Living With BIID: I Want To Cut Off My Leg

Living With BIID: I Want To Cut Off My Leg

NICK O’HALLORAN: Leg – I’d like it to be amputated, that’s what I perceive to be my end goal. NICK O’HALLORAN: BIID is shortened for Body Integrity Identity Disorder and which is a
condition where the brain doesn’t recognise an aspect of the body. For me, the map stops
on the right leg, three inches from the hip. It manifests in an inch. It’ll be equivalent
of someone who is growing an extra limb. It does not belong there. DANIEL: Before he came out to me with it, I didn’t even know about BIID. It felt like
someone was coming out to me has gay or trans. You know, I could see how important it was
for him and how nervous he was. My first thoughts were, that’s unbelievable that my friend
is having to go through this. NICK O’HALLORAN: I’ve tried myself a few times by injecting medical grade alcohol into
the limb. But there was intense pain, more pain than I anticipated because you could
actually feel the alcohol drying up the muscles. There was a sense of feeling of success. You
couldn’t move it, but after eight hours, it was fine. I got put in contact with a
man who was regarded as what’s called a ‘gatekeeper’ and he knows names of surgeons
who are willing to do an amputation for a set fee and what they would do then is they
would give you documentation to say it was an accident. I paid this man in total just
shy of 20 grand. Turned out to be a massive scam. Last year I was in a very dark place
and it culminated with me trying to jump in front of a train. I think what led me to feel
was the sense of isolation and alienation. Not being able to talk to anyone, constantly
having to put on a mask. NICK O’HALLORAN: In terms of pretending, I try to do it at least once a day, if not longer. NICK O’HALLORAN: I feel a lot better and I get to see myself as I would be or should
be rather than as I am. DR ANNA SEDDA: It’s a peculiar condition known since around 1970 in which a perfectly
healthy individual with no physical damage, no psychiatric problem, quite early in childhood
starts to desire a different body. DR ANNA SEDDA: Okay, so when you’re ready,
you can start. DR ANNA SEDDA: With Nick we did some experiments on emotional processing with results what
we see is exactly a pattern and it shows that there is a different emotional processing
in relation to the representation of the body. The life risk which is associated with BIID
is really extreme and we should try to understand what can we do for these individuals. It’s
not fair to be suffering like this and to put your life at risk. NICK O’HALLORAN: Meeting Anna today was really good. She was able to re-confirm things
for me and put a name to a lot of things as well and I look forward to speaking with her
again and seeing what she comes out with in terms of treatment. If a choice came for an
amputation, I would jump at the opportunity. It’s the only way I can see the itch would stop. DANIEL: If Nick would have his leg removed by a surgeon safely, by a qualified surgeon,
I would be behind him 110%. I hope Nick’s future will be, will be where he can just
be himself. NICK O’HALLORAN: I would like to start living again, but I’d also like to work with people
with BIID and help them either cope with it or get the help it needs. And you’ve got the
people who do have it and a sense of they are not alone.

47 thoughts on “Living With BIID: I Want To Cut Off My Leg

  1. Okay, from what I can see, this guy is legit. He is real. He genuinely understand that his brain is rejecting his leg. He described it as growing an extra limb that should not be there. That's actually legit. This dude still shouldn't… you shouldn't take the leg off, it's not okay, but this man is far more understandable.

  2. This has to be like a past life thing where in his last life his leg was blown off in the war or something. Nothing else makes sense.

  3. I suffer from SID- species identity disorder, I regard my self as an attack helicopter and need the surgery done to live a complete life as my self.

  4. Can we talk about the pronounce of the doctor…is she italian? I am too and i wuold not be surprised 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  5. LOL wypipo really wildin out there. Cut his legs off and throw him in a dungeon. Then we will see how amazing he’s doing.

  6. BIID is a real thing it's a mental illness and these people need help but that said What they are doing is offensive to disabled people and insulting

  7. What if people with BIID donated the parts they wanted to get rid of to science or for people who need transplants where it qualifies?

  8. how about we let these people remove their limbs, and maybe we could transplant them to the people who want them? im not a doctor and idk if medically that would work but it seems like a win win on both sides that way.

  9. I’m disabled and this is highly offensive. He is asserting his privilege even more than the average person without physical disabilities by choosing to hinder his abilities that people like me wish they had. He needs his mind worked on, not his leg.

  10. That’s disrespectful to all the veterans who served and would’ve done anything humanly possible to avoid being amputees. I cannot understand this.

  11. I notice that he's wearing a hearing aid. As a hearing-impaired person who struggles every day to make sure my "special needs" do NOT become society's burden, I would be EXTRAORDINARILY offended and angry to learn that he is faking hearing loss.

  12. People come up with all kinds of labels these days that I'm sure one never heard about while in medical school just to placate individuals who are extremely diluted and mentally disturbed. When you go as far as self-mutilation or having a licensed physician helping you carry out this atrocity if that were to be the case, you can call it whatever you want. I call it insane and he should probably be locked up somewhere in a straight jacket sedated. This is just like individuals who sleep with other people with HIV unprotected/unmedicated hoping that they too will contract the virus. When someone does something like this you have to question their sanity as a whole and wonder since they are okay with harming themselves what would they do to someone else? Also doctors take an oath promising to do no harm before they practice. If said individuals enable people to self-mutilate they should lose their license and jailed…oh yeah and it doesn't bother anybody that he's using our tax dollars now for disability?

  13. I've never heard of this before. Even more I've never seen anyone act as if they dont bave their own limbs…I'm glad ges seeing someone for this disorder. But its years later. Wonder how hes doing now

  14. What? I am so confused.. is his leg already gone? .. then I read a few comments. I was like oh. No he needs help. Mental help. Nothing wrong with getting help.

  15. There’s people that have had amputations that are praying the had a leg 😒😒😒 & this guy wants to cut off a healthy limb 😒😒😒

  16. Again, unclean spirits destroying the temple of Jesus Christ. It's all spiritual, not mental disorder..there is no such thing. Christ Jesus is Lord and Savior

  17. This is stupid.. children are losing their limbs to meningococcal and here you are wanting to cut your limbs off because your brain is whacked. Piece of garbage

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