what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel! hi, today we have a very special guest we have Mikey AKA Glam & Gore.. hey babe! hi!
this is a long time coming.. it’s been many years I.. okay
so I have been a fan of her work for a long time we’ve met like once literally at a
party we live in the same city well your I mean what sport are you in far from
here yeah technically the same city but Ellie is far she’s basically in Arizona
and like when James comes from downtown he’s like you live in Vegas I live ever
great so so today we’re finally sitting down and I had to like pry her because
this is Halloween week so I had to pry from the from your room and get you over
here filming yes prior to the filming room and I have been dying to get
transformed now you guys know I do not do i do transformation videos but I
don’t really dive into too spooky of you know makeup and I am I’m ready for it
you have the face board I mean no offense when I say that you know what I
mean like tell me okay yeah cuz like yeah I’m excited okay
anyway Cass Kinney face which means that only put prosthetics on you you’re not
gonna look bulky like some people have both you gotta vote because I got like a
round face okay no I look malnourished so I look more full no I’m sure you guys
saw the title and you know what we’re doing today but let’s let’s we’re doing
Baltimore no I we have a confession about Harry Potter I know no I like no
one’s gonna watch this if we say these first these next few lines I’ll tell you
when you’re older yeah we’re not very experienced with Harry Potter but I
haven’t called Baltimore now for a few years online that’s that I get that too
really because my brows okay yeah so at first I was never offended but I was
like okay like they’re trying to use it as an insult like good to me but I lived
for it I I was like Voldemort my god like it looks sick so I was my dream to
be transformed into – volta more perfect all the more stars
can relate exactly okay so let’s talk about what’s gonna happen today so first
we’re going to shave your head okay just gonna get rid of your hair okay so
everyone have to dream of mine yeah I’m not kidding I want to have an Amber Rose
baby pink moment why don’t you do it maybe next year you got wigs I know
you’re right now I hit you up last minute yes so normally we would like
normally ideally I would make this for you yeah but I gave you no time Mama’s
been busy yes so yeah we bought one I don’t know how great of a quality it is
it feels okay but I might want to do some work it’s spongy right okay yeah
that’s a good disclaimer so I literally was like yo I would love to do this idea
and she’s like you know why I have one day here we are and I’m like okay so
we’re gonna see what happens yes we certainly would have no pressure
what do you think the biggest challenge will be honestly bald caps are really
hard they’re really hard to do and usually when I do them on myself I get
like oh really can I say shitty oh yeah I’ll get a really shitty one and it’ll
be wrinkly but I’ll just pull it back really hard and I’ll avoid it for the
shots but because I’m doing it on you and I want it to be as thorough as
possible I’m gonna try to go all out but ball caps are hard because they get
wrinkly and they’re just finicky and painting them as shaky yes I’ve had one
on a few times and it’s interesting but I’m ready if you guys are not already
check out Mikey’s channel you have been on a roll donkey-like you’re just in a
prison which is my fantasy tell me you just did I’ve been doing a haunted
series where I go to the most haunted places in the country and I do my makeup
in them yeah Prison ghost town haunted hotel and a haunted ship oh okay well if
there’s any residual ghosts or anything with you we’ll see you later
yes I dropped them all off here when I showed up I was like have fun hon
Jeffrey hmm all six dogs are downstairs playing with one yeah that’s dark okay
we are gonna get started so pray for me all right I just popped in some contacts
to get that I see Baltimore hello realness you’re twinning now yes we are
we kind of are whoa okay it’s time to go bald oh my god okay so sometimes I ask people
like when was the first time you ever like saw me online what did you just
tell me on MySpace throwing up cereal yes how old are you 15
oh my god I was a baby isn’t that crazy and now here we are and myspace was the
first place that I self-proclaimed called myself Mikey that was no way name
was like Mikey massacre okay you know I had make it massacre tattooed on me I
love that it’s gone laser mm-hmm we moved on then we put Catwoman there hi
honey update we’d love a good Michelle Pfeiffer huh my nipples are out that is
so cool isn’t it crazy like how like just that era
you’re so like I miss it you were the myspace Queen it’s wild
can you imagine like nowadays some people are like what’s that I’m like thinks that they’re untouchable it’s
like have you ever heard of MySpace yeah exactly mm-hmm I just think about
like sidekicks oh my god pink razor flip phones the raise I missed the razor like
if I could buy a razor and have all of the same stuff I guess I could yeah all
right let’s go to eBay and buy one right now I want a sidekick so bad did you
ever have you had at every color yeah the Juicy Couture pink one the
basketball green one they were so good you had when you were so cool okay I’m
literally gonna go on ebay buy an old one going to AT&T and see if they’ll
activate it content okay this may be a really lame question but what is your
like all-time favorite look that you’ve ever done because I’ve seen you do so
many iconic moments on your channel um what is your favorite or can you pick
one it’s one that I actually did recently I would have had a hard time
answering that up until a couple weeks ago okay the one that I did on the Queen
Mary is my favorite okay like a realistic Ursula mm-hmm oh yeah yeah oh
yeah yeah mm-hmm you guys have to go watch
that that is that’s cool okay okay so what are we doing right now so I am
using acetone to dissolve the edges of the bald cap and I just
kind of melts away and okay well into the skin you can see what’s going on in
their head it’s wild she said grab a paper towel just in case
just in case hey safety first not so
so this is our prosthetic yes okay gonna make it so that you can’t breathe okay
the end of it mm-hmm for five second intervals okay so where do you go oh wow
okay yeah so you pad prosthetics before you know that it’s not the most fun yeah
I always looks amazing so you’re putting down what are you putting down this is
pros-aide same stuff that we glued the bald cap down with okay get ready to not
breathe you’re gonna be a mouth breather okay are you mouth breather
no are you asking okay seem like a mouth no what was the last thing I used to be
because I had broke my nose had a deviated septum oh sorry okay well let
me try that fantasy okay you so I have really deep set eyes I know a
lot of you guys know that hello so the chat tell them what the challenge
is well the challenge is that you know these are made for a generic face
supposed to fit most face types and sizes but this doesn’t want to sit back
into your eyes so it’s not actually even with glue it’s not
we need filler call the doctor hold on pretty much hi everyone so I currently can’t breathe
out of my nose thank you okay so what is this but now I
and by the way we’re gonna just cover me yes okay so this is Ben I colorless
luxury powder I look like I didn’t bring the cheap shit like airspun who loved
that I actually don’t know who that is okay okay perfect okay yeah no so you’re
really sticky right now so we need to do a lot of powder okay should I close my
eyes sure all right what’s a text paint we’re
gonna start painting you so Voldemort you know I’m an expert on Voldemort I’ve
seen all of his films love him huh he’s a solo movie
he needs a solo movie yeah I think just him running the show yeah is there a
world probably oh yeah we go okay we’re artic ourselves right now okay I’m
really embarrassed I’ve said this points with Nate on camera and everyone was mad
or Shaw maybe not mad they were like what like I live for Lord of the Rings I
love like that type of moment but I’ve never seen a full Harry Potter movie and
I’ve technically seen the first but I don’t remember it so so yes here we are
but but I learned something that I think gives us an out okay when the actor was
getting cast to play Baltimore he didn’t know who Voldemort was either and I
didn’t know anything about Harry Potter either so like which is worse really got
to play in the iconic so I when you were on the way here I
googled how they made the transformation I had no idea that they did a green
screen on Baltimore’s nose during the entire movie and I was shook when I saw
the footage they tried to do a prosthetic first but what they really
wanted was to make him look completely not completely inhuman but they wanted
to make him deformed enough in a way that they just couldn’t do with makeup
and it looks so cool all right what are we mixed in here so these are pax paints
they’re basically you know the the sticky stuff that I used to seal all
your edges and gluto stuff it’s pax paint mixed with acrylic paint safe firm
skin acrylic paper monster gray and you need it to put on things like foam latex
because since it’s film it’ll absorb other paints like water-based paints
alcohol paint so this kind of seals it off first and then you can paint
anything on top of it I did not know that okay I’m gonna mix these colors and
hope that we get like the right Voldemort gray they didn’t have any
Voldemort graves in the make up stories I’ll bet going we’re gonna make one my
launches next fall just kidding okay we got a gray it’s basically just
so when you look at someone’s face where do you start there huh dip it right I
mean I want a base coat over your whole in hit yes over this whole mother Dina
had fun facts I have a potty mouth that I hide pretty well on my channel okay to
the point that when I have when I see friends sometimes they’ll curse in front
of me and be like oh sorry and I’m like oh I your like mouth of
them yeah okay good like a floating head paint me green now
I just have my eyes I’ll be floating eyes you’ll be jennamarbles she has some
info psychotic videos I’ve never better of you know but I think I’d die if I
didn’t love her Sam hi Jenna I feel like she’s figured out the best system
because she can do videos that just are like genuinely her having fun and people
also love them yeah that’s camouflage herself into the chair girl I may have
watched it twice hi Jenna Marbles what a collab we’re
both whoring ourselves alright now I’ll turn you into a really green catch Wow
she’s like I’ve already done it and where’s your house okay I’m picking in the monitor and I’m
like home well it looks like my eye is like oh my god look at I’m looking like
that movie powder yes flashback all right so we’re just laying down the
base we meaning Mikey you’re getting all up in my eye I’m getting all up in your
eye yeah so right now is just about getting one color down because this like
whitish gray is throughout the whole look but after that we’ll go on with the
detailing and then we have one surprise at the very end to really make you well
the more I take it there I am oh just go to the market no big
deal holy wait I need a picture
whoa this is nuts yeah we’re readjusting I don’t meet my jockstrap
so what brand is that stuff wraps but but I know corrective in oh I love them
a really good foundation so now I’m gonna be painting with
alcohol activated paints okay which means you can only use them if you mix
99% alcohol oh Lord yeah Babel very uh-huh did this nipple thing okay no what brand makes this female no you
know V Neil yes she’s a goddess she created beetlejuice yes parts of the
Caribbean Hunger Games I had a shadow it’s tough it’s so cool I can breathe a
little better now okay that actually that’s kind of concerning I mean
something’s happening up there that shouldn’t be helped oh no I meant cuz he
painted that uh she’s like huh the prosthetic of igloos I’m blonde under
all of his art they need Beauty girls like me and make
me the bad guy it’s ugly ooh what are we doing right now huh whoa
I thought your your mac fix+ ik me not quite with alcohol it’s a little
different huh so don’t open your eyes it’s like a sterile bukkake sure yeah
it’s coming together I’m a little shook right now huh oh my god whoa look at
that we’re doing something oh my god okay I was not moving
this is tripping me out so are using the same palette same makeup yep okay then
I’m kind of tapping it out with alcohol so that they look like they’re sitting
under the skin zombie I’m like mesmerized this is so out of my world
I’m Lin being yeah you can do it effects your creepy you
got the brain for it like I want to look like this for a week next video being
Baltimore for a week oh well barring Shane Dawson’s clothes yes god damn um I just spent 20 minutes trying to fix
these little cracks in the mouth but somebody behind the cameras making
Jeffrey laugh sword oh hey guys I have a big fuckin mouth okay I’m so sorry this
is my this is my final like imma form this is this I’m finally like final form dancing in your head so at peace how you
been boy like I’m like as little talking as possible until the beauty shots and
then we get back hello everybody it’s Gucci Voldemort okay I I just spaced I’m 20 people I’m
so obsessed with this look like I can’t believe you’re wearing I have to take it
there she’s like do you have a cloak like full Baltimore I’m like I sure do
so here we are wow I’m like speechless because I’m just
like whoa Mike he’s gagging okay so quick disclaimer we laughed a lot of
camera and I cracked right there so it’s my fault so sorry
okay I mean you should be sorry for having fun we had so much fun today
I what do you guys think of this look like I think it’s you
it’s fooled me I’m finally myself oh my god thank you Baltimore cry no we
wouldn’t know yeah we wouldn’t know cause we never seen the movie it’s Chris
does he ever cry no thank Jack this is Baltimore cry
not as bold what do you mean yeah yeah Baltimore just got his first sponsor yes
um thank you so much for transforming me I it’s hard to talk to you guys because
my nose is like new but this is so like this is a piece of art do you feel like
a pool of snot for mating in you know oh yeah well thank God you will when you
yeah okay great yes so it’s a little hard to fully fucking talk but I feel
this is so fucking sick I’ve never been transformed like this I feel amazing and
this is like so crazy we just showed Nate you guys he was so shocked Harry
Potter is like his favorite movie what do I call it series franchise franchise
thank you this is on Netflix witty yeah what thing is it I love your mannerisms
as well just talking about like ready to like not with the wand but leg no yeah
I’m fully ready everything you do is funnier it is TV there’s so many things
we could do oh honey go do ball right now yeah you could twerk you could go
out and work pole dancing classes I have a pole in my if I don’t know I don’t
know if anyone knows that I will pull in the bedroom classes never done it yet
it’s so fun oh so how did we get there okay so I don’t ever do like should we
stay spooky Halloween like real special effects on this channel so it was an
honor thank you so much for coming on here thanks
if you guys are not already subscribed to Mikey’s channel you’ve got snapchat
Instagram everything it will be linked down below but we are about to go watch
all the Harry Potter movies have a horrible liar but I do want to
see them but it’s a time commitment you know it is you nobody got time we’re
busy uploading I’m so sorry is he watching the Saw franchise ten times hi
okay I would love for you to get back into it get ready or just something
crazy I I want like I don’t know I want to make it better sticking my eyes yeah
well we want to make you bold again for real I want to do a fool yeah like a wig
snatch tutorial I’ll hurt you guys I’m gonna go sleep in this and wear this for
entire week I think he’s actually going to I’m so down
alright you guys thank you so much for watching today’s video stop down below
let us know what you lived for what your favorite part was and I can’t get over
it Wow Thank You Mikey all right you guys we will see you on the next one alright just popped out the dangers who
wants their dig said hmm welcome back to zero he’s got the shit out of me
good I’m like a fence motion trickle back


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    Wow I commented that right before Mykie said it

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