Lily Loses It on Charmaine | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Lily Loses It on Charmaine | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

– No, hear me out. – You gonna tell me I
don’t get it, but I hear you. – No, you don’t, because you
and Danielle are like you all deserve this because– – No, ain’t nobody deserve
[bleep]. I care! – Y’all don’t deserve it. – Oh really? Really?
– Y’all don’t, really. – Were you here
in the beginning? Did you make this [bleep] pop?
– I wasn’t here– – [indistinct yelling] – First, Lily puts her hands
on Danielle. Now you into
with goddamn Charmaine. What the [bleep]? – [indistinct yelling] – Absolutely not! Lily is absolutely
out of control. And anybody who can only talk
with their fists has no place at Loyal Ink. So she gotta go. – You got me [bleep] up, Lily. – [indistinct yelling] – What the [bleep]
you think you are? ‘Cause you’re fired! If she step foot
back in that shop, I will [bleep] destroy her. How dare she put
her [bleep] hands on me. This bitch is done. [bleep] drunk-ass bitch. That bitch is fired, she’s gone. – Y’all feel like
y’all bad and [bleep]. But you are broke, bitch! – Come on, bitch, what
the [bleep] [bleep] problem? – Don’t act all hard just
because security’s around, bitch, cause you ain’t about
that life, bro! This bitch Charmaine doesn’t
know the war she just started. If she thinks
I’m gonna back down, then she has it
all [bleep] wrong. I am just a part of this shop
as anyone else, and I’ll be damned if this bitch
who orders toilet paper is about to tell me
what the [bleep] to do. Y’all [bleep]
like [bleep] cousin.

100 thoughts on “Lily Loses It on Charmaine | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

  1. Naaah shorty u just mad cuz u got that ahh swiped in front of your crew and an entire club filled eit peeps 😂😂😂 stfu & go have a drink

  2. im just like lilly i dont talk i fight and if you cant fight then shut up plane and simple dont be mad when u get hit because you know why lol 😁

  3. Lily a good artist but needs to goooooo, out of control, then tb back down… they might as well put her in gang affiliation

  4. Lily is a cumin lowlife frfr but ids why it turns me tf on yo. Even her horrible grasp on the english language is sexy

  5. Lily is RIGHT charmine did NOT DESERVE IT she does nothing while lily and the other artists brings the bulk of income to the shop WHO is CHARMINE at the end of the day

  6. At this point everyone saying I wish Lily can be a grown-up and talk about things is stupid because they talk down to her & anything that she says they just disregard it because they think they’re better then her. So obviously being who she is she doesn’t like to feel disrespected and they know that she fights. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Lily is a poor example of a woman who has been through the struggle. Everything doesn’t require fists. She has an alcohol problem.

  8. Lilly is wack go back 2 Mexico.with your family we don't like u…😒i no i don't as a black women someone in philly would of put their foot in your ass with they words that come out or your mouth..👹

  9. Loly should be ashamed. Charmaine please be on guard with females like that. You didn't let her hit you though,that's for sure. They do all this stuff for a check,man…how super low though.. why am I even here..dang

  10. I stopped watching the show when Lily constantly saying the n-word and now she's using aggression and anger on our sista's to the max🤦🏽‍♀️ To be honest with you. The end of the day those are your sista's period. And yes I blame our people for saying the n-word first place amongst themselves. Lily has a brain she doesn't have to say it It's common sense. The way some of you ppl are writing about Danielle and Charmaine deserves a beat down. I agree They do but not like that 😒 They are ADULTS!! and there IS a way to finalize it better. I'm sorry i believe in that Not intermittent. LILY IS still WRONG two wrongs does not make a right!!

  11. 0:16 imagine if her hit would’ve connected… i like charmaine but my girl would’ve been done 😭💀💀

  12. Charmaine won lily miss the first punch and then got her hair pulled that was her screaming on the floor 😂🤷🏾‍♀️

  13. Danielle can't fight.. Cousin you stay at home tonight. Taking another cousin who ready with hands 🙄🙄🙄

  14. I like lily. Don't get in people personal space and don't expect to get hit. That girl charmaine was finna throw hands lily just caught her first. So lily is holding her own. She's a warrior. If we gon talk talk to me outside away from my face. So Lily keep doing you girl.

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