was my biological father. And, at the time,
I did not know
who was behind me. So, Your Honor,
I’m sitting here looking,
you know, stunned and trying to figure out what
is this guy talking about as far as him being
my biological father. Mr. Johnson, so… ROGER: Yes, Your Honor. Did you hear this? Yes, Your Honor, I did. JUDGE LAKE: And what was… I told, you know…
These are my kids. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Her father,
supposed-to-be father, was actually a friend
of her grandfather’s. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Yes, Your Honor. You knew this man already? Yes, Your Honor. So you grew up knowing
this is just a friend
of your family? Yes, Your Honor. Then he announces
he’s your father? Yes, Your Honor,
him and my mother,
when she was alive, told me. And your mother, when she
was alive, mentioned that? ELIZABETH: Yes, Your Honor. What did your mother
say to you? ROGER: But… My mother would say that
she wasn’t for sure. But a lot of times she would
change he mind and say that Mr. Johnson, the defendant,
was my biological father. She would tell me that
all the time. So the story would go
back and forth? ELIZABETH: Yes, Ma’am. ROGER: Depends on… Mr. Johnson. Did you ever hear anything
about their mother cheating? That someone else
could be the father? ROGER: Yes, Your Honor. You did? Yes, Your Honor. What did you
hear specifically? Actually…
She actually told me. She did?
What did she say? Yes, Your Honor. You know, she would
tell me, “I’m unhappy, “you’re not spending
the time with me.” (STUTTERING) She would go off
and be with these other guys while I was at work. AUDIENCE: Aww. Come on, every man and every
woman knows when their partner
is cheating on them. And, uh… Did you ever catch her? Did you ever
witness firsthand? I caught her in a
man’s apartment. (AUDIENCE REACTS) JUDGE LAKE: Okay. But actually caught her,
activity? No. How about you, Ms. Davis.
Did you ever hear anyone tell you, before this
incident at the funeral, that someone else could
be your biological father? My mother used to take me to
places, like this car lot, and this guy used to work
there and she had me up in the front
of the seat with her in the
car and then she looked at the guy
and told him, “This is her.” Now, me being young, I didn’t
really understand them, but once I got older,
I started putting
the puzzles together and then now I know that could have
possibly been one of the guys. Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Yes, sir. I have proof.
I have proof of… You have evidence?
Jerome, will you please
hand me that evidence. Thank you. (DEEP BREATH) That’s my divorce papers. So this is a final
judgment of divorce. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
It says “The Defendant,” which
was your mother at the time, “will not pay
any child support, “she having given up
all parental rights
to Plaintiff.” And that would be you,
Mr. Johnson. Yes, Your Honor. I asked for… So she relinquished
her parental rights? Yes, Your Honor. And so, Mr. Johnson, you raised these
children on your own. ROGER: Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) But in this courtroom, you’ve been honest and said
you had doubts. Yes, Your Honor. And yet you raised these girls
as your own. Yes, Your Honor, that’s… Accepted this responsibility. Yes, Your Honor. Um… (STAMMERING) Even though their
mother told them that other
man was their father, and that I wasn’t the father, You know,
I was there
when they was born. I was there the nine months
she carried them. (SIGHS) Um… I know this is tough, sir.
CLEARS THROAT) You were there for all
the monumental moments. Regardless… ROGER: Yeah, I mean
I was the one that taught them how to be a young lady, how to take care
of themselves. That was a fun thing.
(CHUCKLES) That was fun. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) But, thank God,
me being a tattoo artist, I know how to draw,
so I was able to
explain a lot of things, and go on the computer,
pull things up. (ALL LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: That’s smart.
You did illustrations. Did a visual… That’s smart. Right. A very resourceful
I see you shaking your head,
“yes,” Ms. Johnson, and you have tears. (LAUGHS) Do you remember him trying
to be Mom and Dad
and explain… Yes, Your Honor.
(LAUGHS) …girl things to you? (SNIFFLES)
Yes, Your Honor. He did his best? He did the best job
he could as
being a father, raising chil…
Uh, two girls alone. For many years,
Your Honor, and… I loved my first wife.
That was the mother
of my children. But you know, and my
children know, I used to pay
their mother to see them. And when I said
that I wasn’t going… You used to have to pay… Yes, Your Honor.
Yes, Your Honor. …their mother to see them? And that’s the reason why
it was so long, why they didn’t see
their mother, having to
give her money just to spend time
with the kids. Oh, I understand! You’re saying when
you had the girls, you wanted the girls
to see her? Yes, Your Honor. And spend time with her so they could have a
mother-daughter… Yes, Your Honor. …connection. And so you would
have to say to her, “I’ll give you money
if you spend time with them.” Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE REACTING) Yes, Your Honor. Oh. (SIGHS) My daughters, they was to
understand and see the things
that was going on. But my son actually seen it
with his own eyes and heard conversations
that took place. JUDGE LAKE: And so, now as you
look at these girls, do you see yourself in them?
Do they look like you? I know physical attributes
aren’t everything. Honestly, I see it
in Elizabeth, but in Ms. Davis, she resembles a lot of
the guy that supposed
to be her father. (AUDIENCE MOANS) JUDGE LAKE: She does. (MELINDA SNIFFLES) Ms. Davis? Is that hard to hear
your dad say? ROGER: He mother
actually took her to
another lady’s house and there was a little
boy there and her
mother told her that was her half-brother
or something. And that is also the
same one that fathered… The same guy that
supposedly fathered her?
Fathered that child too. And you were introduced to
a little boy and told
this was your half-brother? MELINDA:
Yes, Your Honor. Do you remember that day? I do. Um, he does look
like me a lot. And how old were you
when this happened? I think I was probably
about six or seven.
I was very young. JUDGE LAKE:
Ah! Goodness. Yeah. Right at that point where kids
start trying to figure out
different things. Trying to see what path
they’re going to go down. JUDGE LAKE: Yes. ROGER: That’s the most
vulnerable time of their life. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, yes it is. From when they’re born,
up to they’re ten years old. So that’s where they were
attacking the most is when the
kids were most vulnerable. I’m so sorry
you young ladies
had to go through so much, I really am. And you did grow up
with another brother and he’s here. BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. Jerome, I’d like to meet him. Would you please escort
him into the courtroom. Hello, sir. Hello. Thank you for joining us,
Mr. Johnson. Yes, ma’am. Sir, we’re here with your
sisters and also your dad, talking about the issues
regarding their paternity. Tell me
what you know exactly A lot of people… about the doubt
surrounding their paternity. There’s a lot of doubts. My middle sister,
I could see my father. JUDGE LAKE:
That’s Ms. Johnson. Yes, ma’am. Ms. Davis,
I love her to pieces… (ROGER JR SNIFFLING) JUDGE LAKE:
It’s okay, sweetie. But, um…
(VOICE BREAKING) ROGER JR: He was… But, you don’t
see your father. ROGER JR: No, ma’am. And that hurts you to have
to say, I can see that. And I can imagine for
all three of you it’s difficult when one
family member seems to
be singled out or… “Why is there a difference
when we’re all family “and we all love each other
equally and we all “feel like we belong
to our dad.” (SNIFFLING) Which is exactly how
all children should feel. ROGER JR: Correct. (MEEKLY)
Yes, Your Honor. Your Honor, we never singled
her out. She, um… I don’t believe you did, but what I mean by that, sir,
is that others have. Yeah. And they got to her
and she got to a point where she was trying
to single herself out
from the family. She actually…
Her husband didn’t even
know I was her father. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Wow! JUDGE LAKE: Really? ROGER: I actually… Explain. How could he not know
you were her… From what he was told,
I was just the man
that raised her. (AUDIENCE MOANS) And that was like taking
a knife and stabbing
it in my heart. It was… I got upset about it.
I actually confronted
Melinda about it. JUDGE LAKE: You did? And, uh… Ms. Davis, can you
explain what happened? Was there a time
when you just felt… Your Honor. I was… …there was so
much confusion? I was young, I was rebellious. I was going
through a period of time to where… Uh, I said some
very negative things
towards my father and I really didn’t mean it. I was very confused
still at that point of time. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Your Honor, she was so
confused that another man gave
her away at her wedding. (AUDIENCE REACTS) I wasn’t even invited.
I didn’t even know
she had gotten married. (AUDIENCE GASPS) JUDGE LAKE: I think you could
hear in your father’s voice how much it hurts him
because he loves you and every man wants
to walk his daughter
down the aisle. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Yes, Your Honor. And what’s your
relationship like now
between the two of you? Well…
(SIGHS) It’s not good, Your Honor.
Um, it’s not good at all. For a long time there,
she had my number.
She wouldn’t call me. She wouldn’t contact me. Your Honor,
I was pretty mad at him. Um, when I had
married my husband, it was a total awkward scene
between me and him, with my father, because he did
not accept my husband. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. I can see the torment
on your faces. Ms. Davis, I feel like there’s
something you want to say
to your father. I have denied him
as my father. (SOFT SOBBING) Um… I have done a lot
of hurtful things to him and I admit I have,
I’m not perfect. All I ask for is
forgiveness. I don’t want to
do this anymore. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Your Honor, I forgive her, but, you know, the main
important thing here is
what they got to understand, I have seven grandchildren. Two of my grandchildren
is with her. All right. They have medical
problems. The oldest one does. (SNIFFLES) And when she has…
I want her to understand that even though I want
to know if I’m
really her father, regardless if I am
biological, I’m always
going to be her father. She needs to know,
and her children need to know,
because of… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) With the medical
problems they have, that run on both sides
of the family. And if it takes going through
this pain right now, bringing up the past,
finding out the DNA, to save my grandchild…
healing begin and
start with the truth. (ALL SNIFFLING) Jerome, let’s get the results. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics, and they read as follows. In the case of
Johnson/Davis v. Johnson,
as it pertains to
the paternity of
Roger Johnson Jr., and as to whether
Roger Johnson Sr. is
his biological father, Mr. Johnson Sr., you are his father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Now we’ll move on to the
results for Ms. Johnson. In the case of
Johnson/Davis v. Johnson,
as it pertains to
the paternity of
Elizabeth Johnson, and as to whether
Roger Johnson Sr. is
her biological father, Mr. Johnson Sr., you are her father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (SOBBING) (SOBBING CONTINUES) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And we have
one more result left as it pertains to
Ms. Davis. In the case of
Johnson/Davis v. Johnson,
as it pertains to
the paternity of
Melinda Davis, and as to whether
Roger Johnson Sr. is
her biological father, Mr. Johnson Sr., you are her father. (JOYFUL LAUGH) (AUDIENCE CHEERING) (ALL SOBBING) ELIZABETH:
This closes a lot for us. Even when our
mother was not here. I’m so very happy
for all of you. This is why we do this
every day, right, Jerome? Absolutely right. Every day. MELINDA: Thank you. Is to reconnect families. I wish you all
the very best of luck. ELIZABETH:
Thank you, Your Honor. You’re a beautiful family. ALL: Thank you. JUDGE LAKE:
Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (GAVEL BANGING) Well, I’ve always wanted
to say I’m sorry,
that I ever doubted it. Lost one parent, I’m just glad
it happened now before we lost
our last parent that we have. Hopefully now that
we know our answers, (CHUCKLES AND SNIFFLES) we can continue… Moving forward with
our relationship and
become a closer bond as a family. No doubts. (BOTH CHUCKLE)

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