Laser Tattoo Removal | Nice Content | Tatered

Laser Tattoo Removal | Nice Content | Tatered

[MUSIC] Here, we specialize in
laser tattoo removal, people with tattoo regret. [MUSIC] People have many reason
to have a tattoo removal. It’s kinda interesting to find
out more about their goal. Not all tattoo are create equal. [MUSIC] We love tattoo over here. I mean, all my staff have tattoo. We probably one of the few healthcare
facility that allows our staff to have tattoo. [MUSIC]>>The worst tattoo in
the history of the world. I had my tattoo artist apprentice do it,
cuz I wanted to be like generous, and kind-spirited, and
hoped he would do better. I knew as soon as it was on my skin
that it was coming off my skin. At the end of the day, it’s gonna be three
times more expensive than the tattoo was. [MUSIC]>>Do it.>>[LAUGH] I’m ready. It feels amazing. So, no pain, no gain, right? [MUSIC]>>So, would you go back to
the artist that did this one?>>No, I don’t think so. She used to work at my shop, and
after they do the tattoo, I fire her. [MUSIC]>>Surprisingly, there’s a lot of really
talented artists in the prison system. Sometimes, we jokingly say, if any of them ever get out of prison we
probably can get them a job right away. We look at tattoo as very beautiful,
permanent part body art. Freedom of expression. We technically only
remove unwanted tattoo. We have clients come in and
have beautiful piece of tattoo. Because we have such good relationship
with some of the tattoo shops, interestingly, we have
to decline to remove. We didn’t wanna offend the artist. To us, it’s kinda sacrilege to
destroy beautiful piece of art. It’s not about money. It’s about respecting the art. Sometimes it’s necessary, because you want to kinda remove it to
put better piece, a newer piece on. Rarely would we just destroy
a really nice masterpiece for the sake of financial gain,
because we are part of a ecosystem. And we are part of the tattoo community. Laser tattoo removal is just a part
the body art or permanent art. We allow the artists to be able to,
shall we say, create the perfect art. Rather than, if you make a mistake,
you’re kinda stuck with it. You have to kinda work around it. But now, we try to change and have the
artist, in terms of paradigm shift, and allows them to work with
total freedom of expression. And knowing ahead that if you happen
to mess up, there are options. Especially with the newer
technology that we offer. There are no excuse to have
anything less than perfect tattoo. We’ve done thousands of these, so I could
comfortably say that we’ve seen it all. The only thing we haven’t
done is genitalia parts. We’re still waiting for somebody to step
up and come here for tattoo removal. But other than that,
you name it, we’ve done it.>>So, what’d you think? Tell us in the comments. Click here to subscribe and live forever. Click here for more stuff from us. And tune in every Sunday to watch
more videos that calm the soul. Bye. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Laser Tattoo Removal | Nice Content | Tatered

  1. Do they really deny removal of tattoos if its "beautiful work"? That's not okay. I don't care if the artist loves the piece, its not their body that its on.

  2. i cant wait to remove mines. id feel complete. i wonder how much to remove a chest piece. one biggest mistake of my life. 😣

  3. That makes no sense if you get something that you yourself wanted to put it on your body, it shouldn't be in there hands to not do it if it looks good…

  4. So they WON'T remove certain tattoos because they revere it as artwork? So they get to judge what's good art and what's bad art. Got it

  5. This video imparts a deep philosophical question within me: what is the true meaning of eyebrows? Where do they come from and what is their purpose?

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