Mabel Goes Heel Shopping, Has ‘High Expectations’ | Heel Hunters | Harper’s BAZAAR

Mabel Goes Heel Shopping, Has ‘High Expectations’ | Heel Hunters | Harper’s BAZAAR

(Hip instrumental music) – Hey guys, it’s Chrissy
Rutherford from, we are in Neiman Marcus today, the first Neiman Marcus in
New York City at Hudson Yards, and I’m super excited because
we’re meeting up with Mabel, she’s an up-and-coming artist, I’m obsessed with her so you
should be obsessed with her, and we’re gonna go meet her right now. (upbeat techno music) (upbeat techno music) (upbeat techno music) Hey Mabel. – Hey. – I’m so excited to see you,
– Same! – I feel like you’ve been blowing up, I just caught your Fallon performance. – Aww, thank you. – What’s coming up next, what
are we shopping for today? – I have a little event tonight. – Okay. – And I’m feeling the outfit but I feel like we could just
you know, amp it up a bit, get rid of the sneakers, put a little shoe on, a heel on. – Elevate it a little bit. – Yeah, I think we should do that. – Okay, I think we can
find some shoes for you. – Let’s do it! (hip instrumental music) – Okay I feel like I’ve been talking about this trend for so long. – Do you know what, I used to hate them, I’ve really just like
been dissing them a lot, and then actually like
literally yesterday, I was like mmm the black
ones are kinda cute! And I tried them on and
now I’m like mad into them, I think I’m gonna get these at some point. – I think they look so cool on, but I have big feet.
– They’re so chunky. – So I can’t do it. – And also it’s very rude that they put your shoe
size on the front (laughs). – It’s true, like why you
gotta do me like that? – Right? – Now how do you feel
about a classic pump? – I do love a classic
pump, but it’s not very me. Love a Manolo, very into it, but I’m like. – A little lady-like slingback? – I, this heel is the kitten
heel, it’s too low for me. I like the idea of this, but I think it’s like a
little bit too sophisticated. – Okay but what about these sparkly ones? – Okay they’re cute, this is more me. The heel I think is still low, so it would have to be like more like this heel height I think. – Yeah. Okay so here’s the deal for today. You can only try on six pairs, you’ll walk away with one, so you gotta choose wisely. – I think these are worth trying on. – Yes, for sure. All right, now how are you feeling about the logo trend lately? – I like the Fendi print, but I do feel like it’s on everything now. This, I cannot.
(laughing) It’s just very over for me, I feel like it’s been
going on for way too long, I actually can’t believe
that they’re still – People still love them!
(laughing) Were you wearing them at one point? – I have never worn Rockstuds. – Oh. – I actually, I’m happy to say. – We gotta talk about
these new Celine shoes. – See, I love Celine, it’s really classic but
I would never wear it. The heel is not for me.
– The heel is too small. – The heel is too small, it’s
like the shape of the heel, I’m not into it. – I kinda just wanna see
how you look in them. (squealing) – I don’t know, I don’t know. – So it’s a maybe. – I see something I love.
– I had a feeling. – Oh my God, these are so cute! – I mean they match your outfit! – They just look great with my outfit. I feel like it’s meant to be. These I definitely I have to try on. – Okay, I think I want you to try on these massive platforms. You said you want some height? You’re gonna get some height. – Exactly the opposite to the Celine, literally the opposite.
(laughing) I really like this shoe, I’m not sure if it goes with my outfit, but I feel like I need it in my life. – Okay. – So maybe we just make
it work with the outfit. – Yes. So do you remember your
first luxury shoe purchase? – I think it was probably
like the Celine slip-on, kind of like runner shoe that they had, remember they were like kinda knitted? – Mm-hmm. – I love those, I think I
had a couple pairs of those. – So you’d rather splurge on a
designer sneaker than a heel? – Just because, yeah
that’s just because like I know that I’m gonna get
more wear out of that I guess? – Right, yeah. – I do love a heel. I love a heel, but it’s like,
it’s not everyday for me. – Fair. How are you feeling
about this Western trend? – I actually, I’m into it, it’s not for this look obviously. – No, totally. – But I think you know, like that with like an
oversized jumper or something could be really cute. – So what are you normally
wearing when you’re performing? – Ooh, do you know, I
wear a thigh-high a lot. I feel like it gives me like stability. – Sexy, I like that. – I like a thigh-high on stage. – Yeah, well what about
these strappy sandals? – These are so sexy! I love these, these are so
cute, I’d love to try these. – Perfect. Let’s check out this Louboutin pop-up. – Ooh. – And what about these? – I love. Oh, they’re so cute!
– These could work. – Yes, these could definitely work. – With the nails.
– With the nail. – I think it would be
great with the outfit. So I think this is it. – Last pair? – Last pair, let’s do
it, these are the ones. – Okay let’s try ’em on. (hip instrumental music) Do you feel like you have a favorite? – I think I do. (laughs)
– I think you might. I’m like I think maybe these ones. I love the Loubs. – I like that these are
nude with the sparkle, I feel like that’s a cool look. – Yeah. Ooh, ooh! – So cute. – Cute right? – I love the utility pants,
but then you’ve got it still feeling feminine with
the feathers, the sparkles. – Right? Agree, very into those. – I feel like these shoes are so famous for like being the Carrie Bradshaw shoe, were you a Sex and the City fan? – I was, definitely.
(laughs) But yeah no, the heel
height for me is an issue. – I like the cool tone of the
metallics with the teal pants. – Yeah I mean I’m not mad at that. I just feel old.
(laughs) In the kitten heel. – The lower the heel, the older you feel? (laughs) – Basically. – Are these the kind of
shoes you could perform in? – No do you know what,
I have a weird thing, I don’t mind performing in a stiletto, but never an open toe. – Okay. – What do you think? – I mean these are hot. – But do they go with the outfit? That’s the thing, I love this shoe. – I think if you were gonna
do a different outfit, then I would be like get these and build your whole look
around them. (laughs) – Literally build the
look around the shoe? I think I’m gonna have to
get it at some point anyway. – I think that’s probably what, like a four and a half inch
heel, two inch platform? How tall are you? – I’m 5’2. – Okay.
– On a good day. These are like crazy because
my foot is so narrow. – You might break your ankle. – I’m gonna literally
fall over on my face, so I don’t think these are the ones, even though it’s a great shoe. – Are these the kind of shoes you think you will get
a lot of wear out of, or is it just a one-time
wear because you’re, yeah. – That’s the thing. They’re like great with the look, I’m not sure how much I would
wear them after the look. – Yeah, I feel like they
could also maybe get ruined, the feathers are hanging on the ground. – I know look the feathers
are on the ground. I’m not very practical
but like, even for me. – So is there anything you can tell us about your upcoming album? – Ooh, I’m so excited!
(laughs) Well, it took like two years to make. – Oh my God. – It was like a long process figuring out what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it,
– Yeah. but it’s finally coming August 2nd, it’s called High Expectations, I got a little neck tattoo. (laughs) (gasps) – Major! – So I’m just excited now, you know, I feel like yeah I’ve waited so long for people to hear what
I’ve been working on, so exciting times. – Well we can’t wait. The Celines. – Oh, no! – But they’re so cool,
this is fashion girl. – I mean.
– They look so cool though. – What?
– Yes. I wish they had a higher heel for you. – Yeah same, high heel. Do you know what, I’m
not mad at the print. – Yeah, the print is fun. – The print’s kinda cute, but I think that the actual shape of the shoe is terrible. – Is a no-go for you. (laughs) – It’s definitely a no. – So we gotta narrow it down
to like maybe two pairs. Which ones are your top favorites? – I think the Louboutins
and the Tom Fords. The Tom Ford is actually
probably my favorite shoe, but then I’m like does
it go with the look? – The Louboutins are
forever, but in a like, they’re for special occasions. – Yeah, exactly. – Whereas like you could wear the Tom Ford on any old like Saturday
night out with your girls. – Well I mean, these are really cute. But I feel like I’ll
use these more. (laughs) I love this shoe. What do, yeah I don’t
know, what do we think? – I mean, do the Tom Fords,
and then you can change. – I just, I’ll have to just change. – Yeah. Maybe you can switch up the pants. – Exactly. – For a mini-skirt or something. – We could do like a little skirt, or I could wear like a black top. – Yes. – I feel like it’s the Tom Fords. It has to be Tom Fords. I think it’s a very sexy shoe. I’m just gonna have to change my outfit. Like we said, it’s a statement shoe. – Yup. – Just wear something that just brings all focus to my
feet, basically. (laughs) – Yup. Yup. Yup. – These are the ones. I love the Tom Fords. – They’re major. – They’re very major. (hip instrumental music)

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    key words to take in count "artist" and "popular".

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