Langoustine & Squid-Ink Spaghetti | Jamie & Gennaro

Langoustine & Squid-Ink Spaghetti | Jamie & Gennaro

Hello lovely people! I’m here with Gennaro
and we are going to cook a beautiful version of our classic dish from Jamie’s Italian.
Now our most popular dish is the prawn linguini. Now we’re going to do a sister of that but
it’s going to be even more incredible. Scottish langoustines, black spaghetti, wonderful sauce,
it’s super quick , super delicious, super tasty! You’re gonna love it. So Gennaro where
shall we start? With the sauce? Yes first off the sauce, we got this fantastic langoustine.
You can do this with prawns instead of langoustine but it’s much sweeter than prawns. Langoustine
are the Ferrari of that world. You’re cracking this one, you get more meat out. This is what
I’ve done, I’ve put them all inside here, use the tail of langoustines which is this
one, this one quickly goes inside of the little bit of pasta water. Just for a second or two.
This is where you clean it. Crush it. And then you can peel it. The fish is still raw.
Get all of those shells and heads that normally go in the bin into a pan, they’re the best
flavour. Gennaro’s crushing it up. There’s essential oils in the shell so when you fry
this off or roast it, you get incredible flavour. What do we add Gennaro? Anchovies, splash
of wine, good drinking wine. Onions, carrots, celery, couple of leaves of bay leaves. Give
them a stir at this stage. Put some lovely cherry tomatoes from the tin in. Chopped tomatoes
will do. Water, make sure it’s hot water. Pinch of saffron and chilli. Stir it and we
cook that for about half an hour. All the flavour will come out of the bones and what
you get is a beautiful beautiful sauce with depth. You see that’s it. It’s got real balls.
You know what if you strain them all up as a fish soup it is so good. It is incredible
also you can freeze it. So what we’ve got here is these lovely peeled langoustine tails,
Gennaro is going to slice these up. Split right in half, I’d remove the little intestine,
this is no good. So, let’s cook it. Pan on, high heat. I’m going to slice up 2 cloves
of garlic. Just put in a little bit of olive oil, a couple of spoons that’s good. In with
2 cloves of garlic. Just get the colour, make sure the garlic does not burn. Then we’re
going to go in with the ‘nduja. It’s like a slightly spiced cured meat. You throw it
in darling I’m just going to move this pasta pot around. Okay. You need about a tablespoon
of ‘nduja. The room is starting to smell absolutely gorgeous right now. The fat’s starting to
render out of the ‘nduja. Give me a toss Gennaro, come on! Woooh! Look at that, beautiful colours.
Now a little splash of wine, yes, it’s done. I’m going to pick Gennaro some lovely basil.
Let’s cook them around and now everything is melting, just cut all those up. Then we’re
going to go in with the spaghetti, now at Jamie’s Italian we make all of our pasta every
single day. From free range eggs, beautiful tipo 00 flour and this is made with squid
ink. Wowzers, now you can have it with white pasta, regular or the squid ink. You can get
this pasta in good supermarkets and lovely italian delis, they’re very common now dried.
Because it’s fresh pasta it only takes 1 minute to cook. Have you put salt inside here? Not
yet chef, oh the water? Yes. Oh that’s alright. Okay. Yes. Then we have our little ladle here
and some of this broth. Just the juice I want it. The juice? Go go go. Right in. Oh my my
my look at that! Come on. And then the pasta is ready. Look at that, something mysterious
about it and absolutely beautiful. Now when Gennaro tosses this up I want you to really
observe and take in the way that his body moves. Spread your legs out, one right, one
left, one right, one left and then just put your hands at the back like this and go. Look
oh my my, look at that. You want a little water, let me give you a little water. Just
a little touch, enough enough. Oh my my unbelievable. So we will be making hundreds of portions
of this, this week. The chefs they’re quite good actually, you trained them. Oh bless.
Look at that, absolutely gorgeous. Oh my god. The black pasta is so good. The sauce is something
else, it’s got depth, it’s got sweetness. Gennaro you did a good job there mate. We
did a good job. That’s so good. If you guys want to find out more about Jamie’s Italian
click the link in the box up there, find out where your nearest one is, me and Gennaro
we’re putting specials on the board every single week. This is one of them, come in
and have it this week. If not there’ll be something else beautiful and seasonal. Don’t
forget to click on Gennaro Contaldo YouTube channel, you love it! And please susbscribe,
it is free and let’s cook together. More? Yeah. You’re so generous, why you so good
to me? Because you’re good to me and I love you. This dish is one of our delicious specials
at Jamie’s Italian restaurant, to find out more and where we are click the link on the
screen now or follow the details on the description box below.

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  1. I live in Korea and not familliar with "Nduja". What does it taste like? Where is it usually used? Any suggestions for substitution? Thanx 🙂

  2. Ate this at Jamie's Piccadilly on Saturday night….Absolutely delicious, just the right balance of everything. You have to try it

  3. Ok this was hands down, THE best pasta dish I have ever eaten and made! Tasted incredible! Only downside was the langoustines I bought were about a 3rd of the size of the ones they used. Guessing I'd need to order them especially or make a trip to billingsgate market, thanks for sharing this recipe

  4. I've had this twice at J'sI (in Perth, Western Australia)  Absolutely delicious.  I have to ask for a spoon so I can slurp up the broth at the bottom of the plate.

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  7. I would love to make this some time, but I do have one question: can you make this without the languistine, as my boyfriend and I have shellfish allergies?

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  9. The CUTEST cooking duo. So adorable. I replayed 3:37 four times, just couldn't stop laughing. Hahhaha. Love the vibe as always, really really love the food, tips, and recipes. Thank you. Cheers.

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  11. I have never had this dish but I can imagine all the flavours from the ingredients that mix together to make something absolutely wonderful. Yum. Love to see you cook Jamie and Gennaro.

  12. Hi Guys,

    What to use as an alternative of dry white wine? I want to try to make this but leaving out the booze… thx

  13. This vid totally showed up in my recommended videos.
    I didn't search this video up because of jojo's Bizarre adventure, honest.

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