Miss Kitty’s Has Job Competition ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew

Miss Kitty’s Has Job Competition ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew

-I don’t have a-
-Hi, Black Ink. -Hi!
-Hi. Hello. I’m looking for Caesar.
That’s me. Hi, I’m Signature. How you doing, Signature? So you trying to get tatted? No, actually, I’m not. I’m actually looking to help
with brand marketing. Oh. That would be me, sweetheart. Hi. What’s your name? How are you doing? I’m Signature. -Kitty, how are you doing?
-Hi. I’m the brand ambassador, so any marketing or anything,
that would be… Well, I’m gonna show him first,
and then I’ll come to you, okay? Oh shit! Kit, you got
some competition. This fitting to be good,
all I know. I think I’m a look,
I’m gonna look. I’m gonna look all right. Because clearly the way
to pitch yourself as a brand representative is to come dressed
in a Canadian tuxedo. Girl, get outta here. Okay, let’s cut to the chase.
How many shops you got? Right now, I got four. And as a boss,
you want to level up, correct? People need to know
about you guys, and that’s why
you sell merchandise. I see your shirts
and stuff over there, but we want to have places like
Amazon selling your stuff. We have basketball players,
rappers, we have students, so that you
could get every dollar. GED. I know Kitty thinks
this is not funny, but come on. This girl’s marketing pitch
is a fucking joke. I just want to level you up
to the next level. But he don’t really have time
for all of that, you should be talking to me. I think you
have a lot of time for me. You don’t have time for me? Your pretty face is getting
the time you getting now. I know.
Do Miss Quito know about that? Excuse me, first of all,
it’s Miss Kitty. Miss Kitty?
That means pussy then. -What the…
-Oh! Pussy? Just like you trying
to sell to Caes right now. Don’t nobody want
that little rancid pussy that you over here
trying to pitch. Listen, I told you my name
is Signature, right? Right. You can’t do nothing
without a Signature. Oh God, she done
(bleep) here. Look, I’m not hiring right now, and I know Kitty’s
a little offended. I’m just teasing her
by hearing this girl out. Look, I got something for you.
Let me get your phone. Take my number, gimme a call
when you’re ready to take Black Ink to the next level,
all right? This is some bullshit. This girl comes in,
disrespecting me, and Caesar’s just letting
this bitch just slide through. See you trying to be funny. You do that shit
all the time, it’s okay, I’m a let you have it.
We’ll talk later. Go ahead, Rhythm Nation.

100 thoughts on “Miss Kitty’s Has Job Competition ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew

  1. 2:14 Why done this notification talkin bout Ceaser has to choose come up right after he start smiling 😂

  2. I’m not ya dumb tho lol ya know eirutur ya day lol lol ya girl lmao y’all ain’t never shutup was it lmao y’all got it lol lol yess is that one thing to say is rit re to ee the morning baby was the first one I had a great day at school I gotta get it haha I was a little kid but I’m like I gotta get ya money back and ya know what I mean lol lol ima was the night I gotta eI was a good day for you haha ois morning is a way to big time right yeunx is a good game but you gotta get ya know ya damn ya dumb dumb lmao ya

  3. LMAO what the hell kind of name is Signature 😂😂 people would name their child anything nowadays

  4. But why is Tati wearing a dress with her legs opened 🙄 take notes from bae that’s how you sit in a dress on a different note ceaser always letting people disrespect his employees

  5. I don't know what everyone's laughing about I agree with this young lady I don't see his merchandise on Amazon I don't see it at target I don't see it at cold I don't see that JC Penney's I don't see it at your urban stores I don't see it at your urban colleges I don't see pop up shops I don't think Kitty is doing her job and I think if this young lady had came correctly she could have replaced her in shown her the correct way to go about doing her job

  6. Soooooooo these shows are definitely scripted…plus she asks if he wanted to level up business wise..ummm he is on television..doing his buiness 😒

  7. The fact that, all of that was allow was mad disrespectful to Ms. Kitty. Signature should’ve been kicked out.

  8. She came professional minded, but not with the right look for tv. However, she also came in in a way where she didn’t leave much room for them to attack her. You can’t go wrong with some jeans and a jacket

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