Ladies Special – Ep 187 – Full Episode – 14th August, 2019

Ladies Special – Ep 187 – Full Episode – 14th August, 2019

Amar. Do we have no pictures
after our wedding? We do have,
the ones in wedding album. I am speaking of ones
after the wedding not the ones
from the wedding! ‘How should I answer her?’ Well, you see.. I spent most of my time
at the hospital so we met a lot here. We do not have any
other memories apart from this canteen? What about any events
that we celebrated together? I love festivals. Which one do you like
the most? Do you not know? You never told me. Garba!
I love that folk dance. I get to dance in the festival
of ‘Navratri’. And hence I could not
have known of this. We got married after the
‘Navratri’ festival last year and there is still time
for this year. So I could not guess. Amar, it has been long
since we got married and yet you do not know
of my likes and dislikes. I may not know all this
but I do know the most important thing
of your life. What is that? Your self-respect. What? Just as we got married,
after a few days You started
your own business to deliver henna cones. You used to travel
in local trains and deliver henna cones. I commuted
by local train? That is not all. You have a lot of followers
at Goregaon Station. Come on, Amar.
I am no movie star. How would I have fans? I am telling you
the truth. Trust me. There are some girls
at the Goregaon station. they love you a lot. You used to apply henna
on their hands. Splendid.
So can we go there? Yes, why not? But we came here
by a car. So what? I’ll have the car
sent back home. Just stay here
for a while. Then we will go
to Goregaon station by train and meet those girls! All right?
– Yes. No, Mom. No one forced me. A man came to me in a car
and he said to me that it was Brother’s day and I have been selected
as the best brother. And hence.. ‘We talked to kids
from your colony and school.’ ‘Even Swapna named me?’ ‘As the best brother?’ ‘Yes, she did.
Shall we go for party?’ ‘She did not tell me that someone came to her.’ ‘We told her not to.
It is a surprise.’ ‘A surprise?’ ‘Like the one they gave
mom for the baby?’ ‘It is a bigger party.’ That man took me
to a huge house. There were four other
best brothers like me. We all enjoyed there
a lot. We played video games
and had popcorn. And we watched
a superhero movie. Mr. Raghu ordered
a pizza for us. We had a lot of fun. Mr. Raghu? Are you stupid, Sachin? Do you even know
this Raghu? I have told you
so many times that you must not leave
without telling us. Have I not? If you do this again,
I’ll punish you! The trick him
for best brother and he gladly goes! We were so scared!
Do you know? I am sorry, Mom.
I am sorry, Dad. I am sorry, Grandpa. ‘Who could do such
a thing to me?’ Punit, listen to me. I know you can do anything. You are like a genie for me. You have the solution
to every problem of mine. And now you see you made Bindu believe that she has been here
a lot of times. I want one more thing
from you. Please! Sir, I know people here
and hence I did all that. But to organise
a Garba? On a railway station? I do not think I can
pull this off! What was that? What I am I hearing? There is something
beyond Punit? It is fine.
I can do what he cannot. What, you? Yes.
– How? We have a concept
of Flash Mob. Where a crowd simply
starts dancing? Yes, it is planned. People do think
that it is happening suddenly but it is fully planned. I know people
who organise this. So I will handle it,
all right? Amar. It was taking you long
so I came to you. Yes.. Bindu, she is Dr. Kangana. We had to discuss
some work so I came here. Yes, I remember. We had met her outside
the MRI room the other day. Right. Yes. You had
promised me that you will anoint
henna on my hands for my wedding. Of course,
I am going to fulfil my promise. My aunt always says that
though life is short we should keep
making friends and keep spreading
happiness. Now,
you have become my friend. I will have to
keep my promise. But,
I don’t have your number. Tell you what?
Give me your number. Along with anointing
your hands with henna I will also help you with
the wedding planning. Wait. Oh, no! I am not
carrying my cell phone. No problem.
I will give you my card. Thank you. Shall..
Shall we make a move now? Okay. Mr. Punit, thank you. I really enjoyed it. I will come back very soon. Ms. Kangana,
I will give you a call. Then we will discuss. Bye. Can the garba
dance event be arranged? Thanks. Mr. Mandar, we
shouldn’t keep quite like this. They have made a clear
attempt to kidnap your kid. Let’s approach the cops. Hello, am I speaking
to Meghna Nikade? Yes. Who is speaking? It is Girish Nayak speaking
from the legal department of INT Insurance Company. Yes, tell me. Actually, my company
has an offer for you. You might’ve
already come to know that we would be
making an offer to you. After that,
you will even get an offer. That offer is going
to cause you some trouble. You will undergo some minor
loss in your business. But your family’s well being
is more important, right? Think well before
arriving at a decision. Okay, Ms. Meghna? Yes, right. Put the phone on
the speaker mode. Yes, tell me. You guys are quite stressed because of this court case,
right? That’s why, we have decided to
withdraw the case against you. For that, you will have
to sign on an agreement. After that, consider that the
case against you is withdrawn. What kind of agreement? Explain to me properly.
I am not able to understand. It will be written
in the agreement that you don’t want to
fight this case anymore. That you are even withdrawing
the insurance claim. It means, neither you
want to fight this case nor you want to claim
your insurance money. This is our offer. We will have an out
of court settlement through this agreement. Hello,
it is Mandar Nikade speaking. Meghna’s husband. And her partner in
Swapna Garments. All I am telling you is if you give us some time,
it will be good. We will give this a thought. It is an important decision. So, is it okay if we let you
know by tomorrow morning? No problem. You can tell us
in the morning. But, I hope that
you will think well about your family’s well being
before taking any decision. This might be the
offer they had told us while releasing Sachin, right? I am sure that
Insurance Company is behind the kidnapping. Mandar,
let’s accept their offer. All these problems
will come to an end. Ms. Meghna, that would
be the right thing to do. Yes, Meghna,
you accept their offer. And come
out of this case. We will work hard and
establish the company again. Amar, how many times
have I come here before? You used to come here
almost every day earlier. I think that is why
when we came here for Ms. Meghna’s baby shower,
you mentioned that the ladies coach
will be that way. But, I can still not recall
anything else. Relax, Bindu.
Presently, enjoy your journey by the local train,
instead of travelling with the boring doctor,
which you had to during the last few days.
So, relax, Bindu. You will be able to recall
when the time is right. As your aunt says,
‘Live every moment of life’ ‘and enjoy it to the fullest.’ You seem to remember
everything that my aunt said. Of course!
I am your husband. I should remember
everything about you. Punit, what happened to you? I promised to Sister Prarthana
that I will never lie. And I kept on lying
in front of Ms. Bindu. It was wrong. Sister Prarthana
and Ms. Bindu are best friends. And I..
I feel so low. I am the worst brother. That is not true, Punit. You are doing all this
for Amar. Yes, but I am lying.
I want to tell the truth to Ms. Bindu.
– I think enough is enough.
I mean whether true or false,
it is their love story. We should let them live
their life, right? Thanks, Kangana,
for ridding me off my guilt. I hope, no one comes
between Amar and Bindu so that they can live
their love life. Should we love.. I mean,
should we live our life too? Have it. Meghna, what happened to you? Suddenly, you came to fry
the fritters. You could have told me
if you wanted to eat them. I could have fried them for you. No,
this is what I have to do now. This is better than truth.
– What do you mean? Will you start a business
of frying fritters? Oh, no! I am not even
going to think about business. Our life was better before we started the business.
Isn’t it? You used to go for work
and I managed the household. The kids used to go to school. I used to make ‘Puran Poli’,
‘Sheera’ or Paratha for your tiffin. And then I used to sit at home
and dream leisurely. Really..
Life was good. It was a mistake
to run after my dream. No, Meghna.
It was not your mistake. It was a mistake, Mandar. It is good to dream. But life gets ruined
if you try to fulfil them. I don’t want to get involved
in all this mess any more. It is enough. I have decided. I will sign on their agreement and stay at home peacefully. No, Meghna,
you can’t stay at home. You cannot accept defeat
so easily. You are my hero
who makes the impossible possible.
You are born to fly. You cannot stay at home
quietly. How will we do it, Mandar? We have no evidence
or witness. How will we prove
that RK Garment company did all this? Also they have burnt
the workshop. Today after what happened
to Sachin I am really afraid. Meghna, pull the gun
like ‘James Bond’ and shoot this fear.
You are a fighter. I am with you in this fight. I know, it doesn’t matter whether I am with you or not. But still.. I don’t know whether
it matters or not. But when you are with me I can fight the whole world. All right, we will fight
together till the end. They have started this mess. We will teach them a lesson. You are right. It was okay,
until it was business. Now it’s the matter
of our family. We can’t keep quiet. We need to reply back. Hello! Yes, Punit. Bindu? Bindu? Bindu!
Where were you? Are you all right?
I was searching for you. Oh, my God!
So many questions. Mr. Amar, I went
to the washroom. And don’t worry,
I am all right. Also, I am very happy for the surprise ‘Garba’. It’s good that we danced.
I enjoyed it. You also tried it so nicely. Thank you for the surprise. I enjoyed a lot. The train has arrived,
let’s go. Yes. Listen, Punit I don’t want to do anything.
Do you understand? How can you say,
it’s the same person who burnt the workshop
and also kidnapped Sachin? Ms. Meghna, you are
forgetting something. I used to work for Naidu. Like Vicky and Bablu
used to take care of Naidu’s business. Just like that Raghu is now
working as Vicky and Bablu. Let me call Vicky,
and you will see within 24 hours,
Raghu will be here. Punit, please. I don’t want to do all that. You are not going
to ask them for help. Don’t even try to contact them. Don’t you remember,
what happened earlier? They put the blame
on you for.. Ms. Meghna, now it’s time
to take that back. Now they will help us,
then it will be even. I am not able to understand,
what should I do. Sachin. Yes, Uncle.
– Come here. Do you remember
Raghu’s face properly? Yes, Uncle Punit. Okay. Fine, go. You both came? Come. Let’s sit together
and drink tea. It’s fun to drink tea,
when it’s raining.. Yes, why not! Uncle, you drink.
I will be back. Why are you following me? Go and drink tea. Please, leave me alone
for some time. Bindu. What happened to Bindu? Nothing, everything’s fine. Actually, Kangana’s father
had told that in this illness.. She will act abnormal since she has amnesia. So.. Sorry, Amar. Even if I don’t remember you but my heart has started believing that whatever you said, is true. My mind may have
forgotten your love but my heart is cherishing
your love. I feel good,
whenever you are around me. Feels like you should
always stay near me. I know seeing me in trouble you will be sad and tensed. I always want to
see you smiling. That’s why, I scolded you. Sorry. Sorry, Amar. ‘Sainath Cooperative Society’ Yes, Vicky. I have sent you the sketch
as per Sachin’s description. Within 24 hours,
I want Raghu in front of me. Otherwise, you know that Naidu.. Yes, I know. Or else you will tell Naidu
about the theft of two lakhs. Please stop
blackmailing us every time. I told you,
the work will be done. Punit, the work will be done but under one condition. What? Fine. Okay. Meghna, the work will be done but they have a condition. Condition? What is it? ‘Do one thing.’ ‘Try to recall everything.’ ‘Whatever moments you have spent
for the past one year’ ‘all the memories,
try to relive it all again.’ ‘You can call me anytime’ ‘if you want to know
or ask something.’ The number you
are trying to call isn’t reachable.
Kindly call after sometime. The number you
are trying to call isn’t reachable. ‘But I don’t have a mobile.’ ‘No problem.’ ‘I will give you my card.’ ‘Thank you.’ Yes. ‘Will it be fine
to call Kangana?’ ‘Someone is calling
from Amar’s family.’ Hello. Hello, Kangana. Yes, Bindu. Tell me. Is everything fine? Yes.. E-Everything’s fine. I was trying to call your father but it’s not connecting. Yeah, he must be
in the operation room that’s why.. Tell me, what happened? I wanted to ask him something. What is it? No, I mean..
How should I ask you? I’m confused. Fine, do one thing. Ask Amar..
– No.. Amar shouldn’t be aware of it. What’s wrong, Bindu? Tell me. Bindu. You consider me
as your friend, right? So you can ask me
anything carefree. Don’t worry.
I won’t tell it to Amar. Kangana,
you really consider me as your friend, right? So can I ask you something? Will you tell the truth? Yes, I will. Kangana. I have understood that I don’t just have amnesia There’s something else as well. Am I right? No, Bindu. Nothing like that. Who told you this? Kangana, you consider
me as your friend then please don’t hide anything. Please, tell me.
What’s wrong with me? Yes, Bindu but there’s
nothing to worry about. Kangana, today at the station I was coughing
and felt like puking. I coughed blood.

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