Meghan McCain’s Nepotism Double-Standard

Meghan McCain’s Nepotism Double-Standard

>>As the ladies of The View were discussing
Hunter Biden’s interview on ABC, of course, Meghan McCain jumps into the discussion and
shares her view on this interview and she thinks that it wasn’t a good look. It was a bad idea. Let’s hear her make the case.>>I don’t think he did a great job. I think when he said, look, I’m a private
citizen, part of the problem is he also said I probably wouldn’t have gotten this job if
I weren’t a Biden. And I think it was some criticism that’s been
held against other politicians’ children as you sort of have to choose your lane. And I get that there are kids who don’t, and
I say kids by the way, he’s almost 50 years old, family members of politicians who say
they don’t want to be about it, but I know for my family, and again it’s just my experience,
you’re a unit. And I always say it’s like being in a mafia
family and you all rule together and you know what you’re getting into. So, the that’s done. I don’t understand why you would do this interview
at this moment in time. And maybe this was just a call by ABC, but
this will be a conversation in the debates tonight. And if you don’t think Julian Castro or Kamala
Harris is gonna take the shot when they have it, metaphorical shot. I keep saying that cuz I talk like a redneck,
I’m sorry. I don’t understand the strategy of having
it done right now. I would have preferred to see him in a suit. I would have preferred to see him one on one
in a studio. I think it’s fine if you’re talking about
your addiction issues, but when you’re talking about taking money that people have questionable
ethics behind, and listen, this is breaking my heart. It’s breaking my heart all day long. I love Joe Biden. I love his family. Hunter Biden has had a lot of issues he struggled
with for a long time. Do you know what’s also breaking my heart? Some of these poll numbers. Elizabeth Warren is leading in the CBS YouGov
poll 32 to 24% in New Hampshire. So she’s gonna take these opportunities, and
yes, the American public I don’t know cares, the Democratic primary voters are gonna care. And Elizabeth Warren, mark my words tonight,
or one of these guys, one of the 12 people running, and girls will take the shot.>>I have many things to say.>>So this was a very lengthy and incoherent-
>>Rant.>>Rant. Many things stood out, but the one main thing
that stood out to me was she’s concerned about nepotism because she’s been able to cash in
on her last name. I mean she’s working in a job that she’s not
qualified for. We all know this just based on her commentary. She has no curiosity about politics. I know this from personally knowing her. And it’s just she’s concerned about that. That’s what came through to me, I could be
wrong, but that was my read. And then, because she specifically mentioned
other kids of politicians are getting dragged in, right? I’m paraphrasing, but why did you feel the
need to mention that? Because she’s concerned about people discussing
the abuse of power and the nepotism that goes on, not just in government, but in every industry.>>Yeah.>>Every single industry, especially the media. So that was interesting.>>I heard in her last, I think concern was
about whether or not Biden would lose. She was, this is gonna be damaging and I love
the Bidens. What’s really troubling me, are these poll
numbers. Now usually when you see poll numbers, and
maybe especially when it comes to a primary and generally we think a lot of the candidates
would have similar points of view, you’d go man, these poll numbers are troubling. What is it that Joe Biden is doing that now
Elizabeth Warren who has surpassed him is doing or saying? Maybe we should re-frame the way we’re approaching
this campaign and then maybe appeal to voters rather than just being concerned about it
and saying, let’s try and cover up as much as possible. This is making us look bad. A presidential candidacy is now based on how
bad you look and not the ideas and the things that you bring forward.>>Definitely.>>Let me tell you what I think about Meghan
McCain.>>Please.>>What’s really funny to me is how deep the
tribalism has gone, right? Notice how she drops in there, I’m sorry I
talk like a redneck. She’s speaking directly to her base when she
does that, right? They always think that they’re trying to slip
something in, because that’s who she’s talking to, right? Right is right and wrong is wrong, right? I only respect the people who respect that. I don’t care if you’re a Republican or if
you’re a Democrat. If you’re a Republican and it’s cool for you
that Black people are being assassinated in the middle of the street, I’m not cool with
you. You can be conservative all you want, but
if your being conservative means that you’re cool with Black people getting murdered, then
I got a problem with you. So when I sit here and I listen to this woman
talk, this is why I don’t like The View. This is why I don’t like it, right? You got these people who take sides, and regardless
of how wrong it is, they’re gonna defend their side. She is the most defending of Donald Trump,
not on Donald Trump’s side person ever on television, man. It’s so shady to me, I can’t respect, I can’t
rock with that. And you shouldn’t rock with it either. And if you are a so-called red neck and you
think those are your people, you are sadly mistaken. Because when they say that I talk like a red
neck means, I don’t speak correctly, I speak violently, I talk about shooting, and people
think I’m gonna shoot somebody, how insulting is that too?>>Not only is it insulting but in her mind,
that’s a way of connecting->>Of course.>>With the right wing or people in the middle
America. But in reality, understand that she’s nothing
like those people.>>No.>>She might like to shoot guns, she might
like to drink, I don’t know, bourbon or whatever.>>She was like a whole.>>Whiskey.>>Yeah. That’s her.>>That’s like when people say they’re down
with black people or they’re down with Latinos and they’ll say, I have a tattoo with my grandmother
on my arm.>>It’s insulting to people, and white people
too, you should be offended. I just think, I knew she would find a way. When you talk about nepotism you should be
nervous. Because not only are you benefiting from nepotism,
you bank on it weekly. Because count how many times Megan has told
you about being John McCain’s daughter. She banks on it daily cuz she’s unlikable,
and he’s not, he wasn’t. So she’s like, well, you know the guy you
guys, the guy you guys respect because he was a prisoner of war, I’m his daughter. So, of course.>>And it is kind of interesting to juxtapose
her behavior on the show with Abby Huntsman.>>Yes.>>Because Abby Huntsman, it’s the same deal.>>Nepotism.>>It’s nepotism, right? Her father was a politician as well. But she’s taken, I think, a more savvy path
of not being so unlikable.>>Yeah.>>So people don’t attack her for it as much
as they attack Meghan McCain. And Meghan McCain makes everything about her.>>Yes.>>That entire rant was about her.>>Always.>>It was about I don’t like it that other
politicians’ kids are getting dragged into this. That’s all about her. So when she mentioned, Biden’s poll numbers,
that was also about her.>>Yeah.>>Because she likes Biden, I get the sense
that she was planning on voting for Biden. If he’s flipping in the polls, for good reason
by the way, well then my god, look at Warren, the big scary Warren, she’s doing well. She’s surging. It’s about her. It’s not really about, hey, what’s best for
the country?>>That’s right.>>Let’s talk about the corruption and the
abuses of power that take place. And it’s frustrating. And one final thing, I love the point that
you make about the redneck thing because, yes, it’s insulting. But one other thing, it’s her way of making
it appear as though she’s on the same level->>Yeah.>>As the rest of Americans or or working
class Americans.>>Yeah.>>In reality, no, she has not had to go through
the unlevel playing field the way most Americans have had to deal with, right? She has had things handed to her. She is in a completely different socio-economic
status and she will be for the rest of her life. She doesn’t have to work a day in her life,
she is good.>>She has health insurance.>>She’s got everything. And so this, I’m a red neck, and I like to
shoot guns and drink whisky, don’t be fooled by that, we all know what that really means.

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  2. All the women on The View Joy, Whoop, Ana, and Sunny overcame incredible odds to get a seat on that show meanwhile Meghan just used her Dads name and her mother’s wealth.

  3. Meghan, as opinionated and self-inflated as she is, serves as ratings material. She gets viewers heated up. She gets boos and hisses and from some, praise.
    Meghan is attractive, is vocal with a podium to express it, has family
    notoriety and probably gets paid well. But in the end she is just a somebody with an opinion. I say don't watch her, I don't.

  4. That is right, why do these women on the view keep pretending that they are on the same level as middle class citizens, they're deceivers, the worst type of people.

  5. Mrs.McCain,…Her life was served on a golden platter!,but respect her dad for being a true American Hero and making his daughters way or path for her life as she in my eyes is that she can choose her path in her own life which is Great about being an American!,,,freedom of her own speech along with your own but many respects for her father and her, it's not her fault that she had the lavish life that was given to her only because her father had been the one to make that happen for her,Whom he disliked trump for whom he thought also that trump was a serious threat to our National Security,..and Mr.McCain..God Bless!,was Right!,so I've got alot of respect for Mr.McCain,.so Please! do not attack his daughter on speaking out her own mind,Thank You

  6. When I see her weird clown makeup, I think I'm looking at 'Boy' George, but then can't handle it sounding like Eric Cartman. :/

  7. I am a U.S. Navy sailor. I served from 1989-2003. I am a Liberal Democrat and live in Los Angeles, California. When you joined the Navy in 1989, in boot camp, we were taught that John McCain was a hero. And after 15 years served in the Navy, I still believe John McCain was a hero and still is. Period. His daughter can cause just as much harm on the view and she can as a political leader. It must be difficult for her to have almost been a Presidents daughter. Only to lose to America's first Black President. She may have not turned on her father the way American Republicans did when Trump targeted him, but I don't think any Trump Republicans respect anything to do with John McCain, including Red Neck Republicans. Because most are new to the party. The reason Fox news and the Republican party grew so rapidly was the major mass migration to the Republican side with cancellation of the Jerry Springer show. They became bitter that one of the last shows to show case true Red-Necks was getting the boot. And it was at the same time the Jerry Springer show ended taping live shows. They hated the fact that their music stars could not cross over like other music genres could. For example, did you know that more African American musicians can cross over from a career in Rap music or R&B music to movie and television? More rappers than all other genres of music combined!! Right Into block buster movies like Independence Day, Boyz n the Hood and Three Kings. (Yes , Will Smith started out a Rapper) Why not Garth Brooks? Kenny Chestnut or what ever his name is, and the guy on the voice? Nope. Why? One-trick-ponies. They lack the talent to cross over. Do not think for a minute that they do not want to make that extra 2 or 3 million dollars, given the opportunity. Reba had a show for a while, but L.L. cool Jay has a better one, that pays better. Hell, I've been seeing 50 cent in movies lately. Anyway, You had tens of thousands Red-Necks wandering the streets in the South. No hope, suicidal, overcome with depression. They lash out in anger at Holywood, the NFL who's African American population is high but Red-Necks are not welcome simply because they play with a foot-ball bat. And nobody even knows what that is. Angry, that African American men from the NFL win at the white boy, sport of "Ball room Dancing" more than any other contestant, from any other profession. It rips them up inside that they can't even get qualified to dance. And that NASCAR still has no Red-Neck drivers but the first black guy is already racing in the sport. With all hope lost, Finally, Fox news found them, cleaned them up a bit, got Fabio on board then went to California to talk smack about my state. WITH FABIO AS LEAD SHIT TALKER!! I DONT KNOW WHERE FABIO IS FROM, BUT ITS NOT MY HOME STATE OF CALIFORNIA, FOX NEWS IS GOING TO GET HIM BACK ONE OF THESE DAYS WITH A HAIR CUT. A BUZZ CUT HIGH AND TIGHT. THEN WERE ALL GOING TO HIS ORIGINAL COUNTRY, GET ON HIS COUNTRIES News MEDIA AND TALK SHIT ABOUT EVERYTHING BAD THAT WE CAN FIND. THEN DEPORT HIS ASS TO IT. HEY, HE OPENED THE CAN OF WORMS, NOT CALIFORNIA. We didnt just get all these homeless people over the last few years . it's that Fox news now makes an issue of it. I bought a house through Countrywide home loans in 2007 and I was homeless for three years because of it. Same with alot of other vets here in L.A. , then you kick them (us) when their down? Do-nothing Democrats need to fight like they have a pourpose. Not just for me, me but all non vet, liberal voters just as much…o.k. Take the other parties voters opinions, too, but their actions right now, speak for themselves. If your feeling me. Or create a political party for us, that can.

  8. Did TYT just tell me to be offended about Megan McCain insulting white culture? Should I be defending white identity from awful outsiders like Megan McCain? See how this sounds? Not a good look.

  9. First I think it's pretty clear that McCain is backing the Biden, that said she, from how as I see it, was saying that the interview was a bad move and that Hunter didn't stick to a clear storyline. By saying that he thought it was possible that he won't get the job if his name wasn't Biden, he gave his father's opponents an open. She views that as the wrong move. As for Abby here father is not as a big as a name as he McCain. Sure his name is known in some political circulars but joe smith doesn't really know him, And on a odd side note Abby has a habit of coming off noticeable more left on social issues than you would have thought from a Former Fox & Friends host.

  10. 🌿 Theres nepotismo which opens paves the way opens doors for family and crony family as well it can be a mafia network "quite aware" as she described and the Drive can be comercial/ criminal as well as political. No doubt certain streams of this tendency can be traced to honest people finding themselves under a cruel (or frightened ) exploitive and punitive regime and joined in bands for whatever ends seemed necessary no doubt an "easier way" than lawful has persisted. ▶ In my networks I join all classes possible of many careers or walks of life not only from necessity but from conviction. Some participants may represent political sentiments that I cannot agree with but that is no reason to exclude, and to be candid they may be family. As to my conviction it seemed foolish and harmful that we pretend our opposition doesnt exist. To do that is to begin to allow your political sense to fall asleep. At the very least all you supposedly good hearted ethical and principaled nepotists best get to cracking and open the right doors for the right people especially the young or we are in a fix. 🌿


  12. She always reminds me of Mr. Stay Puft from Ghostbusters….. which is weird as her Dad always reminded me of Slimer.

  13. Her voice just turns me off…and she's just a flipflopping hypocrite, with her fake concern…ugh, go away Meg


  15. The smartest one on the show is Sunny but I have always hated the show. All the rest are legit idiots, not just Meghan. I am tired of the cow getting any any more airtime than what The View already gives her.

  16. I wonder why TYT (especially Ana) has such a hate-on for Meghan McCain… I don’t particularly like her either but I find most points mentioned on this channel unsubstantiated (ie- Meghan is privatley pro-choice, Meghan is not curious about politics, etc).

  17. It seems the entire Republican party has been given this same stupid "nepotism" talking point and some of the people jumping on the bandwagon like Meghan, Ronna Romney McDaniel, and (of all people), Donald Trump Jr. All of whom have absolutely no room to complain about nepotism! I'm surprised they haven't had Sarah Huckabee Sanders weigh in. But even if they didn't have their Republican Nepotism Ninja Squad march out these talking points, it still backfires. Because once ANY Republican complains about any nepotism now, that automatically (and rightly) gives the interviewer the opening to say, "Okay, fine. Let's talk about Ivanka and Jared who have no experience but who are benefitting from nepotism as are Junior and Eric." If they had any other argument, they would not even open that door.

  18. She sounds ridiculous, I mean I almost gave TYT a thumbs down while I was listening to her stupidity. What was she even talking about

  19. God, fire Aida please! You can't go after Meghan McCain for being obviously unqualified and rambling, and then hand the segment to Aida and have her rant about completely off topic shit unintelligibly.

  20. Aida makes so much sense and whom ever has a problem with her doesn’t get it…you just don’t get it and you are the unintelligent one.

  21. Megan you have your job on ABC because your Father was a big Donar and You are a big Donar. I appreciate his Honesty! So your saying You would put on a show instead of being up front!

  22. Megan should Make the Point of Bring up Trump's kids Profiting deflect & distract to Trump's kids , if you love Bidden & his family , You Hippocrit!

  23. So Meghan is saying people who get jobs because of their parents should wear a suit then i would like to OFFICIALLY investigate Meghan Mccain for corruption on The View😒

  24. TYT has zero self awareness. Hasan would've been fired immediately from any respectable company for his countless gaffs and his Marxist garbage. Far left have ZERO standards.

  25. Her hands are tiny and they look much smaller against her large body. Trump has small hands. Ummm, I wonder if there is connection there?

  26. I hate M. McCain but if you have an option and you can talk you are qualified. Still don't agree with her but Anna is wrong about her being qualified.

  27. Name recognition can be an advantage in many industries… For a media outlet maybe most obviously, but for others as well. No matter what a famous persons children do, they will cash in on that name. The problem is where to draw the line.

  28. Meghan McCain and Abby Huntsman…speaking about the Hunter Biden issue with just blatant disregard for self awareness is disgusting and infuriating….

  29. TYT you talking about double standards is funny. TYT only talks about news that fit their agenda and mostly ignores violence on the left.

  30. This is why I hate Aida. She just did a mental backflip to turn this into a discussion about the oppression of black people. You could tell her you have a cancer and she would twist it into a diatribe of her single talking point.

  31. Abby uses her father's name whenever she wants people to think she knows what she's talking about regarding political subjects!

  32. How about Mitch McConnell's wife Elaine Chao who is the Secretary of Transportation? I'm sure that there are hundreds of other family political nomination in the present government.

  33. She never lived that trailer park light which would be like the White Ghetto Life and did she definitely don't care about no poor white people she's not your friend don't get it confused I agree God bless from the Green family

  34. This makes me mad 😡 u are spewing out leftist propaganda. Stop it. And I am a 100 % liberal. Stop 🛑 stop for love of this nation 🛑

  35. Speaking of nepotism, the only reason Meghan is on the View is because of nepotism,
    not because u have a clue what u are talking about…..or have a degree to do so

  36. "Like oh my God, I live mostly off my father's like money and I'm not an elitist…I'm like just lucky." Oh Meghan you're like so like boring.

  37. Is it me or is Meghan getting bigger?, OMG her face looks like 150lbs on its own. God only knows what the Gross weight is under the desk!? Lay off the Cheese cake bitch! And move around more frequently ho! Haa!🤭😆🤣

  38. Ever wonder what it's like to live with an Epic case of ZERO self awareness ?? Meghan McCain…. Desperately Ignorant.

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