100 thoughts on “Living Doll: Real-Life Barbie Girl Searching For Her Ken

  1. Multiple nose jobs and chin reduce surgery were done here. I don't know about her body, but this is what I can see from her face so far.

  2. She is the only Barbie look-alike who actually looks like Barbie. The rest of them are trashy & Barbie doesn't dress trashy

  3. I also dress doll like, cept it’s lolita. I also studied psychology before switching to social work.
    I wonder if maybe it’s something to do with the degree 😂😂😂

  4. I like her. She looks pretty natural and seems sweet. I have nothing against the living dolls who take the look very far, but I really like that she keeps it quite natural

  5. people wanting to look like barbie dolls are ill they are not well. they need help. they are sick in need of psychiatry immediately

  6. I actually don't like her face i don't know why but, i just don't like her.

    Why dles girl always so insecure?

  7. So the ukrainen young ladies got a barbie looks beauty with or with out surgery.they must have come from planet venus.do barbie do her suntan now a days.

  8. I love Barbie but I will never change I will just die my hair blond and put some contact lenses

  9. Everyone’s talking about how they love that she’s so natural but no ones mentioning her beautiful hair😍 the color is super pretty and it looks so healthy

  10. So* beautiful!!! You are stunning and what so called " Natural Beautiful Barbie. Unlike others who had do a lot of surgeries. How can be you?? 😀 😀

  11. Great VID, I DID UP VOTE & I Subbed & BeLLed BUT
    LOOK at ALL the ReTards & Jerks Asses who Left Comments!!!
    I Hunted for an InTeLLigent Person, but I could NOT FIND an InTeLLigent Person!

  12. She's cute, but she needs to figure out that relationships based on looks are just never going to work. And unfortunately she's going to have a hard time figuring out which men are actually interested in her for anything other than her looks.

  13. I have doll phobia and I generally appropriate it when girls look like beautiful girls rather than dolls. I don't believe she could genuinely love living in nature though ha, it's more easier to just love the idea of being a princess

  14. She’s the only one who claims to be a “doll” that’s doesn’t have over exaggerated lips, boobs, butt, and rib removal

  15. She doesn't believe in plastic surgery but she still has fake hair and fake contacts to make her eyes look bigger.

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