Matching Tattoos & Movies That Make Them Cry | 100 Things to Know About Teen Mom 2 | MTV

Matching Tattoos & Movies That Make Them Cry | 100 Things to Know About Teen Mom 2 | MTV

(upbeat music) – One thing I wish that
hadn’t aired on Teen Mom 2, even though it’s in the past, is of course me being under the influence. I’m just, I’m not going back to that. – Pretty much all of my
previous relationship. You have cheated on me, – At least five times. – One thing I wish hadn’t aired
on TV was me peeing myself. Please stop laughing. (laughing) – Do I regret any of my tattoos? My YOLO tattoo. Especially like my wedding, I’m gonna have to get some type
of makeup to cover that up. (laughing) I don’t want
that in the pictures, it’s gonna say YOLO. – I don’t like any of my tattoos
except for Fran the skull. – I had Jeremy’s initials
on my back, so embarrassing. I’m just gonna have it removed. – It was my idea to get
the matching heart tattoos and I was pumped when the
other girls were down. – We were thinking about
putting like TM2 or TM, but then we were like no, no,
no, no, no, definitely not. – One word I use to describe
my family is, chaos. – Boisterous. – Funny and weird. Oh wait, that’s two words. – Dysfunctional and perfect. One movie that always makes me cry is definitely The Notebook. – The Notebook. – P.S. I Love You. – I cried watching Creed and Furious 7. What the (bleep) – My biggest fear is heights. – Clowns. I think of the movie It,
like they lure you in and then they’re actually super dangerous. – I am terrified of spiders. – I’ll take care of those spiders. – If I could have any
celebrity to be my bodyguard, I’d pick Vin Diesel because he seems good with kids while also able to kick ass. – Vin Diesel because
he’s like really muscly. – Celebrities I’ve met
because of Teen Mom 2 were Dierks Bentley and Jason Aldean. – The celebrity fans most often
confuse me with is the Hulk. I think only my haters
will understand that. – The advice I would give
Jenelle for raising a girl would be to be very patient. Girls are much more dramatic than boys. (screaming) – Advice I have for Chelsea
when it comes to raising a boy is that you’ll probably get peed on, but they make the best snugglers. – If I had to name Watson one
of the names I was suggested, then his name would be Butterbean. – The weirdest craving I had
when I was pregnant with Issac was I always wanted
stuffed shells and milk. – Sprite. – Reeses and pickles. – Please don’t move, please
don’t move, please don’t, no. Who’s better at changing
diapers, me or David? I would say with Ensley we share
the responsibility equally, but with Kaiser David was better at it because we had to start wrestling him. – Who is better at changing diapers, me or Cole, and that would be me. Cole’s been pooped on quite a bit. – The most fun scene to
film this past season of Teen Mom 2 was yoga with my girls. – Taking the kids on
vacation without my mom. – Skydiving. The most incredible thing I’ve ever done. – My bachelorette party. – [Girl] Chelsea, you’re so. (screaming and laughing) – The most difficult
scene I filmed this season was pretty much everything
except for skydiving. – Any time I had to talk about Adam. – Addie missing her
daddy while he was away. – Get home! – Definitely when I went to
court for the Jessica incident. I started panicking so bad. – The mom I think has changed the most since the first season
of Teen Mom 2 is Leah. She’s had a lot of ups and downs, but I’m proud of where she’s at now. – I feel like Jenelle’s changed a lot. – I would say myself because I went from a really deep dark place to we’re all really happy right now. – My biggest goals for this
year are to pass all my classes, focus on my book, and being a life coach. – Graduating on May 13th. – To remain happy and get
settled into my new house. – To be working on my
fitness, you’re my witness. – The best thing about being on Teen Mom 2 is watching the kids grow up. – Being able to travel
and meeting the people. – Being a positive
influence for many girls. – Being able to share my story with others and hopefully they learn from my mistakes. – The hashtag I would use
to sum up my experience on Teen Mom 2 is #whatdidigetmyselfinto. – This (bleep) is bananas. – #rollercoaster. – #theneverendingjourney,
because we just continue to film, and film, and film, and film. – Thanks for sticking around for all 100 things about Teen Mom 2. (upbeat music) – [Girl] That was only 100?

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  1. Love this! Jenelle seems so left out of the group. Everyone kind of clicks and then theres jenelle with her fake laugh…

  2. Janelle has a very loose definition of "the past". You might as well be straight up and say "last week" or "the other day" lmao

  3. Chelsea! I would watch P.S. I Love You and cry my eyes out with you! I am also totally terrified of spiders. and I had my daughter the same day you had Watson! =)

  4. Jenelle didnt even say to get Jace back at the end..guess this shows her true colors..custody ma just for the show.

  5. How was Chelsea so big?! She’s been super thin for years. ..even when she was preggo.

  6. 'Being a positive influence?' 😂

    I suppose she's right in way. Watching Leah makes me feel very positive about myself haha

  7. Haha! Jenelle saying she wants people to learn from her mistakes! Don't worry I won't let people shoot me up with Heroin!

  8. Omg Chelsea the nick name butterbean is adorable! Just cause i was the older sister and my baby sister could not pronounce my name, so she called me by the nick name our papa gave me but with a twist! He always calls me cassie lou! And my sister who at the time couldnt say my name called me lou a bell. So odd right? Well years later i turned 19 and had a baby girl named Delilah! And her nick name is…. lilah lou ❤️❤️❤️ so your baby will probably always be Aubreys little butterbean! Her baby sibling! So sweet 🙂 but not only that its such a cute little memory of how sweet the little babes are, how they have such loving little personalities, and how they are so quick witted!

  9. Kaitlyn gets on my nerves with a passion no she’s all the sudden into every black guy I mean don’t get me wrong in these comments I am all for interracial love but she’s just doing that up for most and I can’t stand it

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