Man Kicked Out Of Six Flags For Tattoo & Jewelery

aninha dallas texas was had denied entrance
into a six flags because of his jewelery and because of his tack to we have a video that
looks played what his jury was and what is texas showed uh… and then will discuss whether
dot six flags was uh… making a good decision by a not allowing him
in his life center but let’s let’s find out how did your sister religious lives in texas turned away and that
is why because of his jewelry and one of his captives either stevia mister i’m very things
that affect you shows a woman from the waist op with nothing on for starbucks for severe as a weapon to rescue
santosh and three eighths for me is the former senator danforth and cambodia says he was embarrassed when six
flagstaff members and security would not allow him in the park unless he left his jewelry
with security jewelry that included handcuffs that’s not all one of those female workers arson what about a statue that continues only half you know that’s that’s kind of this approval
referred to you can’t you know he he got a cover letter as well
as per cent per six flags did not want to talk on camera but she says mr thought it
was not allowed inside the park because of pat still was inappropriate a statement from
sharon parker at six flags over texas says we ask that all this and i’m marco to conduct
policy which requires that proper attire be warning all times anything with regard to pull their offensive
language or any other graphics deemed not family friendly is prohibited guest in violation
are permitted to stay in the park as long as they cover up inappropriate attire do conservatism on by sort of its value don’t subscribe to it was just lazy reporting
interviews and interview different certainly occurrence of
the tests yahoo because this person have a problem with
it in thing kids are going to see this if not i feel artillery machine for too much sofian asap fox four news the kids are going to look at is that too the realtor the wife state however is hot man you notice that yeah
later they got a bigger screenshot auto show you a a uh… that you know shows a little better
and uses chained to you now is to say without his chances like this
big like you know what you don’t get the audience to come in with their the big chain elicit and uh… you know and and the door anyway uh… their respective his abilities
that are funny about this so you could imagine a and look at his arm for t_v_ they put a band aid on all my god
i didn’t even notice that of faith so that you wouldn’t that get offended
by saying that the boobs of attach hereto my god took this
story has to be has written all over hooked up to date but hardly looks and get it done it man nicely
done with a girlfriend are done little to suspend addicted so uh… is here’s our breaks
down uh… if he is a season pass right right so they make you cannot i’ve been really pets
right but they interviewed him for a long time on that uh… channel that at the end
of the interview that i got so you don’t see spicer so i’d like it too much of about here that’s amazing that depends stands really brought a lot of principle there yeah bottle and died of aids and let him in really yeah written on line i really am life because those
are can’t cut bracelets we’re super pensive and i would be appropriate for a lot left
but you know i said but so far so use it

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