Magical Pencil – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Magical Pencil – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

What is the matter big brother? Are you sick? No, I am not sick but I am hungry since last four days. Come on, we will feed you. I am not the only hungry one here, my wife and my children are also hungry since many days. Bir brother, we don’t have much money, but take this. With this you and your family can eat enough food at least for a day. You both have a big and lovely heart, I am very happy to meet you, take this. I wanted to give this pencil to a person like you only. This pencil? This is not an ordinary pencil; you can help others by using this pencil. Whatever you will draw with this pencil will become real. So why do you want to give this pencil to us? Because I know that you both are good humans and always help others. Now I should leave. Long live!! Motu, this poor man without a blanket is shivering because of cold. Please draw a house for him. Ok, right away. Get up, from today you will stay in this house. Whose house is this? Is it yours? But few minutes back it wasn’t there. How did it appear suddenly? Who are you? A ghost? A ghost!!! help me. Hey! Wait! They are not ghosts but they can’t be even humans. How can a human build a house in a jiffy? Who are they? Oh yes! Now I am sure that they are jinn. Now they are my slave, wow! Now it’s going to be fun. I will make them do whatever I want to do. What are you blabbering big brother? You have built a house for me, now get me a car too. For that you need to work hard and earn it. Shut up. I start sweating by hearing the word hard work. Get me a car soon, and now bring me sweets to eat. Then 100 pairs of shoes, a gold watch studded with diamonds, an expensive suit, imported. Big boxes full of gold, silver, pearls, diamonds and. According to me, first you need something else. Help!! Hey Patlu, have we opened a cheap government grocery shop in our house? No. So is the electricity bill being collected in our house? Not at all. Hey Motu, why are you speaking rubbish early morning? There is nothing like that in our house. Then why is there a long line here? Hey Motu Patlu, you people are helping others and for that, I thank you. Yes, this is the reason why we are here, we have prepared a list of our demands. So now, don’t delay any further, check our lists fast and fulfill our demands, we don’t have much time to waste. Fulfill our demands!! Open the door!! Where have they gone!! Motu Patlu, you can’t run away like this. We won’t leave you. We won’t leave you. Hey, I need money desperately. Give me money and go. And build a house for me right now. They are talking to us as if we have taken a loan from them. Now let’s leave this place as soon as possible. Boss, look at this and draw. Dr. Jhatka, John goons are running away, please get a flying car as soon as possible. Bye bye Motu Patlu, we are going. To catch us is not only difficult but also next to impossible. Stop!! Stop in the name of law, stop in the name of mother India, stop in the name of India. Stop, surrender yourselves. It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, just impossible. No good talking to them, have to teach them a lesson. Motu Patlu, today John has a reply to all your tricks. Oh God!! What is this? Everything has become wet now, how will I draw? Now you don’t need to draw anything John, now we will draw. And that too by punching on your faces. Oh my lord!! What are you doing John? I have never been beaten up like this in my twenty years experience. No worries Ghasitaram, few things in life happen for the first time. Hey Chingam sir, what are you doing? Even my hands will slip. Oh my god!! Don’t leave Motu, in the name of law, in the name of mother India, in the name of India, don’t leave. Hey Motu, what are you doing? I am doing Bhangda dance. Oh my lord!!!! Here, our lives are at risk and you are doing Bhangda dance? Give it here!! No!! What happened? Whatever happened, happened for good, Pencil is gone, problem are gone. John now stop worrying about the pencil. You should worry about yourself as you are falling down. Even you are falling down. Chingam sir, help!! Wow! Excellent! John has posed well, haha!!!

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  1. gay hooooooooooooooooooooooo. hahahahahah. khekhekhekhe

    very nice cartoon i like itπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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