laser tattoo removal shop || connaught place Delhi || 3N vlogs

laser tattoo removal shop || connaught place Delhi || 3N vlogs

what’s up my boys? Gaurav is here and we’ve to go C.P. and I just have woke up and he is ready and I’m not ready he is saying you’ll take time why did you called me early he don’t know I not even take 2 minute to get ready. wanna see how? like this 3, 2, 1, let’s go let’s go I’m ready. so quickly how? magician, your bro is a magician. I’m ready where you going? we’ll take metro to C.P. are you mad. your bro is a magician. hold my hand 3, 2, 1 let’s go where are we? why are we here were you thinking this place. think of C.P. we’ve to go to C.P. do it again. 3, 2, 1 let’s go where are you Nakul? I’m here, let’s go we’re late If you liked these magic tricks and wanna see more,hit the like button. so I’m going to a tattoo artist not to get but to remove one and this time I’m getting it done from C.P. because here they have small machine and I’ve to get it on low frequency and let’s look for the shop where it is. let’s see where we’ll find it and to get the tattoo laser again have to bear pain done completely? so, I’m done with the laser treatment. This time I got it my a new place last time I got it from Chandigarh and they ruined my skin so I got it from here this time. And with me is Gaurav bro and we are wondering in the Palika Bazar and laser treatment is done bandage is done they did the bandage and now we are going back and it is raining outside look, omg and now when we exited the palika there was nothing outside when we came it was so hot and now
for this long, how long has it been? It’s not even an hour and you can see weather outside rain Gaurav you waited for me this long how was it very good. your tattoo got removed what else would I wish for didn’t you got bored whiling waiting. No BTW there were stolls here where are they they are removed due to rain. It rained just now but they were not here earlier also but they remove it when it rain so we’re going home, first we drink some juice. Let’s see where it is see what he is eating. what are you eating? patiese don’t eat them they are not good thing. drink juice and shakes and this time I’m drinking Lassi drink it. eat healthy right? eat fruits what are you eating only eating potatoes with ketchup do you know they are 3 days old yeah. I’m drinking Lassi. Cheers. cheers cheers/be energised Gaurav Do you know where you are standing? ya in the metro. you are not in the metro, you are in the cheap metro look up it’s raining inside you can’t see through the camera. I’ll show you how much water is there now get yourself wet in metro look Delhi metro’s condition now you’re standing in rain, inside metro rain inside metro subscribe to support

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