Loyal Ink Is Dead ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Loyal Ink Is Dead ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

I received a call. from the owner of
the building the management. that they want to have
a conversation, word? yeah. about? um he want to talk some
stuff out we can see what’s
going on. You know I mean I can give him
my piece he can give me his. And the best way.
That lease is for sale Me leaving the shop
and having been at this building for so long
I didn’t think that I would even be thinking
about coming back to this. Out of the blue. I get a call from the owner
of this building like aye man I ain’t really been too happy with the way things been going
since you’ve been gone. They feel like all of the
discrepancies between them and
myself. With me leaving. Will be forgiven if I was
willing to come back and take over the shop again. Have you talk to anybody
or they aint know you coming
over here why am I playing games with
kids. They don’t know nothing
about business. We talkin about
business. So that’s what im saying, you
gotta kick these (bleep) that lil (bleep) dead
The sign is still up
that’s a sign L.L.C. they bought the LLC
right. Twenty five dollars on paper
do it online They never even
really got a real lease. I guess management never even really felt
like they was for real. Yall proved them right. You know so at this point yall
time is up. You just don’t know
it yet Don’t nobody want to own this building that
have bull(bleep) going on in
here. If it ain’t going right.
you either put them people out or you have somebody else
take it back over I’m not mad at it bro
damn you snapped G Ran is stone cold
You just get to start expecting. I’m still going through the
process of opening a new shop and I honestly don’t even know
how things are going to shape out here today.
But lo and behold your boy Ran might be the owner
of two shops in Chicago. Nah bro no Cameras. Chill B Let me do this (bleep) by myself

100 thoughts on “Loyal Ink Is Dead ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

  1. Van is definitely a huge problem for the rest of "loyal ink" aleast charmaigne apologise and try to fix things but van has some deep rooted issues he definitely jealous of Ryan.

  2. I knew what I love this dude Ryan! He’s just kind of a man as he could beat anyone. Just don’t push him or the ruthless side comes out. Like myself he’s like a nuclear reactor, it takes a while for it to cool down when it’s overheated.#Ruthless

  3. I get where everyone is coming from about how Ryan act and handling the situation but loyal ink never even sign a lease or paid rent so they working in a building that's not leased out to them.the guy that own the building reached out to ryan.but I do think he took the the building back to get back at them he was smiling really hard when he walked in their.loyal ink acting like they business owners and ain't paid a dime on the building damn smh

  4. Idk why there's some people saying that Ryan doing this is petty, as he said, it's about business. It was HIS shop, that HE paid for to begin with. Take back what's yours, I applaud him, not one of them fools know how to run a business clearly.

  5. Y’all need to get a clue. Even if this is just a storyline for the show and production set it up Loyal Ink is fucking up, we know this. Ryan is being given a business opportunity to potentially own two shops it doesn’t matter if it’s his old place or that Loyal Ink is there. They’re not doing what they’re supposed to, they didn’t secure what needed to be secured AKA their damn lease. Phor didn’t agree but he can’t stop Ryan from doing and no one at Loyal Ink actually know how to be loyal. He doesn’t owe anyone anything, that mentality is the whole reason why Loyal Ink is plummeting.

  6. Why they acting like that’s a real shop no baby Ryan you know that’s just a studio😂 that’s why they ain’t want no one to see it. Y’all know damn well Ryan can’t tell no camera man not to go in there. Who they fooling

  7. Ryan is 9 Mag in which Black Ink Chicago was based on. Like Ceaser is Black Ink Crew you can't get rid of them they are the owners. They call the shots whether we like it or not. Phor should stick with the boss someone he can keep a job with.

  8. I love Ryan handle yo business. He should let Phor run it and kick out Van ,Charmaine, and Lily and Charmaine cousin out. Bring in a working crew. Could we actually see customers come in and get some real life tattoos done. Instead of all the drama. Like to see our black business owners be portrayed in a better light. Stop being exploited by ratchet behavior. I'm mean i know they're may be disagreements sometimes. But dang fighting all the time. Just saying…

  9. And Lily needs to sit her drunk two faced always wanna go for bad ass down somewhere, I'm sorry but somebody should have been whooped her ass she talks to Dame much.

  10. I'm with Ryan! Ain't nobody got time to be tip toeing around yo bullshit when we are suppose to be handling business first. We can play at the end of the work day/night. Gotcha money first!!

  11. Well I got the end of the day as his shop and they trying to run him out of that s*** no like he needs business from friendship cuz that s*** is not going to work you should have higher people that you could f*** with or that could do business all they do is fight party and do all type of things and you know what at the end of the day or whatever that is some shady s*** but you know people and I think this TV show Black Ink is bunch of b***** all they doing is doing all that acting and all that s*** at s*** is not real people thinking oh it's a storyline shift fake

  12. Phor is not fake or a follower. Phor just know where the money is at in order for him to make his money/ lively hood. If the crew does nothing but party and play all day then Phor needs to move on to a new job, even if it's 9Mag. Phor if these people can't add to your pocket them burn rubber on them just like you're doing. Dam Van.
    And i do believe Van tried to make a move on Lilly crazy ass.

  13. Bruh Ryan and Phor trying to catch a serious ass whooping with these foul moves right here and especially Phor playing his own brother Don big body ass like that man might snap off like hell with them messing with his money for his kids 💯

  14. Ryan is a fucking victim, every episode he's crying about some non sense and y'all eat it up cause y'all think him and that uneven ass afro is cute.

  15. So if they felt things were not going well they should have put up a for rent sign. Ryan saying nobody wants bullshit going on in their building????? Ryan your the one who started the bullshit in the building 🙄🤦‍♀️ destroying walls & furniture. WTF.😳

  16. I just want to whoop lily ass i cant stand her messy ass i just want to see lily one on one and ryan is hella fine its too serious lol

  17. What building manager would allow you to walk out on your lease, destroy property by shooting holes in the walls and then give you the lease back.
    Gtfoh this show is so fake please cancel it.
    No more mumbling rap either

  18. I don't even know why they even called that place Loyal Inc. They turned on each other so where's the Loyalty. That was a joke from the beginning.

  19. I'm sorry that crap he just did was very immature and petty! He left cus of his sleeping around and jeopardize how they make money to appease his mistake.. Then insult to injury, you shoot it up then claim you mad at them for your actions and you moving on. Then says, Naw I want the shop back jus cus he got the money for it.. THAT'S SUM PETTY MESS AND HE TO OLD TO BE ENTERTAINING IT SMH..

  20. sometime when a Ni&&@ it busted for whatever reason sometime you got to take it for the chin let the chips fall where they may if she wants to stay with you she will if she don't go that's the gamble you play but you keep it 100 with your boys chase a chick don't chase no Bi€h

  21. Ryan is good looking, smart, and with street swag,…He got that hood talk but still talk business omg ima just leave my pu$$y on the table and walk out he can have it all

  22. Ryan is a opportunistic coward ,with a stupid girl as the mother to his kids, he'll screw Katrina cause he loves her with his whole heart but he's with Rachel cause she's got his kids and he's stuck and miserable and everybody knows this

  23. now I'm running you think Luigi's Port stress forever let me sing something you just know how it works you got money you got loyalty you got no money you got no I kicked him to the curb because they ain't your friend if

  24. It’s sad to see how Ryan turned out. He let them build him up and make them famous & then dropped them without a care. It’s nice to see tho cause you can’t trust anyone

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