KT Tape: Calf

KT Tape: Calf

[Music] I’m Chris Harper and with me is Makayla And we’re here to demonstrate and application
for calf pain. This is when you have muscles on the back of the lower leg that are aching, spasming
or cramping. Some possible causes for
this are tears due to improper changes in direction while running,
dehydration or overuse. KT Tape helps treat this condition by relaxing
the muscles, increasing circulation, and relieving pressure For this application we need to
place the calf on stretch. So Makayla I’m going to have you turn around. Let’s go ahead and have you put that leg out
behind you. And we’re going to put that heel
right down on the floor. So that stretches the skin and calf muscles
on the back of the leg here. So for our first piece of tape
we’re going to take one full strip We’re going to twist and tear the paper
towards the logo end of the tape And peel that piece off,
being very careful not to touch the adhesive part
of the tape. I’m going to place this down just
by the achilles tendon I’m going to rub that on without any
stretch on that part of the tape Then I’m going to peel that paper off
leaving just enough paper to hang on to I’m going to stretch that out to twenty-five
percent stretch. So if this is one-hundred percent, we’re
going to back that off half, and then half again And go ahead and lay that piece down and taking that paper off leaving just
one end of the tape that I can lay down with absolutely zero stretch And for our second piece, I’m going to
tear another full strip, again twisting and tearing the backing paper and remove that
and place that down again on the Achilles just offset from the other piece.
It has zero stretch on it. I’m going to remove the paper backing
leaving myself a little bit of paper to hang on to, trying not to touch the adhesive
again, stretching that out, we’re going to do about twenty-five percent stretch so
full stretch, fifty, twenty-five. We’re going to lay that down, leaving one
end of the tape with absolutely zero stretch. And at the end of this I’m just going to
give that a good friction rub. So I create a little bit of heat,that allows
the adhesive to really stick. Some tips before applying this is to clean
the skin and trim or shave any excess hair so it does adhere to the skin very well. Also you may want to wear socks to sleep at
night so it doesn’t roll on you. Some complimentary treatments may include
rest, ice, massage and light progressive
stretching of the calf. Please seek care if you experience extreme
pains, swellings or discoloration, or heat coming off the calf muscle. And for more information
see our website at www.kttape.com

56 thoughts on “KT Tape: Calf

  1. This is the most up to date version of the technique. This should be the easiest to apply and most effective application.

  2. What if my pain is in my very low calf area? And why does he say only 25% stretch on the tape??? It seems that for this application you would use a lot more stretch.

  3. You can adjust the application to cover the pain. You only stretch the tape 25% because your mostly stretching the skin in this case.

  4. This is essentially the same application but using 2 strips instead of using the split to form the y strip. If the Y method is how you like it, then by all means keep using that one. Just fyi, the new KT Tape Pro doesn't have the split in the middle which is one of the reasons we filmed the video demonstrating how to do the application without the y strip, but the cotton will still be split so you can use whichever one works best for you.

  5. I strained both my calf muscles after a 10 mile jog and a pure cardio workout from Insanity. It hurts to even stand still let alone walk. KT Tape was suggested to me by a fellow runner. I put a couple strips on my right calf and noticed right away the difference between both calves. Granted I still have pain but it's bearable with the KT Tape than without.

  6. I have some tightness on the outside part of the calf. Its been like that for 2 days now. Should I still put ice or now is heat? What other things would help me? I have ultrasound and tens, does it help? Thanks

  7. Excellent video presentations. What is the difference between normal K Tape and the Pro K Tape. Is it stickier? The normal K tape seams to come off the skin quite easily. Any advice.

  8. Pro will stay on longer. Here's some tips:
    1)Clean skin to completely remove lotion, dirt, and oils. Clip hair down if it's excessive.
    2) If you cut, make sure they are round cuts.
    3) Stretch the skin you are going to tape on.
    4) No stretch on the ends.
    5) Rub the application, the heat will help activate the adhesive.
    6) Apply the tape at least 30 minutes before activity or sweating. An hour is optimal.
    7) The first skin the tape touches should be its ultimate location.

  9. i've got a calf strain and have the pain in my knee (a little above in that quad muscle just at the top of the knee) and a little in my foot, but also some pain now in my shin, is that common as well?

  10. It sounds like you might need a customized application. Go to our website and click on the "ask an expert" forum and one of our pros will get back to you with something just for you.

  11. This is a general calf application which is great for the entire calf muscle. If you have a specific area of pain, you will put the tape over the pain.

  12. Yes. It sounds like you may need a customized application. Visit our website and check out the "ask an expert" forum and one of our pros will help you out.

  13. is it wise to put on kt tape before any strain of a muscle as preventive measure?  (such as a lengthy road race/fun)

  14. So I had sprained my ankle a couple of weeks ago and now it's better… and now I have the calf tightness. How is it related?

  15. Whoof, i have my first full marathon tomorrow morning, strained calf 3 weeks ago and still have a hitch, (couldn't really stop the training regimen to properly heal).  I am very glad I checked to see if there was a KT method for it.  Every little bit helps.

  16. My pain is on the lower claf, but it's the muscle on the inside, just above my ankle bone. It's not the Achilles tendon, but it's not exactly the lower calf, either. Will this work for the muscle, or is the Achilles tendon tape-style better?

  17. I had a minor knee injury about a month ago, and now my calf is torn/ strained ( I'm not sure becuase it is not persistent but has been there for a while) and the KT tape really helps

  18. Does KT tape peal off when you sweat A LOT ? Because for basketball players I see KT tape comes off really easy

  19. I'm scheduled to run Boston 4/16 but have been sidelined for a week with calf issue. My Chiro says affected areas are: tibialis posterior & medial gastrocl soleus, and myotendinous junction. Can you please provide taping instruction?

  20. You're videos are great however the addition of subtitles obscures parts of the video, and very usually the important parts such as where to put the start of the tape!!

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