100 thoughts on “Man With Romney Face Tattoo Changes Mind

  1. Love TYT but Cenk's "did this guy really have any job opportunities?" comment is kinda hypocritical. Cause the guy's got tattoos and a ponytail and piercings it means he's a jobless bum? Kinda sounds like something Sean Hannity might say.

  2. U used to have a tattoo, and wanted it off. I used a hot knife to singe it off. Then I used bio oil for a week and now there isn't even a scar

  3. It had more to do with the fact that the guy sold out his face for $5000. Why on earth would someone do that unless they DIDN'T have many job opportunities?

  4. I like seeing people running into corners covering their asses after doing something that could potentially fuck them up. I don't take pleasure in people in shit for their own actions, I just like to see anybody learning!

  5. "This one time, my buddy Keith got a tattoo – 'I'm a moron' right across his forehead, man! But his buddies gave him like, 200 bucks to do it, so you ask yourself this: who's the real moron, huh?"

  6. Can you really blame him for changing his mind? Romney did plenty of flip flopping through the election and prior. Perfect representation 🙂

  7. Both my tattoos signify something important to me. As will any others I will acquire. And I'd been wanting them since I was 4 yrs old ever since I saw one of my favorite uncles with his. I was 23 when I got them and I'm 41 now. No regrets.

  8. @Mrspencerport you're probably gonna think I'm picking on ya but honestly, telling Obama to show some leadership is probably about 80% of what Cenk says about Obama. Not your fault for not knowing that. You probably don't listen to the show often. If you did you'd understand how strange a comment that is to the people who do listen regularly.

  9. Was it $5000, $15,000, or $50,000? In the last video you said $50,000, the description says $15,000 and in this video it's $5,000… which is it?!?!

  10. what a dumbass. Both parties have sold the working class out! Lock, Stock, and barell. REVOLUTION should be the only thing he should have Tattoed on his face. I don't mean Ron Paul either he is a sell out also.

  11. He kept the tattoo longer than I thought he would. Who would want a tattoo of a failed presidential candidate for life?

  12. Well I can think of at least one other meaning he can offer up to people who might ask him what the "R" on his face stands for….

  13. I'd like to think not but i'm not entirely sure. I have not read the Code Napoleon however I am aware of what it is and that UK law has it's peculiarities and is largely built on precedence.

    But my knowledge of law is limited i must admit. Still, i don't see how all this connects to myself disagreeing with the concept of signature strikes on citizens. The concept of men in power making decisions behind closed doors, based on vague laws, rules and at worse secrecy, is a worrying one to me.

  14. And, going to the first point again. If Romney had half a heart, he would help this silly man who tried to aid his cause.


  16. You sound like you have major anger issues which typical REPUBLICAN behavior. You said I'm looking for trouble, you sound like a cop. What are you going to do… Grab your A-R 15 with 1000 bullets and come after me?

  17. You just clearly admitted that you have an A-R 15 in your last comment.''You want to take my guns away too''? No, but the A-Rs have outsold the Russian AK-47 both the AR-16,15, and AR-10 series along with the M-16,15 series You are a republcan and a obvious one at that. I have .223 and .308 shells for my to A-rifles. I hate say this but Islam is taking over your little churches as I could give a fuck for them of you. Christianity is dying out here where you lynch blacks, homos, jews, ect.

  18. The Christian and Islam religion are fakes and I myself can't eait until your kind blame natural disasters on a inter deimensional being such as THE REAL GOD. You and everyone who thinks like you are pathetic sheep of the pathetic so called saviour Christ.

  19. Romney lost because everyone who was a liberal thought that rich = rich, white person, racist, just wants the rich more rich and make the poor even more poor. Obama won because liberals thought black = Help out more poor, not supporting him means racism, and making the rich be fair.

    •Welp Obama has been in office for 6 years now and I still don't see any progress.

    -There are homeless people still filling the streets, people lost a lot of jobs, and people cant tell the difference between 2 of the same health cares.
    -Ukraine is being ass raped by Russia, Athiests are sueing random places for no reason just because it says "god" in it, people are really racist these days, are ambassador was killed with other politions and the president has not come out clean to talk about it.
    -Then he says sorry to the terrorists who killed are Ambassador.
    -Finally Russia wants to destroy us.
    Come on Obama supporters, its better to impeach him then letting him ruine the country even more.

  20. Guys i really love you, your News Channel etc…but why why WHY do you always have to mock people with Tattoos?
    Its his Skin, Its his decision, its his fucking Life…. you dont agree? You dont understand? Yeah well….dick-mouth something else guys.
    Its pathetic, Its disrespectful, Its bullying…and quite frankly, its the lowest form of gossip. Is this really necessary?

  21. I've gotten where I purposely look for the TYT clips that don't have Cenk in them- man that guy is an opinionated, arrogant, prick. I did however catch the clip of him doubling down on his prejudice and hatred of anyone who happens to be born below the Mason Dixon line- I mean what kind of dumb ass would choose to be born in such a place- stupid babies. Oh but Cenk is just promoting the progressive agenda- yeah, I guess that's his plan for winning over ppl from the south right- belittle, generalize, and insult them-works every time. I also caught his fear mongering concerning the 14th amendment- first he spent like ten minutes laughing at Trump and the conservatives that support this silly shit, saying how it could never be over turned because it isn't a law it's part of the constitution- which is exactly correct. But, then he decides to tell immigrants to "Be afraid" that they are "coming after your families" that this is "very real"- I get what he is trying to do- he is trying to motivate immigrants to vote, which I applaud. But, if it's wrong for FOX to do this, to fear monger when they know nothing real is going to become of something- then it's wrong period, for liberals or conservatives.

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