Live PD: Gang Member Tattoos Blow his Cover (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Gang Member Tattoos Blow his Cover (Season 3) | A&E

So we’re gonna stop
this car for not coming to a complete stop at the
stoplight right there. Good evening. Hi. So the reason I’m stopping
you all tonight is no big deal. When you all came to a
stop at 175 and 1325 there, you just kind of rolled
through that real slow when you’ve got to come
to a complete stop, like where you kind
of feel that lurch. – OK.
– No big deal. OK? So no big deal, but that’s
that’s why I stopped you, OK? OK. Do you have your driver’s
license, proof of insurance? OK. Hey, bud, do you got your
ID or anything on you, man? I appreciate you. Who you kick it with? Yeah. Come on, dog. You [inaudible]? OK.
What I’m going to do– I’m going to make sure you
don’t have any weapons. All right, cool. Step out real quick for me. I appreciate you being honest
about your affiliation. I won’t disrespect you. Put your hands here for me. How long you been [inaudible]? Huh? How long you been [inaudible]? What you been to prison for? You ain’t riding
dirty tonight? Cool.
All right. You can have a seat again, man. I appreciate your cooperation. Have a seat. I see you filled in. How many– how
many hits you got? Two? All right. Hang out here for me, OK? So the passenger is a
self-admitted Tango Blast gang member. He’s pretty free
with it, but I’m well aware of how violent Tango
Blast gang members can be. So I wanted to make sure
he didn’t have a gun, or any weapons like that. Even said– so he has two
teardrops that are filled in. So I asked him, you know,
how many hits do you have? That means he’s assaulted and
possibly even killed somebody in prison. But I want to make sure he’s
not on probation or parole, and then we’re going
to go from there. Doesn’t look like he’s
documented as a gang member. So what I’m going to
do is I’m going to get some pictures of his tattoos. What’s up, man?
Can I talk to you real quick? Is that OK?
You’re not wanted or nothing. You’re not in any trouble, OK? Yeah. So what I want to
kind of do, man– you’ve been real open
with your affiliation, that kind of thing. And no disrespect to you, OK? I want to get some
pictures of your tattoos. Is that OK?
Cool. OK. I’m going to get your star. OK. So they didn’t have any
narcotics, or anything like that. Mainly what I wanted
to do with this stop is I want to write a report,
send it up to our intel guys, and get him documented
as a gang member. OK. I appreciate you, man. Take care. All right. Ma’am, you’re good to go. No tickets tonight, OK? Naw.
Naw. Naw, naw.
He’s all yours. You married him. I know. Y’all are good to go. I appreciate you.

100 thoughts on “Live PD: Gang Member Tattoos Blow his Cover (Season 3) | A&E

  1. Its weird. Its like he complied with the officer and the traffic stop was very smooth although he was a gang member. Its like police aren’t out there to ruin lifes.

  2. Now everytime this poor guy gets stopped by cop he's going to get fuct with I just don't agree with that he was been trying to be honest and be cool and now he's a piece of shi in the computer

  3. It's so sad that some women actually settle for a guy like him. Do you even need to be told that he'll just bring all kinds of problems to your life?

  4. If he did nothing wrong why did the cops still take pictures of his tattoos. Even if he had gang tattoos he wasn’t wanted or on probation. Wtf. It’s not good to be affiliated with a gang but he didn’t beak a law by getting tattoos

  5. Gang tattoos when you think about it are stupid. You are advertising you are part of a criminal organization. With RICO laws it becomes even more dangerous to have tattoos. I will however say this guy did what a smart person does when stopped by the police. Volunteer no information and comply.

  6. Lol he never had to give him his I.D he aint the driver tf and didn’t break no laws to even ask for his I.D typical complete power trip

  7. Does anybody remember that LivePD clip where the guy goes to visit his dying girlfriend in the hospital and steals her bracelet? Ive been looking for this clip since forever and I'm starting to wonder if it was just a weird dream I had.

  8. Just screwed himself big time .. now .. next time crime plus. Gang enhancement .. cop. Was like handshake to I just messed you up .. haha

  9. Did the Pig violate his rights .? I know the driver has to show i.d but idk if the passenger has to ..and if so did he had the right to decline the pictures or is mandatory.?

  10. Cop handled that really smoothly. Definitely doesn't hurt to try to build some rapport with gang members. This guy could keep him from being harmed if something goes down and he's there

  11. Guess the man didn't know he gave up his right to privacy when he let the officer document him as affiliated. Some learn the hard way I guess.

  12. What you not finna do is take pictures of my tattoos if you ask that mean I know I ain't in the system 😂 not finna happen

  13. Look what happens when your honest with cops. Even a gang member just was honest and answered questions. Insane

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