Making a Witch’s Hex Bag Halloween Prop inspired by Marianne

Making a Witch’s Hex Bag Halloween Prop inspired by Marianne

Hey guys, welcome back to limbo. As you can see, we’re not doing your normal
SFX which make we are going to be building a hex bag prop for Halloween. The hex bag is inspired by the hex bag from
Marianne on Netflix. If you have not seen that show, I’d definitely
recommend watching it. [inaudible]
now onto making the hex Halloween prop. Start by taking some liquid latex and pour
it onto the flat surface. I’m using a plate but you can use any flat
surface or container that you have available. Pretty much the plate is what I had available. My other option was a bowl. Once your latex is completely dry, then powder
it down when you powder it. That made sure that the latex does not stick
to itself. Once the top is powdered down, then find an
edge and peel it off and powdered the bottom side so it does not stick to it’s self it
will take a minute to powder and peel, so be patient where you might rip the hex bag
and that won’t be good. The edges can be a little rough and that will
be completely fine. When you get your soon to be witches hex bag,
all powdered down decide on the side, you want to be the outside and which side you
want to be the inside of your hex bag. Flip to the side that you want to be the inside
fleshy part of your witch bag. I started off with the lightest skin tone
from the Mehron tattoo wheel. If you do not have the wheel, you can use
white cream paint with a little bit of foundation or you can find the link to that wheel in
the description where you can get it. Once you have the base coats somewhat laid
down, then take some red, blue and a little bit of yellow and blend that into the skin
tone and continue blending all of that into the latex. It will take a minute to blend all of this
out so while you wait, consider clicking that subscribe button to join the limbo community. We post videos making Halloween pops and sfx
effects makeup videos and more. Now once that’s done, powder it down. So now I’m taking different shades of foundation
to try to match my reference photos of the Halloween prop, witch hex bag do the same
thing like other side and blend it out to the edges of the latex. This side takes a long time to blend out. So comment down below what you want to be
for Halloween. It’s time to repeat the same process that
we did to the other side. Powder it down. When you finish with that, take the latex
circle and cut it into a smaller square shape. It doesn’t have to be a perfect square, so
if you do not cut a perfect square, do not worry about it. I didn’t cut a perfect square and in the reference
photo, it’s sort of not a perfect square. After cutting out the witch hex bag, take
some red paint and paint around the edges of the hex bag square. This is that. There will be a little bit of redness around
the area. The skin was cut off because in Marianne,
the Netflix show, the hex bag is made out of human skin. I added some scab, blood and dabbed it all
around the fleshy side. Once I finished that, I added some yarn because
I did not have anything resembling hair. Besides that, if you have a wig or a dead
body, you can use that. Okay, maybe not that body, but you get the
point. I think next I added some fake teeth and sprinkled
some fake blood all around that. Now wrapping up the witch hex bag is a little
tricky. I find it helpful if you use a rubber band
for this process, take a corner and start by pinching the two sides in the middle of
that together. You may need to give it more than one shot
because it will slip and slide when you managed to get it all together, slide the rubber band
over it, squeezing all of your hex bag together. When you get the hex bag wrapped up in the
rubber band, take some yarn or string and wrap it around the bag and tie it closed. Then take off the rubber band. Once it’s close your witch hex bag is completely
finished, you just completed a Halloween prop. The hex bag is great for you as effects, which
makeup and costume. Don’t forget to subscribe and like this video
and, and I’ll see ya.

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  1. thanks for this video my guy, my sister was going to be a witch and this will defiantly complement her witch makeup for halloween.

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