Man Rams Car Over Obama Bumper Sticker

Man Rams Car Over Obama Bumper Sticker

in nashville we’ve got a story of uh… right wingers who were getting
violent with democratic voters not even congress uh… we don’t even though he’s got a
firm voted but he had a noble bicycle on his car i gotta run zeno but so we got a local
story on that let’s watch that first with amanda partly on news to deny dictation
political road rage in nashville alright president obama obama bumper sticker good evening everyone this is a vehicle
that was involved in the incident amanda’s ten-year-old daughter were
driving on blair boulevard today the way home from school that’s what he says harry why sigir flip
them off and rammed into his vehicle barber and walks us through what
happened in his own works uh… obama but bumper sticker on the car you play that might go back to my karma
confirm an empty sydney lifestyle finger salute if he’s a dinosaur and i’d
move forward through the stop sign might turn to go through he was on the
form of alzheimer’s was waiting to move i was really intersection and was going
up blair scum home ant alot in ruby ridge endings this the same
issue the was speeding flying boat behind me they
won’t be and i put a brake on and mini-state i guess he had kept going
fascinate stephanie attitudes are part of it deal with the accident and he started
pushing the car with his s_u_v_’s and he pushed my cart but for the sidewalk almost onto the
sidewalk and white or is charged with felony reckless
and dangerous less crazy guys gets ten year old
daughter in the car uh… this lunatic stuff obama applied
nonexistent which came between me and my an insurance company that i love so much parmar dot if they’re not going to raise
my premiums like these two well excavator there on the program into his car no no they don’t worry i don’t worry
these guys are going to any of us at all no i don’t know this rightwing stuff is
totally under control glenn beck fox news channel republican said they would
mean hurting anyone else at all except as newt gingrich in eric cantor
john bear wall said the democrats kind i have a comment their congressman their elected
officials and people who go bala buying stickers
other cars if they voted for this isn’t there more or responsibility the words of newt
gingrich to get rid of movement back of their carved by another crazy
republican dangerous stuff man dangerous stuff
because you combine that with an alabama blogger that we heard yesterday on the
program talking about how this is a war coming and you’ve combined that with the secessionist movement in texas
who they were voting governors encourage it you know and there’s all this talk
through it as for the right wing when they lose in
politics they seek power by other means but spartan parceled what they are it’s in their d_n_a_ so that’s why you have to be careful and then when you have a natural
reaction a inlets because about that is that you see that the government
investigating me there at morgan’s i read in brennan a more car

100 thoughts on “Man Rams Car Over Obama Bumper Sticker

  1. TrueUSAPatriots,

    John Sibley Butler, whom you dismissed as "a fringe quack" holds the Gale Chair in Entrepreneurship & Small Business and the Herb Kelleher Chair in Entrepreneurship in the Graduate School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin, TX. He was part of the Advisory Team for GW Bush's 2000 Presidential Campaign.

  2. John Sibley Butler's books include —

    1. Entrepreneurship & Self-Help Among Black America,
    2. All That We Can Be: Black Leadership & Racial Integration the Army Way
    3. Immigrant & Minority Entrepreneurship
    4. Forgotten Citations

    He was awarded the Bronze Star for Valor in Combat during the Vietnam War. In 2007 Pres. GW Bush appointed him to the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.

    Not bad for "a fringe quack".

  3. @TrueUSAPatriots

    You don't know what you are talking about. As owner of a successful lawn care business and manager of your wife's Tupperware franchise, you obviously have more entrepreneurial credibility and historical insight than people like John Sibley Butler and David Coffey.

    Pretty weak, dude.

  4. @TrueUSAPatriots,

    Don't be shy — let your inner racist out for some much-needed exercise. How is it that you have somehow coincidentally managed to read every one of Butler's books?

    Did you know that most of this country's problems can be traced directly to the lax immigration policies of the American Indians?

    As if it wasn't bad enough that your White Brothers came and "discovered" America, then they had the bad taste to import all of their Black slaves and lock the Indians on reservations.

  5. @TrueUSAPatriots,

    I was still waiting for you to explain how the Watts Riots were caused by anti-war protesters, but I see that you have moved on to global warming.

    I am also still marveling over the fact that you managed to read all 4 of John Sibley Butler's books' digest them, and form an opinion about Butler's personal philosophy and motivations in the less than 24 hours since I first mentioned him.

    BTW, your scripted exchange with independentview1 is also vastly entertaining.

  6. @TrueUSAPatriots, "I never said that it was excusable"

    Ah, but by minimalizing it the way you did, that is EXACTLY what you said. The best estimates I can find suggest that @ 12 million slaves were imported into the Americas, and that more may have died enroute than were actually enslaved. In N America, too, slavery was an inheritable status.

    You specious remark about 6M compared to 200k typifies the kind of moral relativism in which conservatives (and lawyers) delight. You dunce.

  7. @TrueUSAPatriots "There were tens of thousands from the anti-war movement in the watts riots"

    You are insane. In August of 1965, there weren't "ten of thousands" of people IN the anti-war movement in the whole fucking country, and they CERTAINLY weren't all in Watts.

    It's not verifiable from any reputable source because IT'S NOT TRUE — and StormFront or the Free Republic are NOT reputable sources.

  8. @TrueUSAPatriots,

    How do you get from "tens of thousands gathered on the streets" to "tens of thousands of anti-war protesters"? If you are really a lawyer, you cannot be a very good one. You are good at telling lies, at deliberately misunderstanding the point (cf "Crime Stop") and at changing the subject, but your lies aren't even remotely credible and your duplicitous intent is manifest.

    Stop representing yourself — you have a fool for a client.

  9. TrueUSAPatriots, "obfuscation of data vs being historically accurate"

    Physician, heal thyself!

    Or, better yet, read George Orwell's "1984" and contemplate his definition of "Crime Stop," because what you are practicing here is classic Crime Stop mentality.

  10. @TrueUSAPatriots,

    Oh, well, as least we both still agree that Jerome Corsi is a bleeding fucking asshole scumbag.

  11. @TrueUSAPatriots

    Oh, come on, Herr Sturmbannfuhrer, you cannot really be eating that whale poop you are trying to sell yourself. "Nationalsozialistische" had everything to do with Nationalism and almost nothing to do with Socialism. The Nazis preached the failure of liberalism, communism, and progressivism and promoted the primacy of national and ethnic pride and purity.

    When the Corporations own the Government, the Businesses ARE the Government. And THAT sounds to me like the GOP….

  12. @TrueUSAPatriots, "I have facts and statistics for what I state"

    Like all conservatives, what you do best is to lie and to distort the truth, Herr Standartenfuhrer.

    There were no anti-war riots of any significance prior to the time when US ground forces began engaging in combat operations against the Viet Cong in Vietnam. There is no way you can get that timeline to work for you, because the Watts Riot in 1965 occurred prior to such operations.

  13. @TrueUSAPatriots "Fascism has nothing to do with corporations…"

    "Fascism is the perfect marriage of the Corporations and the State."
    (~~Benito Mussolini)

    You apparently got through law school the same way that GW Bush got through Yale….

  14. @TrueUSAPatriots

    Under Ronald Reagan, the "small government party" expanded the federal government more than any any time since FDR. Under GW Bush, the "small government party" replicated this accomplishment yet again, creating a vast new Homeland Security bureaucracy and increasing the cost and the size but not the efficiency of the government.

  15. @TrueUSAPatriots

    OMG, so now you are saying that you believe that Money = Free Speech? If such a theory is not antithetical to the preservation of individual rights and liberties in a free society, I do not know what is.

    We have exchanged activist liberal judges for activist conservative judges, but the fact remains that the system itself is flawed and corrupt, and that the GOP is the heart of the beast. The beast that you apparently embrace and serve willingly.

  16. @TrueUSAPatriots

    Sorry, but painting the early Black Panthers as "anti-war vets" is such a transparent little racist ploy that you need not even have bothered.

    Your "facts" are lies, Herr Oberstgruppenfuhrer, and you are obviously reality-impaired. I suggest that you consult a competent proctologist, because you appear to be suffering from a severe case of cranial-rectal insertion.

  17. @TrueUSAPatriots

    So, um, now you are saying that there was no "Reagan Revolution" because the evil Democrats in Congress did not approve his budget cuts?

    Conservatives believe in making a profit from National Defense. Whether or not it benefits the country is secondary and purely coincidental. They could not care less about America.

    You remind me a lot of the late GW Bush — he also had a huge problem when it came to admitting that he was wrong, or that he had made a mistake.

  18. @TrueUSAPatriots "alas, I am not a libetral"

    Thanks for clarifying that for me. I might never have guessed, otherwise — although the jackboots and the red armband should have clued me in….

  19. @TrueUSAPatriots

    The only problem with your brilliant argument about the NBAWADU as it relates to our discussion of the Watts Riots in 1965 is that the NBAWADU was not even founded until February of 1968.

    I keep telling you that the time line just doesn't work, but your warped ideology insists that it must.

  20. @TrueUSAPatriots, "you are really boring me"

    "Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, AND OF BEING BORED or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity"
    (~~George Orwell)

  21. @TrueUSAPatriots

    The Black Panther Party was founded on October 15, 1966. The NBAWADU was founded in February of 1968. Operation STARLITE began on August 18, 1965. The Watts Riots began on August 11, 1965, and lasted for 6 days.

    Your position is that members of the Black Panthers, allied to the NBAWADU, neither of which organizations yet existed, were present in "tens of thousands" at a riot which ended one day before the events which it ostensibly was to protest happened? Is that correct?

  22. @TrueUSAPatriots,

    My bad. HUAC is often confused with other discredited Washington witch hunters.

    "In the wake of Senator McCarthy's downfall, the prestige of HUAC began a gradual decline beginning in the late 1950s. By 1959, the committee was being denounced by former President Harry S. Truman as the 'most un-American thing in the country today.'"

  23. @TrueUSAPatriots "I made no claim or assertion that either was involved in the Watts Riots"

    "Ever hear of Watts? This is the reason that the anti-war movement never gained any ground, at it highest point only 11% supported it."

    You are an bald-faced liar. I have neither the time nor the patience to search through your right wing diatribes to quote everything, so I'll pass. Controlling the Media and setting criminals free and taxing and spending takes up so much of my time as it is.

  24. @TrueUSAPatriots "I think…"

    I might take issue with that assertion. You conform to your own expectations, you prevaricate, and you react. You don't actually think. You are a conservative, after all.

  25. @TrueUSAPatriots

    Your thought process reminds me of a story about a psychiatrist who had a patient who insisted that he was dead. One day, the psychiatrist stood him before a mirror and made him repeat endless, "Dead men do not bleed, dead men do not bleed." After 12 hours, the psychiatrist took the guy aside, stuck a needle in his finger and made a small drop of blood emerge. "What does that tell you?" the doctor asked.

    "Ahah!" the man exclaimed, "So dead men DO bleed!"

  26. These Republicans wanna play rough – by ramming my car with a fucking bumper sticker ?! YOU'RE A DEAD MAN! FUCK A FELONY !

  27. if something like the another civil war happens again we would be screwed, there would be more than 2 factions frst off, and it would leave us extremely vunerable to attack. if china wants alaska it would be poorly defended. it would be down to the faction that has the most power technoloicaly and in numbers. basicaly the US would be in deep shit.

  28. What was the old saying about the larger the car, the small the… the… heh-heh.

    That's why I don't vote Republican anymore.

  29. @hennaert As pundit H.L. Mencken once wrote, "No one has ever gone broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American people."

  30. @KGBspartan4 TEA Party incidents, racial epithets and threats shouted at legislators, bricks thrown through Democratic Party offices, Christian militias plotting to kill policemen and then to ambush the funeral processions, plots to assassinate the President, home of legislators vandalized, the steady drumbeat of right wing extremist propaganda from Fox News and Freeper websites — the message here is that we cannot be complacent. We need to get out the liberal vote in 2010. Re-elect Obama 2012.

  31. @dfrutled Texas has no legal right to secede from the US — what it DOES have is the right to split up into 3 or 4 smaller states. In talking about secession from the US and armed rebellion against the US, Texas Governor Rick Perry was in effect guilty of sedition, but no one actually takes him seriously enough to care about anything that he says or does.

  32. @freein2339 You do realize that calling the GOP "Nazis" is ironic since the Nazi party was clearly supportive of a socialist state.

    And before denouncing me as a right-winger, I will state that I have been an independent for most of my voting years.

  33. @RackedRabbi The GOP remind me of nazis…they are nothing but racist scum and they should all be voted out of office…what have they done for the country in the last 30 years…??? Nothing but try their best to fuck it up…

  34. @RackedRabbi The Nazis were not socialists, they were FASCISTS. Calling the Nazis because they used the word in their party name is like calling the White Supremacists "nationalists" because they use the word "nation" or "nationalist" in their organizational names (e.g., White NATIONALIST Movement, NATIONALIST Coalition, NATIONAL Alliance). The key is not what they called themselves, but what their political philosophy was. The Nazis were not socialists. Ask Krupp, I.G. Farben and Mercedes-Benz.

  35. is there not laws against inciting hate, is there not laws against propaganda,you cannot see bare breasts on american tv there would be uproar……….you would want to get your values straight

  36. Obama knew somebody cured of being a homosexual! The book Obama:Why Black America Shoudl Have Doubts show this of him! Also, call 1-888-264-0877 for a genuine homosexual cure!

  37. @Bestmanme08 Plus,a book called Ted kennedy: The Early Years shows that Obama got Kennedy help in getting elected!

  38. @MrSafetymeeting whats so rasist about hating obama, i dont hate obama, but i think what you made was also a rasist comment.

  39. Cenk is correct: Rethugs are addicted to power. But ramming a man and his ten year old daughter? Typical murderous Tea-Bagger! With Glenn Beck urging the weak minded on, to "eliminate all liberals." Conservatives always seek to lay their twisted agenda and immoral values on everyone else. 30 years they had control of the White House and Congress and what did they achieve? A destroyed economy! Repukes are Shameless!

    My bumper sticker says: Jail Bush and Company for War Crimes!

  40. Even though the federal reserve and Obama and company are probley going to bankrupt the dollar, and probley make gold go so high that the average person wont be able to afford it anymore, people need to filter there anger in means that dont hurt others that dude is crazy.

  41. What he did was Wrong, but your an Idiot. The Young Turks is the most Moronic Video I have ever seen on YouTube to date.

  42. Felony reckless endangerment.
    The guy is gonna spend the next couple years getting fucked up the ass in Jail over a bumper sticker.

  43. This nut could have killed the man and his daughter. Is there a crime for intentionally putting someone's life at risk?

  44. @sds7508 "There shouldn't be Freedom from Religion", WTF???

    Your statement says it all, "Freedom from Religion", with "Freedom" being the key word.
    (Freedom and Religion are actually antonyms and at odds with each other.)

    As long as a person subscribes to any religion, then they are intellectual prisoners to that faith and will blindly ignore the truth if it clashes with their religion.
    Religions are also by nature descriminatory because they promote a "US" and "THEM" culture.

  45. @sds7508 Right, they were hypocrites. Our forefathers did many, many great things, and built an idea for a country that was grand. But in practice, it was hypocritical. They were slave owners who wanted to be free. So I'm not surprised that they would do the things you mentioned, despite the First Amendment. Regardless, I've always found it amusing when people say this is a Christian nation when only 2 of the commandments are actually law.

  46. @sds7508, nordy2010 I don't think so. I'm hearing a lot of vague language. "Many" did this, "many" did that… SDS is like a FOX news anchor. He just seems to be telling his version of things without really researching or studying what he's saying.

  47. The guy that got "rammed" looked like a straight up communist in "democrat" clothing. As are a whole lot of em. I see those camps filling up soon. While the Khazar elites laugh all the way to their offshore banks whilst the divisions that they fomented keep the public eye off of them. I must question anyone who thinks that America should be disarmed. And may they not be counted among our number when all's said and done.

  48. @cliquehop What in the HELLL are you talking about? To what do you refer? And I fulfilled my obligation as a U.S. Navy Corpsman. How bout you?

  49. Sounds like someone had been listening too much to Heil-Hannity and Rush. They're all just politicians…do you really think a politician is worth a felony??? Imagine if the 10 yr old girl had been injured???

  50. @StrictlyBizo
    good point!!! problem is, liberal extremists like obama's party don't want civilians to own guns, so if some nut-job breaks into your house in the middle of the night wanting to shoot up your family, you are defenseless! Thank God I live in Texas… we ALL have guns 😉

  51. @aspra9
    Its funny to me how people think that if you take away the right to own guns, bad guys won't have them anymore… hahaha!! If you take away that right, guess what, only LAW ABIDING CITIZENS don't have guns anymore… I don't think the criminals out there will care what the laws on guns are, or any laws for the matter (that is why they are criminals). Wow, see how that works??

  52. @MrSafetymeeting
    at least you finally removed your ignorant comment… wised up since last year I guess!!
    Oh yeah, SUCK IT! hahahaha

  53. @MrSafetymeeting
    For your information, "suck it" is one of the most empowering statements a person can make. For example, if you had said "Obama-haters are ignorant racists…SUCK IT", I would have thought, "Wow, this guy makes a valid point." But you left out the "suck it", so instead I just thought, "This guy is a real dipshit." You should try using it next time you are on youtube running your political campaign.

    And one more thing – SUCK IT

  54. @NETWizzJbirk

    You prefer buying them for the banks and giving their employees more bonuses after they've crashed the economy.

  55. @CHTWillCome723
    Your opinions are as usefull as a dog shitting on a sidewalk. Why don't you go troll somewhere else and stop using our precious cyberspace and polluting the comments with useless dribble of hate and insanity?

  56. This guys fucking stupid. Granted the guy should have never hit him. But that doesn't make this liberal waste of space and smarter. Kind of funny tho. He must have went to public school so I guess its not his fault, but global warming is. Lmao @ jack offs like this.

  57. Where is the publicity about the video I saw from the DNC where a delegate said, on camera, that she would like to "Kill Romney!" Of course, that won't get any press because the mainstream media is humping obama's leg worse than Clinton on Lewinsky.

  58. Democrats can be pretty god damn stupid as well but you're right, Republicans take it to a whole 'nother level.

  59. Funny, I know a lot of African Americans that honestly had no clue if Obama was a Democrat, a Republican, etc. only that he was black and that's why they voted for him. Simply because they thought he was black. Both parties have idiots in them, you have shown which side of idiots you belong to. To think that either party tells you the truth is just idiotic.

  60. I don't see why you should put political bumper stickers on your cars in the first place, why does everyone need to know your business, thats why they have private voting tents.

  61. What a fuck TYT, I know your secrets. Bunch of stupid socialists. Just watch soon when you haters gonna get rammed in your asses.

  62. The car had an Obama bumper sticker, the other driver should have shot the idiot with the sticker. Anybody stupid enough to support Obama doesn't have the right to live. Exterminate them all.

  63. What an idiot this guy is with the Obama bumper sticker on his car how does he feel now 6 years in and about 75% of the are the people say the country's going in the wrong direction I happen to agree with them I feel sorry for this guy's daughter she had to ride in the car with this idiot to Harry the guy that ran into him thank you sir Harry is a great American in my opinion

  64. When the conservatives lose the turn to other means to try to gain power. Wise words Cenk. You should see the threats of civil war I'm getting now that Bernie is running on his second term. These are wild days. I wonder what you would have thought about our current circumstance back when this video was made.

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