Man Kicked Out Of Six Flags For Tattoo & Jewelery

Man Kicked Out Of Six Flags For Tattoo & Jewelery

aninha dallas texas was had denied entrance
into a six flags because of his jewelery and because of his tack to we have a video that
looks played what his jury was and what is texas showed uh… and then will discuss whether
dot six flags was uh… making a good decision by a not allowing him
in his life center but let’s let’s find out how did your sister religious lives in texas turned away and that
is why because of his jewelry and one of his captives either stevia mister i’m very things
that affect you shows a woman from the waist op with nothing on for starbucks for severe as a weapon to rescue
santosh and three eighths for me is the former senator danforth and cambodia says he was embarrassed when six
flagstaff members and security would not allow him in the park unless he left his jewelry
with security jewelry that included handcuffs that’s not all one of those female workers arson what about a statue that continues only half you know that’s that’s kind of this approval
referred to you can’t you know he he got a cover letter as well
as per cent per six flags did not want to talk on camera but she says mr thought it
was not allowed inside the park because of pat still was inappropriate a statement from
sharon parker at six flags over texas says we ask that all this and i’m marco to conduct
policy which requires that proper attire be warning all times anything with regard to pull their offensive
language or any other graphics deemed not family friendly is prohibited guest in violation
are permitted to stay in the park as long as they cover up inappropriate attire do conservatism on by sort of its value don’t subscribe to it was just lazy reporting
interviews and interview different certainly occurrence of
the tests yahoo because this person have a problem with
it in thing kids are going to see this if not i feel artillery machine for too much sofian asap fox four news the kids are going to look at is that too the realtor the wife state however is hot man you notice that yeah
later they got a bigger screenshot auto show you a a uh… that you know shows a little better
and uses chained to you now is to say without his chances like this
big like you know what you don’t get the audience to come in with their the big chain elicit and uh… you know and and the door anyway uh… their respective his abilities
that are funny about this so you could imagine a and look at his arm for t_v_ they put a band aid on all my god
i didn’t even notice that of faith so that you wouldn’t that get offended
by saying that the boobs of attach hereto my god took this
story has to be has written all over hooked up to date but hardly looks and get it done it man nicely
done with a girlfriend are done little to suspend addicted so uh… is here’s our breaks
down uh… if he is a season pass right right so they make you cannot i’ve been really pets
right but they interviewed him for a long time on that uh… channel that at the end
of the interview that i got so you don’t see spicer so i’d like it too much of about here that’s amazing that depends stands really brought a lot of principle there yeah bottle and died of aids and let him in really yeah written on line i really am life because those
are can’t cut bracelets we’re super pensive and i would be appropriate for a lot left
but you know i said but so far so use it

100 thoughts on “Man Kicked Out Of Six Flags For Tattoo & Jewelery

  1. @superfish812 Judging from your immaturity of your comment, I'd say that you don't have any children, a Brain, or God in your life. I feel sorry for your children if and when you do have them. How are you going to protect them? It's amazing what people are willing to expose their children too and then wonder why kids these days are BAD. *shakes head* Shameful!

  2. @IAmJoesProfile It's not a big deal to expose your chilren to indecent tatoos? Look if Six Flags allow this exception, then who knows what other nonsense people will bring into these family fun attractions for children to see. All I'm saying is if you feel it's ok for YOUR child to see indecency, then that's YOUR decision. You can't apply YOUR decision to everyone else universally. Not every parent agrees with you. It's amazing what people allow their children to be exposed to these days.

  3. @erickadw1 I dont see how a human body can be damaging to anyone. The tattoo did not depict a sexual act, or gratuitous violence. Breasts will not harm a child. I dont see why people feel the need to demonize the human form.

  4. I'd be embarrassed too if I looked like a moron with all that stupid shit on my body. You only have one life and you should be happy with what you have. Sorry, people, theres no afterlife.

  5. @Fredericks3214
    I have a better idea! Let's have a fight between you and I? You can use a pen, watch and cell phone, I'll use a steel chain with a lock on the end and a pair of handcuffs. The only debate now is how retarded are you, either your argument is stupid and you won't agree to the fight or you are truly an idiot and believe that a plastic cell phone and a pen is going to save you from the ass whipping you are about to get.

  6. @IAmJoesProfile Sir your opinion is YOUR opinion, but not every parent agrees with you. Think of the controversy of Alanis Morres… and Erykah Badu (if that's how u spell their names) walking down or stand in the street BUTT NAKED for all the world to see. Some call it ART, but others call it indecent exposure. There's always controversy over these matters you see? But you're more than welcome to your own opinion. All I'm saying is that we should not attempt to apply it universily.

  7. @erickadw1 I just think that as a culture we need to mature past this childish stage of self-hatred when it comes to our bodies. Its just absurd. I have never seen any type of rational reason for humanity's fear of naked bodies.

  8. @WyrmPrince People say, "dont be judgmental". Eventually, you will be sorry if you cant judge people. That guy is a low class piece of crap. Ooops, I`m being judgmental.

  9. @UndeadLight Young girls are stupid. Come back a few years from now, after she has a kid, and the piece of dung has left her. Then, an older, fat, more responsible lech like me will seem like Sir Lancelot, because I actually can buy groceries without filling bags with beer cans first. I know, that has got me laid for 4 decades with women 6 times better looking, and way younger than me. I`m not "cool" either.

  10. @jagarujimbo Thanks, a good comment. Yes, he can be refused. I refused jerks with T- shirts that say shit, or other things I deemed inappropriate for 36 years. Just be consistent.

  11. @billytinkler The arguement I was giving with my example was that letting children be exposed to nudity & sex from an early age won't cause them any psychological damages (i.e. temptation to have sex from an early age; that is 1 of the reasons why children aren't allowed to watch movies above pg, etc ). What this does is insult children's intelligences, creates unnecessary taboos (esp. from natural things),creates a reverse-psychology effect & peaks their interests in an unhealthy matter.

  12. @billytinkler I don't lack "necessary understanding of…. our culture", where are you getting this from? I know the way many parents here think, and the techniques they use for raising their children, but this is something new. From the 1970s down many children were exposed to sex and nudity from an early age. It was not until the Regan era that parents and society (in public) became uptight.

  13. @billytinkler Oh, and don't pitty my sex knowlege, I might of been exposed to sex in movies but around age 6 I got a biology book and read all on the reproductive system and later on I learned more about different types of sex, etc etc. . Seriously, if you believe movies were my only way of getting a sex education then you're very foolish. I also love the example movie you use which was way after my child hood. I see that it was in YOUR childhood though. Pretty recent,

  14. @billytinkler "we dont have dumbasses telling us that by watching pg 13 (we call it 14A) well get temptation for underage sex."

    I guess you don't know how to read or read what you want to read. I said "children", that is not pre-teens, if it were I would of had said pre-teens. Pre-teens watching pg-13 movies are just fine by most american parents to watch Pg-13 movies, but they believe 1 of the downsides of CHILDREN watching movies over PG is temptation from an early agem that's under 12.

  15. @billytinkler "oversexualization of ignorant 12 year old"
    With so many artists and programs telling them NOT to have sex and to be conservative in life? People like the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Twilight, and Jordan Sparks have been promoting to kids and young-preteens abstinence and "purity" but what is is creating is an increasing amount of "technical virgins". They are told not to have sex so they do sexual activities while staying "tech. virgins". Again, reverse psychology.

  16. @superfish812 How is this man's freedom being denied? This man signed a contract agreeing to the terms of conduct policies of Six Flags. He made a promise to abide by the rules of this place of business. Six Flags has every RIGHT to enforce their conduct policies. You the consumer have the RIGHT to NOTgo to Six Flags (U and your kids) if you feel that you do not agree with the terms of their policies. Hence, your freedom ends where the next person's freedom begins.

  17. @superfish812 Please do NOT take HIS name in vain. Funny, I take it that you don't read your bible? because the good book does say that we can test, question, and show people the error of their way. How else will they know that they are wrong if no one tells or show them the error of their way? That is the art of TEACHING, NOT judging. You just can't be hypocritical in your teaching. This is a common modern misunderstanding of the Holy Bible.

  18. @billytinkler No one here is talking about either one teaching "sex education", I'm talking about the EXPOSURE of sex. Seriously, learn to read.

  19. @nictse500 that is besides the point again i ask WHAT will happen to the children when they see a pair of naked breast.

  20. @billytinkler "watching R movies is the solution"

    When did I say that? The example I used was how IIIII, me, myself, and my siblings were personally first introduced to sex, then we got a biology book to explain the rest when I was around age 6. My point was "BEING EXPOSED TO SEX IN AN EARLY AGE" It doesnt matter HOW, it matters WHEN. Read my comments, I have said this a billion times already. I don't get why you keep missing my point and my arguement. I cannot keep repeating it.

  21. @billytinkler Being introduced to sex from an early age creates a reverse-psychology effect to children and actually gives them knowlege early on in life (especially when being many years apart from reaching puberty) on the do's and don'ts when it comes to sex. I'm speaking from expirience here, unlike you. You haven't proven anything but that you don't follow a conversation.

  22. @lostchild06 comprehensive sex education is given to children way too late. By the time are given these classes, they are already hitting puberty (meaning their hormones are already giving them the urge to have sex in the 1st place), their minds are stuffed by their peers with myths related to sex, all of this making them curious & leading them to take action. In kids many countries like in Japan their are introduced to sex from an early age causing them to push the age they start having sex,etc

  23. @limoguy333 actaully thats a very good point. but there is a different between smoking a joint, and walking around with a topless chick on your arm, and chains when you already look so scary in front of kids. it shouldnt be based on law, and shit but common sense. thats why i think the guy is a fucking wierdo.

  24. America is way to obsessed with censoring. Its all about the chidren, keep the children safe, dont destroy thier fragile little minds. Thats one thing thats wrong with america, to much censoring. If you or your kids dont want to see it, dont look. Its that simple, get over it.

  25. @superfish812 Don't you think the word Judge have multiple definitions? Refer to webster.

    AND Please read your bible


  27. @superfish812 Sir/Miss I am not about to spend the rest of my life debating this issue with you. I have bigger fish to fry okay? Best wishes to you and your family! 🙂

  28. @BananaHurricane Be careful what you say, or you might utter something that is so horribly offensive that God is going to turn over in his grave. xD

  29. @superfish812 Sir/Miss I really didn't want to have to bring it to you, but you asked for it (FACTS):

    Galatians 2:11,
    Matthew 23:27

  30. @billytinkler "temptation" was ONE of the reasons I said were the benefit. I named many other benefits, and many other ways on how I got educated in sex (I did mention the biology book, but you like ignoring it, I guess bashing your head against the wall also made you forget that). Our culture right now is uptight and has been proven wrong by not only other countries, but by parents living here who have taken other countries as examples when raising their children (such as my parents).

  31. @billytinkler And again I speak from expirience, and have even given examples that have worked outside of my own expirience. Where do you speak out from? What gives you credit? Nothing so far. You opinion is respected but it hold no water in this conversation.

  32. @billytinkler And now you use argumentum ad hominem? Yeah, you just lost the little credibility you had. Really? You call me retarded when you're the one who keeps missing the point. My point was never that EVERY CHILD should watch Rated R movies and that EVERY CHILD should get sex education from them, my main point that you always miss was the exposure of sex from an early age. I used rated r movies and biology books as an example from my own personal expirience.

  33. @billytinkler This is the last time I'll explain this to you. From my own personal expirience and my siblings personal expiriences when we were children and already knew about sex from rated R movies and a biology book we grew up knowing about the myths that were going to be given to us by our own peers ahead of time 1 ex: "I heard that the first time you do it you don't get pregnant…I wanna see if it's true" (this was at around ages 11-12)…. (cont.)

  34. @lostchild06 They got the talk about "the birds and the bees" around those ages and only really knew the basics of sex ( how the reproductive system works, etc). They never learned of myths they would get around such as "if we have sex it will make us closer and make you a better gf" (that one I saw in a scary movie I was watching and guess what? Those are actually used, as dumb as it sounds). "I don't like using condoms" (bf says to a girl from a drama movie where the girl ends up pregnant)

  35. @lostchild06 Now I'm not saying this is what everyone should do to children, to make movies be their sources of information but what it what happened to me persoanlly and my siblings. We did learn other things from the biology books though. A lot on the real definitions of sex etc (like now 70% of teens and preteens don't think oral sex is real sex so they still do it without protection). I think ever since kinder garden there should be a sex ed. section when teaching science, it will help(cont)

  36. @lostchild06 I mean I know people in my university where their first exposure of sex was "living in a farm". Meaning their animals had sex so they knew of sex way before they got "the talk" or sex ed. class in middle school. But as it happened with me and my siblings they didn't fall for the myths, they didn't gain any curiosity because it was always there.

  37. who cares if the kids see it anyways? it's not like they've never been nude before, and kids bathe with their parents when they are very young, should they cover themselves up now too?

  38. It really makes me wonder why people aren't affected by all the nudity portrayed in "classical" art.

  39. Yeah, why not let 'em ALL in. So what if the next illustrated assclown has a tat of a chick giving a blowjob…..

    As for his wife, she must be both blind and without a sense of smell.

  40. LOL WTF
    the young turks block out the same tattoo that six flag objects too
    Hypocritical to the m ax
    to fuking funny

  41. not quite 15 minutes but this is great exposure for this young man and his lil woman
    to me if youre going to put art on youre self youre still going to have to follow the same rules as everybody else thats what good people do it THE U S A

  42. really six flags? why are they such prudes? it's just boobs. now if he had a tattoo showing vagina then we'll talk but boobs aren't that offensive and kids aren't going to be scarred if they see them. and what was wrong with the jewelry? okay it's handcuffs…your point? i hate it when people make a spectacle of NOTHING.

  43. I don't understand why breasts are not kid friendly. Almost every kid spends the first part of being a kid feed from them. Kids don't look at breasts as a sexual thing. At least not until about puberty. When I was a kid I never thought of a womans chest as anything sexual. I just saw it as another thing that was different between men and women. I think society needs to stop this BS of demonising body parts.

  44. Hey, this is a private park. They can set whatever admission policies they want. People wear all sorts of inappropriate things and people tattoo all sorts of inappropriate things on their bodies — and it's up to the park management to decide what's appropriate for them. If they don't want your business — they lose your business.

    You may have the right to free speech, but you don't have the right to go to Six Flags.

  45. @InuKag4eva also there are families at beaches were a lot of women are topless, nobody cares, and no child got psychological problems, just grow up.

  46. @InuKag4eva Yes and look at their spiritual state!~Major Fail for most of Europe that advocates such things~

  47. Btw TITS are NOT family appropriate..attention seekers making freedom fighting look petty…part of the PLAN

  48. In Venezuela at the hotel I was staying at there were two large pools one on the north side one on the south side. On the second day I checked out the second pool only to see everything and I mean everything men, women and children and not just topless but bottomless too. It felt weird but I know that feeling was due to my upbringing and the truth was there is nothing wrong with naked bodies.

    Cheers Christine

  49. don't blame white people for this, it's the company's policy and wether we're offended or not, isn't the issue, it's a family friendly park, you wouldn't want to go to disney and see a guy with a naked woman displayed or vulgar language, personally i'm not offended, but it's a place where parents can bring their kids that doesn't sound questionable. and btw once again, not a question of race cause alot of diffrent races enjoy and work at six flags, so do your research before accusing six flags.

  50. yeah white people are the only ones who work for six flags right? WRONG!!!! ding! ding! there are lots of ethnic families and employees who either work for six flags or go there and they don't have problems.

  51. how are breasts harmful you moron? yes he has a right to have that tatt, but since he was going to a kid-friendly place he should cover it up, that would be like somebody walking in with a shirt that says f- this or f- that, it just shows his lack of intelligence for following the rules.

  52. it's not a question of wether itdamaged anyone, but you wouldn't walk into a theme park naked i hope, it's just not appropiate for a family- friendly enviroment he 's pretending to be a victim but he just didn't wanna follow the park's poilicy.

  53. six flags over texas is for teens and kids and adult s that what to play there but why do you have that tatto when it a kids park

  54. I dont think Six Flags was in the wrong. It is family friendly. His tattoo is not. Dont get me wrong, I am not offended by his tatt or jewelry, but people with kids are. Just cover it up, leave your jewelry at home, and save it for later. Its a day at a theme park, not a day at the runway.

  55. I agree, kids need to be taught to appreciate the female body instead of it just being a vulgar/slutty thing to show.

  56. Man, I couldn't get to sleep because of this. I tossed and turned all night wondering what was on his arm. Can I sue six flags for this damage they have caused me?

  57. I've gone to six flags for the past 13 years and its not that family friendly they beer and all this other kind of stuff this is stupid

  58. The staff could have made the short jaunt over to the medical station, grabbed a few sterile bandages and medical tape, and given it to him. PROBLEM SOLVED.

    Personally I don't give a fuck what people do, I don't have kids but if I did and they saw a tat like that and asked me about it, I'd tell them straight up what it was.

  59. what's inappropriate is the commentator dude commenting on the tattooed mans wife. How are boobs inappropriate? i bet a lot of the mums walk around with low cut tops on and stuff. stupid censorships of the human from the Americans here.

  60. plus most kids see the real thing in the changing rooms, even lil boys see real nude women because they often go with mom to change, it wasnt over sexual or showing masturbation or sex or an erection it was just a nude form which kids see anyway if you can show it in national geographic you can show it

  61. i was just thinking that, if you go around uk you get nude scupltures in peoples front yard, you get it in the sculpture on old buildings and faux classical statues like in shopping malls, theres a placed called bluewater, massive shopping mall in the south east, its got naked female statues with nipples as you go near the movie theatre, no one even considers that might be a problem to people, they have nipples on the very life life mannequins in shop windows

  62. I don't understand the jewelry issue, but I really do understand the point of view when it comes to the bare fronted woman tattoo. Unfortunately they do have a code of conduct that has to be abided to be allowed in and personally I do agree with having to cover up the bare chest. Seriously a sharpie scribbled over the tits would have satisfied me, solely based on the fact that this is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY park, and tons and tons of children are there. 

  63. I actually understand the park's reasoning, and I think they're right. They wouldn't let you in with a t-shirt depicting nudity, so why would they let you in with that tattoo? They've made a decision that they want to be a family-friendly place, and if you're not ok with the dress code, don't go there. I don't understand the big deal about the jewelry though- they were just stupid, but not offensive.

  64. I wonder how this park would feel is someone came in with a tattoo of a large breasted man instead.

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