Me and the Boys (hosted by Mary Ham) [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#59

Me and the Boys (hosted by Mary Ham) [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#59

Good evening! I’m Mary Ham. And welcome to… MEME REVIEW!!! ♪ ̶P̶e̶w̶ Ham News Intro ♪ That’s right everyone, I’ve taken over meme review! *Nyehehehe* *Nahahaha* *hahaha* Meme revooyoo, YouTube’s favorite show, everyone. Let’s just jump into it. ALERT!! ALERT!! ALERT!! ALERT!! Keanu Reves admit that he’s a lonely guy and says that “I don’t have anyone in my life” Get this man a friend! I don’t care what it takes, someone befriend Keanu Reeves, god dammit! Get this man some puss right now. My man, Keanu Reeves will not suffer! He lost his puppy, goddammit. Is that not enough? Now, since I’m Mary Ham, the first male host… on meme review. This episode is dedicated to my guys, my dudes, my dudes only. If you’re a girl, or anything else… l e a v e ! This is me and the boys, watching spoons in the microwave (pauses) sparkling ~~ We’ve all been there. And this could be you and me, Keanu, think about it! Me and the boys, in creative mode. Now, this is an older meme, but it has returned in the theme of Spider-man! Me and the boys, in any game, with customizable characters. This photo, this goddamn photo of the villains in Spider-Man cartoon has gone viral!! Oh, wow, that’s totally relatable! ”Me and the boys at our boy funeral:” This is so sad! Everyone knows that moment. When you and the boys are waiting for the pizza rolls to be done. (pewds laughs) Do you want me to say that meme one more time?? (sigh) H e c c (burp) YRRRRRR! –YEAAHHH! (blank) RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ”When me the boys when one of the boys get a girlfriend:” (sad music) It’s so sad. (LAUGHS) These are so bad, why are these– GODDAMNIT!! (laughs) I’m on the side of the villains We’ve all been there Smash like if you can relate This is so sad Debatable but… This is so wholesome There’s nothing like me and the boys “There’s nothing like me and the boys “when the teacher’s picking two teams for PE” There’s just nothing like it Me and the boys encapsulating just the best feeling of being you with the boys And whaman?
[Yes?] You will never understand
[ 🙁 ] You weren’t even supposed to be here Didn’t I tell you to leave?
[Yes, but-] G O !
[Nah] This is boy special! Boy special episode! No women. Alright, this one is for the girls
[YEET] See, I bet you wish you’d leave now, didn’t you Me and the boy meme gets a me and the boy… Me and the moy- boy meme Gets a gosh dang 8 Gets a gosh dang 8 point Gets a gosh dang 8 point 5 Gets a gosh dang 8 point 5 point 20 Next. Meme. That actually hurts We are sticking with a theme of boy memes, okay? I’m Mary Ham the first male host of meme review And I shall decide what shall be done The next meme is another older meme that has now gotten a new little face make over, okay? It’s… Well boys, we did it Recording: Well boys, we did it Racism is no more. Racism is no more thanks to the penguins in Madagascar But they won’t just stop there okay? All these issues, social issues, are gone Doo doo doo doo doo The BOYS did it And you wouldn’t even care about that Did I not tell you to leave?

100 thoughts on “Me and the Boys (hosted by Mary Ham) [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#59

  1. I really don't care how ironically sexist this is most people do NOT get that. I especially love the "who should we falsely accuse of rape today part". Very cool Felix.

  2. 7:15 that mean
    -I hate p.e.
    -Can you close my drawer
    -Don't look at me
    -😂 if it was were look😂
    -Lol frick that shit I will
    Say that i have stomachache
    -wtf how i am so fat
    Stupid p.e.

  3. Felix: there’s nothing like….
    Me in my head: ThErE’s NoThInG lIkE sUmMeR iN tHe CiTy, SoMeOnE uNdEr StReSs MeEtS sOmEoNe LoOkInG pReTtY

  4. Who eles is a girl that play hockey and are in the boys locker room and are apart of the boys locker room lmao

  5. Me and the boys playing Minecraft:

    Me and the boys when a creeper comes:

  6. There should be a real life cult called Me & the boys. Except we’re not going to sacrifice babies, but we are doing toad rituals.

  7. I asked the teacher once if we could dissect a baby and I almost got detention since my school is catholic (I’m a girl too ;-;

  8. Me and the boys defeated spider man.
    Well boys, we did it.
    Heroes locker room: omg! They took spaider man!
    Villains locker room: we are on pewdiepie video!

  9. I have a statement. In Jacksonville Florida where I live 7:03 is the boys AND GIRLS LOCKER ROOM🤣 we are crazy af :edit nvm we have frog rituals at least the tom boys like me do🤣

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