Little Rock, Big Egos: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

Little Rock, Big Egos: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

– Oh, hey there.
– Welcome, ladies. – How’s it going? – Welcome to Black Cobra. – We’re excited to be
in your neck of the woods. – Yeah. – We’ve got a lot
of talent in Little Rock. – Blake, one of our
artists here at Black Cobra, is competing today,
so that should be interesting. – Oh, representing
the home team.♪ ♪– I’m Blake Cranford.I’ve been tattooing
for five years.
The style I do, it’s a mixtureof neo-traditional,
new school,
a little bit of realism.I know there’s tattooers in
this area
with a lot of experience.I don’t have that,
but I have a lot more talent, and the sheer will to win. – Well, there he is. – I am assuming you are Blake. – I am.
– Got some big shoes to fill. – They taught me well. – We wish you the best of luck. Represent Black Cobra
really well. – We’ll see, we’ll see. – Good luck, man.
– Bye. – Thanks, you guys.
– See you guys later. – You work in such a cool
studio under two great artists. – Yeah, I’m a young tattooer, started at, like,
a street shop. Matt saw my drawings
and hired me. I learned a lot from all them. – How’s the tattoo scene
here in Little Rock? – Kind of old-school. For a long time,
shops had, like, weird rivalries, and like,
wouldn’t talk to each other. – It’s serious around here,
you mean. – So it’s not necessarily a
friendly sort of tattoo scene. – It’s crazy-ass
old tattooer dudes.♪ ♪– My name’s Chris Thomas.I’ve been tattooing 20 years.I specialize in high-contrast
black and gray.
If you tattoo in Little Rock,
you know of Chris Thomas.
And if you don’t,
it’s time you knew. – Well, this is going
to be interesting today. It’s always juicy when
it’s personal, you know? Hey.
– Hello, ladies. – How’s it going?
– How are y’all doing? – How are you?
– What’s up, man? – What’s up, dude?
– You know this guy? – No, he doesn’t know me. – I don’t know you;
I just know who you are. Matt used to work for him. – He walked out of my door
and opened this place. – So you’re coming
in heated already. – As soon as someone spawns
a shop from my studio that’s in the same area, you’re
taking food out of my mouth. At the end of the day,
this is how I feed my family and take care of everything. We’re not splitting hairs,
here. I’m tired of splitting hairs.♪ ♪– My name is Nick Peirce,and I’ve been tattooing
for eight years.
I’m the best photo-realism
artist in central Arkansas.
Being a tattoo artist
and being a Christian,
I am different
from anybody else.
I’m not in the normal, if there
is a normal in the industry. – This is already interesting
as it is, but we have even one more competitor coming in. – Oh, there he is, little lamb. – I’m here.
– Little lamb? – Oh, I just called him that
when he worked at my shop. – Oh, worked, past tense?
– Yeah. – I was just busier
than he was, and so I thought it was time
to step out, do my own thing. – He already had it planned, but he didn’t want to tell
the boss. – He packed up my stuff by
the door, had it ready for me. – Today seems like
it’s kind of personal. – I’d say it’s
a little bit personal. – Like, let’s tattoo. – All right,
you guys ready to get this [bleep] started? – I’m ready.
– Hell yeah. – Let’s do it. – There’s gonna be
two elimination tattoos, and one person’s gonna
be eliminated each round. – Sick.
– Whoever can survive all this madness and makes it to the end faces off against one of us. And if you can beat one of us, you get a spot on “Ink Master”
and a shot at $100,000. – What’s up?
That’s it. That’s it. That’s what we’re here for. – Wait till you hear this part. – The Angel that you have
to face off against is… Kelly Doty. – Hi.
– Surprise. – Hey, you guys,
I spend a lot of time indoors, basically just honing my craft. I don’t know if
that’s intimidating, but it’s all I have.
– Good luck. – It’s gonna be a good
one to go against, for sure. – I’m stoked on it. – Well, we’re bringing
the competition to you guys. You know,
your town actually got its name after a small rock formation
on the Arkansas River. But another little rock that Arkansas’s known for
is diamonds. Diamonds are actually
the state gem of Arkansas. – You guys are gonna have
two hours to tattoo any style, as long as it’s diamonds. – Whoo, that’s gonna be tough. – Lots of straight lines, lots
of angles, lots of highlights. – Lots of light.
– Well, your canvases have been randomly assigned, and they are completely open.
– Sweet. – And, as always,
we are going to be judging on very technical criteria, style, shading, outline,
and overall application. – I know you guys seem
confident, but at the end of the day, one
person is gonna be eliminated. – Somebody looks
a little nervous. – I’m in my shop.
I’m fine. – There’s a lot of facets
to this competition, and this is gonna be a hard one
to see which one of you shines
the brightest. [laughter] – Well, get set up and we’ll
send in your canvases. – Awesome.
– Good luck, guys.♪ ♪– All right, guys. You have two hours to tattoo
diamonds in any style. And your time starts now. – Put the stencil on you. – Tattooing a diamond is literally tattooing
an optical illusion.We want to see
that perfect geometry,
the light source, the shadows.– That cool?
– Yeah.– We want to see those clean,
crisp lines.
– That’s gonna look
really good right there.– I want you to convince methat what I’m looking at
is a diamond. – All right, girl.
You be good. We’ll make some nice lines
and win some [bleep].♪ ♪– Pulling out
some tricks over here. – What’s going on? – Little bit of realism, a
little bit of neo-traditional, to show a little versatility.My biggest distraction
right now is Chris.
He taught me a lot of great
but there was another side
that was extreme,constant tension
in the shop.
I just couldn’t
take it anymore.♪ ♪Too high. Being a Christian,
my faith is important to me, not only on a personal level,
but I want to set a good example for my kids,
how to work hard. – Go!– And go for your dreams.Whoo! – Since there is a little
bit of a rivalry happening, are you more motivated
to surpass Chris? – Absolutely. I think that’s
everybody’s goal. – Everyone wants
to surpass Chris. – That’s not a bad
to position to be in. Means you’ve got some good
[bleep] going on. – [bleep] no. You don’t think–
I didn’t earn that yesterday. It’s taken a long damn time.♪ ♪– Speedy McGees over here. – I just want it to look like a piece of art
and make it hold up.I know I can do
one hell of a diamond.
This is my time.I’m here to crush this
[bleep].♪ ♪– It’s cold.
– It is cold. It’s a cold day by the river.To have someone like my wife
Joy beside me,
she’s like the voice of reason. – Playtime.
– Time to run. Don’t mind all the other dogs. [barking] Look at Spike!
I’m just an asshole. I’m just crazy.
I’m just who I am. Why you got to act like me? – All right, you guys.
30 minutes left. – I don’t think
Blake’s gonna get done. I think he’s asleep.– Losing to both these guys
would be
super embarrassing to me,
honestly. I feel like I’m better
than them. If I win this,
I am one step closer to going up against one of my idols,
and tattooing against Kelly,which is like
a dream come true.
♪ ♪All right,
kick this one off again. – Watch the master.– When I first started
my parents were not
into it at all. My mom asked me multiple times
if I would go get a real job. – I’m going for these
easy ones.– If I win this competition,
this would make it seem
to my parents that I have
chosen the right path,
and that this is what I should
be doing. – You lose.
You lose, buddy. For somebody that’s so good
with their hands, you’re not very good
at this game.♪ ♪– Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it, stop tattooing! – Whoo, made it.
– Got it. – It’s like my favorite
diamond tattoo I’ve ever done. – That was a little bit
of an unexpected turnout. – I’m just gonna say it. Blake blew them
out of the water.– That top open area of the
diamond is so smooth
with that gradient from gray
to white. – It looks like he used a ruler
to make some of those lines. Meanwhile,
when I look at Chris’s,it’s hard to tell
what it is from far away.
– The first thing that’s
distracting me from anything
else is that swirly
– But I love that soft
pepper shading in there.At least he made an attempt ata really dynamic diamond,rather than a very stiff,
here’s a diamond-shaped diamond
like Nick did.– I have no problems
with the application
that Nick showed us today.His linework is beautiful.His color is
perfectly saturated.– But would pearls and beads
defy gravity
on top of a diamond?
I don’t know about that. – They both just
made wackadoodle choices. – This guy decided he was
gonna do a two-hour tattoo with 35 damn circles in them. – I feel like I stepped
outside the norm. – It ain’t about
stepping out the box. I ain’t trying
to do tricks, man. I’m trying to make a complete
piece that looks good,
stands off the damn skin, and everybody can tell what the
[bleep] it is. Not just some bull[bleep]
with your ten tricks. That’s all you’ve got
is ten different tricks, bro. Bro, you got an ant farm at the
bottom of that mother[bleep]. – It definitely sounds like
this is a little more personal than just this
competition. – It is.
– To be honest with you, we think three good tattoos
were done today. But there was a pretty clear
winner for today’s challenge. – Crystal clear. – The person that wins today’s
elimination tattoo is Blake. – Yes.
Hell, yeah. That’s what’s up. – That linework, the gradients
that you had in your shading, the softness in the flower, it’s killer, man. – Thank you. Being a young tattooer
and beating a guy that’s been tattooing for 20 years
and another guy that’s beentattooing longer than me
as well is super impressive.
– It’s that’s what you choose,
that’s what it is. – Do you not agree? – I mean, you seem
a little salty about it. – I’m not salty about it. I just think I did the most
cohesive tattoo out there. – You picked probably
the most beautiful angle of the diamond to showcase.But it looked like
you attempted realism
in the diamond,
and the background became
something completely different, and it was distracting. – I think he played it way more
safe trying to do all these tricks. He’s trying to make y’all,
like–it ain’t about tricks. – I didn’t just do a diamond. I made it flow
with the part of the body. It was more of
a feminine piece. – You did awesome work on that blue rendering of that diamond. But those little pearls
could’ve really used a solid outline around them. They just look kind of weak. – I did take more risks, which
I probably shouldn’t have. – The interesting thing that
puts you both in this rather precarious position
right now is your choices. – One of you will
be eliminated today. The artist that’s gonna
be eliminated today is…♪ ♪

63 thoughts on “Little Rock, Big Egos: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

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  5. I met Blake today at black cobra. Paulee (different artist at same shop) is 100% the best there. But Blake and I talked and he told me that he was on ink masters so I had to check 😂😂 he's good af tho. But if you ever go to black cobra, ask for paulee instead

  6. No one commenting knows Chris Thomas personally. He is a really good artist and person overall. This is a show for entertainment 😂 without him it would have been boring.. keep doing you, Chris. Your work speaks for itself.

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