Laser Tattoo Removal – The Ugly Truth

Laser Tattoo Removal – The Ugly Truth

hi my name is Caesar and in this video
we’re going to be sharing my laser tattoo removal experience the ugly truth
we’re gonna take a look at me and the hot seat we’re gonna see the before and
after pictures we’re gonna take a look at the healing process I’m gonna give
you a couple tips we’re gonna do a little Q&A like does laser tattoo
removal hurt right after my intro well I really don’t have a cool intro so let’s
just get right into it I’m here in the parking lot about to get laser tattoo
removal and like always right before my session I start getting a little nervous
little butterflies anxious I’m just just want to get it over with let’s hurry up
let’s get it done that wait an hour or so I’m gonna be good it’s not gonna be
in pain and let’s go do to do so I jumped like a little girl
but in my defense they started using a new machine so I was a little nervous in
the service let’s see that again in slow-mo this is me laughing about getting Zach
hey at least I’m a good sport about the whole thing right the first tattoo took 50 seconds the
second tattoo took a whole minute 60 seconds let me know on the comments below if it
look like I was keeping it together or if I was losing my cool when I was
getting the first two tattoos removed we just finished with my chest now it’s
time for big birth on my back not sure what a five-second break was
gonna do but at the time in my head it sounded pretty good or in some spots okay so I want you to listen to these
apps I did not enhance the audio whatsoever so total laser to skin on my
back was a whole six minutes along six minutes of that just got done with my tattoo laser
removal and I am glad it’s done because it hurt it hurt I jumped at the first
zap it was pretty funny but I’m glad it’s done now time for the healing
process before we get to the healing process let’s check out what the before
pictures look like so this is the before picture with no treatment yet so not so
much difference after the first treatment you can start seeing the
shadowing disappearing after the second treatment and a little bit lighter
overall the back tattoo started fading big-time
but not so much the ones in the front so the tattoos slightly got lighter after
the fourth fifth and sixth laser tattoo process they really started getting
noticeably lighter after the seventh eighth and ninth session so here’s what
it looks like today four weeks after my tenth session so I still have more to go on my back
maybe around five sessions or so I want you to tell me what it looks like down
in the comments below after this tenth zapping now let’s jump
right into the healing process this is right after I got home from the tenth
session when I removed my bandages okay okay so in the front you could see the
raised skin and you could definitely see some redness okay so the back is even
redder than the front it’s more swollen in the front is I mean it looks like I
have some kind of skin condition on my back and it feels like a heavy heavy
sunburn so when I got home we threw some aloe vera on it and also on the front let’s see what it looks like
one day after treatment and day two okay still read little less swoll in day
three day four so it really starts looking better after
day five and a little side note just be aware that after the fourth session you
might have a couple blisters redness and some scabbing so be aware that now it’s time for a little Q&A so the
number one question I get from my friends and family is does laser tattoo
removal hurt is it painful and the quick answer is hell yeah it’s painful let’s
take a look at my facial expressions and you tell me if you think it hurts so in my opinion it hurts a little bit
more than getting an actual tattoo but the thing is is for a shorter period of
time so the one on my back it actually feels like I’m getting my skin just
straight-up carved out from me so they do sell numbing cream but in my opinion
I don’t really think the numbing cream works that good and I didn’t use a
numbing cream in my video so that way you guys could get the full actual
treatment and see what it looks like without any numbing cream but good tip
is to shave off any hair that’s around a tattooed area because if you don’t shave
it off the laser is gonna zap the hair off and when it zaps a hair off it gives
out a louder noise so you know you think it’s hurting more than just because of
the noise and also the smell is not that great I do recommend ice packs before
and after tattoo laser removal and it does hurt but it is bearable and I think
you could do it so question number two why am I getting my tattoos removed so
it’s simple I really didn’t think too much of my tattoos at the time I felt
like I was kind of rushed into getting them and I really didn’t think about the
future of the tattoos so you know that’s something to play with it and also it’s
like you know I’m not about that thug life I don’t think I ever was about the
thug life and I definitely not about the thug life now
yeah no get up question number three how many laser tattoo removal treatments
does it take to completely wipe off the tattoo where I’m getting my laser tattoo
removal I bought a full package and in this
package I get as many treatments as it takes to completely remove the tattoos
so if you’re thinking about getting your tattoos removed check in with your local
spot and see if they offer any packages like that and also be on the lookout I’m
gonna do another video when I completely remove my tattoos subscribe be advised
that you need a minimum of six weeks in between your sessions so it is a slow
process a couple of factors to consider when you think how long it takes to
remove a tattoo are is it a cover-up which means there might be a little more
ink on there than necessary was this professionally done or was this
done on d-block and san quintin sale your skin complexion the location of the
tattoo on your body and the different tattoo ink colors and lastly when
thinking about getting the tattoo removed is how long you’ve actually had
to tattoo there the longer you’ve had to tattoo the easier it is to remove it I
hope you liked this video and if you did don’t forget to hit that thumbs up
subscribe that way you could check out my future videos and you can see the
completion of this tattoo removal process and if you have any questions in
the tattoo removal process whether how dumb or complex it is go ahead and type
comments in the comment box below and see you on the next video you

100 thoughts on “Laser Tattoo Removal – The Ugly Truth

  1. I have a very dark cover up tattoo which I don't like on my right forearm, I am having my first removal session tomorrow. Thanks for the video 🙂

  2. Good video! I liked your storytelling and how informative it was on the process. If I could make one tiny suggestion to make your videos better: SMILE! You should smile 🙂 you look so emotionless!

  3. It feels awful I’m getting my lower back done and it sounds like I’m having sex because the moans it hurts so bad lol

  4. Damn dude … 10 sessions (40 weeks?) and the front still look like very little was done.

    Do you have an update with the tattoos fully removed?

  5. I wonder if anyone has ever had a tattoo removed from a limb and then lost that limb right afterwards. That would suck!

  6. It would be better to use a time machine to warn yourself not to get a tattoo. Or how about just NOT GETTING A TATTOO!

  7. Bet it is novocaine Ser y rime thought of a doctor and parents show ? I am a weird one when it comes to skin Heath gosh color after black ink ? Frist time watch in a while baloing but I got my frist frist in store tatoo Kool Lazer thing some anyway I have weight to worry about but I am going for every spot I can in small flabby spots 100go me 😀

  8. Don’t be an idiot….really THINK about what your having put on…I will never regret my tattoos…I love them.

  9. Did you really only get to have a 5 second break? I think a doctor's calm and soothing persona should be crucial and she did a great job at that.

  10. I am very glad that I found this video, and that you made it. I have no tattoos but am looking into being a preacher, and this will help me to understand what people must go through in order to have tattoos removed, because it says not to print marks on yourselves.

  11. I've had laser treatments for birthmarks, and it feels like an electrically charged bumble bee is having its way with you. It hurts like hell for a while. Then it feels like a burn for a few days, then it peels. Not everyone blisters and peels, but I sure did. Takes about a week for it to feel normal.

  12. I've been through 1 session and took the advice of a friend who is a dermatologist and he said wait 6 months between each laser treatment. So I am going next week for session 2. Let me tell you, it hurts like a bitch but it works

  13. Thanks for the very detailed video. I also did not think about the future of tattoos! I want to remove the ones I have as well!! Needless to say if I had to do it over again I would invest that money into something more reasonable 😁

  14. Hey Caeser, Alex here. Question! In total, how lon did it take for the whole process?

    Im looking to do this, but I know many factors play in the removal of tattoos. Im. Just curious abou your case

  15. Is there such a thing as waiting only 30 days between sessions? So, monthly sessions? Im in South America Removing my Tattoos for the Military. And the sessions at this particular place are scheduled 30 to 31 days in between. Could someone help me?

  16. I got a chest tattoo when I was 18, I’m now 27 and I can say it’s the worst decision I’ve ever made!!! I definitely want to remove it and recently been looking up laser removal. Ahhhh!!!! 😬

  17. Any advice for someone wanting to get 2 tattoos lightened on each wrist in preparation for cover ups? I’m a real wimp when it comes to pain and found my tattoos difficult to sit through (though I was well behaved the tattooist said lol).
    My two tattoos are really colourful and intricate so I’m not sure how easily they will be lightened.

  18. What's the level they put on the machine to use the tattoo laser?

    Cause where I go it's on 10, just wondering if that effects it too?

  19. Hi, sir. This is Zyra the Philippines. I would like to ask if we could borrow this videos of yours. Dont worry coz due acknowledgement will be given.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you so much.

  20. This may be of help to people considering this. Most laser tattoo sessions are usually 4 to 6 weeks apart. Because I had to travel to have my tattoo removed. I returned for my sessions at 4 to month intervals. The tattoo continued to fade for the whole of that long interval. My tattoo, of black ink only, professionally done, took 3 sessions in total and it went completely without scarring. After my third and final session, it was still slightly visible for a couple of months or more after. I would have returned for a fourth session if my appointments were scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart. After approx 4 months the tattoo had completely gone.
    Perhaps looking at your tattoo removal over a longer period may be more beneficial, produce better results and certainly work out cheaper

  21. you looked like me, lol.. grit your teeth, breath shallow and heart rate up and Whew on every time she took a break.
    Getting a tattoo 1-10 pain = 1 / removal closer to 9:10 !!!
    I had my first session 2 days ago LARGE arm tat. My only tat thank god.
    10 sessions !!!!!!! OMG
    Mine is 40% gone after 1 sessions and I'm told 3 sessions should remove it all. Mine is bigger and with colour ?
    Pico laser.

  22. So what did you learn from this kiddos?

    Think long and fucking hard about ever getting a tattoo.

    Leviticus 19:28
    " Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord "

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