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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel today, I’m gonna be showing you guys how I got this hair to makeup Look today’s video is also in sponsorship with sealy hair We’ve got two bundles of 24 inches and a bundle of 22 inches as well as a 20 inch lace frontal all and body wave Texture so shout out to them for sending over these beautiful bundles for today’s look I’m gonna start off with the hair as usual I’m gonna be doing the water color method to dye this hair. I’m looking to go for more of a lavender color So I started off using the adorn hair. Dye in the shade soft lavender So when I was using these soft lavender shade I noticed that when I pulled out the hair out of the water It was kind of more of like a pinky type of color and I was looking to go more lavender So I did end up having to kind of read I the hair to get the color that I was looking for So to fix the pink, I went ahead and started over using some fresh water I added these two toothed hair dyes from adore This is sky blue and violet gem and the logic behind me using a blue hair Dye even though I’m looking for a lavender color because the last shade was a lot more pink and pink and blue make purple when you mix them together I was kind of hoping that that was gonna be like the result when I put my hair to the water with the blue hair Dye, and it did end up working. So I Was kind of like shooting in the dark with that one, but it ended up working out So this is what the hair looks like after I was done dyeing it and it was definitely a lot closer to what I was Looking for so thank goodness. I also went ahead and washed and shampooed this hair off-camera to shampoo the hair I went ahead and used my shimmer lights purple shampoo and I also left the shampoo on the hair for about a couple extra minute just really make sure it gets that purple tone from The shampoo and to condition I used my silk elements a mega silk olive conditioner and then I’m gonna move into my install So I already have my wig cap on I’m gonna go ahead and cut two little holes by my ears So that way the way cap leaves a lot flatter in that area when I add in my hair spray But to secured that cap, I’m going to go ahead and use my got to be free spray I’m going to spray that all over the hairline and kind of take it back a little bit as well just to really make sure It stays secured than to dry the hairspray I’m going to use my blow-dryer on a cool setting you want to make sure your hairspray is Completely completely dry before you move into cutting all the excess cap So now that our hairspray is dry we can go ahead and cut all that extra cap off typically I like to do this stuff using a razor blade for me It’s just a lot easier, but I need to buy a new one. Mine’s is kind of dull so I’m just gonna go ahead and use my scissors to cut all of that off and then just to really make sure that there’s No lifting at the edges I’m gonna go back in with my free spray and just slightly spray that on the very very edge of my wig cap just to Really make sure that those edges are not lifting at all and everything is super flat I’m not gonna add some foundation to my weight cap. So it better blends in with my lace I’m going to be using my Joey essential high coverage foundation. This one is in the shade caramel This foundation is slightly lighter than my skin tone. So it works perfectly for this step So I’m just gonna buff that in using a flat foundation brush So now it’s time to secure our lace down before I go in with my hairspray again I’m gonna use a little bit of foundation on the bottom side of the leaf just to make sure it really blends well into the rest of my skintone And then right after I’m gonna go back in with my got to be free spray and just start securing that lace down Once that hairspray is completely dry. I’m gonna start cutting off all the excess lace I’m also gonna use my scissors to cut off all that extra lace by my ear and then once everything is looking pretty good I didn’t show this part but I did wear my satin scarf for a couple of minutes right after this point is to really make Sure, that that lace is nice and melted into my skin So this is what my lace is looking like right after my satin scarf I’m gonna go ahead and start cutting away some baby hairs now I’m gonna use my edge brush to pull some hairs down and using my little razor blade. This is my dull one I’m gonna go ahead and start trimming up some edges and as I’m doing this I’m also using my hot comb just to kind of smooth everything over make sure everything is moving in the right direction And that there’s no like flyaways trying to like get into like my edges that I’m looking to cut off You guys already know I love a good swoop swoop when I’m styling my edges So I’m gonna be using my lot of body wrapping foam to style them up along with my edge brush And then finally to style this hair, I’m just gonna add some nice voluminous curls I’m gonna use my curling wand to do this I believe this is a one and a quarter inch curling wands and yeah, I’m just gonna add some curls This part is super easy. I’m pretty sure everybody knows how to curl their hair So I fast forwarded this part a lot But once and done curling, I just went through everything using a wide tooth comb We don’t want these curls to be too tight and then from there I just did some touch-ups here and there using my curling wand and I also went ahead and added my side part using my hot comb And That’s pretty much it for the hair guys I don’t know if you could tell that I was feeling myself with these curls. I thought these curls turned out so cute But now that the hair is done. I’m gonna go ahead and move into the make up portion of the video Alright guys, so to start off this look I use my makeup revolution concealing defying concealer in the shade c12 to prime my eyes I’m gonna use this all over my eyelid and also to carve underneath my brow to kind of give that part of a little bit Of structure and then just blend it out really well using a fluffier brush so it can start to set The first shadow I’m going to be going into is from the be perfect and Stacey Murray carnival palette I’m going to be taking the shade liquor and applying this onto the outer corner of my eye As well as a little bit onto the crease using a Murphy M. 506 And Then to blend up the edges of liquor. I’m then going to go into the shade Whyphy this is like a pinky red type of color and I’m gonna apply that onto the crease and outer corner as well Kind of in the same shape as the last color I’m going to be using a clean brush to apply this color and just make sure to really work it in to blend out the edges of my last shade Before I go in with my next shadow You guys know? I love to use my fancy Beauty blotting powder and just kind of set the base on my brow bone just to get that really Really smooth blend when I go in with my third shadow The next I’m going to be using is from coloured raine this is their shadow crushin It’s a really cute like peachy type of color. So I’m going to use this on the very outer edge to blend out Whyphy and just like every other color you want to make sure you use very light pusher to apply your shadows That way you get the best blend I’m better gonna start prepping my eyelid first shadow as well. I’m gonna use another makeup revolution concealer This one is in the shade Siwon I’m using a fluffier brush to apply this I’m just gonna make sure to kind of blend it up into the crease and just kind Of blank out the space where I want to add my lid shadows Then for the lid I’m gonna add some neon pigments these are from biomed olaf’s we’ve got a Purple a pink like a coral color and an orange and I’m gonna start applying those onto the lid from darkest to lightest So I’m starting off with the purple one and applying that onto the outer portion of the lid the pink is gonna go right after and then the coral color is gonna kind of take up a Majority of the space on the lid and then the orange is gonna go on the very inner corner of the eye And as I’m applying these shadows, I’m making sure to kind of blend them into each other as I’m going along I did have to do some touch-ups with these shadows not in a bad way, but I’ll show you guys what I did later on To deepen up that outer corner just a little bit more I’m gonna go into the violet Voss best life palette and taking the black shadow called holiday I’m just gonna add that onto the outer corner and give it a good blend And Then using my Beauty bakery gelato liner in the shade black milk. I’m just gonna add like a half winged So the liner kind of pulls out like a winged liner would but instead of kind of creating like a point at the end I’m just gonna stop where I applied that black eyeshadow and kind of blend the liner into the outer corner there I’m gonna add a couple of coats of mascara next I’m using the Too Faced better than sex mascara today And Then for falsies I’m gonna be using these lashes from crystal lashes. These are in the style mary-jane They’ve just sent these over to me and oh my gosh, they are so pretty So I’m just gonna pop those on using some tweezers and then just kind of press my natural lashes into the false ease So there’s no gap in between the two Next I’m going to move on to skin. I already have my skin moisturized and everything So I’m gonna start prepping it using the far Sally skin. Tune blur. I love this stuff It just makes the skin look super filtered and blurred and everything like that makes your pores look good. We love it We stand so I’m gonna go ahead and use that first And then right after I’m gonna use the new elf jelly pop du primer and I really love this stuff because not only does it Smell like watermelon, but it has this kind of tacky texture to it So when you apply it, you just know that your foundation is gonna like stick on there for a really long time And then for foundation I’m using Lancome’s tawny doll foundation in the shade 460 suede W I’m then gonna start working on my undereyes. I’ve been really loving layering concealers So the first concealer I’m going to use is also from Lancome. This is their ultra where and the shade 430 suede W I’m going to apply that using a concealer brush and then just make sure to really blend it out using the same sponge that I used to blend out my foundation And Then to start brightening the under eyes, I’m going to go in with the Urban Decay Naked skin concealer This one is in the shade medium dark warm So it has more of a yellow B undertone to it, which makes it perfect for the under eyes I’m not gonna apply a lot of product because again, I’m gonna be layering different concealers So I want to make sure nothing is too heavy but once I have it on I’m just gonna go ahead and blend it again Using the same sponge that I did with my last concealer as well as my foundation And Then to give that extra bit of brightness to the inner corner I’m going to use my donessa my Rick’s vision cover cream This formula is super full coverage. So you don’t need a whole lot of product and because the shade is so light I’m just going to make sure to focus this on the very very inner portion of the under eye Then with some pretty vulgar translucent powder I’m going to use a damp sponge just gently blot this on all the areas that I added concealer I’ve been really into powdered foundations as well So I’m gonna be using the Mac Studio Fix powder in the shade, NC 50 and with the large powder brush I’m going to use this to set the rest of my face For bronzer I’m using two different colored bronzers from Anastacio. These are cappuccino and saddle I believe I’m gonna place those on all the areas where I want to add some extra warmth. So for me, that’s the cheekbones I like to add some on the forehead and just a tad bit on the nose I’ve been loving a good blush as of lately as well. So I’m going to be using one from Shoei This is one of their duo’s in the shade seduced me and I’m gonna be using the darker of the two I’m then gonna move back to the eyes I’m going to start off by smoking out that waterline using a black liner first. This one is also from jouer It’s just a basic retractable liner And Then from there pretty much all the colors that I added to the crease. I’m gonna place onto the lower lash line as well So I’m gonna go in first with holiday Which is the black from the violet vos palette and apply that to the lash line to blend out that liner I’m then gonna go back in with whyphy and liquor from the Carnaval palette Then with the same neon pigments that I apply it onto the lid I’m going to add those on to the inner part of the lash line as well I’m then gonna add some lash primer. I feel like I haven’t used latch primer in a while So it was really calling my name today, but the last part I’m gonna be using is from L’Oreal. It’s my favorite so far It’s the voluminous lash by Merck and it just makes your mascara Just kind of like stick on better and makes your lashes just look that much fuller then for bottom lash. Mascara I’m just gonna go back in with that better than sex mascara from Too Faced Next I’m gonna go ahead and do my brows You guys already know I use my Anastacio dip brow pomade in the shade. Evany. This is my favorite brow product I’ll use this for every single brows tile and I – It’s like the only brow product that I use on my brows besides like a brow gel But yeah, I’m just gonna be going ahead and filling in my brows with that I’m looking to do more of like a bushier type of brow today So I’m not gonna do any type of like harsh lines or anything I’m simply just filling in all the sparse or areas using hair like strokes And then to set my brow hairs in place, I’m gonna use the UH Nastasia dip brow gel in the shade dark brown Before I go into highlight I got to add some facial myths. So today I’m using the mac fix+ spray This is in the watermelon scent it smells so good. If you guys haven’t tried this you need to it just smells amazing so I’m gonna spray that all over my skin and then just kind of fan it down until it’s like about maybe like 75% dry and then from there, I’m gonna add my highlighter the highlight that I’m using today is the Sub Zero palette it’s from be perfect cosmetics and Collaboration with Mitchell and I’m going to be using a mixture of two shades from this palette and just applying that on all the high points of the face And Then to set the makeup and make sure it lasts all day long I’m going to use the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray and same thing I’m just gonna spray that all over and then just make sure to dry it down with my fan And Now it’s time for lips to line my lips. I’m first gonna use a Mac lipliner This one is in the shade plum and I’m just gonna line my lips as normal Just make sure to fill in the outer corners. It’s that way it blends in a lot easier into my liquid lipstick I’m then gonna go into my second lip liner. This one is from NYX It’s their suede matte lip liner in the shade Club hopper and with this I’m just gonna apply a very very very thin line on The outer edge of my lips to give them a more defined and contoured look From there, I’m gonna add my liquid lipstick. I’m using two from tattoo junkie cosmetics these are their lip paints and the shades sugar and cheeky sugar is the Darker of the two so I’m gonna apply that one first using a brush and then cheeky because it is so light I’m just gonna apply that on the center of the lips And of course I had to add a lip gloss So today I’m going to be using a max lip gloss and the shade oyster girl So typically, I would be done with the look at this point But I definitely wanted to add some Touch-ups here and there when it came to the eyes so I’m gonna go ahead and do that next I’m gonna go back in with that purple in the yawn pigment I noticed that the pink that I applied onto the lid wasn’t really showing up in contrast with like the coral color So I was just like you know why I’m just gonna kind of fill in that space with purple as well And because my hair is more lavender I feel like the look started to kind of compliment the hair a lot better since the purple was more visible I’m also gonna retouch my gel liner So I’m just gonna add a little bit of extra liner onto the lash line because I did take off my lash to do these Corrections, so it kind of lifted the gel liner at the same time And then lastly I’m just gonna go back in with that black eyeshadow From the violet Voss palette and reapply that to the outer Corner, just to make sure it’s blending really well with a gel liner and then off-camera I went ahead and reapplied my lash and that is pretty much it for the slit guys I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up Make sure to let me know what you guys think down below in the comments Shout out to Sealy hair for collaborating with me on this video, but thank you again for watching guys And hopefully I will see you in the next one

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