Man Searched for Daughter for 14 Years (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Man Searched for Daughter for 14 Years (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Good morning, Your Honor. Good morning. This is a case
ofTaylor V. Thompson.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Miss Taylor, you are here
to prove to your ex,
Mr. Thompson, that he is not
your 18-year-old
daughter’s father. You say he’s accusing
you of disappearing and hiding your daughter,
Miss Turner, for 14 years. But you claim,
you kept her away because
you are certain he is not her father. Mr. Thompson, you claim, you’ve always
known Miss Turner
was your child and searched for
Miss Turner for 14 years. So Miss Taylor,
why did you keep
your daughter away from Mr. Thompson? First off, the lifestyle
that Mr. Thompson was living at the time,
I really didn’t want
that for my daughter. And my mother had my daughter uh, while I was going
through something. And I spoke with my mother about him coming to see her. And my mother said no. She would let me handle it when I got back. When I came home, I didn’t know where
Mr. Thompson was. I spoke with a friend of mine and I was told that Mr. Thompson had gotten married and at that point, I didn’t wanted to bring drama into his relationship. Mr. Thompson, did you know
Miss Taylor was pregnant? Yes. Were you involved in the pregnancy? Yes. You were? In which way? She was pregnant three months
when we were still together. And that’s when, you know, she went her way
and I went mine, but, she just up and disappeared. TAYLOR: I moved
to another state. Did you moved to another
state before or after
you had the baby? After. I don’t know… So, Mr. Thompson, you were away
when she had the baby. You weren’t around but
did you know she had the baby? Were you informed? No. No, I wasn’t informed
when she had the baby. You didn’t get the pictures
of her when she was a baby
that I sent to you? Hell, no. When I came back
to my grandma’s house, my grandma had died. I went to, Taylor
had a little house,
and I found some of her belongings. And I saw some
baby pictures there.And I look, I said,
“This might be my baby.”
these pictures…
Yes. But you, you think it’s your child
but you don’t know. Right. Right. What information
do you have about this baby? No information. Do you have the birthday? No birthday, no name… Do you know the gender? Do you know if it’s a girl… Nothing. I didn’t even know
if it was a girl or a boy. Are you asking
people what happened? She only had
one best friend in Louisiana and when I say best friend,
they are best friends. I asked her everything apart from “Could,” she had told her
don’t tell me nothing. You told your best friend
don’t tell him anything? Nope. When I was talking
to my friend, she told me “Oh, the last I heard,
he was doing good “and he had gotten married
and he was into church.” And then at that point, I really didn’t ask
any more questions. JUDGE LAKE: Let me
ask you this? He’s there with you for
the first three months
before he goes away. You have the baby. Your, you move away. Why is it
you don’t think he’s your daughter’s
biological father? TAYLOR:The reason
why I’m saying that is because
during this time,before I met Mr. Thompson,I was having an affair
with a married man. ALL: Ooh. And being that I was having
an affair with a married man, honestly, I didn’t know if it was
the married man’s child or Mr. Thompson’s child. This other man, the man you were dating,
you’re saying that child
was by him? I have strong feelings that the married man
is my daughter’s father. You did not tell me… And he… You was with another man you had all the stuffs
that’s going on. He’s saying to me, right now… JUDGE LAKE: Who does your daughter believe
is her father? She believes
that Mr. Thompson
is her father. (AUDIENCE BOOING SOFTLY) THOMPSON: Well, can,
can I ask her something? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Why you take
my baby and run off and don’t do nothing? I didn’t take off. I’m just… You know what? I was like… I didn’t take… No, I didn’t. Look, you knew
well that I’m here because I put on,
I went on the internet, made these pages, all you had to do
was hop down there and call me right up.
“Hey, Taylor.” He wants to know
why you didn’t inform him. You believe the child was this married man’s
child, but you say your daughter believes that Mr. Thompson
is her biological father. Does she believe
that because you told her? TAYLOR: Yes. AUDIENCE: Ooh. JUDGE LAKE: So now, if you told her he is her biological father, why not tell him where she is? AUDIENCE: Yeah. When I did get in contact
with Mr. Thompson, which was in October
of 2012 via Facebook, that’s when he started
to know where we were and where she was. Did you ever
tell the married man… I told both of them. That he potentially could
be the father? I told both of them. I told both of them. And what was his response? TAYLOR: He didn’t want
nothing to do with it. AUDIENCE: Ooh. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Which is why
you then just said to your daughter,
Mr. Thompson
is your biological father. TAYLOR: Well…You knew that the married mandidn’t want
anything to do with it.
TAYLOR:Correct.And so Mr. Thompsonwhen you got
this message on Facebook, what were you thinking? When she contact me, I’m happy.
All I want to do
is talk to my daughter. And I didn’t know nothing
about my baby.
I ain’t know nothing. I didn’t know
how to look for my baby. So have you ever met or seen your daughter? I never have saw a hair on her head. Only, she send me pictures. JUDGE LAKE: Eighteen years. THOMPSON:Eighteen years.Well, she is here today.I won’t make
you wait any longer. Jerome, will you please escort Milinda Turner
into the court room. JEROME: Yes, your Honor. (SOBS) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Hi, Miss Turner. Hi. Thank you for joining us. You know why we’re here. Yeah. And it’s all about you. Your mom has testified, Mr. Thompson has testified. But we wanna know from you,
who did you grow up believing your biological father was? Well, in 2000 of… 2012. Um, my mom informed me that Mr. Thompson was my biological father. And, so I kinda formed
a relationship with him. From then… Before 2012, who did you believe
your father was? I didn’t have one. I didn’t ask about it ’cause I didn’t want to have a… So… In… In your entire life you never asked
your mom who’s my father? Yeah. No. Why did you feel
you couldn’t ask your mom? I felt like it was gonna
be an argument and um, we would just
fight about it. And I would
never get the answer… I’m sorry. JUDGE LAKE: That’s okay. So your mom
came to you in 2012 and said that Mr. Thompson
was your biological father? Yes. Then at what point
did you find out that there was a possibility
that Mr. Thompson was not your biological father? Just last week. AUDIENCE: Ooh. JUDGE LAKE: Really? (TURNER SOBS) JUDGE LAKE: And that’s
hard for you? TURNER: Yeah. How did you find out? I was talking with my sister and she had brought it up and then when I was talking to my mom, she also had brought it up in a conversation on the phone. I mean, you waited till
2012 to just get one name… Yeah. And then two weeks ago, or a week ago, they tell you that might
not be… It’s almost like getting ripped from you.
What did you feel
like in that moment? I was very hurt because I formed a relationship with Mr. Thompson
and then to hear that there could be another guy. If he’s not my father then I have…
I have this relationship
with somebody that I don’t even
know like that, like… I, I shouldn’t even know him. Miss Taylor, this is obviously confusing
for your daughter. Yes, it is. And… Unfortunately you are
the cause of that confusion Yes, I am. You know that. Yes, I do. Why not in 2012, just be honest and say there were two possibilities? I was really
trying to protect her. And I think me trying to protect her what I’m getting
from all of this is that I hurt her
more than anything. AUDIENCE: Mmm-hmm. That, that’s
what I’m saying and I want for my daughter to find whatever peace that she’s trying to find. TURNER: But why?
Why wait all this time I’m 18.
(SOBS) Eighteen! (SOBS)
And I have to… I have to come to court to find out who my father is. When you say
to me that until 2012, you felt you didn’t have
the right to ask
who your father is that hurts my heart, to hear a young girl say that. What did it feel like
growing up without a father? It… It really sucked. Because I had… Like, I’m in choir, you know, I run track
and stuff like that and even my prom, like to have not both my parents there,
that was hurtful. (SOBS) You know? ‘Cause I gotta take
pictures with her but I didn’t get to take
a picture with my father. (SOBS) You know? And then, like, my sporting events and stuff, I would love to have
both of them there. Not just one and
sometimes it was none. So it was very hurtful. And you see, like,
in the audience that, like, everybody has their brothers
and their sisters and their moms and dads,
all cheering for them, and I didn’t have that. AUDIENCE: Hmm. I didn’t have it. And it’s really hard
’cause I always wanted that. You want the answers I wanna give them to you. I do. I should not have kept this but I was at the point
that you never asked. You never mentioned it. You know. Yeah, but why
should I have to ask who my father is. But it would… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) TAYLOR: Yeah. you’re right.
You don’t. Why do I have to ask that? But if, if… Because as my mother, you should have
told me right away. Yeah, maybe I should
have, Nana, told you right away. But at the end of the day, me as a mother, it’s my job regardless
of however I get beat down, about this, I was protecting you. They way you protected
me was not in a right way. So… Okay. Your mom’s saying she was trying to protect you. TURNER: Yeah. You don’t feel that? I don’t… I don’t feel it because… Okay, if you’re here
to protect me why wait so long? You know. You should have
came forward
in the beginning and said, “Hey…” What has your mom told you about this other man? Only thing I knew
was that she was sleeping with him and he was married. That’s it. That’s all I know. JUDGE LAKE: You don’t
have a name… Don’t have a name. I have a nickname
but that’s it. Like, how do you go off that? How do you start
searching for yourself? THOMPSON: You know… What would you like to say,
Mr. Thompson? You said you was
protecting my daughter. Well, this don’t only affect her because she has
two sisters and two brothersand I had put them
on the phone.
And they believe that you aretheir sister because that’s
what I have told them. And for the longest I always had it in my heart that you was my daughter. I never knew where you was at. I never knew your name. Never knew what
you even looked like. But I never stopped thinking that you
was my daughter. And you’ve brought
some evidence to support.
I see it in your hand. Yup. I made a memory book
for Mr. Thompson. (SOBS) JUDGE LAKE:
So you made a book…
TURNER: Yeah. JUDGE LAKE:For Mr. Thompson.Oh, and beautiful pictures
of you growing up.
Wow. Look at all
these pictures. You see them?
So these are your graduation,When you look
at these pictures,
Mr. Thompson,
what are you thinking? That’s my baby. (CHUCKLES) You believe it
when you see this? Yup. This is gonna
be my baby. Jerome, will you
please hand this book to Mr. Thompson. She wanted you to be able
to see the moments that you have missed. (SOBS) JUDGE LAKE: Miss Taylor, is there anything else
you would like to say
to your daughter? Or to Mr. Thompson before I read the results? Honestly, I’d just apologize
to both of you for going through all of this and I feel like I should have did more early on. And I just didn’t and that’s why we’re here now. Jerome, I’m ready
for the results. Here you go. Thank you. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics, and they read as follows. In the case
ofTaylor v. Thompson,when it comes to 18-year-old, Milinda Turner, it has been determined
by this court Mr. Thompson, you are not her father. AUDIENCE: Aw. (THOMPSON AND TURNER SOBBING) JUDGE LAKE: I’m so sorry. (SOBBING CONTINUES) Miss Taylor, do you know where
that man that you say would be the other
do you know where he is? Yes. You do. Do you know how
to get in touch with him? I need to call my mother before I leave here today. Because I spoke
with her last night and as weird as this is I haven’t seen
him in years either. But my mother did last weekend
when she was in Louisiana. And he gave her
his phone number. So I’m gonna have to call her. Oh! Did you hear your mom? TURNER: Yeah. They always say,
what you don’t know
won’t hurt you then… JUDGE LAKE: But listen.
Listen. I’ve heard that saying. But you have no idea what’s out there for you.
It could be beautiful
and you’re a strong girl. And your mother
is gonna make the first step and she’s going to reach out. If that gentleman is willing and if he’s open to it, you will come back here so that you don’t have
to do this alone. That’s why we’re here. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Thompson,
I know this is a difficult
moment for you as well. I don’t care if this guy don’t wanna have nothing to do with you if
you ever wanna come visit, I would treat you
like you are my daughter. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: Listen, baby,
I just want you to know
as we go forward, I have counseling, and I have resources
outside of this courtroom. Thank you so much. I wish you the very best
of luck to all of you. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

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