MINECRAFT vs ANIMATRONICS but it’s 2015 (Gmod)

MINECRAFT vs ANIMATRONICS but it’s 2015 (Gmod)

(Drumroll, party horn)
All right, what is up, guys! My name is Tony,
but you can also call me Tony… And I’m in a swamp, and no, don’t ask me why. So, today we’re not doing
explosion Friday, because it is not a Friday. But you know what it is?
It’s a nostalgic callback to 2015! Now, a lot of you wanted to see
me from 2015, the 2015 version of Tony.. So now you can! If you wanna see more like this,
don’t forget to smack the like button in the face! And I’ll see you all And I’ll see you all
in 5 seconds! (CLAP!)
BAM! You know what? I’m gonna transform I’m gonna transform into.. I’m gonna transform into..
THE MOST BRUTAL! The most terrifying,
the most dangerous character in all of gaming! I don’t know, if you’re ready for this, but… – [Tony2015] If you would stop shooting me for a second..
– [Mr.Gibbs] Okay – [Mr.Gibbs] No-no, I’m not gonna shoot, don’t worry! – [Mr.Gibbs] Look, I have a friendly crowbar out
– [Tony2015] All right! Okay, are you ready? ♪ ♪ – [Mr.Gibbs] OH MY GOD! – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh tedious, put me in the hole! – [Mr.Gibbs] Put me in the hole! (Both laugh) – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh, no! – [Mr.Gibbs] Get back, get back! – [Mr.Gibbs] Don’t try and sell me anything! – [Tony2015] It doesn’t see anything… – [Mr.Gibbs] Woah! Oh, now you’re a cow! – [Mr.Gibbs] How.. here, hol..
No, God, it’s Herobrine! – [Mr.Gibbs] Woah, dude, that’s so cool!
Can you do anything to hurt me? – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh yeah, that kinda hurts. – [Tony2015] I can.. I can..
I totally dig you right now! – [Tony2015] (Laughs)
– [Mr.Gibbs] You totally dig me, I get it! – [Mr.Gibbs] Hah. Ha-hah! Hah! Clever. – [Tony2015] Let’s see if this can hurt you! – [Mr.Gibbs] Hold up, I have to combat this! – [Mr.Gibbs] Please, wait! – [Mr.Gibbs] Don’t do anything drastic! – [Mr.Gibbs] Uhm… – [Mr.Gibbs] There we go, get at me, bruh! – [Tony2015] OH NO!
– [Mr.Gibbs] GET AT ME, BRUH! – [Mr.Gibbs] dON’T…
– [Tony2015] (Laughs) – [Mr.Gibbs] I actually blew up!
– [Tony2015] Dude, you just exploded! – [Mr.Gibbs] Dude, totally, that is awesome! – [Tony2015] Okay, come to the rooftop,
we need to settle this! – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay, let’s settle it! – [Tony2015] We need to settle this, all right! – [Tony2015] Help me out here.. wait, wait, wait..
You need to help me… – [Tony2015] Woah, that actually does damage to me!
– [Mr.Gibbs] Yeah, I’m shooting you! – [Mr.Gibbs] Hey, what do I need
to help you out with? Get in the hole! – [Mr.Gibbs] I can’t run as this, I’m slow. ♪ Ambient music ♪ – [Mr.Gibbs] But I got the distance I need, bruh. – [Tony2015] Ah, but I can teleport on you, bruh. – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh, God! Oh, no! – [Mr.Gibbs] No, please! Anyhow!.. – [Mr.Gibbs] I’m dead, I’m dead…
– [Tony2015] (Laughs) Oh God, that was awesome! – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay, well, obviously the skeleton
can’t take on any animatronics, what about the Witch? – [Tony2015] Wait-wait-wait-wait up!
Wait up, WAIT UP, NO! You don’t.. If you do something, I’m gonna spawn
Gabe Newell and he’s gonna kill you! – [Mr.Gibbs] Don’t spawn
Gabe Newell, whatever you do! – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh my God, there he is!
– [Tony2015] Get him, Gabe! Get him, Gabe! GET HIM! – [Tony2015] GABE, GET THE WITCH!
– [Mr.Gibbs] IT’S GABE NEWELL! – [Tony2015] Get the witch!
– [Mr.Gibbs] It’s Gabe Newell! – [Mr.Gibbs] I got him, I got him! – [Mr.Gibbs] I got him!
– [Tony2015] Is Gabe not doing anything? – [Mr.Gibbs] Gabe is just chilling out…
– [Tony2015] Yo, Gabe! – [Tony2015] Yo, wassup, my man.. OH MY GOD!
– [Mr.Gibbs] YO, WHAT IS HE DOING?! – [Tony2015] WHAT DID HE DO TO ME?! – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh my God,
he just wrecked your shit, bro! – [Tony2015] He just destroyed me! You don’t wanna mess with Gabe Newell, dude! – [Mr.Gibbs] Dude, he just tore you up! – [Tony2015] Dude, we’re gonna wait for Half-Life 3..
– [Mr.Gibbs] OH, MY! – [Tony2015] Oh my God!
– [Mr.Gibbs] He tipped my ass over! – [Tony2015] Wait, you just..
– [Mr.Gibbs] He’s gonna have.. – [Mr.Gibbs] He’s gonna have his way with me! – [Mr.Gibbs] Stop him! – [Tony2015] I had to remove him, dude, I’m sorry! – [Mr.Gibbs] Dude, he’s too powerful! – [Tony2015] He’s too powerful!
– [Mr.Gibbs] He’s a wizard, Harry. – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay, become Golden Freddy.
(Chuckles) – [Mr.Gibbs] Am I becoming Golden Freddy now?
– [Tony2015] Yeah, become Golden Freddy! – [Mr.Gibbs] Show me, what it is..
– [Tony2015] Fight them! – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh my God, no!
– [Tony2015] Fight them! – [Tony2015] What just happened?
– [Mr.Gibbs] I don’t know, what just happened! – [Tony2015] I just saw double Golden Freddies? – [Mr.Gibbs] I know! – [Mr.Gibbs] Get out of me!
– [Tony2015] Wait, don’t kill them for a second. – [Tony2015] Look at.. (Laughs) – [Mr.Gibbs] Too late..
– [Tony2015] Look at this! – [Mr.Gibbs] What? – [Tony2015] They’re confused,
they keep looking back and forth at you and me, they don’t know, who to kill! – [Mr.Gibbs] They didn’t know where to go..
Put another one down! – [Tony2015] Check this out!
– [Mr.Gibbs] Let’s see who they choose! – [Tony2015] Okay-okay! (Both laughing)
– [Tony2015] He doesn’t know who to choose! – [Mr.Gibbs] Wait a minute!
– [Tony2015] He wants you! – [Tony2015] Oh no, he wants me! No, you!
– [Mr.Gibbs] Oh my God, wait! – [Mr.Gibbs] Wait-wait-wait..
– [Tony2015] Okay, he’s going towards you.. – [Tony2015] He’s going towards you..
– [Mr.Gibbs] He is so slow! – [Tony2015] No, he’s going towards me, nope!
(Chuckles) – [Tony2015] Indecisive creeper,
the story of the indecisive creeper. – [Mr.Gibbs] Dude, he is, he’s so indecisive!
– [Tony2015] There was a creeper.. who was so indecisive…
– [Mr.Gibbs] Oh, he wants you! – [Tony2015] He wants me?
– [Mr.Gibbs] I got him! – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh my God, we blew his head off!
– [Tony2015] That was so cool! – [Mr.Gibbs] That is awesome!
– [Tony2015] What does the spider look like? – [Mr.Gibbs] (Whispers) Oh my God, it’s creepy! – [Mr.Gibbs] It’s daytime, it won’t attack you.. – [Tony2015] OH MY GOD, HE DOES! – [Mr.Gibbs] Hold up, hold up, we’ll put him in the hole!
– [Tony2015] GET HIM! – [Tony2015] PUT HIM IN THE HOLE! – [Mr.Gibbs] And now stay down there!..
(Tony2015 laughs) – [Mr.Gibbs] Back, back, demon! – [Mr.Gibbs] It’s still walking!
– [Tony2015] All right, let’s check this out! – [Mr.Gibbs] It’s still walking.. – [Tony2015] Come up here,
we need to check this out! – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay, okay. – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh.. Oh!..
– [Tony2015] That looks nice. – [Mr.Gibbs] Let’s see
how he does against Balloon Bitch… – [Tony2015] Oh my God!
– [Mr.Gibbs] Get him! – [Mr.Gibbs] His face is all off-textured,
hold up, we need someone else. – [Tony2015] They’re probably not even gonna fight. – [Mr.Gibbs] They’re not. – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh wait, they are!
– [Tony2015] They are, they’re fighting, no way!1!1 – [Mr.Gibbs] He’s just taking it! – [Mr.Gibbs] Look at the crotch shots!
Look at the dick hits! – [Tony2015] (Laughs)
– [Mr.Gibbs] Oh my God! – [Mr.Gibbs] Look at them go!
– [Tony2015] He’s hitting into his crotch! – [Tony2015] No way!
– [Mr.Gibbs] Oh my God, this is really weird! – [Tony2015] The iron golem doesn’t even mind! – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay, we need to stop them. – [Mr.Gibbs] Get off, take it!
– [Tony2015] The iron golem doesn’t even mind, look. – [Tony2015] He’s just minding his own business.
– [Mr.Gibbs] No, he just walks away. – [Mr.Gibbs] He’s like: “What was that?” – [Tony2015] Yeah, “I don’t even
have a crotch, I don’t even feel it!” – [Mr.Gibbs] We’ll see how he does against… – [Mr.Gibbs] A hostile.. yeah, there it goes..
– [Tony2015] OOohhhh… – [Tony2015] Crap, he’s after you.
– [Mr.Gibbs] Oh, he’s coming for me! – [Tony2015] He is after you…
– [Mr.Gibbs] It backfired! – [Mr.Gibbs] Hold up, I’m gonna lead him this way. – [Tony2015] Wait, don’t lead him that way,
don’t lead him to me, dude! – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay. – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh, they’re going, dude!
– [Tony2015] He’s after him! – [Tony2015] Is he after him?
– [Mr.Gibbs] Yeah! – [Tony2015] No way! – [Mr.Gibbs] He doesn’t attack, he just sits there!
– [Tony2015] Okay, let’s check this out, creeper.. – [Tony2015] Oh, yep! – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh!
– [Tony2015] YEP! – [Mr.Gibbs] It did the job.
– [Tony2015] This suicide bomber… – [Tony2015] OH MY GOD!
– [Mr.Gibbs] Oh, I just nailed you in the head, bro! – [Tony2015] Did you just kill me?
– [Mr.Gibbs] I didn’t mean to! – [Tony2015] Did you..?
– [Mr.Gibbs] I just closelined your ass! – [Tony2015] Why would you do that?
– [Mr.Gibbs] I didn’t mean to! – [Tony2015] You just made me
very angry, I now.. okay.. (Tony speaks Intergalactic) – [Tony2015] Did you see that?
(Laughs) – [Mr.Gibbs] What did you just do? – [Tony2015] Your ball was stuck on
the insides of whatever exploded here. That was so awesome! – [Mr.Gibbs] That’s awesome! – [Tony2015] Okay, check this
out, stand still, stand still! – [Mr.Gibbs] Dude, are you gonna
Fus Ro Dah me out here? Don’t do it. – [Mr.Gibbs] Oho don’t do it! – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh, I hear that..
(Both laugh) – [Mr.Gibbs] I heard Dragonborn. – [Tony2015] FUS RO DAAAAAAAHHHHHH!11 – [Tony2015] That’d be.. awesome.. – [Tony2015] Damn it, it almost killed me,
this stupid goddamn creeper! (Mr.Gibbs laughs) – [Mr.Gibbs] You never know
what the creepers are gonna be. – [Tony2015] All right, I’ll need a protector here. – [Tony2015] I need a freakin’ protector,
right, Pikachu, protect me. – [Mr.Gibbs] Pikachu?! WHAT?! – [Mr.Gibbs] Why’d you put Pikachu down? – [Tony2015] TO PROTECT ME AGAINST CREEPERS! – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh okay,
let’s see how he does, you know… – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh…
– [Tony2015] OH MY GOD! – [Mr.Gibbs] There’s two of them, he multiplied. – [Tony2015] Yeah, they do that.
When you kill a Pikachu he shits out a clone. – [Mr.Gibbs] He’s so scared,
that he shits out another version of himself. – [Tony2015] Yeah, exactly. Okay, look.. check this out, dude.
Check this out! Look, this is the ultimate Minecraft weapon. Like.. if we can kill this thing,
we can kill anything in Minecraft. – [Mr.Gibbs] This thing? – [Tony2015] No, wait.
– [Mr.Gibbs] Oh, book! – [Mr.Gibbs] Anything but books, please! – [Tony2015] No, no, no, look!
Come here, come here, dude! – [Mr.Gibbs] I never learned.
– [Tony2015] Check this golden apple behind you.. Put it on top of the book. – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay… – [Tony2015] Put it on top of the book and enjoy. Let it down. – [Mr.Gibbs] WOAH!
– [Tony2015] Yep. – [Mr.Gibbs] What?! – [Tony2015] You felt a cold breeze, Mr. Gibbs?
– [Mr.Gibbs] You shouldn’t have done that!.. – [Mr.Gibbs] What’s going on, dude?
– [Tony2015] You really shouldn’t have done that. – [Mr.Gibbs] Dude, I’m so scared! – [Tony2015] You should be scared,
Herobrine is gonna come for you now. – [Mr.Gibbs] Herobrine, is that what’s gonna happen? – [Tony2015] I’m just gonna be off… I’m just gonna wait it out,
and just look and watch you scream. – [Mr.Gibbs] Duud, what?
– [Tony2015] Ha-ha, ha, ha. – [Mr.Gibbs] Where’s he, though?
– [Tony2015] Ahahaaa-aha-ha. That’s the point, you never know. – [Mr.Gibbs] Is he just gonna.. jump at me? – [Tony2015] You never know. – [Mr.Gibbs] I ain’t have protectors, dude.
I’m gonna have protectors. – [Tony2015] What protectors?
You should spawn a T-Rex in to protect you. – [Mr.Gibbs] A T…? – [Mr.Gibbs] OH!
– [Tony2015] Oh, there he is! – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay,
we really need a protector, hold up. – [Mr.Gibbs] Hold up..
– [Tony2015] The only way to kill him is with explosives. – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay, there we go, get him!
– [Tony2015] There he is! – [Mr.Gibbs] Get him, Golden Freddy, get him! – [Mr.Gibbs] Explosives, you say?
– [Tony2015] Here we go, I’m Golden Freddy! – [Tony2015] Get rid of this Golden Freddy. – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay, get rid of him. – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay. Uhm… – [Mr.Gibbs] I got this, don’t worry.
– [Tony2015] Where’s he? I’m gonna protect you! – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay, protect me.
– [Tony2015] Okay. Okay, you know what?
Let’s stand back-to-back. You look at that side, I look at this side, okay. – [Mr.Gibbs] Really I’m just
looking at a wall, if we do this. – [Mr.Gibbs] So I’m gonna look there.
– [Tony2015] Exactly, okay. – [Tony2015] You tell me if you see anything. – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay. – [Tony2015] So far nothing. – [Tony2015] I’m gonna try and scare him. – [Tony2015] He’s probably scared of Golden Freddy.
– [Mr.Gibbs] Yeah, true. – [Tony2015] All right, let’s use
Chica, he might not be scared of Chica. – [Mr.Gibbs] Dude, Chica looks all
tweaked out on some meth or something, dude! – [Tony2015] All right, let’s check out Toy Chica. – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh, GOD!
(Mr.Gibbs laughs) – [Tony2015] Damn, did you get him? – [Mr.Gibbs] Yeah, I got him!
– [Tony2015] Nice! – [Mr.Gibbs] I think I got you too.
– [Tony2015] No, you didn’t. (Chuckles) – [Mr.Gibbs] I didn’t get you?
– [Tony2015] No. – [Tony2015] I mean, you only did a little damage. – [Tony2015] I was Toy Chica..
– [Mr.Gibbs] Ooohhh man… – [Tony2015] Do you really think
you can kill Toy Chica that easily? – [Mr.Gibbs] Stop being balloon boy, where are you? (“hello!”)
(creepy children laughter) – [Mr.Gibbs] Hey! (“hi!”) – [Mr.Gibbs] Are you invisible balloon boy? (Creepy children laughter) – [Mr.Gibbs] Dude, where are you?! (“hi!”) – [Mr.Gibbs] I just hear
noises, I don’t see anything. (Tony barely holding from laughing) – [Tony2015] (This is awesome!) – [Mr.Gibbs] Gotcha!
(Both laugh) – [Tony2015] You didn’t actually kill
me, I have over9000 health. – [Mr.Gibbs] Over9000? – [Mr.Gibbs] Okay, well, I see then.
– [Tony2015] WHAT?! – [Tony2015] OVER9000!!!1111!!1
– [Mr.Gibbs] Oh my God! – [Mr.Gibbs] So creepy!
(Both laugh) – [Mr.Gibbs] The way he floats is so creepy. – [Mr.Gibbs] Hold up, I don’t think
any Minecraft character can hold up to.. – [Mr.Gibbs] To…
ah, maybe a bunch of Silverfish, you know.. – [Tony2015] Ah, let’s try and do that. – [Mr.Gibbs] Hold up, I just put a lot. – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh my God, I just got annihilated! – [Tony2015] They’re like freakin’ Piranhas. – [Mr.Gibbs] Wait, hold up, hold up.. Rip, dude. – [Mr.Gibbs] What?! What are you do..?!
Are you killing them all? – [Tony2015] What, I just exploded next to them! – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh my God, dude, did you? – [Mr.Gibbs] I’m lagging out,
you just killed that whole pile! – [Tony2015] I don’t know!
– [Mr.Gibbs] Look at all the little chunks, dude! – [Tony2015] I didn’t know
it could explode that easily! – [Tony2015] Nnnnnnoooo, I crashed! – [Mr.Gibbs] Get over here!
– [Tony2015] Okay. – [Tony2015] You’re doing 5 damage… – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh, God, I’m blurred! – [Tony2015] Oh, Herobrine’s coming for you.
– [Mr.Gibbs] Oh, I’m still being hunted by Herobrine. – [Tony2015] Okay, don’t change your form! Let’s see if he’s gonna get confused,
like the creepers. (Mr.Gibbs chuckles) – [Tony2015] I’m just gonna.. stand right here. He’s not even gonna know that I can
actually transform into an Animatronic. And when he comes, I’m gonna transform.. – [Mr.Gibbs] He doesn’t know
that you’re hiding a Golden Freddy up your anus. – [Mr.Gibbs] Is that what you’re saying?
– [Tony2015] Exactly! – [Tony2015] That’s exactly what I’m saying. – [Mr.Gibbs] All right,
I thought that’s what you were saying. – [Mr.Gibbs] Just had to clear the air on it. – [Mr.Gibbs] Let’s high five! – [Tony2015] Okay, wait.. (Chuckles) Let me try to stay in front of you… High five! – [Mr.Gibbs] Hey, good one,
man, good one! Harder! – [Mr.Gibbs] Harder, harder, HARDER! – [Tony2015] Is he coming?
He’s coming! – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh yeah, he is! – [Mr.Gibbs] I don’t feel so well…
– [Tony2015] Okay, I’m gonna be Herobrine! – [Tony2015] I’m gonna be Herobrine,
let’s see if he’s gonna get confused. – [Mr.Gibbs] We’re gonna have a Herobrine party. – [Tony2015] Let’s see if he’s gonna be confused. – [Tony2015] All right,
You made me do that stupid book thing.. And now I can’t stop having drunk vision.
(Tony chuckles) – [Mr.Gibbs] Oh, there he is! – [Mr.Gibbs] Killed him! Killed him!
– [Tony2015] Oh my God, okay! – [Tony2015] Did you see his corpse went down here?
– [Mr.Gibbs] Yeah, dude. – [Mr.Gibbs] I killed him for real this time.
– [Tony2015] GET REKT! – [Tony2015] What’s a Blue Wha.. OH MY GOD! THAT’S A..
– [Mr.Gibbs] OH, WHAT?! – [Tony2015] What?! That’s a blue whale! That’s a blue whale! I was curious to see what a blue whale is. (Chuckles)
– [Mr.Gibbs] I’m gonna eat the chicken.. – [Mr.Gibbs] I’m gonna eat the chicken!
– [Tony2015] You did so much damage! All right, anyways guys,
thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed it, smack the like button! And I will see you all in my next video. And also don’t forget to check out
Dr. Gibbs for daily ledger. Aaaanndd…
(Both chuckle) Anyway guys, my name is Tony, and I’m signing off! Bye-bye everybody, and stay awesome! ♪ ♪

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  1. Im still traveling, so I had to come up with something like this, hope everyone enjoys a little nostalgia! love u all, thanks for supporting me throughout the years ❤️

  2. I remember this video! 😀
    Also, I feel like I should've watched more of your videos as I say I'm a fan…

  3. Hey Ive knownyou for 6-7 years now and it’s sad that in the begging everything started off so perfectly in our little world now you don’t have as many views it truly has been different when people don’t remember you for so many years and have to come back just from coincidence thank you for the years I love the channel I grew up in thank you

  4. Channel is dying bro, not sure what happened but compared to what you were like 4 years ago there has been a massive breakdown and I'm sorry but your channel is dying…

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