Mike McAskill vs. Sketchy Lawyer | Road to Grudge Match

Mike McAskill vs. Sketchy Lawyer | Road to Grudge Match

– Hello. – Yeah, time warp. – I obviously have some
unfinished business here. You were kind of
playing both cards. – Sketchy was
trying to discredit females in the
industry entirely. – The fact that
people were nervous ’cause a bunch of girls
got together, hung out. – He’s talking about you. Sketchy likes to
believe that I was part of the girl alliance, but
I just wasn’t scared of it. – Mike’s a hard dude to read. Like, you know, he’s
pretty mild mannered and pretty soft spoken, so
he’s kinda hard to read. – Throughout my life,
I’ve been like this, so it’s worked out. Why wouldn’t it work
out in a competition? Looking back at the
season after watching it, it was a lot different
than when I was living it. And in my head, I
was doing pretty bad. I didn’t win any
flash challenges. I didn’t win any
tattoos of the day. I felt like certain people
were coming after me. I was totally ready to tattoo,
I definitely wasn’t ready to be roommates with people. – Let other people talk Nikki. – All right, go ahead. – Shut the (beep) up
and let people talk. – I was not surprised that
there was somebody in the house acting the way Sketchy did. – I’m telling you right now, you have gotta cut the
head off this (beep). – You guys need to win
this next skull pick, man. – Well, Nikki is the first
person I’m giving the skull to. – She’s gonna get rattled
and she might even quit right there and then. – You get inside some heads
dude, that will (beep) them up. A couple weeks in
we started realizing that the girls were
coming together with some sort of an alliance. – I think we can give the
boys a run for their money. – There has to be
at least one of us that makes it to the end. I want a girl to win this year. – There’s power in numbers
and this is a hard fight for one of us. But if we all stick
together, we’re that talented and the men are so
threatened by us because they’re insecure. – We must be a threat to them. – They should be afraid. – If there were alliances and the guys were
supposed to have one, Mike wasn’t on the
guy’s alliance. – I just found out that you
girls are being gunned for. – The paranoia is getting
a little bit high. – Some dudes, when there’s
strong women around, they get a little insecure. But, I am not
worried about that. I honestly didn’t care about
the girl’s alliance at all, because what are they gonna do? They were all on
opposite teams, too. So, I, you know, it
didn’t bother me at all. – They’re walking around
saying how much harder it is for a girl to be a
successful tattooer. This ain’t 1950. – Or 1990. – Yeah, it ain’t
like that no more. – But, you shouldn’t
say (beep) like that – Well I’m not (beep) out of
line by saying that (beep). – But I’ve seen it. When a girl apprentice comes in, I see everybody sittin’
around you know, or they talk. It’s a bunch of (beep) talking, and I think that’s where
they all come from. – Me and Mike didn’t have
issues, until the fact that I just started seeing
him not playing as favors to the guys as he
was to the girls. I’m over the (beep)
head games, man. I’m over living in this
(beep) weird situation, sitting in the
house full of people that want to argue
about dumb (beep). – I was on the bottom
for the head-to-head tattoos with Sketchy. I think I’ll probably
go home today. – Why do you say probably you? – ‘Cause I’ve lost twice
on technical things. – Me too. We’re in the same boat bro. – Mike has two mediocre tattoos. The judges have decided. Mike, you do not have what
it takes to be Ink Master. – I got sent home and then
a week later, he quits. – I’m done with
this (beep) game. I’m walking the
(beep) up out of here, and I’ve had enough
of this (beep). I took my shot, I’m
over being shot at. I’m goin’ out like a (beep) G. – When I heard about
it, I was like, “Dude, why didn’t you
just quit when we were “on the bottom together? “I could have been
saved and maybe gone on “and done something better.” (laughing)
– The G is back. I mean, you did walk off and now you’ve
brought yourself back. – I felt like a Samurai
that fell on his own sword. – The honorable thing to
do would have just been to stay to the end. – That’s how I feel about it. – Here I am, let’s pick
up where I left off. Startin’ with you. (upbeat rock music)

15 thoughts on “Mike McAskill vs. Sketchy Lawyer | Road to Grudge Match

  1. Sketchy: The girls are weak minded.
    Sketchy: Sexism in my industry? Pffft. Doesn't exist.
    Also Sketchy: These tattoo requests are bullshit. This is too hard. I quit. I'm a G for doing so.

    Hope Mike kicks his hypocritical self centered ass.

  2. Hated that season. Supposed to be Nunez vs peck. Instead of this gender crap. Ryan Kelly and nicky are very talented. But gian was screwed over. Little dude was the best on the show. Start to finish

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